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I had the pleasure of meeting T-Quest for the first time in 2007, at the very beginning of We met on MySpace and I got to meet her in person at an Open Mic Night. I’m taking the time to tell you this, because if you are going to support an #Indie artist? She is someone who DESERVES it. One of the things that stuck out to me the most is that she didn’t swear in her lyrics, which let’s be honest is very rare for any emcee. We lost touch until recently and I was so impressed that she was still doing her thing and didn’t change or compromise anything that she stood for. T-Quest is an artist that young women should look up to. If you ever met her, you know exactly what I’m talking about. She is upbeat, positive, and a genuine sweetheart. I don’t co-sign too many people, but she is definitely worth the co-sign.




More about @tquestglm:

Tara “T-Quest” Little is a proud Connecticut native born in Stamford, CT. A talented and gifted young lady in a lane all by herself! She is different & proud of it. She is quiet,
but powerful; meek but not weak, fabulous & sexy.



This hip-hop diva is about to change the rap game. Not only is T-Quest a rapper & singer; she is also a hip-hop dancer. You will find that most of her music is up-beat dance music. She captivates her audiences with her performances. T-Quest considers herself an overall entertainer. You might find her on stage rapping one night, in a play the next night & ripping the runway the following night! God has blessed her with many talents & she’s not going to allow any of them to go to waste! Although she can do it all, music is still her 1st love! Whether, hip hop, r&b, gospel or even pop. She does not like to put into a certain genre. MUSIC is her genre. Her vibe is hypnotic and her stage presence is electric! She will always leave you wanting more of T-Quest! As an accomplished performer and a trendsetter, to her credits she has competed in numerous talent shows and showcases all over the country. T-Quest performs regularly at various clubs around the state. T-Quest is the host of Gotta Love Me Radio, which you can catch her every Monday night from 8pm to 10pm.

Boss She is also a member of the singing/model group Codename Phat Kattz. Boss Lady of CT is the perfect name for her! T-Quest is the founder of The Gotta Love Me Movement as well as The Gotta Love Me Foundation where she throws events & a percentage goes to charities & those in need. She leads a positive, determined hard working team where their motto is “Turning dreams into reality”. T-Quest is a positive role model. She doesn’t smoke nor use profanity. She stays with a smile on her face. T-Quest has a big warm heart & gets a long with everyone. She goes hard on stage but off stage she has the sweetest bubbly personality but when it comes to business Boss Lady of CT don’t play! When the show is over, it will never be forgotten that T-Quest was there!!! She’s a BOSS, She’s a LADY & Certified Talent is what she reps! She’s like no other, that’s why you Gotta Love Her!



The Man, the Mission, the Motto enveloped in the embodiment of one word…..BEAST.

Beat Everything Against Self Triumph.

Johnny Magnum, CEO and Founder of Beasthood Incorporated, has made it his sole mission to bring back purpose in the lost art of Self Expression. Music Writer, Artist Manager, Poet, Graphic Designer, Marketing Material Producer, Business Consultant and overall Tech Geek Mr. Mag is nothing short of a new age renaissance man ready to delve into any and everything possible to bring forth the revolution of solid principles, ethics and potent hard hitting lyricism back to the forefront of not only rap music, but Hip Hop Culture.

Networking is something Beasthood Inc is HEAVY into. Already linking up with Enviious Media Designs, Brossette Music Empire and On Point Entertainment into an already impactful empire of progression the Movement is set to further expand with Battlegrownd Entertainment and embody the #OperationRevolution movement. If you are fed up with the watered down gimmicks of society, join up, contact em and let them know what you need or stay mad and impotent.


“Get Wit it, or Get Livid” ~Johnny Magnum

Twitter: @KingMagma

Johnny Magnum


Beasthood Inc







New York, NY – Lyric 145

After departing from X Factor, season 2 contestants Lyric145 made the choice to remain as a group. Forged as a group on X Factor by Simon Cowell himself, the group converted into a dynamic trio. Throughout the duration of there X Factor career, Lyric145 was mentored by Simon Cowell himself. The group was known for there version of Mary Poppins ” supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” and ” Boom! Shake the Room”. Now , Lyric145 has innovatie music and a new single entitled “I Get It” .

The exsistance duration of Lyric145 being a group has not been long. Nonethless, the immensely, talented trio has already shown that, like any successful hip-hop crew, their chemistry is undeniable. Lyric145 delivers,  and produce their own music. They are a  force to be reckoned with. “We are rare, There is nothing in the music industry or entertainment that is comparable to us.”- SirJewlz

Presently, Lyric145 has released their new single “I get It” their version of the hit song “Clique” . As well, they have been performing, conducting radio interviews, and attending A list events , linking them with such celebrities as Hip Hop mogual Ice T and Coco, Singer Kelly Rowland, Vh1 Mama Jones , Singer Tweet ,  Reality stars Ramona Rizzio , Jerseylisious and more. Lyric145, will be traveling to Brazil in March for a concert series and will be  performing at MTV “the Grind”.

