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This section contains exclusive interviews conducted by Queen the Prophet for with various individuals in the independent & main stream entertainment industry.

Interview with Rene “Level” Martinez @level305

Dear Readers:

I’ve done a lot of interviews over the years and this one I am very excited about sharing. When I first watched the documentary trailer that I’ve posted here for you to view, I can honestly tell you it gave me a reminder of just how awesome God is. I hope that it blesses you, and for those of you that are interested in contacting Mr. Martinez for speaking engagements, log on to his website and fill out the contact information section.


QTP: For those who may not be familiar, can you introduce yourself to our readers?
Level: My name is Rene Level Martinez and I’m a minister of the gospel, I wanna share a brief testimony on my life, as a kid i didn’t have a father figure in my life, my mom was on the streets addicted to drugs, she was an alcoholic. She was part of a religion known as santeria which is a very dark world, I remember being 5 years old and them sacrificing a goat and pouring the blood over my head, I started to see demons not long after that, I saw them my whole life and was controlled by them. I got into the streets as early as 9 and started breaking into houses and cars, I walked into a gang at the age of 13, One night we got into a high speed chase in a stolen car and we crashed into a man that died on impact, i was in a comma for 3 weeks with a 5% chance of survival, when I woke up I had broken bones all over my body and I was facing manslaughter charges, I was 14 at the time.  When I recovered I didn’t learn my lesson, I got right back into the streets and started gang banging really hard, ended up homeless with my mom and had to rob to eat, one night I found my mom half dead overdosed on pills with her wrist slit, when she got better she ended up meeting Jesus Christ and left to a retreat for a weekend, in that one weekend my mom stopped all drugs and alcohol! instantly!! but for me it was to late all I ever knew was the streets, ended up in Juvenile Hall at the age of 16 for attempted murder, got sentenced to a juvenile facility. I became the leader of the Loc’ed Syndicate Gang at 17 years old in Miami Dade County, I was active for over two decades and had a road to Demascus experience one night, Jesus Christ spoke to me!!! Like when Saul became Paul! not long after that I met a man of God that gave me the true word and told me to get baptized in the NAME of JESUS CHRIST according to Acts 2:38, and let me tell you, a shift in my life happened that day! I never been the same, i got this fire in me! and now I go from hood to hood, project to prison preaching repentance and remission of sins in the might name of JESUS CHRIST!!!
QTP: After watching your documentary “The Warrior Level” I was truly encouraged. I commend you for taking such a bold stand for Christ and having the courage to start a new life. How did the documentary get started?
Level: When i was a kid we came up on a camera and I started recording stuff in the hood, a lot of gang footage, and underground fight footage from when I was bare-knuckle fighting for money. One day I gotta vision of turning my life story into a documentary…
QTP: Congratulations on being awarded two awards at the International Christian Film Festival for 2018. That must have been a very humbling and proud moment for you.
Level: Yes it was a blessing!, I was competing against some big names, I won most inspirational documentary and best documentary audience choice. All praise and glory to Jesus Christ
QTP: Where can folks see your documentary? Is it available on DVD?
Level: I’m currently shopping it to a few networks, all info is on my website THEWARRIORLEVEL.COM
QTP: So when did you start making music?
Level: I had a lot of friends doing music since the 90s and always had it in me but I actually started recording music in 2008
QTP: How would you describe your music to someone who’s never heard it before?
Level: West coast style with a message of truth!  my music is meant to spread the truth of God!
QTP: Who are your musical influences?
Level: I don’t listen to rap anymore, I’m more into praise and worship
QTP: Do you have any full projects out as yet? Where can folks find your music?
Level: I’m wrapping up my Album soon “WALKING TESTIMONY” I will have it on most  available platforms
QTP: What are your plans for the next 5 years? What can your fans & supporters expect? Level: Working on a movie on my life and I will continue to build Disciples of all nations in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, I’m radical for Jesus Christ! All I wanna do is kingdom build!
QTP: Is there anything else you would like to add or want people to know?
Level: God is One and He wants to use you in a mighty way!!!! if He did it for me, He can do it for you!!!
QTP: What are your social media handles and web address? What would be the best way for someone to get in touch with you for speaking events?
Level: The best way to get a hold of me is through my website THEWARRIORLEVEL.COM  My Social media handles are @Level305 on IG and Twitter and my Facebook is FACEBOOK.COM/CHRISTWARRIOR305 and  FACEBOOK.COM/LEVELEMOUT
QTP: Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me. I pray that God will continue to bless you on your journey and that your testimony continues to touch the lives of all who hear it.

#October #Promo Specials!

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Exclusive Interview with @miverson_ #GGO #RI #WitnessTheStrength 3/12/15


Since the release of “Witness the Strength” is only a few days away and it’s been about 2-years since I’ve chopped it up with Hell Razah Music, Inc. /GGO Producer Miverson, I figured we were long over due for a “sit down” (digitally speaking of course).


QTP: Boss, Boss, Boss… It’s been about 2 years since we last sat down to chop it up interview style. How have you been & what’s new in your world?
MAV: Wow, really 2 years already, time flies when your working hard. I’ve been great thank you. Just been really working on this project as well as others for 2015.
QTP: Your project “Witness the Strength” is finally ready for release and will be dropping the 12th of this month. I don’t think most people realize how long a production project can take or all the work that goes into a MXTP or Album release. You want to shed some light on the amount of work you put into this project?

