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Volume 2 (1)


Election Day, 2013 alongside the Anonymous March Hell Razah and the Ghetto Govt Officialz dropped the 1st MXTP as part of the new 3-part series USA (Under Seraphim Authority) Volume 1 hosted by DJ YELLO. (The previous series hosted by DJ Big Maulik including Welcome to Redhook, United Hoods of America, and Ghetto Govt Officialz are all available for free download via

USA volume 2 “Martial Law”  includes appearances by; Hell Razah, Inspectah Deck Wu, Kappo (aka Yung Razah), Automatik Greatness, Queen the Prophet, Judah Priest, Killah Priest, Timbo King, George Yung, Lord Fury, Red Dawn, Kenyatta Black, Continuous, Giovonni Pratt, 144, 000 Chosen Few, Rico Deniro, Yung Pyro, Danny B Newton, Vega X, DTach, Big Heights, Coke Kev, Tribe of Judah & more!

Some of the production you’ll hear on this version was composed by legendary Sunz of Man producer Su-Preme, Dr. G, Sneak Vandel, Miverson, Badd Taste & more. USA 2 “Martial Law” will be released Good Friday, April 18th.

#New #Music by @Young_Noble1 @thugtertainment JERZEY GIANTS

Taken from the Brand New Album Jerzey Giantz from Young Noble & Hussein Fatal of The Outlawz Also being drop on the Dr G Producer album – The Coalition coming sonn 2014 (Produced by Hell Razah Music, Inc./ Ghetto Govt Album “Agenda 21, NU WU Order Executive Producer  Dr G
-uploaded in HD at

Listen to “Loyalty with Love” by Hussein Fatal pd by Dr. G

#New #Music by @killahpriest Message To The 12

Killah Priest – Hugh Mandel (Message To The 12)

The Untold Story Of Walter Reed (PT.2)

#WuTangClan @wumusicgroup releases #New #Music “Keep Watch”

Wu-Tang ft Nathaniel – Keep Watch (prod Mathematics)


Wu-Tang Clan releases (3/19/14) “Keep Watch” the 1st single off the long awaited 20-year anniversary album “A better Tomorrow”

On a personal note? THIS is what Hip-Hop sounds like. It was never gone…. Wu-Tang is 4ever…. duh 🙂

Wingz Up-


Download “Keep Watch”

The Narrow Gate

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

There are many gates…
that we will come to pass.
And the roads leading to them…
  become a more difficult task.

Cause this path is not easy…
and gets narrower as we walk.
For not many will continue…
cause it’s a harder walk than the talk.

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Hell Razah presents @ghettogovt March Newsletter!




Mid 2015 we would like to release a MXTP series which will include 5 MXTPS total.

There will be a GGO North, GGO South, GGO East, GGO West, & GGO International MXTP featuring artists, producers, & graphic designers from all over the globe. Each GGO affiliate is invited to participate in the project for their region.

–          We need graphic designers to design the cover for their region

–          Producers for the project

–          Artists from each region

(Features from HRMI : The project coordinator(s) should facilitate with HRMI)



If you are interested in overseeing the project for your region, please contact 1st Lady.


THE REVISED GGO HANDBOOK IS OUT! If you have not received an updated copy of the GGO House Rules, please see your Chapter Leader.



If you would like to purchase a T-Shirt, please email and put “T-SHIRT” in the subject line. (If we do not have your size left in stock we’ll be getting more shortly! They’re going FAST!) Shirts are $25 (USD) + $5 S&H (Sizes S-XL add $2 for sizes 2XL-4XL) US ONLY.  International shipping rates apply for orders outside the US.  


GGO Chief Correspondent Giovonni Pratt  & 1st Lady QTP will be putting together an annual fund raiser for GGO. The first GGO fund raiser will be for the Brain Aneurysm Foundation. The donation will be made in President Razah’s name. Beginning 2015, we will take a collective global vote on several charities and each year we will run a 30-day fund raiser for a different charity. Since this is the first year, we felt it was important to support the Brain Aneurysm Foundation on behalf of Razah & his recovery.  (This is a great way for smaller chapters that don’t have the man-power to host an event to be involved!)

Volume 2

GGO USA VOLUME 2, MARTIAL LAW will be released Friday, April 18th. The slots for volume 2 filled up 3 weeks before the actual deadline. Slots for Volume 3 will open April 21-September 30th. Please remember that from this point on, all GGO collective projects MUST BE RADIO EDIT PROJECTS (Profanity Free). Please do not submit music that is not radio ready, it will not be considered.