Their influences range from Eminem, Jadakiss ,Bob Marley, Common, and DMX.

Youtube: Lyric145
Soundcloud: Lyric145
Itunes Download:Lyric145
“I Get It”

Press clips:

For Interviews or Booking Lyric 145 Contact: Ifueko I. Publicist (732)718-6900 or Pilar Scratch Manager (908)242-2055


#HipHop101 with QTP How much a music career costs #REALTALK


#HipHop101 How much will my music career cost?

I’m so sick of folks out here acting absolutely crazy. I want to explain a very simple principle to you. First ask yourself this,

If you played little league…. Are you now a professional baseball player?

If you drew pictures in Art class….. Are you now a professional artist?

Should everyone that can carve a turkey be a surgeon?

Fam… just because the world has made it easy for you to make music, doesn’t make it your profession. It’s actually VERY disrespectful to those in the game that have suffered and clawed their way through being broke and all kinds of other things you have NO IDEA that await you in the music industry. Making music is a beautiful thing. I think everyone should experience its joy. It is OKAY for it to be a hobby. Too many people aren’t honest with themselves. Honestly Fam, let’s keep it real. There is music links circulated all over the net of some music that’s terrible. It’s not even recorded properly.

I don’t know who has been lying to you, but I’m going to tell you the TRUTH about what kind of money goes into funding your own music career. Incase you didn’t know, you will spend THOUSANDS of dollars on it and possibly NEVER make any back. You will give away music for the first few projects. Those projects will cost you money. Promoting those projects properly (which means you hire someone to promote you) cost money. The more you want it exposed, the more money it costs. If you don’t promote your project, you will not build a fan base. If you don’t have a fan base, who’s going to buy your music? If you buy downloads and followers… what happens when you put a song on iTunes? If you have 100k fake followers and can’t sell 2 Singles for $1… why on earth are you wasting time & money? There are THOUSANDS of other emcees JUST AS GOOD IF NOT BETTER then you. I’m not trying to be mean, this is REALITY. You should know exactly how big the mountain is.


Tweet strangers (people you don’t even follow) your links directly. They don’t click on it. You’re wasting time.

Tweet your music to famous people hoping they click it and love it. Let me know who get signed that way when you find out.

You are the only person promoting yourself. If you don’t invest in you, why would a label?

If you are still doing illegal things and your MXTP cover is your product, who is going to sign a law suit waiting to happen?

DISRESPECT THE DJ If you don’t know how important the DJ is? You are banned from making anymore music. It shows you researched NOTHING.

Get on social media and DISRESPECT the people that created the music of the game you’re trying to get into. NOBODY invests an artist who is disrespectful, immature, & unprofessional. You know why? THERE’S A MILLION MORE OUT THERE.

Not have management. If you are serious, you need a person to help you & guide you. Teach you how to spend your money. Someone that has the contacts you need or knows how to get them. Management cost money.

Get mad when people don’t like your music. If this is you? You are banned from hip-hop. NOBODY likes everything. How dare you ask people to listen and when they tell you the truth, you get mad? You need to pay attention. Why? Because this is your BASELINE OF FEEDBACK. If 100 people listen to your song and anything over 60 say they didn’t like it? You need to seriously re-consider doing music or the kind of music you’re doing. If you would like help? I will GLADY for FREE post your song with a poll box and people can crunk it or junk it.

Waste your money.

Not know what kind of rapper you are.

Hobby Rapper

Freestyle Rapper

Battle Rapper


Feature Rapper

Indie Artist

Label Artist

Fam, this information would normally be contained in a development or management session. I am spilling FOR FREE what I use to eat & pay my bills with because in all honesty, I don’t want you stupid. If I know the way, it’s my job to share it. I don’t depend on any of you to buy services here, hit my blog, or buy our music. I depend on God. What most people don’t understand is that giving things away can get you credit at a bank you’ll never owe it back to. #ProphetTweet LOL Okay, back to business. Watch the math:

You want to drop your 1st MXTP

Studio Time:               $30-$250 p/h depending upon where you go

15 Song MXTP:          You should record a minimum of 25-30 songs to choose from. You should never just throw something together.

25 songs x $30 per hr for each song to record

25 songs x $30 per hr for each song mixed (bare minimum it’s more when it’s done 100% professionally)

$750 + $750 = $1500

Production:               On a MXTP if you are using other people’s beats (aka “industry beats” beat from a song on the radio) this won’t cost you anything. If you have a friend or team member that makes them you’re still fine, but if want original music and don’t have anyone around that makes beats? You can tack on anywhere from $100 (for something decent)- 5k per beat depending on what kind you want & the caliber of the producer. So multiply 15 songs x $100 per beat and that’s another $1,500 on the bill.

