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The Gospel of Q


Exclusive Interview with HELL RAZAH @razah_rubiez #GGO member @miverson_

QTP: Wingz Up Fam!
Miverson: Wingz Up! Wingz Up!
QTP: Tell us a little about yourself, who you are, what GGO chapter you represent, and what it is that you do.
Miverson: First off I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to have this interview, its a pleasure and honor. Well I go by Miverson and I’m with the Rhode Island Chapter of GGO with my brother Automatik. I am a producer! I’ve been involved with music as far back as the late 90’s. Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s my parents would always play their Salsa music in the house and my dad would usually play hiphop in his truck while riding around the city. Till this day he still does that LOL! Everyone always tells me, hey I just seen your dad on Broad st. with his music blasting. Gotta love it lol.. So growing up listening to different types of music I started writing my own. I Believe I was 15 when I started writing in notebooks, funny thing is I just found those notebooks not to long ago cleaning my closet. After a while I was more interested in the beats more then the lyrics. So at this point all my boys were rappers and we were all free styling or writing to industry beats, then their was this game for PlayStation called MTV Music Generator where you can actually make your own beats. It was actually introduced to me by my boy Jesus who is currently a producer as well (DJ IllSounds). We would be in his backhouse playing this game for hours and hours trying to make beats. Then Fruity Loops came out and my best friends Mike (Heat380Pop) and Miguel (Big Mig) told me about this program, once I started messing around with Fruity, I learned about bars, how to count bars, verses, hooks, basically all the basics and the rest is history. I actually started getting bored making beats until another childhood friend
(Culture Freedom) surprised me one day. At this point he had moved to Atlanta, so the only time we kept in touch is through texting. So one day I go downstairs to get my mail and I see this huge box for me, it was labledfrom Culture to me, I opened it up and sure enough it was a MPD beat machine with a bunch of WU cds. I honestly thought it was a joke until I hit him and he told me that he believes in my talent. If it wasn’t for Culture Iprobaly would of never taken making beats serious. So I give a lot of credit to Culture. Good Looks Homie, I still owe you BIG!!!
QTP: How did you get involved with Ghetto Govt?
Miverson: How I got involved was when I started communicating with Razah through phone calls, text, emails etc. I also had produced a track for him called “White Lotus” ft. Jahmal which will be on my mixtape “Witness The Strength”. We were going back and forth about this track and I sent him the final version he told me he loved it, and since then we been building here and there. Of course Automatik also looked out for me and the rest is history.
QTP: How long have you been a member?
Miverson: Since day 1 with Automatik
QTP: Do you have any current projects out and in rotation?
Miverson: Yes! I do have a few mixtapes online which you can find on ( just search Miverson. I have my EP on there titled “Miverson Presents “iNTeLLigence the EP” based on 9 tracks I had produced for the iNTeLL (U-God son) around that time. I also have a mixtape ” Mavproductions Presents:tricks Of The Trade Vol.1″ with BlendsCrafters, another EP with Brooknaum titled “Miverson Presents State 2 State Ft. Brooknaum” and lastly an instrumental mixtape I partnered up with Derock Beatz called Miverson vs. Derock. Of course I have productions on a few other mixtapes like Fes Taylor
“Pay Me in Respect” , iNTeLL’s last 3 or 4 mixtapes\ep’s and a few others.
QTP: What projects are you working on music & other wise for the upcoming year?
Miverson: I’m actually working on a few projects that should be finished by the end of the year if not, then early next year. I have my mixtape titled “Witness The Stength” that I have been working on for almost a year now. I currently have the title track “Witness The Strength” circulating online that iNTeLL blessd me with. DOPE track!! I have some great artists on their Like I mentioned Razah is also on there with the “White Lotus”(REMIX) ft. Jahmal. Razah is also on my intro, and what better way to have mixtape started with a legend on your intro. I am also working on a collab album with my GGO brother Automatik Greatness! Titled “INFOWARZ” which hiphop is in for a treat with this one. We actually have the first track off that mixtape online called “THE END” Go peep it if you haven’t, you will not be dissapointed. Can’t forget the other collabmixtape im working on. This one features to great artist, Fes Taylor and Mic Check. We have a track as well for this mixtape online called “Piano Man” So please if you haven’t yet go check all these tracks out.
QTP: Is there anyone you’re hoping to work with in the near future?
Miverson: WOW! Great question! I was inspired to make beats by RZA so I would definetly say Wu-Tang, especially Masta Killa and of course Nas, and honestly anyone who is willing to make good music.
QTP: How can people get in contact with you?
Miverson: The best way to contact me is through Twitter @Miverson_ or email
QTP: Anything else you want to add?
Miverson: Yes! Again I want to Thank You for your time. Also I want to Thank my big brother Razah for letting me part of this GGO movement. Culture freedom for believing in me since day 1. Automatik, you already know brother we got this, and of course everyone who I have worked with, iNTeLL, Lyrics, S.I.T.H., Dru Gunns, Fes Taylor, Stumik, Ruthless Bastards, Jahmal, Automatik, Mic Check, BakerMan Bagz, Jerika from 907live, Slate Stone, Bullet Brak, and the list goes on. Lastly you can find all my music on these sites, just search Miverson
Peace!! Wingz Up!!

