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@djflipcyide releases anticipated #HipHopIsntDead Album!

So proud to have been a part of the making of this #classic tribute to real #hiphop. @djflipcyide hand picked every beat in order to deliver a great album. Congratulations to Flip & all the talented #emcee #femcee ‘s #singers and #producers who contributed. (Some tracks contain explicit lyrics so please be careful of the little ones listening) This album is now available on ALL major streaming platforms and apps!

Hip Hop Isn’t Dead features: Heaven Razah aka Hell Razah, Queen The Prophet, Chino XL, Eternal of Killa Beez, The Dirty Clanzmen, Quantom Physics, Rez Sps Kings, Caper, Selima Young aka Wonda Woman, Rampage the Last Boyscout, Arkatak, Karnage Ca$hman, Betty B., Honey Dinero, DC (Darci Carpenter), Firenation Flamez, Tahmell (Rakim’s Son), Brandon Heat, The Artillerist, Astro Jiggy Jones, kOpE kAiNe, Dungeon Masta, Solomon Childs, P.I.L.L.S., Carmen Thompson, Dave Knyckz, David Casto, Woar2, DTACH, Dre Specz, DruGunn$, iNTeLL, Judah Priest, & Nki Louise. DJ Flipcyide on the cuts and nothing but BOOM BAP beats.


Hell Razah @realhellrazah presents #GGO Family Tree (updated 10/1/18)


Hell Razah Music, Inc.
President/ Founder: Chron “Hell Razah” Smith
Vice President: Scripture           

Director of Operations: Queen the Prophet

General Manager: Giovanni Pratt

Hell Razah Music, Inc. Artist Roster: (GGO Ghetto Govt Officialz)
Hell Razah @heavenrazah
Yung Razah @yung_razah
Automatik Greatness @automatik7
Scripture @scriptureggo

The Book of Daniel/ Chief GGO Tribal Nation @_bookofdaniel

Kenyattah Black @blackkenyattah

Rico Deniro @iamricodeniro

Hell Razah Music, Inc. In-House Production:
Dr. G (UK) @drgproductionz (Executive Officer)
Alien Religion Productions (GGO CT)
St. Peter (GGO CANADA)
Sneak Vandel (GGO/ZUBulliez) @sneakvandel
Miverson Beats (GGO RI)

Armada the Producer

Hell Razah Music, Inc. Official DJ’s

Admiral DJ Yello (Wu-Tang DJ Collation)

DJ FLIPCYIDE (Wu-Tang DJ Collation)

DJ Fiyaa

DJ Kenni Starr

Hell Razah Music, Inc. Graphic & Design Team
Culture Freedom (Executive Officer)

Jason Warner

Alex Schnaible (Follow Me Design)

Hell Razah Music, Inc. Film Production:
Frank Meyer

Jason Valdez

Michael Moote
Hell Razah Music, Inc. Official Apparel
Hell Razah Music, Inc. Toy Maker
Dunny Master @J36WU

Hell Razah Music, Inc. Models:

Sarah Jill
Hell Razah Official Website:

Webmaster: Fix

Hell Razah Music, Inc. Public Relations: 

Isabelle Sibiril

Hell Razah Music, Inc. Community Media:

Taylor Bee (Bee TV)


Risen: The Story of Chron “Hell Razah” Smith official release Summer 2018

Heaven Razah Music, Inc. 
President/ Founder: Rachel “Queen the Prophet” Lombardozzi

Chairman: Chron “Heaven Razah” Smith

Heaven Razah Music, Inc Artist Roster:

Queen the Prophet

Ace Jimenez

photo 1 (4) (1)

G.H.E.T.T.O. G.O.V.T. Movement
(Go Hear Emmanuel Teach the Others God’s Only Victorious Truth)
GGO (Ghetto Govt Officialz) 
President/ Founder: Hell Razah aka Heaven Razah 

Heaven’s Administration: 

President: Hell Razah

Queen the Prophet

Attorney General: Scripture

Tribal Nation Chief: The Book of Daniel

Presidential Cabinet: (GGO Advisory Board)

 President: Hell Razah

Attorney General: Scripture

Queen the Prophet

Secretary of Defense: Automatik Greatness

The Book of Daniel/ Chief GGO Tribal Nation

Secret Service: Judah Priest

Weapons Specialist: The Messenger

Dr. G

Admiral DJ Yello (GGO Guantanamo Bay)