MAV: You ain’t lying. Honestly I thought I can get a few tracks and just release. That was not the case what so ever. I realized that I have a great opportunity here so I wanted to take my time putting it together. It took almost 3 years for WTS to be completed and up to my standards. Now I can finally release it and be satisfied.

QTP: Is this your first full production project that’s featuring multiple artists?

MAV: Not my first fully produced project, but its my first fully produced project featuring multiple artists.

QTP: What other projects have you done in the past year or so that features your production?

MAV: I recently released “TheyDontHearMeTho” which is a project that I fully produced featuring Fes Taylor. I also have a joint project that i fully produced with a Nebraska rapper by the name of Strive and that project is called “FeedMeMo”. You can find all my projects

QTP: What’s the artist line-up look like for WTS? Who can folks expect to hear artist wise and is there a hosting DJ?

MAV: Let’s see I have Razah on the intro and a track ft. Jahmal, you QTP, Automatik,
iNTeLL(Son of U-God), Fes Taylor, Stealf Bombz, Ruthless Bastards, Stumik(of Ice-Water), Mic Check, just to name a few. I also have a few local rappers. Overall I think the line-up is great. I was thinking of having a DJ host it but It didn’t work out that way, so maybe next time.

QTP: Now that the project is release ready, are you happy with the end result?

MAV: Happy is an under statement! I am really excited, ecstatic and nervous.

QTP: Is there any significance in the chosen release date?

MAV: Well I had a few dates to choose from and the date that stood out of course was my Birthday. So as a gift to myself and my fan base I picked March 12th. Can’t get any better then that!

QTP: Where will the project be available for download?

MAV: It will be available on for free download.

QTP: Are there anymore projects that you’re working on? What’s next?

MAV: Yes I have a few projects lined up. I have a project with Automatik Greatness (InfoWarz), the project that you and I are working on (No title yet) and if WTS does well I might have Volumes of it.

QTP: I have to say for me  personally, the chemistry that you and I bring together on tracks is something that I know I don’t experience with every producer. Every track we have released so far has been received well by the listeners, and as an Artist I know there is just such a significant difference in the music when a producer is sending you beats versus the beats a producer makes for you specifically. Our last release “Q.T.P.” I remember I didn’t even like the beat at first until you told me to listen to it again because the beat sounded like it was saying “QTP”. What is it like for you as a producer? I know you have great chemistry with Automatik Greatness, but do you get to experience that every time you work with someone or is each person different?

MAV: Yes you and I have been putting out that FUEGO lol. Chemistry is definitely there. As for other artist chemistry is there as well, I have a hand full of artist that I have an idea what they like so it makes it easier on both parts. Like Fes Taylor, you mentioned Automatik and iNTeLL (Son of U-God) & yourself.

QTP: What is the most challenging part about working with artists?

MAV: I would have to say time. Everybody lives their seprate lives so I can’t always expect someone to drop what their doing to do a track for me. Other then that I think I’m pretty good shape when it comes to collaborations. I am a very patient person so that helps with my music.

QTP: What is the most challenging thing you’ve done as a producer thus far?

MAV: Getting Witness The Strength where it is now. I’ve come a long way Queen, I remember sitting there making music for fun then one day it all turned around in a blink of an eye. Now I’m sitting here waiting for a release on a project that features artists like Razah, Fes, QTP etc. Its truly a blessing.

QTP: If you could work with anyone in the world (living or deceased) who would it be and why?

MAV: Damn, I’m stumped. I would say RZA only because he is the reason I produce. So to have him on a track produced by Miverson would be sick. Of course GZA, Masta Killa, iNS, and a few other cats from my era. Nas, Jay-Z, if Big L was alive him as well. I’m willing to work with anyone though, I don’t discriminate.

QTP: Boss, where can folks find you on your social media handles?

MAV: -Instagram @MiversonMav
-Twitter @Miverson_
-YouTube @Miverson27
-Facebook @Miverson27
-SoundCloud @Miverson

QTP: Is there anything else you want folks to know?

MAV: Just a quick thank you to all the artists that helped me put this together. It wasnt easy but its DONE! Also be on the look out for more Miverson production in the near future. With that being said, Queen I appreciate you taking time out of your busy life to sit and have an interview with me. I also want to thank you for all the support you have giving me throughout the year. You have helped in so many ways. Peace & Wingz Up!


Hell Razah @heavenrazah EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW on “El Raziel”Album, Easter 2015

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For those of you who don’t know, Hell Razah/ Heaven Razah (Wu-Tang Clan/ Sunz of Man/ Hell Razah Music, Inc./ Ghetto Govt Movement/ GGO Ghetto Govt Officialz President) will be releasing his album entitled “El Raziel” this Easter 2015.

In 2012, Razah released “Living After Death” to iTunes and was his first release since his brain aneurysm in 2010. In October 2014, new Hell Razah music was released by Dr. G on “The Coalition Album” and is available for purchase via iTunes, and various Hell Razah Music, Inc/ GGO mix tape projects have been released for the past few years via Dat Piff and other mix tape sites. Although still in recovery, “El Raziel” marks the beginning of a long series of upcoming/ unheard Hell Razah/ Heaven Razah  projects. So I decided to sit down once again with the man behind the movement.


QTP: Good afternoon Razah Rubiez

RAZAH: Good afternoon, Wingz Up, Halo

QTP: First things, first. How are you? How are you feeling?

RAZAH: I am feeling blessed. I am much better then how I was when I first got home. I’m getting stronger, faster and way more independent.