Artwork:                     Decent underground artwork $50 -$100

Duplication:                If you want hard CD’s, you’re looking at $200 off the rip (CD & Case) depending on how many you want and they are expensive. Sometimes 50 CD’s are $200.

Promotion:                  Typically, folks who make hard CD’s skip this step and just pass out CD’s which of course only reaches where YOU DO. Artists that are hip to social media should hire people to promote there. Battlegrownd Entertainment has resources we will GLADLY share with you. We can point you in the direction of indie folks WE use that give us great prices. We could start decent social media promotion to meet a $100 budget & up.

TOTAL LOWEST BALL PARK: $1850 (and don’t forget the extra $1,500-infinite if you’re buying beats) 

If your MXTP is hosted by a DJ, add $100-$5, 000 depending on the status of the DJ

If you do an indie video, add $300-$500

Also add what you afforded for the song’s promotion again because the video also needs promotion.

Add in promotion costs for however long you plan to promote this project.

You will do all this for FREE music. This music you are GIVING away. You have to build a fan base. Nobody is going to buy your music unless they know you or they just rock with you like that. Honestly, if you put out a song on iTunes today, how many people do you know for a fact would buy your single for $1? Count them times .70 (iTunes sells your track for $1 but you only make .70 off each single). That’s how much you’d make with no fans. It costs $10 to load it to iTunes so subtract that from that number. It costs roughly $100 to copywrite & publish the track so subtract another $100. Whatever you’re left with is what you’d make right now selling a piece of music with no fan base. Is your number positive or negative? You will more then likely do this kind of project at LEAST 3-4 times before you should even try to sell anything. Fam, if you are not willing to commit to that? You won’t make it. Some of us have lostEVERYTHING over our music. My team? In the words of @kinggeorge427 “We starved together, we’re going to eat together.” Anyone of the greats in hip-hop, went through most if not all of everything I mentioned. If you’re not prepared for battle, don’t try to be a soldier. We’re only hiring warriors in hip-hop for the next 5-10 years. But if you’re ready? Welcome to #OPERATIONREVOLUTION anything we can reasonably do to help, holla at us.

This has been a @queentheprophet public service announcement.





#SALUTE @ihannibalaka730 for the above 2 graphics #TEAMPROPHET #TeamFollowOrDie

Services @Battlegrowndent:

Now, before anyone ever purchases a service from Battlegrownd Entertainment in regards to music management, I always ask if they are ready to be broke. We are one of the only places I know of that charge hourly for Management & Development and a flat rate for International Electronic Distribution. Why? #OPERATIONREVOLUTION isn’t just about us. It’s helping EVERYONE eat. We ONLY hire independent entrepreneurs for services, promotion, & consulting.

Some of our #OPERATIONREVOLUTION Artist Managers, Developers:

@queentheprophet (sorry, I’m not managing any new artists directly)



We cosign @kingmagma

We issue no contracts, we want no percentage. We will help you help yourself. We will teach you everything you need to know & you will only pay for what you need. If you only need 2-hours a month? That’s all you pay for. We want you to be successful. We want you to be successful so bad that if your music is not good, we will not take your money. We will ask you what else you do well and if you want help, we will point you in the right direction and if you have no skills? We will help you set up your own small business via Twitter and TEACH YOU FOR FREE how to do proper social media promotion and how to make a few bucks.

Service inquiries should be made to

PLEASE put the nature of your service inquiry in the subject line (i.e. Management, Promotion, Development, Distribution

#OPERATIONREVOLUTION #TEXAS Rleases PHYSCOROCK the #KFG #Stoner CELEB known as @fuimstoned

photo (43)

PHYSCOROCK known via Twitter as the #KushFaceGang “Stoner Celeb” @fuimstoned is an artist of many talents & faces.

photo (45)photo (46)

Physcorock (Huston, TX) is a 12-year veteran emcee that has not yet been heard outside of Huston. Battlegrownd Entertainment CEO @Queentheprophet added Physcorock (aka 211 My N*gga no gang relation) to the #OPERATIONREVOLUTION Roster in October, 2012. The 211 reference is NO GANG affiliation. Physcorock says “The term 211 means armed robbery. I use that because the industry is full of commercial rappers who make a mockery of life and a lifestyle of people who actually lived it trying to make it. I know that I’m very graphic & detailed in my music, but I’m willing to go there by force because it’s real. I’ll never go commercial. I have so much respect for artists like Bone Thugs, 2Pac, Biggie, & Tech-9 because they weren’t afraid to spit real s***. I’ve only come to make music. I’ve been making music since the 8th grade and with or without a label, I’d still make it.” Physcorock debut world-wide release project “ANIMAL” is part of the Battlegrownd Entertainment #HipHopApocalypse 2013.