FBI: Kenyattah Black

Speaker of the House: Ace Jimenez

GGO Congress: 
Attorney General: Scripture
Secretary of Defense: Automatik Greatness
Secret Service: Judah Priest @iamjudahpriest
The Book of Daniel/ GGO Tribal Nation Chief
Weapons Specialist: The Messenger
GGO House of Representatives:

Chief of Staff- Kappo aka “Yung Razah”/ Heaven’s Sun

St. Nic (GGO Haiti / Black Wasps)
Admiral DJ Yello @djyello
Kenyattah Black (GGO FBI) @kbliggah

Alien Religion Productions

Miverson (GGO RI/HRMI)
Sincere (GGO Pentagon) @sincerekerr
Culture Freedom (GGO Federal Communications Commission)

Queen Dyme (TEAM QUEEN) @thequeendyme

Taylor Bee Made (TEAM QUEEN)

Vega X (GGO Battle Squad/Special Forces ) @vxplanetxpxr

Giovonni Pratt (GGO, ATL)

DARPA (Digital Audio Revolution Promo Agents)

The Queen Dyme

Isa Nahila S-Bigini

Robert Delise

Paul Agnew

NSA (National Security Agents) –Member identities- CLASSIFIED

Honorary GGO’s: (Combination of supporters, beginning founders, Razah’s original team. The following list is incomplete and more names will be available shortly)
Tray Bag    Killah Priest    Timbo King    Shroom    DJ Rated R  Prodigal Sunn  60 Second Assassin
Daddy Rose    Marloyn    7th Ambassador    St. Peter   RA the Rugged Man     Shroom

Tragedy Khadafi    Su-Preme       Dayta       Ayatollah  William Cooper Buddha Monk

GGO Chapters in Good Standing: (Have submitted roster, passed 2018 annual review. 



Head of State: Ace Jimenez 

The Book of Daniel 




Head of State: Vega X (GGO Special Forces)

Mac the Rebel



Head of State: Scripture

Alien Religion (formerly Ark of the Covenant) Productions

DJ Edit (Hairforce)

George Yung 


Head of State: The Messenger 

DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia)

Head of State: Sincere (GGO Pentagon)


7 Wounds


Head of State: The Queen Dyme 

LexZyne Productions 


Head of State: Giovonni Pratt

Culture Freedom



Las Vegas

Head of State: DJ Flipcyide


Head of State: Automatik


Head of State: End Time Scribe

New Jersey

Head of State: Karnage

Dezert 3agle

Dj Swab 

Naypalm Beatz

Mr. Jack
New York

Head of  State: Kenyattah Black  

Yung Razah

Rico Deniro

Kenyattah Black

DJ Fiyaa (GGO Fire Marshall)

Dunny Master

DJ 360 


Head of State: Brandon Heat 


Head of State: Judah Priest

Supreem Rezareckta (144,000 Chosen Few)

Smuve Mass Beats (144,000 Chosen Few)

Fire Nation (144,000 Chosen Few)

Rhode Island

Head of State: Automatik Greatness



Head of State: Admiral DJ Yello



Head of State: DJ Iceman




Head of State: Ethernahl tha Magnificent


Head of State: Lord Fury

St. Peter

DJ Rated R

DJ Merciless (Moon Crickets)

Indikah (Moon Crickets)

ROL (Moon Crickets)

Rock Reign (Moon Crickets)

G Knight (Moon Crickets)

Kid Kold (Moon Crickets)

Dre Specz (Moon Crickets)


Dj Kenni Star

Aneeway Jones


Alex Schnaible


Head of State: St. Nic

Black Wasps


Head of State: Tanya Denise

Netherlands/ Amsterdam 

Head of State: Shroom

Netherlands/ Holland 

Head of State: Isa Nahila S-Bigni 

Head of State: Captain Hal [aka Fix Meister] (Webmaster) 

Grant Body P 

PC the producer 

United Kingdom

Head of State: Dr. G


Ghost One

Dark A

Cuban Pete 


New #Music Lonely @IamJudahPriest ft @REALCAPPADONNA @KillahPriest


New single from Judah Priest featuring Capadonna and Killah Priest “Lonley”. 