QTP: Raz, there has been a lot of things said about you during the past few years, in regards to your recovery and your music. Your fans have speculated that much like 2Pac, you have tons of unheard music and the exact opposite has been speculated. Folks have said you don’t have any music, you can’t rap anymore and one of the nastiest comments I saw was someone actually said you were dead. You want to shed some light on that?

RAZAH: Actually, I did die. I died and came back. I wasn’t finished with my Father’s work so He sent me back. Those same people that say things about me, will be the first one’s online ready to buy the new stuff when it comes out.

QTP: So how much unreleased music is there and when will it start being released?

RAZAH: The Raziel album will be released Easter 2015. The rest will be released in the right season. There’s a season for everything. I was always on my own time, and my own money. While people wanted to hang out at clubs, I was working on my music.

QTP: Can we please address the “Razah can’t rap” nonsense? Can you still rap and is it the way you used to?

RAZAH: I rap even better. There was a time I couldn’t even talk. I have a new style and delivery that’s different, but even if I still couldn’t talk, I’d still be rapping better then half these arrogant failure ego maniacs out here.

QTP: Amen LOL. So what kind of music is on Raziel? What can your fans expect?

RAZAH: There will be some old style, some new style. I wasn’t afraid to conceptually experiment. There’s also a lot of soul on this album meaning vibes of the songs and topics. Pretty much street spiritual radio music. There’s a lot of prophecy on this album. Raziel will be distributed through Empire.

QTP: For those that aren’t familiar with your forever concept changing and characters, can you break down the Hell/Heaven Razah concept and concept behind the name Raziel?

RAZAH: Hell Razah released an album called “The Renaissance Child”. The word Renaissance means “re-birth”. The re-birth of Hell Razah was Heaven Razah. Then Heaven Razah transforms into an angel and the angel’s name is El Raziel, which means “the messenger of God”. That defines the music.

QTP: Which concept mode are you in right now? Which do you identify the most with?

RAZAH: Heaven Razah. He see’s everything before it happens.

QTP: Over the next few years when your music continues to drop, which concept will we hear music from? Which character will it be?

RAZAH: It will be all three in one.

QTP: What does that mean?

RAZAH: It’s just me, myself, and I.

QTP: *laughs* I don’t even know what to think about that Rubiez. Let’s move on, you recently released a 60+ track mix tape (hosted by DJ Flipcyide) which is pretty much unheard of. What was it and why?

RAZAH: I’ve been held back for so long, I was able to stack so much music. Now I’m at a point where I can actually release it. The mix tape was called the GGO Inauguration 2015. There’s a lot of phony emcees out there and the people need to elect real emcees. If you want to keep real hip-hop alive? You have to elect real lyrical emcees.

QTP: Why 60+ tracks though?

RAZAH: I wanted to take mix tapes to the next level.

QTP: I think you already did that and now have gone beyond. It’s been said that GGO mix tapes are better than most people’s albums LOL. How does that make you feel?

RAZAH: We work hard enough for that. It makes me feel good because we work hard and it’s not like we’re making up some fairy tale.

QTP: From when you first started the GGO concept way back in the early 2000’s with your brother Tray, to what it is now that you have clothing, toys, and community outreach happening all over the globe in the name of your legacy how in the world does that make you feel?

RAZAH: It makes me feel good. I know that God hears and answers my prayers. These are things I prayed for in private and He rewarded me openly.

QTP:  You recently launched a web site.

RAZAH: Yes, I wanted to make it easy for people to find what I was doing, and who is involved with me and who is not.

QTP: You have new unheard music out. For those that don’t know, what projects have you appeared on recently?

RAZAH: The Dr. G “Coalition Album” (on iTunes), GGO USA Volume 3 “Election Day” has an unheard track and some new remixes, Judah Priest “The Dark Ages” album (on iTunes), and Domingo “Same game, new rules” album (on iTunes).

QTP: Besides “El Raziel”, will there be any other major projects coming out in 2015?

RAZAH: The GGO Album is going to drop later this year.

QTP: Is there anything else that you want your fans & supporters to know?

RAZAH: They can log on to my website and get the toys, clothing, and all of the mix tapes.


TWITTER: @heavenrazah @Razah_Rubiez @GhettoGovt @HRMIGGO 

INSTAGRAM: @ hellrazahgram @ officialghettogovt 



#Read #Interview w @seek2learn36 “Your Voice Radio” show pd by @msnikkirich


QTP: Please introduce yourself to the readers and let them know who you are, where you’re from and what it is that you’re doing currently as well as a little background information.
Hello everyone. Thank you for this opportunity to connect with you and introduce myself.

My name is Servetta McDowell, also known as Twitter’s: Seek2Learn36. V Promo Media is my company.
VPM is a Universal Marketing, Promotions and Networking company where Your Vision for your brand is the blueprint.
Our team consults and mentors with respect to your Vision for individuals, businesses, entertainers, visual artists, and authors who are positively passionate and ready to put in the work with a mentality to succeed.

I am originally from Western North Carolina. I have been in the corporate world for many years. Through growing and learning within the corporate world, I became very aware of what gave me Joy. Real joy within my job functions.

Helping people learn, grow and teach are my passions. It is very important to me to encourage and support others. My motto “Be a Blessing and Be Blessed’. From these strong feelings and the joy I feel from applying them into my daily life… my vision… V Promo Media was born.