URGENT! This family is asking for help…

Thank YOU for your time and attention!
That’s my daughter in the picture above, we were both excited about the back to school shopping trip they took last Monday. She came back with school supplies, a backpack, shoes, and some clothing- awesome! We’re both so thankful!
It’s been two years now- living in shelters, motels, with Beautiful friends. I’ve spent this time being grateful for the roof, focusing on self-improvement, Loving, learning from, and teaching my daughter, and trying to find a way to provide for her without being neglectful.
It wasn’t until I saw this news story… that I felt the sting of my childhood homelessness. Seeing my daughters face under the heading sent me into the past. I began to recall the sadness, the feeling of having nowhere to call home and the anxiety from the lack of stability. Being teased on the playground when schoolmates saw ME on a News segment done at the shelter I was in.
It saddened me, to have my child experiencing the same, to be the Mother, who as I child I felt so sorry for. I remembered being 7 years old, packing my little suitcase and writing a runaway note, telling my Mom I wanted to make things easier for her and heading around the corner to hide (of course she found me). I remembered the day my Mother died, while we were living in a transitional shelter, and the devastation that followed.
 It’s not for lack of effort that I ended up here. I once accepted a job that required three buses and five hours of commute time to get there. But the pay was decent, great by Miami standards , so I tried anyway. Dragging her out in the streets at 6:00am from one bus stop to the next. The stories of struggle are countless, I’m sure many can relate.
Now my time in this shelter is up, any day I could be discharged. Thankfully, I’ll be transferred to another shelter since I have a child, and I’m grateful for that.
I’m asking for your hand because this isn’t the life she deserves. She’s so bright, loving and energetic, and I can slowly see a change in her.
She was recently able to get  into preschool, but I have yet to find a job,
I’m not hopeless, I know things will workout.
I’m asking for your help to get a jump start, in providing Babesters with a more stable life. It would relieve the pressure of move-in costs once I find a job, I’d really Love to pay a years rent, it would make it easier to get a place since I have an eviction on my record, and most will be reluctant to rent to me, many won’t at all.
They say it takes a village to raise a child, with that thought I put pride to the side to ask for help.
Please spread the word, ask your co-workers, friends, family etc.
I appreciate YOU, much Love to you and yours!

#Relationships101 SOCIAL MEDIA DOES NOT DESTROY RELATIONSHIPS by @queentheprophet


#RAWTRUTH101: Social media DOES NOT destroy relationships
We’re going to approach a topic that is widely debated. How many stories have we heard of people “finding out” folks are cheating via facebook, twitter… Fam, social media does NOT destroy relationships. Lack of self control does. Social media sites do not poison people, it only showcases what already exists. In a way, you should be thankful that you have such a wide open window into how the person you deal with actually behaves. This is not for the purpose of judgment, it’s just the way it is. The truth is, some folks are NOT relationship ready, and that’s okay. If you find out some crap they did on line, I know (trust me, I KNOW) how bad that hurts. Don’t let it kill you, here’s why… NOW YOU KNOW. Don’t beat yourself up because your heart hurts when you find out someone you love still struggles with self control, IT’S NOT YOU. You didn’t do anything wrong, at least you found out and keep it moving.

images (8)

You have to understand something, hurting people hurt other people. PERIOD. It will always be that way until the hurt person finds a way to un-hurt. If they don’t love them, they will never love you. Some people go bananas at all the sex being thrown around on the internet, they can’t handle it, and they overdose. Why are you crying? Let them be tears of joy that you’re smart enough to know that’s not how you want to be treated. There are some men and women in this world that are so scarred, they think behaving that way is fun & normal. If you can’t trust your mate on social media? That is not a person you should try to build anything meaningful with. They’re just not ready. For those of you in long distance relationships, the early signs of this are critical. We must all learn to gain wisdom from the things we KNOW. We have to stop ignoring things for what they truly are and just examine them in truth. Yes the truth hurts, but don’t you want it? Change your perspective… Give me the painful truth. I refuse to live a beautiful lie.
Be Blessed

EXCLUSIVE interview w @queentheprophet by @giovannipratt

EXCLUSIVE Interview with @queentheprophet by @giovannipratt #READ

#Relationships101 Mistakes that women make by @queentheprophet


Greetings Fam!