Don’t miss a thing from Judah Priest and sign up for the mailing list at 

Hear it here (also available via :

Hell Razah @heavenrazah EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW on “El Raziel”Album, Easter 2015

photo (2)

For those of you who don’t know, Hell Razah/ Heaven Razah (Wu-Tang Clan/ Sunz of Man/ Hell Razah Music, Inc./ Ghetto Govt Movement/ GGO Ghetto Govt Officialz President) will be releasing his album entitled “El Raziel” this Easter 2015.

In 2012, Razah released “Living After Death” to iTunes and was his first release since his brain aneurysm in 2010. In October 2014, new Hell Razah music was released by Dr. G on “The Coalition Album” and is available for purchase via iTunes, and various Hell Razah Music, Inc/ GGO mix tape projects have been released for the past few years via Dat Piff and other mix tape sites. Although still in recovery, “El Raziel” marks the beginning of a long series of upcoming/ unheard Hell Razah/ Heaven Razah  projects. So I decided to sit down once again with the man behind the movement.


QTP: Good afternoon Razah Rubiez

RAZAH: Good afternoon, Wingz Up, Halo

QTP: First things, first. How are you? How are you feeling?

RAZAH: I am feeling blessed. I am much better then how I was when I first got home. I’m getting stronger, faster and way more independent.

QTP: Raz, there has been a lot of things said about you during the past few years, in regards to your recovery and your music. Your fans have speculated that much like 2Pac, you have tons of unheard music and the exact opposite has been speculated. Folks have said you don’t have any music, you can’t rap anymore and one of the nastiest comments I saw was someone actually said you were dead. You want to shed some light on that?

RAZAH: Actually, I did die. I died and came back. I wasn’t finished with my Father’s work so He sent me back. Those same people that say things about me, will be the first one’s online ready to buy the new stuff when it comes out.

QTP: So how much unreleased music is there and when will it start being released?

RAZAH: The Raziel album will be released Easter 2015. The rest will be released in the right season. There’s a season for everything. I was always on my own time, and my own money. While people wanted to hang out at clubs, I was working on my music.

QTP: Can we please address the “Razah can’t rap” nonsense? Can you still rap and is it the way you used to?

RAZAH: I rap even better. There was a time I couldn’t even talk. I have a new style and delivery that’s different, but even if I still couldn’t talk, I’d still be rapping better then half these arrogant failure ego maniacs out here.

QTP: Amen LOL. So what kind of music is on Raziel? What can your fans expect?

RAZAH: There will be some old style, some new style. I wasn’t afraid to conceptually experiment. There’s also a lot of soul on this album meaning vibes of the songs and topics. Pretty much street spiritual radio music. There’s a lot of prophecy on this album. Raziel will be distributed through Empire.

QTP: For those that aren’t familiar with your forever concept changing and characters, can you break down the Hell/Heaven Razah concept and concept behind the name Raziel?

RAZAH: Hell Razah released an album called “The Renaissance Child”. The word Renaissance means “re-birth”. The re-birth of Hell Razah was Heaven Razah. Then Heaven Razah transforms into an angel and the angel’s name is El Raziel, which means “the messenger of God”. That defines the music.

QTP: Which concept mode are you in right now? Which do you identify the most with?

RAZAH: Heaven Razah. He see’s everything before it happens.

QTP: Over the next few years when your music continues to drop, which concept will we hear music from? Which character will it be?

RAZAH: It will be all three in one.

QTP: What does that mean?

RAZAH: It’s just me, myself, and I.

QTP: *laughs* I don’t even know what to think about that Rubiez. Let’s move on, you recently released a 60+ track mix tape (hosted by DJ Flipcyide) which is pretty much unheard of. What was it and why?

RAZAH: I’ve been held back for so long, I was able to stack so much music. Now I’m at a point where I can actually release it. The mix tape was called the GGO Inauguration 2015. There’s a lot of phony emcees out there and the people need to elect real emcees. If you want to keep real hip-hop alive? You have to elect real lyrical emcees.

QTP: Why 60+ tracks though?

RAZAH: I wanted to take mix tapes to the next level.

QTP: I think you already did that and now have gone beyond. It’s been said that GGO mix tapes are better than most people’s albums LOL. How does that make you feel?

RAZAH: We work hard enough for that. It makes me feel good because we work hard and it’s not like we’re making up some fairy tale.