QTP: Can you tell us about your upcoming show? (How it got started, when will it launch, who’s involved)
Yes!!! V Promo Media is so excited and happy to announce that we are networking partners with Nikki Rich through
“The Nikki Rich Show Live” Network.

“Your Voice Radio”… Your Voice, Your Vision and Your Journey. The show is produced by Nikki Rich, @MsNikkiRich.
I honestly feel very blessed to network with The Nikki Rich Show. It’s an opportunity. It’s hard work and dedication, supports teamwork, and provides a place that is in line with my goals and vision to “Be a Blessing and Be Blessed”. Thank you Nikki, fellow new hosts, team members and supporters. I appreciate it. Tune in and join us.

V Promo Media Your Voice Radio:
(On-Air) Wednesday nights at 5:15 pm PST / 8:15 EST
@NikkiRichShowLA /

Call In and Listen: 323.580.5749
Hosted by: Servetta Mcowell (@Seek2Learn36)
Produced by: Nikki Rich (@MsNikkiRich)

QTP: Has blog radio always been something you’ve wanted to do or is this a brand new venture entirely?
Blog radio is a new venture for me. I am very excited and love to learn and explore new things. When I noticed the the opportunity on Twitter that Nikki Rich tweeted, it instantly just felt right and I knew it was a great fit for the direction that I wanted to take my brand.

With my background in doing training presentations for businesses to help client and provider relations. My position was created to help both the provider and the client to work together and prosper helped me with selecting this opportunity.

Mainly it new the opportunity would challenge me which would expand on so many levels. To me, is a good thing.

QTP: What kind of show will it be? Who will be the guests and what will be the topics?
V Promo Media Your Voice Radio Show” is a voice promotions media platform is a positive and supportive radio spotlight feature that expands brand awareness, inspires the guests and inspires the audience to keep moving forward on their journey to success with their vision, goals…physically and spiritually.

“Be a Blessing and Be Blessed” translates into: Helping others through support, marketing, promotions, mentoring and networking… giving back as I have received on my journey to move forward.

QTP: Is there anything else you would like readers to know?
Find your passion in life…what you love doing. Create your joy. Always keep learning and growing.
No matter who we are or were we are at on our personal journey… there is always something we can learn.

Always believe in yourself. Never give up on “you”. Find ways to connect with people that lift you higher and support you. In turn, do the same for those people. Keep Moving Forward….internally meaning spiritually within your mind, thoughts and peace. As well as, physically with your actions towards your Vision and goals. It’s a balance. One step at a time moving forward is better than taking no steps at all. Brightest joy to all of us. Thank you.

QTP: How can people contact you or get more information?

Twitter: @Seek2Learn36
IG: Seek2Learn36
Guest Feature inquires:

7930_1520901638129513_1995449217_nV Promo Media Logo 1 (1)

#READ Exclusive Interview w/ @hrmiggo producer @ghettogovt NJ General @sneakvandel


You may remember the first interview I did with Sneak almost a year ago when he first became a part of GGO. Sneak has since had lots of new & exciting things happening so I figured it was time for an update!

 photo (74)

photo (5)

QTP: Hello Sneak once again!

SV:  Hello Queen (pretends that he doesn’t talk to you 80 times a day)!

QTP: When we did your first interview, you had just joined GGO. Since then, you have become our New Jersey Chapter General and your chapter has done an incredible amount of work for HRMI and GGO including significant graphic contributions (which includes the official GGO Chapter Seals), commercials, as well as production. Can you talk a little about who’s in your Chapter & what you guys have been doing collectively?

SV: Of course!  The NJ Chapter (The Armory) is comprised of 5 current members that each serve a different purpose.  You have my brother Optimus Prime who serves as a graphic artist for GGO.  He is the one responsible for the majority of the graphics you see within GGO lately.  He has done our seals, album covers, promo’s, logo’s and t-shirt designs.  More recently he is in talks with Killah Priest for a new logo that will be used for Priest’s new run of t-shirts.  Next you have Scorcese who serves as a director and photographer.  He is responsible for the Ghetto Govt. Officialz USA mixtape commercial that circulated at its release.  Currently he is gearing up for the video shoot for the first single off my upcoming mixtape called “Run Harder” featuring TMF (Trife Diesel, Tommy Whispers and Kryme Life).  Also we have my long time friend Canil 1000 who serves as a graffiti artist and illustrator.  He is responsible for the dope character of myself that you featured in the last interview.  Recently he designed a SUPER SICK cover for Hell Razah’s – Renaissance Child 2 : Return of the Renaissance.  Lastly our newest member Dredz who serves as a blogger and runs the hip-hop enthuisist website  He will serve internet bullhorn for GGO.  This is my team and we are ALWAYS ready to get our hands dirty.  WINGZ UP ARMORY!

QTP: For those that don’t know, Sneak is the executive producer for my solo-debut project “Rise of the Phoenix” and has been putting together a project of his own that every true lover of hip-hop is going to want to own. Can you talk about your project how it started, who’s on it, etc?

