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Lessons of Wisdom for 2014 by @queentheprophet


Happy Holidays Family!

Just wanted to share some quick words with you all for the holidays. I’ve been away from the blog for a month or so due to some insane circumstances that I will definitely update you all on shortly, but I wanted to make sure I share something before we all get lost in the holiday / New Year shuffle.

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I have learned recently just how important it is to make sure that whatever gifts God gives you? They do not belong to you, they belong to Him. Sometimes when we take our gifts into our own hands and do what we “think” is the best thing for them, really isn’t at the end of the day. Sometimes doing things our way only slows down or hinders the growth of the original design. I know that I need to always remember that my way is not always God’s way. I think most of us at one time or another just become impatient because we want things in a hurry so sometimes we may accept the counterfeit blessing which normally surfaces before the actual.

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I also have been reminded that you have got to test the fruit of the tree before you partake and declare it good for food. Fam, people can say anything. At the end of the day, what is important is what they do and the true fruit of a person, business, organization, etc. is evident in the consistent fruit it bears. For example, a celebrity that gives away toys at Christmas right before tax season doesn’t qualify them as a giving person if they do nothing all year round. A person can say they stand for something but if in all actuality their actions are not consistent with that claim? It’s not real.

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Be kind, be patient, be humble, but most of all be consistent. From my family to yours, happy holidays and I wish you all a healthy & prosperous New Year!  –QTP

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QUEEN THE PROPHET – The First Lady, Vol 1


Queen_the_Prophet_Hell_Razah_Judah_Priest_Grand-front-largeSeems like December is Wu-Tang’s month… first Inspectah Deck releases his mixtape entitled ‘Cynthia’s Son’, a compilation of Deck’s tracks over the course of his career with some new tracks inspired my his mother. Wu-Tang formed like Voltron to ensure A Better Tomorrow, one week later, the masked avenger known as Ghostface Killah returns after 36 Seasons to clean up Stapleton Projects, and now the First Lady of Hell Razah unleashes her final project from the Hell Razah Music Inc/Ghetto Govt Officials (HRMI) label.

Christian Gospel inspired Hip Hop is a hard market to turn heads. People walk past artists rhyming for the most high in city centres without batting an eyelid or even dropping a dime in the basket. If it’s not DMX on the mic, most hip hop heads don’t wanna know. Queen The Prophet wants to help change that. Under the guidance of the Wu-Tang Clan &…

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[Mixtape] The 1st Lady Volume 1 By @QueenTheProphet (Queen The Prophet)