If any chapter is without a GGO seal please let me know ASAP. Chapter seals are donated free of charge by the NJ Chapter. Individual seals (with your name on the scroll) for members are $7.00 ea please email if your chapter is in need of a seal or you would like to purchase a customized one.

We have tried to come up with the most respectful way to let people know who is/ is not an active GGO member. The directory will serve multiple purposes. All active GGO members, their social media handles, and skills will be summarized on one form. Please don’t freak out! You’re only really going to have to do this once. If someone is removed, let me know and I’ll update the list and make sure everyone gets it. If someone is added, send me all of the info for the directory and I’ll add and update. We want everyone to be in the loop and this is the best way to stay on top of who does what and who is who. ROSTERS HAVE NOT BEEN SUBMITTED FROM EVERYBODY. If you have not submitted it, please submit by April 1st.

Please understand that GGO is too big to chase folks around. We do our very best to make sure that information gets posted on all social media sites, in every newsletter there is a directory of where to find what, and your GGO handbook also includes this information. We don’t want folks with hurt feelings, however folks must be accountable to check the information for themselves if they want to know what’s going on.


Starting in June Chapter/ Member reviews will begin and be completed annually. The purpose of this is June is the halfway point of the year. We want to make sure that everyone is doing something and not just running around screaming #GGO and reaping the benefits of the hard work everyone else is doing. Are folks coming to meetings? Do they participate? Have they done anything in the community? What are they doing for the chapter? If someone needs help or encouragement to get involved, June is a good time to tell them because there is still 6 months left in the year. Even if your chapter is not equipped to host an event, get involved with another chapters.  Everyone has lives, jobs, families, their own careers, and we don’t expect anyone to neglect those things but we’re also not going to have folks wearing a GGO badge and that’s all their doing. Chapter Leaders will evaluate their members, Daniel & Sneak will be evaluating Chapter Leaders, and General Reviews will be done by Heaven’s Administration (Scripture, Auto, Razah, & QTP).  

If you are a GGO member and have not had a free blog feature on yet, please email GGO member blog features have already started for 2014! 

 photo (1)

GHETTO GOVT GLOBAL: GGO has been continuously growing and we know that it may be hard to keep up with everything that’s going on in Chapters across the globe as well as with the label Hell Razah Music, Inc. Now you don’t have to miss a thing! Simply email and put NEWS in the subject line. You will automatically be added to the monthly newsletter email blast. If you are a GGO member and have something you would like to put in the newsletter, please submit the information via email by the 25th of each month {Midnight EST}. What kinds of things can I submit for the newsletter?

  • Any business services / specials/ discounts that you have and want known to GGO members
  • Chapter Community Service Projects
  • Fundraisers
  • New social media/web sites
  • Personal music project release dates, music, video, album, MXTP, etc.
  • Upcoming show information
  • Seeking a service/ connection/ referral

MXTP INQUIRIES: GHETTO GOVT INFO: Official GHETTO GOVT Facebook: Hell Razah Music, Inc. Facebook:


As you know, we have & welcome GGO members from all professional backgrounds. We are expanding some departments at GGO and are currently recruiting volunteers with the following skills (or if you don’t have a certain skill and would like to help, we will be more then happy to train you if applicable):

  • Bloggers
  • Street Team Promoters
  • Web Designers
  • Radio AM/FM/Blog
  • Event Coordinators
  • Social Media Promotion Volunteers

If you are already a GGO member, please email and put “Classified” in the subject line and specify the committee (s) you would like to join.

If you are not yet a GGO member, please email so we can get the membership process started. For more information on becoming a part of the GHETTO GOVT movement

Official GGO YouTube: Blog: {click Hell Razah presents Ghetto Govt tab} Soundcloud: Twitter Updates: Follow @heavenrazah @queentheprophet @ghettogovt @hrmiggo @ghettogovtv



PLEASE REMEMBER: Any music released that is official Hell Razah Music, Inc. or GHETTO GOVT will be promoted on our social media handles. If you see a project floating in cyber space including a HRMI artist or GGO member and that project is not made available by the artist themselves or on our official social media handles, it means it’s not an official project


Son of Man Son of Man BACK

Kappo aka “Yung Razah” dropped his solo-debut MXTP 2/25/14 hosted by DJ FILPCYDE (GGO Las Vegas) & Artwork by Culture Freedom (GGO ATL).  Sun of Man is available for FREE download on multiple MXTP websites. …


Automatik Greatness drops “Info Warz” produced by Miverson (GGO RI) …


Mother’s Day, 2014 the 1st Single off the GHETTO GOVT Album “Agenda 21, NU WU Order” (Executive Producer Dr. G “The Book of Rachel” Queen the Prophet ft. Hell Razah will be released.