SV: This project has been on my mind for some time now and I was always waiting for the opportune time to put it into action.  So on New Years Day after a conversation with QTP we decided that now was the time.  I bounced ideas off her and Razah and we fell in love with the idea and the green light was given.  The mixtape will be a throwback to the 90’s and will bring back that era’s sound of classic boom bap, gritty hip-hop.  All the beats on the mixtape are produced by myself and will feature a gamut of true emcee’s.  To date (cause it’s still in the works) I have features from Hell Razah, Buddha Monk, Rustee Juxx, Judah Priest, Automatic Greatness, Queen the Prophet, Killah Priest, The GZA, Inspectah Deck, Wu-Tang Clan, TMF (Trife Diesel, Tommy Whispers and Kryme Life), Jurny BIG & Peace 586, Scripture, George Young and Boss Bellz.  I am also talking with Souls of Mischief, Young Dirty Bastard and Prodigal Sunn to feature.  And if all goes well DJ Evil DEE and I will complete our deal for him to host the project.

QTP: Let’s talk about our project! I know that although you’re excited about your own, mine is your favorite because I am your favorite LOL. Seriously, for other producers (and go easy on me) what’s it like to work with me?

SV: You are a royal pain in the …naw I’m joking.  Working with Queen on this project has been a blast.  You have full vision of the direction you want and you relay your creative ideas clearly so it’s easy to visualize.  I feel like my answer might be bias because we work so closely together on everything else GGO that it’s only natural that we would be creative musically together.  But I will say that there is nothing vague about you and what you want.  You come across more than clear on what you like and need for your work.  All in all working with you is fun and a pleasure (graciously bows to the Queen).

QTP: For those that don’t know, (you can google or YouTube it) there has been a lot of press behind the fact that the iPhone Siri (ios7) was giving “predictions” I guess you would call them about certain dates. When asked “What is January 13, 2014?” Siri replied “birth of the Prophet” and as we know I of course released my latest single “Standing Ovation” (produced by GGO RI member Miverson). When asked “What is July 27, 2014?” Siri replies “the gates of Hades open”which of course is the date of Sneak’s project release and when Siri is asked “What isSeptember 3, 2014?” Siri replies “closing the gates of Hades” which we now know will be the release of my project produced by Sneak. The coordination of these dates and projects was a product of the obvious genius between Sneak & myself LOL. Do you want to expound on this?

SV: It serves two fold.  On one hand what a brilliant marketing idea that we established by doing this.  Second the events coincide with the ideas and theology behind us as artist in the industry.  For me releasing my project on the “The day the gates of Hades open” only makes sense.  Why?  A project so good…why wouldn’t the devil want to stop it?

QTP: GGO & HRMI are not your only affiliations. I actually got to see you preform some months back at a show with Buddah Monk & Juah Priest (Wu-Tang Clan Brooklyn Zu/ Zu Bullies). The track you preformed with Priest, appeared on Ghetto Govt’s last MXTP (released Election Day) USA {Under Seraphim Authority} volume 1. You are also now an official BKZU member as well. Can you talk about how that happened?

SV: Judah Priest and I have been friends for over 15 years and that led to me being featured on that record.  Also, Judah Priest had been talking to Buddha about me for months before that show.  That show was actually the first time I met everyone (Raz, You, Auto, Scripture, Buddha and the Zu Bulliez).  After the show Buddha invited me to crash at his crib for the night.  We stayed up talking and building till like 4AM that night.  I had to catch the train at like 7AM to head to NY then NJ so when I left he was sleeping.  A little later I text him to thank him for opening his home to me.  It was then he told me that I was family and that I was officially Brooklyn Zu/Zu Bulliez.  Buddha is that dude man…a good brother…I got a lot of love for him.

QTP: Sneak you’ve been a professional recording artist & producer for quite sometime but you are also a huge long-time Wu-Tang Clan fan. What’s it like now that you’re a part of Hell Razah’s GGO and the BKZU?

SV: It’s real dope.  To be associated with the group that inspired you and helped you form your own musical persona is amazing.  I just appreciate everything Razah, yourself, Buddha and Judah have done for me.  I’m at home with GGO/BKZU and I am Wu till I die.

QTP: What other projects are you working on? Who else are you working with? What can folks expect from you over the net year and your chapter?

SV: Besides my project and the one I am doing with you?  I am actively producing for Hell Razah, I have to get to Buddhas to get on the Zu Bulliez album,  I produced a few tracks for Judah Priest upcoming Dark Ages album, and I have other things in the pot.  As for my chapter…we will continue to grow and supply GGO and the world with quality work.

QTP: How can folks get in touch with you? Where can they hear your music and hear your beats?

SV: They can email me at, hit me up on facebook, I also have Twitter @sneakvandel and Instagram Sneakvandel.  I have a Soundcloud but I haven’t updated it in a long time because as soon as I make a beat it gets snatched up by someone before I can post it.

QTP:Is there anything else you want to add?

SV: Yeah…be on the look out because ISH is about to get real!  You’ll see this year when I’m in your face screamin WINGZ UP!

QTP: Thanks Sneak! I’m sure I’ll call you later lol

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EXCLUSIVE interview w @queentheprophet by @giovannipratt

EXCLUSIVE Interview with @queentheprophet by @giovannipratt #READ

Exclusive interview w HELL RAZAH @razah_rubiez #GGO Su-Preme Kourt @supreme7g artist @dannybmc88

QTP: Peace Fam, Wingz Up!

DANNY: Peace! Thank you for this opportunity.

QTP: No doubt. Please introduce yourself, who you are, what you do and where you’re from.

DANNY: I am Danny B. Newton, this is Rap Revolution & I live in a world of pollution & confusion! (haha! I’m from MA on the CT/MA border)

QTP: How & when did you first start rapping?

