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#New #Music by @therealiezy “Perspective”


IEZY is a 22-year old artist from Connecticut. “Perspective” is his first single (produced by Emerge) from his upcoming debut project “Perception”. IEZY is a talented emcee, singer, and composer. He has a very unique sound and I invite you to experience “Perspective” .


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Follow IEZY on Social Media: 

Twitter: @therealiezy 

Instagram: @therealiezy 


#NEW MUSIC by @_joseph_sd “Save Me”

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Meet Joseph SD (Still Dreamin). He is a new 25-year old artist from Connecticut that recently launched his first single “Save Me”(both written & produced by him) as well as a kick starter campaign for his album. Joseph is an extremely talented emcee, singer, composer, & producer, not to mention very active in Youth Ministry.

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I invite you to both  listen to “Save Me” and support the full project with a donation as the project in full will be given away free of charge.

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You can follow Joseph SD via the following sites: 

Facebook :

Instagram: _joseph_sd

Twitter: @_joseph_sd




Is your fruit edible?


Only rodents eat fruit that’s not good for human consumption. If you find yourself continuously in a position surrounded by rats, realize they wouldn’t keep coming if there wasn’t anything for them to eat. Every tree shall be known by it’s fruits. In order to be TRANSFORMED you must first be RESTORED. Restoration, Transformation.