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GET INVOLVED! Blog Submission Themes for May

GET INVOLVED! Blog Submission Themes for May.

Underground Artists formally invited to join the 7th Trumpet 26 Project


We are approaching the close of the  7th Trumpet 26 Project and are still inviting underground emcees world wide to participate.

7th Trumpet.RED


We currently have representation from New Haven CT, Tampa FL {Johnny Magnum/ Beasthood, Inc.}, Phillidelphia PA { Pork Chop}, Boston MA{JP Lime Productions), Los Angeles CA {Arrogant/ Ovatronics}, & Nigeria{Ovis Tee}


Battlegrownd Entertainment “7th Trumpet 26 Project” will be releasing from 1/14/13-12/14/13 a total of 26 versions of this track featuring indie & unknown artists from across the world (in the US we have pulled artists from the “most violent cities in the US”) will be released throughout the year. 26% of any proceeds earned will be directly donated to 26 different causes around the world including the Sandy Hook Elementary School families of victims through #GNATION missions . All of the tracks will be available on ITunes & Amazon for .99 each as well as for free on multiple websites. This track is our form of expressing that we demand change. We are speaking up, we are speaking out, we are standing together as the people of God….no matter how imperfect we may be or differences we may have. Enough is enough. We stand rich, we stand poor, we stand right, we stand wrong… BUT WE STAND.

I urge you to stand for something. Be Blessed, -QTP

7th Trumpet “26Project” Watch on Utube :–pGEKMCZ6c

7th Trumpet on Soundcloud:

Support on iTunes: Grand Giovanni – 7th Trumpet (feat. QueenTheProphet) – Single – #iTunes


Battlegrownd Entertainment #OPERATIONREVOLUTION

Presents: The Hip-Hop Apocalypse #2013

7th Trumpet GRAND GIOVANNI @_grandgiovanni QUEENTHEPROPHET @queentheprophet

Executive Producer: BRANDON HEAT @iambrandonheat GRINDHOUSE Ent.

Connecticut Blows the 7th Trumpet 1/14/13

#OPERATIONREVOLUTION is our personal belief God 1st, change the game, spread the wealth. We believe in the roots of the creation of hip-hop when it was known as poetry that told the story of our lives. Hip-hop was hope that people living in poverty could make it. Now being much more commercialized, Battlegrownd Entertainment along with its artists & affiliates are dedicated to an uproar in the underground music community to take back what rightfully belongs to us, our music with an actual message.

Release dates & other information about the “7th Trumpet 26 Project” will be continuously available throughout the year at, and via Twitter @battlegrowndent @battlegrownd. Each release will be exclusivley available first via @thrilla_ssn (Skyye Scrapper Nation)

7th Trumpet 26 Project Creation FULL STORY:

On December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut became a household name after one of the most disgusting violent acts ever heard of took place. 20 children and 6 adults lost their lives.

The beat for the 7th Trumpet (Arabic Money, Brandon Heat) was originally intended to be part of a beat package submitted to Redman while he was shopping around for producers via Twitter… the email kept bouncing back.

The 7th Trumpet was then scheduled to be recorded at 9:30 p.m. 12/14/12, 3 days prior. The song was originally intended to be released as part of Battlegrownd Entertainment #OPERATIONREVOULTION “Hip-Hop Apocalypse” 2013 theme. Battlegrownd Entertainment Founder/CEO Queentheprophet said “I almost chickened out of recording until I heard about the shooting. We went to the studio that night with heavy hearts but we knew that the message in the music we were making needed to be heard. The “7th Trumpet 26 Project” was born.”

The original version of the track (CT blows the trumpet 1/14/13) features Battlegrownd Entertainment recording artist Grand Giovanni (@_grandgiovanni) who released his solo début mix tape “Life On Mars” 10/31/12. and the first appearance of Battegrownd Entertainment Founder/CEO Queen the Prophet (@queentheprophet This track was produced by Brandon Heat (@iambrandonheat) who is currently  working on his sophmore album.