DANNY: Hip Hop has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. I grew up in the 90s with 3 older brothers in the house.. ’nuff said right there! I can still remember looking through their stacks of albums & playboy magazines.. 🙂 haha!  Notorious Ready To Die, Warren G Funk Era, Snoop Doggystyle, 36 Chambers.. etc. Needless to say I got a proper introduction to this rap world at a young age. It started the same way most of us do, by being a fan of the culture. As I got older I used to rap back in school just for fun, to make my friends laugh, or even to flirt with girls.. haha I just found I was more witty with my rhymes! I knew I was good at it but never took it too seriously. Flash forward some years, lost, angry kid. Owned by the state, in the court system, juvi, orphanage, expelled from school getting in all kinds of trouble. (thank God I escaped that prison) But I got my shit together after 18 because I knew where I was heading if I didn’t.

I tried working for the family business to make a living, didn’t work out, the ’08 crash left my family in bankruptcy. We went from broke living check to check, to on our way to being rich, right back to broke again in just over a decade. It instilled me with this notion that I have to do something to save not only myself, but my entire family too. Then the picture got even bigger, this world is full of people trapped in the same problem. Money! I came to realize it’s not about gaining financial immunity. It’s about understanding how poverty came to be, the design of it, and how to fight back. I’ve been on about the gov for years now driving people nuts with “conspiracies.” I learned real quick ain’t nobody wanna hear someone ranting about how crazy the world is. But rap was made for that!

I knew right away what I would rap about and who I wanted to be. A rap revolutionary! But there I was, slangin’ bud, smoked out, dead end jobs, gf’s and their families hated this jobless loser who talks too much and thinks too much. (yup.. I got a bit of a B Rabbit story hahaha! but I can’t stand when they call me wannabe Slim Shady!) Mix a love of rap with enough pain in life, enough bullshit in the world, and one day I woke up and knew it wasn’t a game anymore. It was time to start fighting back! I got serious with it and found my path. I was every bit of an MC inside and I knew it, but without a microphone or a stage and little knowledge of how to even get started.

I started saving $$$ & studying up on producing, watching Su-Preme’s youtube videos learning how to make beats. I was working as a janitor.. yup, a janitor.. it get’s worse too! Mopping floors at a huge richy ass prep school for the elite. Ironic? haha! Just picture the scene.. mopping the floor, white bandana on all off color and wet from dirt and sweat… headphones on, notepad and pen in my pocket. I used to pause my work every time a rhyme hit me and I’d write it down before I’d forget it. I remember a group of students walked by me one time, dressed in pastel polos, khaki shorts with penny loafers n shit.. throwing looks my way and laughing at me. I just told myself, they can keep laughing while you keep on mopping because with this money you can buy yourself a studio and chase your dream. I am bigger than some judgmental rich kids in a fancy school. I am better than this shit!

The rest is history in the making! I’ve been fighting back with every rhyme since then, and this is only the beginning! I asked myself and laughed at my own answer. But it’s true. I asked if I could go back and change my life, take away the pain, all the hardships.. would I? and I knew right away the answer was no. I am who I am because of what I’ve been through in life. I am finally serving my purpose and it’s an amazing feeling. To not know where you fit in the world is like living in Hell. I finally belong to something I know is real. All I want to do is leave thoughts behind after I’m gone. Let the world know how I felt while I was here in hopes that some good change will come of it. I AM RAP REVOLUTION!

QTP: For people who have never heard your music, how would you describe it?

DANNY: All out assault on corruption! Aggressive crashin’ the set, smashin’ illusion! Rebellious! The typa shit to make you wanna storm the streets and flip over a cop car!! But no no, don’t do that… I don’t condone violence. 🙂 We must use our words! It’s lyrical ammo for the war on evil! Every now and then I’ll have some fun with it and let loose. But my music in a whole is a voice for the oppressed. That is my true passion, standing up! 99% is greater than 1% and it won’t stop until we see true change or they snipe my ass out!

QTP: Is there anyone that you’re currently working with or hope to work with in the near future?

DANNY: I am looking forward to building with my GGO fam, Supreme with his beat making skillz and vision! As well as my mentor The Great & Powerful Pony Xodus (you told me make sure I gotcha name right bruh! haha!) I’m a humble grasshopper ready to learn more and willing to work with anyone with a message. We are stronger in numbers!

QTP: How did you get involved with Su-Preme the Legendary Sunz of Man Producer and what kind of work are you guys doing together?

DANNY: I’ve been a Sunz of Man follower for the longest! But I first got involved with Preme through his beat making tutorials and Skylopz samples. Yo, if you don’t have Supreme Vinyl Drums you better get ’em!! 🙂 haha and then we got to talking online, I showed him some of my music videos on youtube. He was feelin’ my direction and wanted to help me progress further. Just to have him producing such dope crazyy beats for me is a dream in itself, but to be a student of his.. I am honored. The effort he’s put into this is truly humbling. We’re on the same page, his beats are right in line with my message, It’s perfect! Everything happens for a reason, I like to believe.

QTP: How did you get involved with Razah’s Ghetto Govt movement?

DANNY: Preme knew that I would fit in well with the movement and we got to work right away on our Geist project. From the start if there were ever a place for me in this, it’s GGO!

QTP: Do you have any projects out now? Where can folks find them?

DANNY: All of my previous work can be found on Soundcloud &

QTP: What projects are you working on music & otherwise for the upcoming year?

DANNY: More Su-Preme tracks and videos on the way as long as the lights don’t go out! Be on the lookout!