Physcorock brings something to hip-hop that you don’t hear too often and have it be legit. Physcorock legally diagnosed with Schizophrenia, is going to take the world places through his music that they otherwise could never go. Just bank on that everywhere the journey brings you, it will never be a case of some bubble gum rapper claiming crazy. We’ve seen enough of that. Physcorock is truly a lyrical MONSTER. Battlegrownd Entertainment CEO @queentheprophet has said “Well, the world has met the DOBERMAN GANG #DBG #427, now they can meet my #OPERATIONREVOLUTION pet monster. Any emcee that thinks lyrically they can take out Physcorock? PLEASE TRY. He goes places in his barz that no sane mind could ever go”. Physcorock states in his lyrics “I Physcorock sh** and I rock sh** PHYSCO” & boy, oh boy is telling the truth. Physcorock is working on his next project “NOT A HUMAN” (due 3rd Qtr 2013) and will feature an appearance from his “Legally Insane” partner in crime (from Tomball, Texas) “SeVeN”. You’ll also see Physcorock appear on Battlegrownd Entertainment/CEO @QueentheProphet debut project “Rise of the Phoenix” 3rd Qtr 2013, and the Battlegrownd Entertainment MXTP “Island of Misfit Toys” due out 4th Qtr.

photo (41)

The first single “HI HATER” Freestyle will be released on 2/25/13. Why release a freestyle? Frankly, because the world had forgotten what a true lyrical MONSTER sounds like freestyling off the top of their head.

“HI HATER” on Utube:

“HI HATER” on Soundcloud:

photo (48)

The next single is an original track “MUDSLIDE” and will be released via iTunes 3/13/13. Mudslide is that Strip Club BANGER you hope is on every hip-hop album you buy. We PROMISE it’s worth the $1 download…. we haven’t let you down yet 🙂

Physcorock - animal

“Animal” in full project drops 4/17/13.

photo (42)

Some of the other faces of Physcorock are @fuimstoned. Physcorock is the originator of the infamous #KUSHFACEGANG & #StonedSociety Hash Tags #FUimStoned #FmeImStoned & #420Army #HittaBluntCalmTheCrazy #SilenceYourSober. In his professional entertainer style, Physcorock brings a very humorous approach to cannabis activism. The “brand” #FUimStoned can be followed on Twitter @fmeimstoned. You can also view & purchase some of @fuimstoned signature sayings at or follow on Instagram @fuimstoned

photo (44)

#WatchTheThrone because Physcorock is not just a threat to garbage rap, he’s the exterminator. #OPERATIONREVOLUTION

#SALUTE the graphic #BEAST @kingmagma designer of the Album & Single Covers.

Battle Test Poll



Dear Battle Rappers:
Welcome to Battlegrownd Entertainment #OPERATIONREVOLUTION. For those of you who don’t know, in 2008 when began, we were a free battle site. In 2012 we became a monstrous indie label force in the underground music community across the globe via Twitter.

Please understand that in order to accomplish a traditional “battle” via the internet is extremely difficult and time consuming. Structure & order are needed in order to have it make the most sense for EVERYONE involved. If you were inconvenienced or confused at any point, we do apologize. We (Battlegrownd ENT) just got here, so there are changes. If change is too hard to handle, with all do respect… get out of the music game RIGHT NOW. It happens all the time here & it’s just the way it is. So, toughen up or get out of the ring. No love lost  Battle verse will be 16 barz each time. If you prefer the “traditional” 30-second battle rounds or can’t battle with a 16-bar verse because it’s too long, you should battle in person, live radio, open mic, or a site that does direct streaming. At this time, OSKRADIO.COM does not provide live streaming for battles but may in the near future.

Your INSTRUCTIONS will ALWAYS be posted on under “OSKRADIO RAP BATTLES”. The link to these instructions will also be available on the OSKRADIO & Battlegrownd Entertainment Facebook pages. The link to is in constant rotation on Twitter. Under the OSKRADIO BATTLE tab on you will find all of the information pertaining to your battles, results, line –up, submission dates, & your judges.

There will be NO EXECPTIONS for late submissions unless there is an or technical issue beyond our control. Only then will a grace period be issued. Please do not ask for any other type of extension because the answer is NO.

Please remember the battle rap is not only about the “diss”…. In the final round, your judges will be looking for flow, word play, content, style…. Be prepared, this isn’t a game. You have 16-barz… getchoweightup

@queentheprophet @iambrandonheat @_grandgiovanni @physcorock211 @kingnattyboog @donovinheights @kinggeorge427@specithawolf @pyromaniac7491@battlegrowndent @fuimstoned @battlegrownd @hiphopmobwife