Hell Razah 2 @heavenrazah Living After Death

photo (99)

Chron Smith, better known by his stage name Hell Razah.  He is best known as a member of Sunz of Man, an early affiliate of the Wu-Tang Clan. Also known as Heaven Razah, Razah Rubiez, El Raziel
Born (1976-10-01) October 1, 1976
Origin Red, New York
Genres: Underground Hip-Hop
Years active 1994–present
Labels: Baby Grande Records Nature Sounds
Hell Razah Music Inc.
Legion of D.O.O.M.
Wu Music Group Associated Acts Sunz of Man, Black Market Militia, T.H.U.G. Angels, Maccabeez, Blue Sky Black

Razah is rumored to have suffered a brain aneurysm in April 2010. He was quick to recover and continue recording. He came to adopt the moniker Heaven Razah. { @heavenrazah via Twitter }

Easter, 2013 Razah released “Living After Death” currently available for purchase via iTunes {see link below}

Star of the New Esquire Network’s first documentary film, Freestyle 101: The Movie¸ alongside NY battle MC Iron Solomon and LA art-rapper Open Mike Eagle. The film is a 90-min look at art and struggle in hip hop, using freestyling as an analogy of living life on the edge. It also stars Ice-T, RZA, The Game, Fat Joe, Del, Mobb Deep, MOP, Cypress Hill, Sean Kingston, Prodigal Sunn, RA the Rugged Man, and many more. Freestyle 101: The Movie will hit film festivals, the web, VOD, and elsewhere this summer.

photo (100)

GHETTO GOVT is a Revolutionary Project of HELLRAZAH to bring unity, peace, empowerment and education to the divided states of america.
So if you see the hash tag #GGO…. Now you know.

Now fam….You all know I don’t co-sign a thing unless I believe in it & the filter that came with my mouth is broken. This one though? SUPPORT this project & download via iTunes #QueenCertified – QTP 

hell raz

Next on deck!
TUNE IN: NIKKIRICKSHOW.COM 4/25/13 9pm EST for her interview with HELL RAZAH!



Go to #itunes and get Hell Razah @heavenrazah new album #livingafterdeath and check out the #interview via Siren Song Radio

Skull & Bones by HellRazah WATCH via Utube

#NationalPoetryMonth @womackpoetry READ “Counterfit”




By Author & Poet: Michael Lee Womack

I feel sorry for the women who are with a guy
that only appreciates his woman once a year

You know the ones who never get told their beautiful by their man,
So only when having sex in front of it do they see themself in the mirror,
plus they think the opposite
Due to the fact that their man only does something romantic,
whenever he feels as if he could get sex out of it
These kind of men call them self “real”
I call them counterfit.


photo (94)

To view more poetry that is “real” like this please feel free to purchase my published book of poetry “Sexual Intimacy Beyond Pleasure” which is available on Amazon, as well as my website   Thank you for your support. It is truly appreciated.






three on tracks, space holding sign

BIO: JP Lime Productions is a Boston-based company whose primary  focus is the production, performance and sale of Hip-Hop music.  Since 2005, JP Lime has been performing in  some of the  region’s hottest venues.  The  Paradise Lounge, Milky Way Bar and Café, Copperfield’s, the Western Front, the  Phoenix Landing, All Asia,  McGann’s, Roggie’s, An Tua Nua, the Worthen Attic,  Club 58,       Ralph’s Diner, and Tammany Hall have all played host to the JP Lime  experience.Our music endeavors to break out of the boundaries usually imposed on  hip-hop. Strongly representative of Boston and powerfully lyrical, JP  Lime combines the force of Run-DMC  with the group dynamic of A Tribe Called Quest and the lyrical prowess of  Slaughterhouse. This group is poised   to supply a potent and much-needed voice to  the culture of Hip-Hop, and music as a whole.
Our first two releases,  ‘Blue Star Boulevard’ and ‘Lime on the Rocks’ are available for purchase here,  as well as iTunes, Amazon,  Spotify, and several other online retailers.   ‘Lime On The Rocks’ is a colorful journey through modern hip-hop music,  embodied by the high  energy party vibe of “Booty Booty Bang Bang” and the soulful  pop feel  of “This is Life”.  ‘Blue Star  Boulevard’ takes on a cinematic feel, featuring the powerful lead single ‘Loud’  and the smooth, melodic, summery sound of ‘Liming On’ to capture the struggles,  successes, and growth of a Star on the rise.
These are some of the pieces that make up JP Lime’s diverse sound.