QTP: How can people link with you?

They can add my music page on
Or my Twitter/DannyBMC88 or hit up my email

QTP: Anything else you want to add?

DANNY: Thanks to Preme & all of GGO for giving me a chance to show you guys what I got! My brother Pony Xodus for always being in my corner. All my friends and family who have supported me along the way. and my #1 fan.. my Momma. Thank you for teaching me to be myself. Revolution is coming! Peace.




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Hell Razah @razah_rubiez #GGO EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW w @tragedykhadafi


25 To Life Logo

QTP: Peace Fam! Wingz Up!  When did you start rhyming? How did your career start?

TRAG: I started rhyming around the age of 9. I would repeat the most popular songs of the time and ad my own words to it .until I eventually started writing my own songs which probably began a year or so later. My career began the minute I started making demos at the age of 13 I pressed and sold my first record. It’s been legacy laying ever since .I was inducted into the juice crew around 14 yrs. old and came up under the tutelage of Marley marl ,Eric b and Rakim ( I used to sit in the corner of Marley’s living room/studio and watch Eric b and Rakim record ) big daddy kane ,mc shan ,kool g rap and dj polo ,biz and cut master kool v as well as t.j swan craig g and of course roxanne shante and  mr.magic (r.i.p) i eventually embarked on my own journey as a solo artist carrying all the jewels i learned from thos great icons

QTP: How and when did you first meet Razah?

TRAG: honestly i can’ recall the first time i met raza is was as if he was always around in some form or fashion .but i do remember when we first cliqued up and startet working on songs after coming together for the bmm project .we would always build on life and science and we automatically connected on a mental and hood level .we have alot in common in terms of our characters we both have an intelligent hood type balance

QTP: Since you’ve known him so long, what’s it like as a peer and a friend to see what he’s gone through over the last few years and become one of the greatest comeback’s in progress taking Ghetto Govt to a global movement?

TRAG: I never told Razah this but he has been a real inspiration for me and has taught me alot of things just by watching him fight for his life .my old dad used to always tell me ‘you never had a fight until …u’ve fought for your life’ whenever i feel down, overwhelmed or frustrated Razah pops up in my mind .and i think about how he fought for his life physically as well as mentally .but more importantly he fought and won .i know its been a process for him and i feel blessed just to know someone with so much fight and strength inside of them. He fought to retain his own mind ….aside from other aspects of his life .imagine that .that shit is amazing and is a testament to his power. I have a lot of admiration for the brother .i was away doin a bid when i got the news and heard how he was gradually coming back to himself and his struggle helped me get through my own. It’s funny we look around for heroes and claim their are no more inspirations in music especially hiphop  any more but maybe we’re just not looking close enuff , cuz Razah should be and inspiration not just to hip-hop but  to life and the human spirit /energy ever time I turn on the computer and look in my phone he has something goin on and i just laugh and say ..damn this dude don’t stop….then i get a pen and pad and go in….

QTP: What projects have you been working on music & other wise?

TRAG: lately i have been working on my mixtape album and a book i’m writting .and pretty much just stayin sucker free….raising my seeds

QTP: Anything in particular fans should be on the look-out for over the next upcoming year?

TRAG: yes definitely my album and book

QTP: You and many of your associates are the very people that are directly responsible for breathing the life force in to the music that we all know and love as real hip-hop. Any thoughts on the current state of hip-hop and where it’s going?

TRAG: i was one of ‘those types’ who advocated the whole ‘hiphop is dead ‘thing until i took a deeper look at it.then i started to realize hiphop isn’t dead at all its just being refined .i  feel alot of got  closed minded and have grown and matured in life ….we had seeds ,became more responsible and less impulsive with our lives so now we listen to hiphop and we want to be what we were when we were wildin’ and livin a certain life style .we wanna bring the 90’s back instead of allowing our selves and hiphop to grow we want the hiphop of the past  which is impossible .everything has to evolve .it was a time where we secretly held contempt for the south because t\’they were’nt real hiphop’ but the south beleive it or not kept shyt alive for a while while the east was killin it (in a bad way) every one on this side was sounding the same you couldn’t tell a southside queens nigga from an L.A.or south nigga .there was no authenticity on our side of life and every one was a killer ala 50 cent .in the past you could tell a Brooklyn dude from a Bronx dude and a philly dude from a dc dude but its like the music made every one mesh into some clone shyt .there was no authenticity and that hurt us on alot of waves of course it’s not what it used to be .but few things are .there are artist our now that represent hiphop in a major way …like joey badass and pro era ,logic ,krit ,jcole dizzy write, fuck that even mackel more in a sense .and their all doing it with templates from the earlier g’s who helped lay the foundation in fact their in a greater position cause the started off on “free land’ we grew up on major label plantations .and by the time we gained the courage to be ‘free’ it was usually after our prime .now don’t get me wrong there is str8 trash being pushed out there just likes its always been .but we are partly responsible for that cuase we were supposed to maintain the kingdom now we got online mags defining who ‘our’ greatest artist are what type of shyt is that .when we got dudes like large pro, pete ,ghost ,and my self still breathing .we need our own social forums cuase too many ‘aura snatchers’ are once again defining our relaity .like how can the greatest rapper /mc be a man kisser who doesn’t even write his own material

QTP: Do you have any advice for new artists coming into the game?