Our supporters & affiliations
Let the battle begin

“Rap Battles” Hosted by: @battlegrowndent
1. The CHALLANGER has issued the call for battle
2. The NEW BEAT (16barz) will be posted on OSKRADIO Monday, March 4,2013
You will have until Saturday, March 2, 2013 until 11:59pm to sign up on under “rap battles”. You must set up an OSK user account in order to access the battle sign up. CALL for TECH support if you have technical difficulty with signing up.
3. WHO you will face off against will be chosen RANDOMLY by @queentheprophet and will be posted Monday, March 4, 2013 by 9:00am EST under OSKRADIO RAP BATTLES tab
4. You will submit your entries to OSKRADIO (email MP3 ) by 11:59 p.m. March 8, 2013 EST NO EXECPTIONS. If you do not submit, you forfeit the round. (Please note:If your submission is not in MP3 format or is extermly poor sound quality, your round will be automactically forfeited.)
5. On March 11, 2013 you will check under OKSRADIO RAP BATTLES. The “line up” will be posted. The “Line Up” is the day your battle will appear on with an electronic poll box. All 1st round battles & the dates will be posted. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to give you exact dates until we know how many submissions & forfeits we have.
6. THE PEOPLE will decide who wins. There will be a poll box and links to the music posted. The polls will open by 9:00 a.m. EST the polls will close at 11:59pm EST (WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU POST THE BLOG LINK TO THE BATTLE EVERYWHERE. If we were in the street, you’d bring your crowd to hype your battle. Since you’re battling on the internet have them hype you there with their votes)
7. The results will be posted on under the OSKRADIO Rap Battle tab EVERYDAY by 9:00a.m. EST following the battle, rolling into the next battle. THIS WILL CONTINUE until we are down to the FINAL 4.
8. A NEW BEAT will be posted on OSKRADIO and the Final 4 will be posted with new line up on
9. The Final 4 will battle until the Final 2. After the results are posted for the Final 2, OSKRADIO will post another beat for the Final 2 battle. Track submissions will go to OSKRADIO by the 2nd day after the beat is released. Battle will be announced on
10. Final 2 Winner & Challenger will face off in 24-hours after the beat is released
by midnight EST. THIS IS THE BATTLE JUDGED BY #Indie #Celebs @DJYELLO @GRYNDHOUSZ @QUEENTHEPROPHET The music will be posted, but there will be no poll
11. 48-hrs later the winner & prizes awarded will be posted on


THE TOP 4 & Challenger will ALL receive a blog feature on

The 1st & 2nd place winner will receive 1-hr consultation/Mentoring Session from Battlegrownd Entertainment on any music career topic they choose. (Management, Release, Album Release, Shows, Legal, Promotion, copywriting, Shows, Financial)

The 1st place winner will receive the $600 CASH PRIZE
The 1st place winner will become the new CHALLENGER.
They can choose to battle or retire to the 2nd place winner.

New Battle will begin.



They tried to smother you in skinny jeans. We wore baggy clothes because we needed to dance every time we heard you. They’ve been singing songs to your beats with lyrics they didn’t write in battles they never won, because the hired help had no idea what you ever stood for. They started cutting your 16s into 12s… maybe because since they weren’t telling a story, then ran out of things to say.

They forgot you were created to transcend barriers of ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and the “social norms”. You represented folks coming from NOTHING and turning into something. You brought hope that dreams came true. You told stories. You did what they said was impossible.

They have attempted to brain wash an entire generation making music about things most people will never have. Hired help spits songs about things they don’t own, lifestyles they never lived until they were hired. The people were no longer allowed to CHOOSE their role models, they were bought. The stories of struggle & victory were replaced by skinny jean molly amped bottle poppin BS. We have an entire generation now of DISRESPECTFUL youth that sag skinny jeans and believe that hip-hop is about sex and poppin bottles in the club. They will even be as so bold to disrespect the FOUNDERS of hip-hop on social media simply because they have never heard real hip-hop. They have disrespected one of the most important roles in music… the DJ. Our youth is destroying SELF because they now believe the only “arrived” they need to get to, is enough money to wear expensive jeans and buy $80bottles of liquor for $400 in the VIP section. When they can’t obtain these things…. They destroy themselves trying to get them. They don’t know that the impossible is possible because what is on the radio is not telling them that. They have no idea that the world is not just made for rich folks.

Something began to happen in 2012…. Many people missed it because didn’t and still don’t yet comprehend the importance of social media…. even if you get it today… You won’t catch those of us who already locked that up last year 🙂 You see, there was a time of local shows and selling mix tapes out of the back of your car. Now that we are in an electronic generation, we don’t have to sell anything out of the back of our car. We can email our music to every corner of the earth that wants it & has internet access.
The people are once again using their voices … they are choosing their champs AS IT SHOULD BE, AS IT ALWAYS WAS.
There was a meteor shower called #LIFEONMARS…. then when the clock struck 12 on 12/31/12 the #HipHopApocalypse began… on 1/14/13 one month from the day #CONNECTICUT became a household name the 7th Trumpet sounded… Symbol? 7th Trumpet is the symbol of KINGDOM reign time… #OPERATIONREVOLUTION is in full effect across the globe.

