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#ConfessionsOfTheHipHopMobWife 3 – Doberman Gang


#ConfessionsOfTheHipHopMobWife 3
A large part of the reason I like to tell on myself is so that on the come back (you know, because it all comes back to you at some point anyway) I already said it. People can call it a lot of things like “putting your business out there” that’s fine… but it’s not a secret. I’d like to clarify for the record my relationship with all the artists referred to as the “Doberman Gang” #DBG #427. The whole story of exactly how we came across each other’s paths will be a separate story. But for the record, they came to me as artists and became family. Never, not once, by any of them (regardless of what you thought or heard) have they not conducted themselves as artists or brothers, and that includes the times we were piled in my house or in a hotel room for a show. So I’m sure that information deflates the excitement of gossip or a scandal but it’s the truth. Now I’m sure I sparked a little interest with “piled in my house or hotel room”. Don’t worry Fam… those stories will come soon.  So if you want to find out who flipped a table in Miami, which artist dropped an elbow on a piece of furniture and screamed that his arm was broken for 2-hours, who covered themselves in a blanket and declared he was the empty shell of a man, and who ran around Miami with a pitcher of beer inside an ice-tea bottle… You won’t. I never say names. I’ll tell you the story though… to be continued #2013

New Years Eve 2012


Happy New Year’s Eve!
I don’t know about you, but 2012 has been one hell of a ride. Most of the folks in my camp (myself included) have been through things this year that you more then likley wouldn’t believe if I told you. Through it all though we have continued to make great music. #OPERATIONREVOLUTION will present for #2013 the #HipHopApocolypse. The moves we make this year are going to be massive and there’s going to be a lot of them.

Yesterday we revealed this blog as well as the #FmeImstoned online store just for starters. Here are a few of the projects on deck for #2013:
> Brandon Heat @iambrandonheat will release his sophmore album “Good Man Gone Bad”
> George Yung @kinggeorge427 will be releasing his video series & MXTP “Death of George Yung”
> Grand Giovanni @_grandgiovanni will be releasing his first video and the MXTP “InstaGrand”
> Verbal Kent @kingnattyboog & Grand Giovanni will be releasing the single & video “BANK”
> DOMBERMAN GANG “Loyalty is Everything Volume 1”
> PhyscoRock will be releasing his “Animal” album
> BattlegrowndENT has put together digital distrubuition & promotion packages for sale
>BattlegrowndENT now offers BOOT CAMP training and mentor services to indie artists

These are not the only projects you’ll see us push for #2013… Expect to see Don Pyro, Coke Kev, Big Heights, & Speci tha Wolf in the mix too.

Wishing you & yours a blessed New Years


Bheat Brandon Heat is not only a brillant emcee, but also one of the greatest underground producers of our time (GRINDHOUSE ENTERTAINMENT). Honestly Fam, Brandon still makes music that I personally enjoy. I’m one of those people who still appreciate the message in the music. Brandon’s 2nd Album “Good Man Gone” is due out #2013.

Follow on Twitter : @iambrandonheat

If you have never heard Brandon’s music, this is actually my favorite song off his first album Alienation, “Everybody Move”…. but this is the Burnin German Remix.
New Brandon Heat – Everybody Move Burnin German Remix..



GRANDGrand Giovanni…. Grand is one of those emcees that just doesn’t sound like anybody else. Grand makes the kind of music that you can rock with as soon as you figure out what his crazy ass is talking about. Grand has a lyrical gift that is too deep for the average ear. Grand requires a listener that still listens for content and wisdom with in the bars. Although Grand has his own way of doing things, his think outside the box style and metaphors are a gift you don’t hear everywhere.

I invite you to listen for yourself. Life On Mars from the Intro -Outro was made for your enjoyment.


Take a quick journey into the making of Life On Mars

#FmeImstoned by @fuimstoned #OPERATIONREVOLUTION

fuimstonedBattlegrownd Entertainment #OperationRevolution is thrilled to present to you our artist “PhyscoRock” but known on twitter as the “stoner celeb” @fuimstoned. The Texas emcee is much more then a gifted lyrical genius. It is our pleasure to present to the world the brand #FmeImStoned. PhyscoRock brings a humorous but genius approach to the title cannibus activist. PhyscoRock is in every scope of the word, an entertainer.