TRAG: yes .define your own success.if you from the hood like me and had a short life expectancy and  went thru hell with gasoline draws on  and your still alive and creating your own lane   YOUR A  FUCKING SUCCES  if your pops aint jay z or l.a reid and you navigated your way through life and made it into the industry YOUR A FUCKING SUCCESS .and if you went hard at a bullshyt job paying bills and funding your own projects then YOUR ALREADY A FUCKIN SUCCESS.i know we look for that acceptance and recognition but thats all an illusion that will never last anyway ….no one knows your struggles better than you and you should already know you’re a fuckin star…..when you know that every thing else will fall into place and the universe will open up for u

QTP: How can folks get in contact with you and where can they get your music?

TRAG: they can hit me on the face book tragedy khadafi my website will be back up soon but then can also email me at

QTP: Anything else you want to add?

TRAG: yes .thanks for letting me build on these things …peace

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Birth name Percy Chapman IV
Also known as MC Jade
Percy Chapman
MC Percy
Percy Tragedy
Intelligent Hoodlum
The Foul Mahdi
Born August 13, 1971 (age 42)
Origin Queensbridge, QueensNew YorkUSA
Genres Hip hop
Years active 1985–present
Labels Tuff Break/A&M/PolyGram
Gee Street/V2/BMG Records
25 To Life Entertainment
Money Maker Entertainment
Dolo Records (distributor, 1997)
Solid Records
DistroLord Digital (distributor)
Associated acts Juice CrewMarley MarlKilla ShaCapone-N-NoreagaHavoc, Littles, Imam ThugCormega, Headrush Napoleon, Black Market MilitiaMobb DeepJedi Mind Tricks, Trez, Vinnie Paz, Blak Madeen, N.O.R.E., Ras Ceylon

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Exclusive Interview with HELL RAZAH @razah_rubiez GGO #BOSTON GENERAL @VXPlanetXPXR

QTP: Wingz Up Fam!
VEGA X: Wingz up family!
QTP: For those that don’t know, tell us where you’re from, who you are, and what it is that you do.
VEGA X:I’m from southern NH just north of Boston, but have lived in Boston for over ten years. I started out MCing when I was 15, now I am the Owner and CEO of Planet X Records LLC / and co-founder of the spiritual hiphop groups Guerrilla Alliance & Celestial Order, I am also a Sci-Fi and documentary film producer.
QTP: Now, you have mentioned to me before that Scripture (GGO/ Hell Razah Music, Inc.) and Razah himself have taught you a lot. How did you meet them? How long have you known them?
VEGA X: Scripture’s material I came in contact with on his 2002 “Game Over” appearance, we met in Boston about 3 yrs later at the hip-hopfest. Razah’s work I have known about for over a decade via Sunz of man, and his collaborations with Killah Priest. I guess you could say I met Razah through scripture. Raz made me GGO Boston chapter general, originally via my net radio show Planet X Radio, but we solified it in person while shooting “The Razah Code” pt 2.
QTP: When did you get involved with GGO?
VEGA X: 2012-13, but scripture has been a PXR / Guerrilla Alliance affiliate for years, so yeah.
QTP: You recently released a new album. Can you talk about the album and who’s featured on it?
VEGA X: I’ve been grinding, my “Empire of Fear” LP features: Canibus, Chief Kamachi, Block McCloud, Rasul & Rich Raw of LCOB, Sick Since, EL*AKWENTS, and Scripture! My Latest release “The Cosmic Code EP” (The Celestial Order) which is myself and EL*A*KWENTS features Mac the Rebel from Guerrilla Alliance / PXR, Irrefutable from PXR austrailia, Det the Bomb, the Jotaka from mexico, and Amos the Ancient Prophet from Poland.
QTP: You’re also on the radio. Can you talk a little about your show?
VEGA X:Yes we’ve been running Planet X Radio for sometime, our sunday show “Planet Resistance” is hosted by myself and Gaz Resistance from the UK, we feature underground and independent Artists, DJs, Producers, Graffiti writers and illustrators, as well as film directors, and other independent media enthusiasts. The show is centered on cross genre solidarity, we play hip-hop, punk, metal, reggae, ect!
QTP: What other projects are you working on right now both music & otherwise?
VEGA X: My 3rd and final solo LP “Tablet of Destinies: Secrets of the Multiverse” feat. Mac the Rebel, Irrefutable, Elakwents, Scripture & more! The Dark Rift LP (Guerrilla Alliance 3) feat. Killah Priest, 9th Prince, Tone Spliff & more! and some top secret stuff. I am also associate producer on the revolutionary feature film “Gray State”, working on a post apocalyptic web series, and EL*A*KWENTS and I are in pre-production on a PXR documentary.
QTP: Is there anyone that you’d really like to work with that you haven’t already?
VEGA X: Killah Priest, Kool G rap, Chino XL, Ill Bill, Triple Seis, 4th Disciple
QTP: How can folks get in contact with you?
VEGA X: @VXPlanetXPXR IG: VXPlanetXPXR Kik: VX777 or the “Contact” button, paypal to, hit me on skype to come on the radio: planetxrecordsllc
QTP: Anything else you want folks to know?

Shout outs to QTP, Heaven Razah, Scripture, Continous Intel, Mac the Rebel, EL*A*KWENTS, Irrefutable, and all of the PXR Guerrillas! Cop the new EP “The Cosmic Code on itunes! or the new LP everywhere or !

VX: Heaven’s Assassin C.E.O of Planet X Records LLC/Planet X Empire BMI & Guerrilla Alliance co-founder



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