Exclusive interview w HELL RAZAH @razah_rubiez #GGO Su-Preme Kourt @supreme7g artist @dannybmc88

QTP: Peace Fam, Wingz Up!

DANNY: Peace! Thank you for this opportunity.

QTP: No doubt. Please introduce yourself, who you are, what you do and where you’re from.

DANNY: I am Danny B. Newton, this is Rap Revolution & I live in a world of pollution & confusion! (haha! I’m from MA on the CT/MA border)

QTP: How & when did you first start rapping?

DANNY: Hip Hop has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. I grew up in the 90s with 3 older brothers in the house.. ’nuff said right there! I can still remember looking through their stacks of albums & playboy magazines.. 🙂 haha!  Notorious Ready To Die, Warren G Funk Era, Snoop Doggystyle, 36 Chambers.. etc. Needless to say I got a proper introduction to this rap world at a young age. It started the same way most of us do, by being a fan of the culture. As I got older I used to rap back in school just for fun, to make my friends laugh, or even to flirt with girls.. haha I just found I was more witty with my rhymes! I knew I was good at it but never took it too seriously. Flash forward some years, lost, angry kid. Owned by the state, in the court system, juvi, orphanage, expelled from school getting in all kinds of trouble. (thank God I escaped that prison) But I got my shit together after 18 because I knew where I was heading if I didn’t.

I tried working for the family business to make a living, didn’t work out, the ’08 crash left my family in bankruptcy. We went from broke living check to check, to on our way to being rich, right back to broke again in just over a decade. It instilled me with this notion that I have to do something to save not only myself, but my entire family too. Then the picture got even bigger, this world is full of people trapped in the same problem. Money! I came to realize it’s not about gaining financial immunity. It’s about understanding how poverty came to be, the design of it, and how to fight back. I’ve been on about the gov for years now driving people nuts with “conspiracies.” I learned real quick ain’t nobody wanna hear someone ranting about how crazy the world is. But rap was made for that!

I knew right away what I would rap about and who I wanted to be. A rap revolutionary! But there I was, slangin’ bud, smoked out, dead end jobs, gf’s and their families hated this jobless loser who talks too much and thinks too much. (yup.. I got a bit of a B Rabbit story hahaha! but I can’t stand when they call me wannabe Slim Shady!) Mix a love of rap with enough pain in life, enough bullshit in the world, and one day I woke up and knew it wasn’t a game anymore. It was time to start fighting back! I got serious with it and found my path. I was every bit of an MC inside and I knew it, but without a microphone or a stage and little knowledge of how to even get started.

I started saving $$$ & studying up on producing, watching Su-Preme’s youtube videos learning how to make beats. I was working as a janitor.. yup, a janitor.. it get’s worse too! Mopping floors at a huge richy ass prep school for the elite. Ironic? haha! Just picture the scene.. mopping the floor, white bandana on all off color and wet from dirt and sweat… headphones on, notepad and pen in my pocket. I used to pause my work every time a rhyme hit me and I’d write it down before I’d forget it. I remember a group of students walked by me one time, dressed in pastel polos, khaki shorts with penny loafers n shit.. throwing looks my way and laughing at me. I just told myself, they can keep laughing while you keep on mopping because with this money you can buy yourself a studio and chase your dream. I am bigger than some judgmental rich kids in a fancy school. I am better than this shit!

The rest is history in the making! I’ve been fighting back with every rhyme since then, and this is only the beginning! I asked myself and laughed at my own answer. But it’s true. I asked if I could go back and change my life, take away the pain, all the hardships.. would I? and I knew right away the answer was no. I am who I am because of what I’ve been through in life. I am finally serving my purpose and it’s an amazing feeling. To not know where you fit in the world is like living in Hell. I finally belong to something I know is real. All I want to do is leave thoughts behind after I’m gone. Let the world know how I felt while I was here in hopes that some good change will come of it. I AM RAP REVOLUTION!

QTP: For people who have never heard your music, how would you describe it?

DANNY: All out assault on corruption! Aggressive crashin’ the set, smashin’ illusion! Rebellious! The typa shit to make you wanna storm the streets and flip over a cop car!! But no no, don’t do that… I don’t condone violence. 🙂 We must use our words! It’s lyrical ammo for the war on evil! Every now and then I’ll have some fun with it and let loose. But my music in a whole is a voice for the oppressed. That is my true passion, standing up! 99% is greater than 1% and it won’t stop until we see true change or they snipe my ass out!

QTP: Is there anyone that you’re currently working with or hope to work with in the near future?

DANNY: I am looking forward to building with my GGO fam, Supreme with his beat making skillz and vision! As well as my mentor The Great & Powerful Pony Xodus (you told me make sure I gotcha name right bruh! haha!) I’m a humble grasshopper ready to learn more and willing to work with anyone with a message. We are stronger in numbers!

QTP: How did you get involved with Su-Preme the Legendary Sunz of Man Producer and what kind of work are you guys doing together?

DANNY: I’ve been a Sunz of Man follower for the longest! But I first got involved with Preme through his beat making tutorials and Skylopz samples. Yo, if you don’t have Supreme Vinyl Drums you better get ’em!! 🙂 haha and then we got to talking online, I showed him some of my music videos on youtube. He was feelin’ my direction and wanted to help me progress further. Just to have him producing such dope crazyy beats for me is a dream in itself, but to be a student of his.. I am honored. The effort he’s put into this is truly humbling. We’re on the same page, his beats are right in line with my message, It’s perfect! Everything happens for a reason, I like to believe.

QTP: How did you get involved with Razah’s Ghetto Govt movement?

DANNY: Preme knew that I would fit in well with the movement and we got to work right away on our Geist project. From the start if there were ever a place for me in this, it’s GGO!

QTP: Do you have any projects out now? Where can folks find them?

DANNY: All of my previous work can be found on Soundcloud & Youtube.com/dbmc88

QTP: What projects are you working on music & otherwise for the upcoming year?

DANNY: More Su-Preme tracks and videos on the way as long as the lights don’t go out! Be on the lookout!

QTP: How can people link with you?

They can add my music page on Facebook.com/dbmc88
Or my Twitter/DannyBMC88 or hit up my email dbmc88@gmail.com

QTP: Anything else you want to add?

DANNY: Thanks to Preme & all of GGO for giving me a chance to show you guys what I got! My brother Pony Xodus for always being in my corner. All my friends and family who have supported me along the way. and my #1 fan.. my Momma. Thank you for teaching me to be myself. Revolution is coming! Peace.




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  1. Great interview.
    Danny B . Newton .

  2. Danny is a down to earth kinda guy and I’m sure will go far with his skills and support!

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