Social Media Links:

our website:

twitter: @jplime






Soundcloud link for ‘Loud’:

#AutismAwareness Individuals with Disabilities Act


Every child receiving special education services are covered under the Federal law, the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA).  This federal law names the ways in which children who receive public education are protected and what they are entitled to for special education.  It is important to know that every state has to abide by what IDEA lays out.  However, every State is different.  The only variation allowed is if the State chooses to make principles of IDEA more stringent (ex: timelines shorter) for their individual state.
What you need to know if your child has an IEP:


If your family moves to a new state, IDEA is clear that the services your child received in the State where they originally received Special Education services transfer across State lines.  So for example, if your family lives in Minnesota and your child receives 5 hours of resource support and 1 hour of speech therapy, when you pick up and move to New York, IDEA protects your child’s educational rights to continue to receive 5 hours of resource and 1 hour of speech therapy in their new school. This goes the same if you move within the same state too! IDEA maps out what EVERY IEP MUST HAVE ACROSS THE NATION, however, each states IEP may physically look different.


Q: Can the receiving school change Your child’s IEP because they don’t have the same exact programs as your previous school?
A: Yes and No.  The school can absolutely NEVER make changes to your child’s IEP without a Planning and Placement team meeting (IEP meeting…every state uses different terminology too!) or without your consent.  As the Parent, you are the foremost member of a team.  If the receiving school does not offer specific programs or certain support services that existed in your former state, it becomes the responsibility of the new team (yes including you the parent) to determine what services can be provided that resemble the child’s previous IEP or if there is a different placement available within the new school district to give the child what he/she needs.  If your child had something specific like a 1:1 aide or behavioral therapist, it is absolutely imperative that the new school complies with similar recommendations.  They are legally bound under the IEP, which is a legal document, to honor the services that have already been determined are necessary for that child’s educational success.  If the school system states that they “don’t do that” or “don’t have that resource” they are out of compliance and you need to contact the school systems Director of Special Education or even the State immediately.  Always put your concerns in writing to make a paper trail documenting your concern (this includes email).
If it is a question of hours or service delivery, use your judgement.  Go with your gut.  If you feel the school is proposing something completely irrational (i.e. cutting 5 hours down to 1) disagree with the proposed change.  Legally if there is a disagreement, the old IEP must remain until a new one is agreed upon.
If you feel the school is proposing something appropriate, again go with your gut.  For example, if the school wants to change 5 hours of pull out resource support to 2 hours pull out and 3 hours in the classroom because the resource teacher co-teaches reading this may be an acceptable service delivery alteration.  It’s not changing the service being delivered just the setting.  Just always remember: YOU CAN CALL A PPT WHENEVER YOU WANT!
Again, your parental right under IDEA is to hold a meeting whenever you want to discuss or make changes to your child’s IEP.  Team meetings may suffice too, but if it ever comes down to changes in IEP services, hours, etc. hold a PPT/IEP meeting.


If you are ever in the situation where a new school system does not honor an IEP or attempts to remove services, you should immediately hold a PPT meeting and document your concerns or disagreement.  You always have the right to contact your State department of special education and file a formal complaint against the school district.  Should it become a legal issue, you may want to exercise your right to due process and search for educational advocates or attorneys that specialize in educational law.