7th Trumpet “26Project” Watch on Utube :–pGEKMCZ6c

7th Trumpet on Soundcloud:

Support on iTunes: Grand Giovanni – 7th Trumpet (feat. QueenTheProphet) – Single – #iTunes


ggg7th Trumpet.RED77777GrandQP

#OPERATIONREVOLUTION is not just about #BATTLEGROWNDENT, it represents UPROAR in the #indie community. We are by the thousands turning our backs on your industry and everything you stand for. We are coming together, supporting each other. We don’t have to be millionaires to accomplish this. We are though, supporting each other so EVERYBODY EATS. They said it was just Twitter…. It wasn’t real life. Those are real people behind those accounts able to buy, sell, & trade music, services, and support via the internet.

All we’re doing is telling the TRUTH. We believe there is enough for everybody… If 100k people buy 10 singles (yup $10) from 10 #Indie Artists, you the people just changed the lives of 10 people who have friends & family JUST LIKE YOU instead of just one…
We didn’t come for contracts, you can keep your 80/20 & 70/30. We don’t want ANYTHING we haven’t earned. If you came from the underground and EARNED yours? We #SALUTE you. To the frauds? GETCHOBARZ UP because there has been an earthquake in the underground across the globe,  most of us hail from “the most violent cities in the US” and we’re screaming #OPERATIONREVOLUTION

If you know nothing about these folks, LEARN ABOUT IT…. Because there’s too many of us to number….

#SsNation @Thrilla_Ssn #CHICAGO
#GNATION @G_Nationcrown #HUSTON
#KUSHFACEGANG @callmekushface @detpromoking313 #PHILLY #DETROIT
#TTO @FLA_Phantom @IceCold_ @medley_ceo #ATLANTA #VA
#TeamFollowOrDie @ihannibalaka730 #BOSTON

Well behaved women seldom make history…. and people crazy enough to believe that they can change the world? OFTEN DO.

What can I say? I’m just a little girl who grew up WU.

My name is QueentheProphet, your friendly #HipHopApocalypse Robin Hood of Hip-Hop and I approve this message.


Welcome to the revolution.
@queentheprophet , CT
@iambrandonheat , NJ
@_grandgiovanni, CT
@physcorock211, TX
@kingnattyboog, CT
@kinggeorge427, CT
@donovinheights, CT
@pyromaniac7491, CT
@Specithawolf, CT
@ctcokekev, CT

These aren’t all, but these are some of the greatest men & women that have ever been heard. If you are unable to recall music from at least 7 of those pictured below… please go back to your studio. Fire the DJ, slap the producer for allowing such nonsense,  burn your masters, go apologize to eveyone who’s ears you made bleed with your garbage music and you are now only allowed to sing in the shower,  because you have NEVER really heard hip-hop. (We still love you, don’t do it again please.)





RUNDMCslick ricknwa


black sheepnice & smoothl


e40dre HD punnuund



#WisdomFromTheThrone: The Yin-Yang Life


#WisdomFromTheThrone: The Ying-Yang Life

This article is not meant for the folks that are perfect. There are some folks that have grown up in life and nothing too bad has ever really happened. (That’s kind of a joke because nobody’s perfect, but incase you can’t relate don’t feel bad)

A lot of us lean towards God when life seems to spin out of control or we want to make a change. I remember the first time I set foot inside somebody’s church I was immediately uncomfortable. I didn’t grow up in a church and there was this expectation of perfection I felt although it was said that there wasn’t. Before I chose what beliefs I believed, TRUST ME I explored ALL OF THEM (we’ll get into detail about that in another article). I couldn’t do it Fam. I tried, for years I tried and I just wasn’t like other people. I was never going to be someone who believed in dressing up my outside on Sunday while my inside was messed up. I was never going to be a person that believed God would kick me out of church for not being in some fancy outfit. I was also never going to be a person that followed all of the rules, showed up every Sunday, and every time I couldn’t meet those expectations I’d leave.

Before some of you go crazy, quit church, call me a heathen, and misinterpret the point of this, I’m going to explain….. The problem in that equation wasn’t church. The problem was me. The choices we make to live as better people rarely happen in a church. You can go to church your entire life, sit on the front row and be at the front of the line for the conga line in hell. Standing in a church doesn’t make you perfect just like standing in my garage is not going to make you the Cadillac I want (if it does, please go stand in my garage). This is not a religious conversation either; I don’t believe in religion personally, I believe in relationship. Your decisions about how you live your life, how you treat people, occur outside the church, synagogue, temple, mosque etc. Those choices are personal decisions and if you want the influence of God in them, you’re going to need a relationship with Him for that. How do you grow any relationship? You spend time with it, you learn the other person involved, you practice.