QTP: From when you first started the GGO concept way back in the early 2000’s with your brother Tray, to what it is now that you have clothing, toys, and community outreach happening all over the globe in the name of your legacy how in the world does that make you feel?

RAZAH: It makes me feel good. I know that God hears and answers my prayers. These are things I prayed for in private and He rewarded me openly.

QTP:  You recently launched a web site.

RAZAH: Yes, I wanted to make it easy for people to find what I was doing, and who is involved with me and who is not.

QTP: You have new unheard music out. For those that don’t know, what projects have you appeared on recently?

RAZAH: The Dr. G “Coalition Album” (on iTunes), GGO USA Volume 3 “Election Day” has an unheard track and some new remixes, Judah Priest “The Dark Ages” album (on iTunes), and Domingo “Same game, new rules” album (on iTunes).

QTP: Besides “El Raziel”, will there be any other major projects coming out in 2015?

RAZAH: The GGO Album is going to drop later this year.

QTP: Is there anything else that you want your fans & supporters to know?

RAZAH: They can log on to my website and get the toys, clothing, and all of the mix tapes.


TWITTER: @heavenrazah @Razah_Rubiez @GhettoGovt @HRMIGGO 

INSTAGRAM: @ hellrazahgram @ officialghettogovt 



#WuTangClan #SunzOfMan Hell Razah @heavenrazah #GGO USA vol 3 drops #MillionMaskMarch




Wu-Tang Clan/ Sunz of Man Hell Razah presents : Ghetto Government USA (Under Seraphim Authority) volume 3 “Election Day” hosted by DJ Yello. USA Volume 3 was released today, November 5, 2014 alongside the Anonymous Million Mask March. Election Day is the third and final MXTP in the USA series for the Ghetto Govt Officialz and features an incredible line-up of mainstream & underground heavy weights not to mention some of the best production available in hip-hop. 



Executive Produced by yours truly (Queen The Prophet), artwork by the talented Culture Freedom, promo flyers by Ron Degiar, commercial directed by Nick Ruiz, and the limited edition GGO Anonymous Angel sweater designed & available for limited time purchase via 



USA Volume 3 is available for free download via Dat Piff & Audio Mack:



Watch USA Vol 3 Commercial 

TONIGHT! 7:30pm EST @qsjradiolive special guests @heavenrazah @iamjudahpriest @queentheprophet


Tonight 7:30pm (EST) tune in to OSJRADIO.COM where host Dave Hernandez will be talking with Judah Priest (GGO/BKZU/HRMI), Hell Razah (Wu-Tang Clan/Sunz of Man/HRMI/GGO), and yours truly QTP (GGO/HRMI).

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#MuseumOfHipHop released pd by @sneakvandel hit’s #3 on Dat Piff 1st Day Out!



Well we tried to warn you that this project was going to be worth it, but in this case we can let the numbers do the talking! Not even 12-hours after it’s Mid-Night release on July 27th (this past Sunday where some iphones Siri predicated when asked “What is July 27, 2014” that the “gates of Hades open” ) Museum of Hip-Hop hit #3 on Dat Piff’s top 8 (Museum is also available on various MXTP sities around the globe). Well I guess Siri was correct in a sense because the gates of hell certainly opened and were unleashed on most of the garbage music available on the radio today, clearly defining what Hip-Hop is and is not.

What can you expect with this download? You will hear classic Hip-Hop beats (all produced by Sneak Vandel), authentic DJ scratches (no Mp3J’s), you will find appearances by some of the greatest emcees to ever touch a mic (Hell Razah, GZA, Killah Priest, Tragedy Khadafi, Talib Kweli, Timbo King, Inspectah Deck, Prodigal Sunn & more), a line up from Hell Razah Music, Inc, (GGO Ghetto Govt Officialz Hell Razah, Automatik Greatness, Queen the Prophet, Judah Priest & more), Brooklyn Zu (Rain the Quiet Storm, Judah Priest, Sneak Vandel, & more), TMF (Tommy Whispers & Kryme Life), Moon Crickets (Lord Fury, Killah Priest, & DJ Merciless), various underground heavyweights, and some remixes.