Jodi L. Everone, M.S., CCC-SLP

#AutismAwareness PARENTAL RIGHTS



You know that pamphlet of really tiny writing that you always get at a meeting or sent to you in the mail…..those are your Parental Rights, you need to read them!  Every state has them posted on their Department of Special Education website, download them if you threw them out or ask for another copy.  This gives you the answers to many of your questions.  This tells you what you are afforded under Federal & State educational law.  Reading this information will make you a better advocate for your child.
Every time I attend a PPT for a family member or a client, I read these Procedural Safeguards because I want to make sure I know exactly what my loved one or student has the right to receive and what the parent is entitled to ask for.

Outlined in these packets include:
-Explanation of IEP
-Explanation of Testing procedures (timelines, consent, initial evaluation vs. re-eval, etc.)
-Explanation of Special Education services
-Explanation of Due Process (legal process or action you can take if you disagree with the school)
-Explanation if you disagree with school testing and your right to request an Independent   Educational Evaluation (IEE)
-Explanation of suspension/expulsion for students with IEPs.
-Explanation of Seclusion/Restraint policy


Again, it is your responsibility to be informed of what your rights are as a parent of a child who receives Special Education services.  Be responsible.  Read your Parental Rights and always keeps copies of your child’s educational records (IEPs, progress reports, report cards or evaluations).  I highly recommend every parent keep a file and organize it by year so that if you ever need to refer to it or if you ever find yourself in a legal battle with your school system, you want to make sure you have all the necessary documents.  If you are missing something, ask you school.  It is your right to make a formal request of educational records from the school district at any time.

Here is an interesting article I recently found written by an educational attorney regarding when parents question the services their child is receiving in schools.  Hope you find it helpful.

Jodi L. Everone, M.S., CCC-SLP


#NationalPoetryMonth @queentheprophet delivers “Journey 2 the throne”


Journey to the throne…..

My Sisters, My Queens, Yes I’m talking to you.

Only the ones who can relate to what this Queen’s gone through.


If your life has been perfect, well then that’s good for you.

I’d never wish on another the things I knew.


My past was in darkness, the worst parts of myself.

Now I look back like it was somebody else.


If the blows start coming when you’re just a little girl,

Meteor shower damage it can do to your world.


If you’ve ever been touched because ignored was your no,

Very easy it is to detach from your soul.


If a man said love but put a fist to your face,

It’s not easy to remove from your memory place.


You swore off love to never feel it again,

Last time you did, he slept with your friend.


If you lived through a life where your family put you out,

Difficult to grasp what the concept of love is about.


No prince charming like the plans that you had.

Impossible to find when you have issues with Dad.


Then when you finally stand up and fight,

It never really turns out just quite right.


The strength from Jezebel you draw secretly makes you a whore.

I know this is painful but you need to hear more.


Your anger hurls you straight into the enemy’s lap.

Deception it is because control never comes back.


Finally one day you rise out of your mess.

You humbly realize this was only a test.


Now your life begins to become blessed,

When you realize God is the one you should impress.


It’s a confident walk when you know what your worth,

Now rise up and claim your thrones Queen’s of the earth.


Don’t worry about the Kings, they won’t be too far.

All along they were only really waiting for you to set the bar.


Loosed from the chains that caused shame in the past,

You finally flow with freedom safely in your grasp.


For once your heart begins the process of restoration,

Soon will come the light of transformation.


Now life’s hits your throne is prepared to take,

Even if they showed up with a video tape.



The Gospel of Q

My name is QueenTheProphet…. this was my journey to the throne.

I AM VIBRANT. (Victoriously Imparting Bold Revelation and Needed Truth)

Vibrant Family Services, LLC FA

If you are in need of a referral for services, contact Vibrant Family Services via email, put BLOG in the subject line and someone will assist you with service referrals FOR FREE.