For some of us… this is a constant uphill battle. I call it the Ying-Yang Life. Nobody was born a terrible person. NOBODY. We are hardwired to love. Love is the most natural emotion that is embedded into our DNA. The emotion of love actually has its own pattern of brain chemicals that are released, it truly is an amazing wonder. Love is so powerful that a life full of it can produce an overflow of it and affect the people around it. Sadly, it works just as well in reverse. Lack of love can pour like a plague and effect families, communities, etc. Lack of love never looks like a “lack of love” because we call it so many other things. Here is a very simple way to identify situations where there is a lack of love. Hurting people hurt other people. PERIOD. They may not even do it consciously… think about that one person at the job who is so miserable they spread their misery. This is not an excuse, it’s the truth. Here’s where the problem (in my opinion) is… when people look for help, they often don’t find the help they need and they don’t ever ask again.

One of the most common things I hear from those of us who fall or have fallen into the Ying-Yang Life is it just seems like every single time we do something right, ten things go wrong. Try to go to church, lose your job. Try to not flip out on anybody, a loved one gets shot. Get a job, it’s not enough and our significant other cheats anyway. We try to help a friend and they end up stealing from us. I can go on and on and on but I think you get it. It seems EASIER to just stay the way we were because we were used to that. I know for years it was easier for me to discern a no-good man that approached me on the street then someone who wasn’t that so for a long time, I like most people stuck with the devil I knew because it was easier then facing the one I didn’t. I will tell you right now, this is a TRAP. Complacency is a TRAP. Settling is a TRAP. Defeat is a TRAP. Sometimes we are all guilty of the self-righteous attitude “Why me?” … WHY NOT YOU? Who are YOU? Nobody. None of us are. Life is a gift. If you have life, you have the same gift as everyone else and what you do with it ultimately is your daily decision.

The TRAP is for us to give up. We don’t realize that Karma (reaping what you sow, what goes around comes around) does not have an expiration date and just because you decide to stop smoking …doesn’t mean you might not pop up with Cancer in 5 years after smoking for 30. I am not telling you this to discourage you. I’m telling you this so you don’t give up on your quest to be better. Why do you trust people? They’ve earned it right? Hummmm *LIGHT BULB MOMENT* we (none of us) are entitled to anything. Ever. If you are breathing, it’s a gift. You’re not entitled to anything else, and whoever told you that you were is a liar. Your children are not entitled to $200 sneakers, it’s a gift. You could have got them clean shoes at Salvation Army or a Thrift Store. Life happens, we can’t stop those things. The only things we can do is keep going, keep trying. The sooner you look for the wisdom in a situation or grasp the lesson in it, the sooner it’s over. We evolve as individuals and in our relationship with God as soon as we focus on our personal responsibility and commitment to the decisions we make.

Bad things happen. TRUST ME, I know better then a lot of people. If you have ever had a moment you literally wanted to (or actually did) pound your head into the wall and question the purpose of you walking the earth, you know exactly what I’m saying. I have ways about myself I work on DAILY Fam. I have ways that come from the type of life I lived for MOST of my life that are hard to shake. Anytime a new person comes around me my first question is always, “Are you an asset or liability?” People laugh because I’m a clown but I’m always serious and I wait for an answer. See, my teenage years were spent in an environment that if you weren’t from there, you didn’t go there. So as an adult I tend to demand an answer for your presence before you even say hello. If you walk to close to me, I’ve already prepared myself to defend myself. I have personal space issues. Fam, go head and laugh.  I don’t mind. If I can’t tell you the truth about myself, why would you listen to anything else I ever say?

I know first hand that coming from a “colorful” past sometimes makes everyday situations difficult. Just like the Ying-Yang it’s like the darkness is always on your heels. We’ll talk about me since I don’t want to offend anyone else…. LOL Having a quick temper is something that I’ve worked on for years, but MY GOD there are days where I feel that it would be righteous to slap certain people. I know that’s not nice, but I’m serious. I have those moments I have to focus and pep talk myself not to do anything that might send me to jail. I hate the grocery store. I go when it’s very late, why? During peak time there’s thousands of people and folk crash into you with their carriages while you’re minding your business or trying to engage me in a conversation in line while I just want to pay for my milk and go the hell home…I feel at times that creeping urge to wild out….. start throwing things off the belt, knock over the magazine rack, climb over the aisle, let all the balloons in the floral department go before I make my exit. On a more serious note, I think I mastered most of my self-control points the day I found out my X-husband was sleeping with an extended family member that I used to be close to as well as watch her children while she was busy screwing my husband. I had given this person food when she had none, I let this person come to my home during the night when her boyfriends would beat her. This person posted my wedding picture on MySpace with me folded out and wrote “Nobody wants to see us together” under it. This isn’t a joke and all 100% true. That night I sat in my living room with several other people, firearms on the way, and mentally was preparing myself to spend the rest of my life in prison.