With a #LovePeaceKush approach, please take the time to visit our store and have a laugh. If you support what we’re doing, feel free to purchase whatever will make you think of us & smile. 🙂

TWITTER: @fuimstoned
INSTAGRAM @fuimstoned

#ConfessionsOfTheHipHopMobWife 2

The Industry- If you are a legit business woman in hiphop, you know I’m telling the truth when I expose how difficult it can be. @GRYNDHOUSZ gave me some words once that I have never let escape me. “As a woman in the industry, you’re a whore until you prove yourself innocent”. May sound a little rough for some of you but nothing is rougher then the truth at times. When you start making moves that involve money or get attention from folks who actually hold some weight in the game, every moral you say you have will be put to the test. Sadly, there is a HUGE number of women in the game that have screwed their way there. Sure they’re responsible for what they choose to do.. don’t stone them though. For every woman who has made one of those moves nine times out of ten there were twenty doors slammed in her face or some jerk in a suit painting the picture that if she ever wants to get ahead this is the way it goes. I’d be a liar if I said there weren’t opportunities that passed by my team simply because I wasn’t dropping draws. The thing is though, I’m a sucker for the feeling of earning something. I don’t want anything I haven’t earned.

#ConfessionsOfTheHipHopMobWife 1

QTP2111A sure way to tell you have indeed created a piece of actual authentic hip hop is very simple. You have suffered a great trail during the making of it. Your music will never be any good if it’s about something that you don’t really have or experienced. I’m so confident about the artists I manage because I know them personally and I know that the music they create is good, and it’s REAL. I dare you to click on one of my twitter links and see for yourself.



People have no idea the path you’ve walked. The head of those who wear the crown is often heavy. I have survived things that would have devastated most by the grace of God. I am owed nothing. No matter what trials or traumas I have faced, I am still owed nothing. I know that walking in love is the path that I choose, even when it hurts. I have endured things that you could not imagine and some of it at the hands of simply bearing my brother’s burden. When you walk in love you understand that it’s never about you. Your love walk is for a purpose for many. You learn to sacrifice of yourself so the masses can reap the benefits. Love is not selfish, love is not puffed up. Love hopes all things, endures all things, believes all things. Love never fails.


71544_1449903735205_1461575952_31122081_5924597_sI titled this because frankly, there’s nothing else to call it. You can relate or you can’t. I refer to that moment in your life where you pause yourself. You stand there inside yourself, outside yourself and everything looks like it’s in motion but you start to question it all. It’s at those moments our faith is truly tested. It is the moment you make a conscious decision to chose faith and have no idea what’s going to happen. You are afraid, but you have come so far you can’t turn back. You begin to push. You push past what you feel and leap into the unknown. Shortly after, you understand the purpose of the test because you elevate to another degree. Life or Death comes in the decisions and choices that we make. You lose nothing by choosing life and have everything to gain. We lose everything when we choose death, even ourselves. So why do we all do it? At least once we all have. For myself, I am completely imperfect. I mess up all the time. But I know who I am and I choose to walk in love. The world has seen enough pain and everyday I make an effort to not walk that path. Most days I screw it up. God still loves me. Soon as you understand that? You’ll find strength. That mad at the world mentality? Only leads us to destruction. What is it you’re so afraid to lose by choosing peace? #REALTALK


Let’s get down to the science of our own stupid behavior. If you ever wonder why folks settle for less then what they deserve in love, it’s simply because people accept the love that they THINK they deserve. It is VERY difficult for an individual that was emotionally traumatized to ever fully grasp the concept of deserving love. Don’t judge them fam…. We all have our closet of pain. I don’t make fun of hoes. It hurts my heart to see women that scarred. We live in a world where there are men and women who prey on pain and they will cash in on the wounded. They wouldn’t be able to any longer if more people were kind. You can heal the land with kindness. Human beings are hardwired to love. Life takes a toll on it sometimes, but it is never broken as long as they are breathing. When you walk in love, you attract love. It took me 34 years to figure that out. At the end of the day, every single person walking this earth needs love. They even need it the most when they deserve it the least.