Be Blessed-





Domestic Violence


Suicide Prevention



Crisis Intervention

Blog Submission Themes for May!


Greetings Fam!

I’m going to try my best to give you advance notice about upcoming blog themes. April has been a great success with readers submitting poems & information about Autism. Since #OPERATIONREVOLUTION is not just about the music we make at Battlegrownd Entertainment, I want to make sure I continue to offer ways that fans, supporters, & readers can interact with the blog. Every month, I’ll post the coming month’s themes. You can submit poems, stories, pictures, testimonies, uTube videos, your business information as long as it directly relates to that month’s themes. I do this certainly not because I’m not busy…LOL I do it because frankly, all of our success at Battlegrownd Entertainment is because of our supporters so this is our way of showing that same support.

Mothers day



  • Date Your Mate Month (as some of you know, I’m actually a certified Marriage Educator so expect to see information relating to couples & marriage from yours truly! I will also be featuring a “Couples Corner, Ask QTP” and any relational questions that are submitted will be answered generally (meaning your identity will not be released) and I will give you for free the perspective from a relationship educator. Any poems, stories, or resources for couples will be posted! )
  • Mother’s Day (Poems,stories, photos, memories for Mom’s will all be posted!)
  • National Photograph Month (Submit your photos! Please keep photos rated PG Fam)
  • Older Americans Month (As some of you know, I am also certified in Gerontology so I will be posting information in regards to the aging population! Feel free to submit resources, poems, stories, etc)
  • Foster Care Month (as some of you know, I also run a Youth & Family service agency so I’ll be posting! Anyone who is/has been a foster parent or a foster child, please submit your stories, poems etc)
  • National Salad Month (Since Summer is soon approaching, lets get those salad recepies up! If you also have a photo of it, send that too!)

older americans


salad month


Other topics that fall under May: (Be creative! Anything relating to one of these, I’ll post. Please be specific in your email though and let me know what the post is in relation to)

  • National Blood Pressure Month
  • Memorial Day
  • National Hamburger Month
  • National Barbecue Month (If you invite me, I may just show up…LOL
  • National Bike Month
  • National Recommitment Month

Weekly Celebrations:

  • Nurse’s Week – first week of month
  • Wildflower Week – week two
  • National Bike Week – third week
  • National Police Week – third week of month
  • Emergency Medical Services Week – fourth week of month





  • CLEARLY write in the subject line Blog & the topic you’re submitting for
  • Please include photos you would like used with your post (everything in 1 email)
  • Leave any contact information for yourself (if appropriate) including your social media links if you would like them with your post) Please always include your Twitter name so I can tweet you the post you’re featured in
  • For the love of God, don’t send me anything you don’t want posted on the internet (Sorry Fam, it had to be said… you’d be surprised at the nonsense that arises). If you send me a blog submission… it goes on the blog… which is on the internet. Clear? LOL Although I would like to own the internet… I don’t so I have no control over who see’s what when it becomes (again) publically posted… on the internet.

Email submissions to

#NationalPoetryMonth “Fair Warning” by Author/ Poet @womackpoetry

“Fair Warning”
By Author & Poet: Michael Lee Womack
You wouldn’t give only half of yourself, or your energy to her during sex So why do you do it with your relationship? I’m pretty sure that you would give her the whole thing, and not just the tip You’re all over her whenever he mentions sex…, but run fast as ever whenever you hear a word that ends with “ship” Friendship, relationship You don’t want nothing to do with it You only care about how seeing how many inches of yourself that you can get inside of her All because you want to “hit it”, a.k.a “nail her” She doesn’t deserve the heartbreak So I just wish that someone would tell her, and give her a fair warning Just like the weather forecaster does before it starts storming If you enjoyed your reading of this poem of mine, then I highly encourage you to take a minute of your time to view my website P.S. Thank you in advance for taking the time to do so. Sincerely, Author & Poet: Michael Lee Womack
photo (94)