Thank God for a phone call from my Sister. She said “You have every right to be insane right now… but please don’t throw your life and everything you have accomplished away. They’re not worth it.” She was right. I can tell you now years later that that very situation gave me a strength to get through other things, one after the other… choosing the high road eventually became easier because it was now the way. It took me a VERY long time to understand that God would fight my battles and His judgment on situations is far more just then anything I could ever dish out. It gets easier Fam… you can’t give up. The Ying-Yang life can feel like a blessing and a curse… but it was designed to be a blessing. Tyler Perry said once something along the lines of “when bad things happen to you, you can use them as a teaching tool for others or you can stay in it and let it ruin your life.” Many of us have plenty of reasons to sit in a corner, cry that nobody loves us, and use it as an excuse for everything that’s wrong in our lives. If you choose to live better, you will not ever fail. You may not do it like other people, it won’t happen overnight, bad things will still happen but it will not define you or destroy your life. That only happens when we let it. It is never too late to start over & it is never too late to start making better decisions. Choose love Fam, it never fails.

Be Blessed-

#WisdomFromTheThrone : The eye of the storm


Fam I want to share something with you that if you haven’t learned this already & you listen, I promise it will take years of aggravation off of your life. Bad things happen. People get sick, people die, planes crash, folks are CRAZY as hell doing all kind of things that leave people traumatized, your bills pile up, you always need more money for something, and so on and so on. It is A PART OF LIFE. God shouldn’t be blamed when things go wrong seeing as how He’s hardly thanked when things go right. Most people will acknowledge evil exists. Most people will also never give you a firm yes or a firm no when you ask about God because it always comes with an explanation. I am not blogging or making music with a message because I’m better then anyone. Nor am I doing it to dispel YOUR personal beliefs (believe what you want), I’m only telling the truth. I more then likely am worse then any of you. God has a very good sense of humor. He picks a few screw balls out of the bunch just so everyone else can look and know that if He did it for her…. I don’t mind though. People have used me without permission & hurt me, this never hurts it just humbles.

Fam your life has tests and I wish I could tell you that they all would go well and you’ll never be hurt. If I told you that I’d be lying to you. I am not at liberty to get on the internet and possibly say something that would lead sheep right on into the slaughter house. I’m not about that life. People are though and it is scary. We need to realize what truly is Fam. We live in a world where folks do the things that are our worst fears & nightmares. Parents kill their children, children kill their parents, people rape babies & all kinds of other horrific everyday life events like starving to death. These kind of things make us develop these defense systems that actually destroy us. We build walls so high we can become almost emotionless. A good portion of the people you interact with on a daily basis are heavily medicated.

I have learned that the faster I look for the lesson in the test, the sooner it’s over. Before I could even be clever enough to look for the wisdom, I had to choose love. This is a lot harder then it sounds. There are things that have happened to me that I could break your heart with all day, there has been things that have happened to my loved ones that would justify me spending the rest of my life in prison. I promise you that anger & rage and anything else that is considered a negative emotion has been stealing from you for however long you have felt it. If something happened, and it provoked one of those negatives… that thing was sent to rob you. It was sent to destroy you. Don’t let it. If you choose to walk in love, it makes some of those harder things bearable. Choose what you emotionally invest yourself in. Do you obsess over the problem or do you obsess over finding the answer? Are we choosing choices that bring joy to our life or are we inviting in more pain?

Did you know that most women that have been sexually abused tend to gravitate towards aggressive sexual behavior? Do you know how the world responds to that? We call them hoes. We laugh at them on Facebook, we retweet them on Twitter, we make Instagram mockeries over the fact that young lady is so hurt she has no idea she is hurting herself even further. She doesn’t know she is ruining her life & it’s not too late. It’s okay right? Long as it’s not you. Selfish human behavior ALWAYS compare “better then, less then” mindsets because it allows them to further hide from their own insecurities. I’ve been there. That first look in the mirror? IS UGLY. It’s supposed to be Fam. Mirrors are supposed to reveal flaws so you don’t walk around with something in your teeth. The more you do it though? The easier it gets and one day you will pause and smile because you feel strong. You should. You accomplish that and you just gave hope & faith a great work out.

We don’t have to all see eye to eye. Who cares? Really? Your opinion and my opinion are not important. The TRUTH is important. The TRUTH is that you have nothing to lose striving for a higher elevation in love and learning to accept personal responsibility. Those 2 things breed your strength to get through everything else. #OPERATIONREVOLUTION is not just about Battlegrownd Entertainment. Our music is our part of what we’re doing to change things. Through this, we have co-signed small businesses, we support & have the support of thousands of people via the internet… this is #OPERATIONREVOLUTION people coming together, supporting each other so that everyone can succeed. Nobody should be poor and nobody should be suffering some of the things they are suffering when there is plenty on this earth to go around. When we support each other, we take back control. When you support the music from Battlegrownd Entertainment, understand that most of that money comes back down the line when we pull folks off Twitter and hire them, buy their graphics, beats, promotion, GET IT? If 100k people buy 10 songs from independent artists, you made 10 well off people who will share with their family & friends instead of just one. Anything is possible Fam…. People that are crazy enough to believe they can change the world… Often do.

Be Blessed-