I was reading an article recently where French Montana made a comment about how all of the “lyrical emcees” he knew are broke. When Hip-Hop first caught fire, it was because there was no industry involved.Hip-Hop had something the industry did not and in the beginning, the industry was at Hip-Hop’s mercy. Hip-Hop is a culture. Hip-Hop has always represented a hope that poor people could make it. The music contained knowledge, stories, struggles, that is Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop is not, nor will it ever be about people making music about how much money they have and you don’t. Let that sink in, most of the world gives their money to people who rap about them spending your money. What happened? Money, greed, corruption.

Good news though, people are tired of corruption and Hip-Hop lives. You are formally invited to take a free tour through the Museum of Hip-Hop (Hosted by GGO ‘s own DJ FLIPCYDE / Wu-Tang DJs) On behalf of Hell Razah, Hell Razah Music, Inc. we are proud to call the Museum of Hip-Hop a product of Hell Razah Music, Inc. and even prouder that Sneak Vandel & the NJ GGO Chapter is part of our family.

Wingz Up





#NJ Community Food Drive/ Open Mic ft. @iamjudahpriest and the #GGO PA Chapter


Saturday, June 28th 5pm-2am Big House Bar & Grill 801 Bordentown Road, Burl NJ 

This will be an all ages event 5pm-8pm. “Will Rap 4 Food” event is asking folks to bring non-perishable food items for donation. This is an open mic event and representing GGO/ BKZU at the event will be Judah Priest and 144,000 (GGO PA Chapter). Come out and support this great event! Brought to you by Chosen Few Member Elliot Ruckus.




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#New #Music Watch #WutangClan Affiliate #BKZU #GGO @iamjudahpriest “WAKE UP”







Hell Razah @heavenrazah presents @ghettogovt April Newsletter!




Mid 2015 we would like to release a MXTP series which will include 5 MXTPS total.

There will be a GGO North, GGO South, GGO East, GGO West, & GGO International MXTP featuring artists, producers, & graphic designers from all over the globe. Each GGO affiliate is invited to participate in the project for their region.

–          We need graphic designers to design the cover for their region

–          Producers for the project

–          Artists from each region

(Features from HRMI : The project coordinator(s) should facilitate with HRMI)



GGO SOUTH- ATL General Giovonni Pratt has volunteered! 

GGO EAST- NJ General Sneak Vandel has volunteered! 

GGO WEST- AZ General Daniel has volunteered !

We are still looking for volunteers for GGO North, & GGO International! If you are interested in overseeing the project for your region, please contact 1st Lady.


THE REVISED GGO HANDBOOK IS OUT! If you have not received an updated copy of the GGO House Rules, please see your Chapter Leader.




If you would like to purchase a T-Shirt, please email and put “T-SHIRT” in the subject line. (If we do not have your size left in stock we’ll be getting more shortly! They’re going FAST!) Shirts are $25 (USD) + $5 S&H (Sizes S-XL add $2 for sizes 2XL-4XL) US ONLY.  International shipping rates apply for orders outside the US.  


Volume 2

GGO USA VOLUME 2, MARTIAL LAW will be released Friday, April 18th. The first single “Black Dragon Rose” produced by Miverson was released this past week! (Artwork: Culture Freedom) 


Black Dragon Rose


The slots for volume 2 filled up 3 weeks before the actual deadline. Slots for Volume 3 will open April 21-September 30th. Please remember that from this point on, all GGO collective projects MUST BE RADIO EDIT PROJECTS (Profanity Free). Please do not submit music that is not radio ready, it will not be considered.



If any chapter is without a GGO seal please let me know ASAP. Chapter seals are donated free of charge by the NJ Chapter. Individual seals (with your name on the scroll) for members are $7.00 ea please email if your chapter is in need of a seal or you would like to purchase a customized one.

GGO DIRECTORY: We asked for Chapter Roster info for the past 3 months via newsletter & email. Once the website is launched, the only Chapters & Members that will appear will be those that have submitted their information. We are unable to post chapters, members, & member businesses unless we have this information. 


