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7th Trumpet 26 Project begins release! (ends 1/14) #Download 1-17 FREE!


Blessings Family!

Today marks the 1-year anniversary of Sandy Hook. As you know, 1-year ago today the “7th Trumpet” track was recorded by Grand Giovanni & myself and released 1-month from the day on 1/14/13. Today is actually also my anniversary as a professional recording artist.

I would like to personally thank every single person who has supported this project & it’s vision over the past year, every artist that took the time out to contribute a verse, Culture Freedom for the awesome graphic work, Johnny Magnum for the original single’s graphic, S7 “The Profesor” at Steddie Beat Recordings, my Ghetto Govt family that participated & supported this project, our #GNATION family especially @g_nationcrown for the drop, Thrilla at for blogging the original project, Hell Razah for all of his help & support finishing the project, and last but certainly not least Brandon Heat @iambrandonheat for creating the beat.

New versions of the project will continue to drop starting today (12/14/13 the 1-Year Anniversary of Sandy Hook) – 1/14/14 (the 1-year anniversary of the original track’s release). If you would like to get involved, please feel free to download the music, share the links, or contribute a verse (see instructions below).

Over the past year, there has been pain and suffering everywhere around us. There is even information and speculation that some of these are even the direct result of purposeful wrong doings in order to move forward with certain political agendas. In these cases, I truly believe & encourage people to seek the truth for themselves and above all, PRAY. It is evident to all of us that evil in fact does walk among us on this earth. People who walk in love do not murder children or pretend to. Either or, it is an abomination and it needs to be stopped.

Strangers have united all over the globe in agreement on this. The lesson? Is always love. Many are called, few are chosen. We are chosen by the way we respond to the call. The phone is ringing….. are you going to pick it up?

Everyone who has lent a hand in this project or time in it’s support, will be blessed. 2014 #WATCH #ProphetTweet  “the wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous”  Proverbs 13:22

Revelation 11:15

7 Trumpet 26 Project …….

There is still time to get involved! If you would like to contribute a verse to the project, you can download the version of the 7th Trumpet with empty 3rdverse below and submit your finished version no later than JANUARY 13th  by please put “7th Trumpet” in the subject line. Please also include artist name, city, state, & country. PLEASE KEEP ALL VERSIONS RADIO READY (profanity free)

DOWNLOAD the 7th Trumpet empty third verse version:


three on tracks, space holding sign

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Our first two releases,  ‘Blue Star Boulevard’ and ‘Lime on the Rocks’ are available for purchase here,  as well as iTunes, Amazon,  Spotify, and several other online retailers.   ‘Lime On The Rocks’ is a colorful journey through modern hip-hop music,  embodied by the high  energy party vibe of “Booty Booty Bang Bang” and the soulful  pop feel  of “This is Life”.  ‘Blue Star  Boulevard’ takes on a cinematic feel, featuring the powerful lead single ‘Loud’  and the smooth, melodic, summery sound of ‘Liming On’ to capture the struggles,  successes, and growth of a Star on the rise.
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