Queen the Prophet Bio

Queen the Prophet Bio

Rachel “Queen the Prophet” Lombardozzi (born on June 17th) is a woman of many talents. She is an active blogger, independent music industry professional as both an artist (song writer, lyricist) and an executive (artist management, social media promotion, project management, production, electronic distribution). Simultaneously, she is an active caregiver, child care worker, social service provider, consultant, small business owner, independent record label owner and active children’s ministry worker. QTP has appeared as a radio co-host on several occasions and is currently exploring additional radio opportunities as well as working on her first book, next album, and video blog series.

Rachel has been an artist of many forms since she was a child including short-story writing and cartooning. She wrote her first actual rap when she was 12. Rachel won many awards throughout her childhood for her creative abilities by writing and illustrating short-stories as well as the creating a slogan for the D.A.R.E. campaign. Although Rachel had a very promising childhood, her pre-teen -young adult adulthood took an entirely different path. “I didn’t live at home most of my teenage years and in the conditions I was living, I honestly didn’t even think I was going to see 18. You do a lot of things in the name of survival and not knowing where your next meal is going to come from can take you to a very dark place. All the chips were stacked against me but I refused to allow myself to end up a statistic.”

Rachel now holds an extensive background in social /human services and community activism. She has trained hundreds of individuals to work in the field of Human Services. Rachel was named by the CT Business Times one of “40 under 40″ community leaders to watch in 2006. In 2006 Rachel also participated in the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce Leadership Development program and is an American Red Cross Instructor Trainer for First Aid & CPR.

In the independent music community, Queen the Prophet is well respected having done digital promotional work, project management and consulting for some of the most legendary names in Hip-Hop. In addition, her own music (profanity free) continues to make an impact in the underground hip-hop community. Her queentheprophet.com blog series “Hip-Hop 101” has been featured on various sites offering free step-by-step instructions and advice for aspiring artists. “God has given me a gift to help people bring their visions to life. It’s something I can’t take an ounce of credit for because it’s Him who shows me how to put people’s vision puzzle pieces together.”

Rachel is most proud of beginning two successful At-Risk Youth service agencies within a year apart from each other which provided mentoring services and parent support services to individuals involved with Child Protection Services. In 2011, she launched a multi-media mentoring program for at-risk youth who were interested in careers in the music industry which included actual studio time, therapeutic mentoring, and learning the business end of music. “I’ll never forget the first interview I did as an Artist. They asked me ‘how do you know you’ve “arrived”‘? I’m sure for some people that translates into some sort of financial status but to me? When people who made the music I grew up on started reaching out to me for help or just to say they saw what I was doing & supported me? For me, that was when I ‘arrived’. I think a lot of artists get “lost in the music” because they’re trying to be someone they’ve created themselves to be instead of who they are. Rachel and “Queen the Prophet” are the same person. As Rachel has matured and become more secure in who she is, so has Queen the Prophet.”


Queen the Prophet

Contact Information:

www.queentheprophet.com (Blog)

digital.queentheprophet.com (Artist Website)
Twitter: @queentheprophet @hiphopmobwife @qtpblog
Instagram: queentheprophet

Pintrest: pinterest.com/queentheprophet




Business Inquiries Only: queentheprophet@gmail.com

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