Starting in June Chapter/ Member reviews will begin and be completed annually. The purpose of this is June is the halfway point of the year. We want to make sure that everyone is doing something and not just running around screaming #GGO and reaping the benefits of the hard work everyone else is doing. Are folks coming to meetings? Do they participate? Have they done anything in the community? What are they doing for the chapter? If someone needs help or encouragement to get involved, June is a good time to tell them because there is still 6 months left in the year. Even if your chapter is not equipped to host an event, get involved with another chapters.  Everyone has lives, jobs, families, their own careers, and we don’t expect anyone to neglect those things but we’re also not going to have folks wearing a GGO badge and that’s all their doing. Chapter Leaders will evaluate their members, Daniel & Sneak will be evaluating Chapter Leaders, and General Reviews will be done by Heaven’s Administration (Scripture, Auto, Razah, & QTP).  

If you are a GGO member and have not had a free blog feature on yet, please email GGO member blog features have already started for 2014! 

 photo (1)

GHETTO GOVT GLOBAL: GGO has been continuously growing and we know that it may be hard to keep up with everything that’s going on in Chapters across the globe as well as with the label Hell Razah Music, Inc. Now you don’t have to miss a thing! Simply email and put NEWS in the subject line. You will automatically be added to the monthly newsletter email blast. If you are a GGO member and have something you would like to put in the newsletter, please submit the information via email by the 25th of each month {Midnight EST}. What kinds of things can I submit for the newsletter?

  • Any business services / specials/ discounts that you have and want known to GGO members
  • Chapter Community Service Projects
  • Fundraisers
  • New social media/web sites
  • Personal music project release dates, music, video, album, MXTP, etc.
  • Upcoming show information
  • Seeking a service/ connection/ referral
We know that everyone is extremely busy with their own projects as well as GGO stuff. There is never an obligation to participate in a project, however if you would like to participate in a group project the submission deadlines are very important. We don’t want folks with hurt feelings because they miss deadlines.
The following projects are coming up and if you would like to participate, please honor the submission deadline. Please make sure the members of your chapter are informed of all deadlines for group GGO projects. 
Museum of Hip-Hop pd by Sneak Vandel (tentatively hosted by DJ Evil Dee) 
Tracks are due June 30, 2014
Submission begins April 21, 2014 and ends September 30, 2014
All tracks must be radio edit. 
Submit all tracks to 
We have asked repeatedly which Dr. G beats folks were using, how many songs they have, etc. The purpose of this is so that we don’t have people using the same beats & we are trying to accurately count the number of tracks on the album.
Unfortunately at this point, if members have not responded then what will end up happening in this case is the folks who have responded will get first priority.
Hell Razah Music, Inc. VOLUME 1 Hosted by DJ RATED R 
Submission deadline: July 30, 2014 
HRMI Artists please submit 3-4 tracks of your choice for this project
“Industry in the streets” posse cut w/ Razah
Due: August 1, 2014          Release: Labor Day
“God’s Hands” posse cut w/ Razah pd by Shroom
Due: October 1, 2014        (this project will be released as a single or on Razah’s album TBD)
Other GGO News: 
USA 2 will be released Good Friday, 4/18 
Vega X (GGO MA) will be heading up the GGO Battle Squad. If you have battle rappers in your Chapter, please make sure they get connected to Vega! 
The GGO Annual Fundraiser will kick off for 2014 soon! This year we will be accepting donations in any denomination for The Brain Aneurysm Foundation and making the donation in Razah’s name. Big thanks to ATL General Giovonni Pratt for all of his help with this! 
Big thanks to Robert Delise (GGO NJ) for kicking off the GGO Global Media Department! Robert has been busy setting up general GGO accounts on every social media site imaginable. If you have new releases that you would like promoted, (EACH GGO MEMBER IS ALLOWED 3 SUBMISSIONS PER MONTH) please email them to 
Culture Freedom (GGO ATL/ GGO FCC) is working on the HRMI/ GGO Website! Many thanks to Culture for his continual contributions! 
Congrats to GGO AZ General Daniel & his wife Marci on their new baby girl who is actually the First baby GG! 
Congrats to DJ Flipcyide on becoming an official Wu-World Radio Dj & thanks to his fiance Queen Katana for all of her promotion help on social media! (GGO, Las Vegas) If you need a MXTP hosted, please contact Flip for pricing. 
Thank you to everyone for all of their hard work! If you have any questions, please respond individually (group email will get way too confusing). Posse Cut tracks are open to ALL GGO members who would like to participate. If you or your chapter need the posse cut beats, please email 


MXTP INQUIRIES: GHETTO GOVT INFO: Official GHETTO GOVT Facebook: Hell Razah Music, Inc. Facebook:


As you know, we have & welcome GGO members from all professional backgrounds. We are expanding some departments at GGO and are currently recruiting volunteers with the following skills (or if you don’t have a certain skill and would like to help, we will be more then happy to train you if applicable):

  • Bloggers
  • Street Team Promoters
  • Web Designers
  • Radio AM/FM/Blog
  • Event Coordinators
  • Social Media Promotion Volunteers

If you are already a GGO member, please email and put “Classified” in the subject line and specify the committee (s) you would like to join.