Dr. G’s latest:

#NEW #MUSIC @Inspectahdeckwu “Until The Day” (Prod By @DrGPRODUCTIONZ ) … on #SoundCloud



We are pleased and excited to announce that Culture Freedom is our official GGO “Federal Communications Commission”. Culture has been designing the GGO MXTP covers, HRMI Album/Single Covers for well over a year. The design department (Graphics, Web, & Clothing) will be headed by Culture Freedom. Any GGO member that would like to be an official part of this department, please speak with your Chapter Leader.


ATL General Giovonni Pratt alongside GGO ATL Member Jermiside ft Lamarr the Starr drop new video U.C.B “Free your mind”



GGO DMV (DC, Maryland, VA)

Hosted by Andrew Bucket, Bucket & Bands features some of DC’s best in stand up comedy and music. Party will go late with a DJ set by DJ Yello after the bands!COMEDY:Jenn Tisdale
Andrew Bucket
Marcus Brown
Detroit BoatMUSIC:

—-AG/LG (DC Power Rock Duo)
<<feat. members of The North Country & Brenda>>

—Ryan Hunter Mitchell (DC Country-Blues Solo)
<<member of Shark Week>>





“Planet Resistance” show on Planet X Radio live everyday sunday 4-7pm EST A cross genre solidarity show promoting Hip-hop, Punk Rock, Metal, Reggae, Indie Film & Music and more! @ 

VX: CEO of Planet X Records LLC/Planet X Empire BMI & Guerrilla Alliance co-founder / GGO Boston


photo (74)

“Go to Siri and ask that trick what July 27th is. The answer is why I’m releasing this project on that date. This is Hell Razah Music baby! This is OUR year! WINGZ UP! Shout out to my brother @optimusic for the graphic. Beat produced by @sneakvandel #hellrazahmusicinc #brooklynzu #ghettogovtofficials#wutangclanforever #sneakvandel“- Sneak Vandel  

The line up for this MXTP already includes; Hell Razah, Judah Priest, Buddah Monk, GZA, Inspectah Deck, Queen the Prophet, Automatik Greatness, Scripture, Killah Priest,  Rustee Juxx, Jurny Big, Peace 586, TMF (Trife Diesel, Tommy Whispers, Kryme Life), George Yung & more to be revealed later! This will be one MXTP true lovers of hip-hop will want to own! 

Need a cover, logo, or flyer?

Contact : Optimus Prime (NJ GGO)
Cell. 609-319-3462
Instagram: OPTIMUSIC

$100 Album cover (front & back) $75 Cover Only 

$50 Logo 

$25 Flyer 

GGO MEMBERS 50% off all prices noted above 


For those of you who don’t know, Rico Deniro appeared this month on Kappo’s MXTP Sun of Man, and released his first official video! Follow @IAmRicoDeniro and watch  -Its You ( Official Video )

Crimson Godz presents Kenyattah Black @kbliggah alongside Wu Block at Variety Playhouse A3C festival 2013




COMING SOON! Judah Priest, “Dark Ages” Album.

Let’s Talk by @queentheprophet


Let’s have a SERIOUS talk. Most ppl work their whole lives just to pay for the basic necessities. These ppl are often stressed. A $100 set back can destroy their whole world. These ppl wake up ANGRY and most of them are still good ppl. There are billions of us. There is in fact, enough money, food, & other basic necessities in the world but the few that have it don’t want to share it. My God in my bible tells me those resources belong to God’s ppl. ALL OF US WHO LOVE HIM. Perfect or not. I’m not sure what you spend your life doing and honestly if it’s not about making this world the place we deserve as children of God? I don’t have time for you. I love you, good luck, buh bye. Selfish ppl have destroyed so much already and some folks acting like they want to be just like em. Nobody should be hungry and work their whole life and never live bc they’re trapped in a system designed to see them fail. I will obey the laws of the land until they oppose the laws of my God. He gave me power to trample serpents & scorpions and nothing by any means shall harm me. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. We wrestle not against flesh & blood but against powers, rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for the pulling down of strongholds. Therefore put on the whole armor of God so that you may stand against the wiles of the devil. If God be for me who then can stand against me? #OPERATIONREVOLUTION