GGO OPEN ENROLLMENT IS CLOSED UNTIL 2015. At this time, only in-house referrals will be accepted & processed at

Official GGO YouTube: Blog: {click Hell Razah presents Ghetto Govt tab} Soundcloud: Twitter Updates: Follow @heavenrazah @queentheprophet @ghettogovt @hrmiggo @ghettogovtv





PLEASE REMEMBER: Any music released that is official Hell Razah Music, Inc. or GHETTO GOVT will be promoted on our social media handles. If you see a project floating in cyber space including a HRMI artist or GGO member and that project is not made available by the artist themselves or on our official social media handles, it means it’s not an official project


Son of Man Son of Man BACK

Kappo aka “Yung Razah” dropped his solo-debut MXTP 2/25/14 hosted by DJ FILPCYDE (GGO Las Vegas) & Artwork by Culture Freedom (GGO ATL).  Sun of Man is available for FREE download on multiple MXTP websites. …



Automatik Greatness drops “Info Warz” produced by Miverson (GGO RI) …


Mother’s Day, 2014 the 1st Single off the GHETTO GOVT Album “Agenda 21, NU WU Order” (Executive Producer Dr. G “The Book of Rachel” Queen the Prophet ft. Hell Razah will be released.


Dr. G’s latest:

#NEW #MUSIC @Inspectahdeckwu “Until The Day” (Prod By @DrGPRODUCTIONZ ) … on #SoundCloud



We are pleased and excited to announce that Culture Freedom is our official GGO “Federal Communications Commission”. Culture has been designing the GGO MXTP covers, HRMI Album/Single Covers for well over a year. The design department (Graphics, Web, & Clothing) will be headed by Culture Freedom. Any GGO member that would like to be an official part of this department, please speak with your Chapter Leader.


ATL General Giovonni Pratt alongside GGO ATL Member Jermiside ft Lamarr the Starr drop new video U.C.B “Free your mind”






“Planet Resistance” show on Planet X Radio live everyday sunday 4-7pm EST A cross genre solidarity show promoting Hip-hop, Punk Rock, Metal, Reggae, Indie Film & Music and more! @ 

VX: CEO of Planet X Records LLC/Planet X Empire BMI & Guerrilla Alliance co-founder / GGO Boston


photo (74)

“Go to Siri and ask that trick what July 27th is. The answer is why I’m releasing this project on that date. This is Hell Razah Music baby! This is OUR year! WINGZ UP! Shout out to my brother @optimusic for the graphic. Beat produced by @sneakvandel #hellrazahmusicinc #brooklynzu #ghettogovtofficials#wutangclanforever #sneakvandel“- Sneak Vandel  

The line up for this MXTP already includes; Hell Razah, Judah Priest, Buddah Monk, GZA, Inspectah Deck, Queen the Prophet, Automatik Greatness, Scripture, Killah Priest,  Rustee Juxx, Jurny Big, Peace 586, TMF (Trife Diesel, Tommy Whispers, Kryme Life), George Yung & more to be revealed later! This will be one MXTP true lovers of hip-hop will want to own! 

Need a cover, logo, or flyer?

Contact : Optimus Prime (NJ GGO)
Cell. 609-319-3462
Instagram: OPTIMUSIC

$100 Album cover (front & back) $75 Cover Only 

$50 Logo 

$25 Flyer 

GGO MEMBERS 50% off all prices noted above 


For those of you who don’t know, Rico Deniro appeared this month on Kappo’s MXTP Sun of Man, and released his first official video! Follow @IAmRicoDeniro and watch  -Its You ( Official Video )

Crimson Godz presents Kenyattah Black @kbliggah alongside Wu Block at Variety Playhouse A3C festival 2013




COMING SOON! Judah Priest, “Dark Ages” Album.