I wanted to talk about somethings that first & foremost I have done myself (See? Now nobody feels like I’m talking about them, I ALWAYS talk about myself first) and quite frankly, are issues I see all the time. I want to talk about them because these are the stupid things in life that cause big problems. So let’s chop it up about Mistakes WOMEN make in relationships.


images (5)

  • Make him pay for a heart he didn’t break:  If you are not over your last relationship, you are a selfish fool for getting into another one. Baggage has no place in a new relationship. When I say baggage, I’m not just talking about your ex. If you have messed up things unresolved with your father, if you are recovering from abuse and you did not get help? YOU BETTER if you ever hope to have a successful relationship.

download (10)

  • Running your mouth: Do you know Men HATE, HATE, HATE when their girl runs their mouth? There can’t be love without trust. If he can’t trust you to keep his secrets, then seriously what good are you as a partner? If you tell your friends something before you tell him? Did you ever stop and think about how that makes him feel?

download (8)

  • Double Standard: You can’t give anybody (let alone a man) invisible standards or double standards. Invisible Standard: You expect flowers on your birthday because they are important to you. You expect your partner to stay home with you every weekend.  (If you are the only person in your relationship that knows this, it is an invisible standard) Double Standard: You expect him to stay home with you every weekend until you have something fun to do with your other friends. You go through his phone but keep yours locked. (Double Standards. You’re setting him up because you switch up)

images (4)

  • Understanding: Your man is not a mind reader. Men are logic based thinkers and women are emotion based thinkers. Don’t “hint” at things, tell him exactly what you mean. Too many women get mad at men for just being men. Even if you leave several brochures laying around and stick a post-it on the fridge? He didn’t see it. He goes to the couch to sit, he’s not looking at the brochure on the table. If he’s at the fridge he is hungry and he’s not looking at the brochure taped to it. If you want to take a vacation, TELL HIM.

images (2)

  • The Counsel of your friends: Married women have no business hanging out with single women, point blank end of story. If you are a married woman and your closest friends are single? You are setting yourself up for a diaster anytime you start taking advice or counsel from single people.

If you are in a relationship and your friends are in the middle of a break-up? Please rememeber that misery loves company and even if it’s not on purpose? It can rub off and effect you.  Keep in mind “birds of a feather, flock together”. If you have a no good friend that’s always cheating everytime you two step out and that is who you CHOOSE to hang out with? It is a reflection of you somehow, someway, someday.

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Exclusive interview w HELL RAZAH @razah_rubiez #GGO Su-Preme Kourt @supreme7g artist @dannybmc88

QTP: Peace Fam, Wingz Up!

DANNY: Peace! Thank you for this opportunity.

QTP: No doubt. Please introduce yourself, who you are, what you do and where you’re from.

DANNY: I am Danny B. Newton, this is Rap Revolution & I live in a world of pollution & confusion! (haha! I’m from MA on the CT/MA border)

QTP: How & when did you first start rapping?

DANNY: Hip Hop has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. I grew up in the 90s with 3 older brothers in the house.. ’nuff said right there! I can still remember looking through their stacks of albums & playboy magazines.. 🙂 haha!  Notorious Ready To Die, Warren G Funk Era, Snoop Doggystyle, 36 Chambers.. etc. Needless to say I got a proper introduction to this rap world at a young age. It started the same way most of us do, by being a fan of the culture. As I got older I used to rap back in school just for fun, to make my friends laugh, or even to flirt with girls.. haha I just found I was more witty with my rhymes! I knew I was good at it but never took it too seriously. Flash forward some years, lost, angry kid. Owned by the state, in the court system, juvi, orphanage, expelled from school getting in all kinds of trouble. (thank God I escaped that prison) But I got my shit together after 18 because I knew where I was heading if I didn’t.

I tried working for the family business to make a living, didn’t work out, the ’08 crash left my family in bankruptcy. We went from broke living check to check, to on our way to being rich, right back to broke again in just over a decade. It instilled me with this notion that I have to do something to save not only myself, but my entire family too. Then the picture got even bigger, this world is full of people trapped in the same problem. Money! I came to realize it’s not about gaining financial immunity. It’s about understanding how poverty came to be, the design of it, and how to fight back. I’ve been on about the gov for years now driving people nuts with “conspiracies.” I learned real quick ain’t nobody wanna hear someone ranting about how crazy the world is. But rap was made for that!

I knew right away what I would rap about and who I wanted to be. A rap revolutionary! But there I was, slangin’ bud, smoked out, dead end jobs, gf’s and their families hated this jobless loser who talks too much and thinks too much. (yup.. I got a bit of a B Rabbit story hahaha! but I can’t stand when they call me wannabe Slim Shady!) Mix a love of rap with enough pain in life, enough bullshit in the world, and one day I woke up and knew it wasn’t a game anymore. It was time to start fighting back! I got serious with it and found my path. I was every bit of an MC inside and I knew it, but without a microphone or a stage and little knowledge of how to even get started.

I started saving $$$ & studying up on producing, watching Su-Preme’s youtube videos learning how to make beats. I was working as a janitor.. yup, a janitor.. it get’s worse too! Mopping floors at a huge richy ass prep school for the elite. Ironic? haha! Just picture the scene.. mopping the floor, white bandana on all off color and wet from dirt and sweat… headphones on, notepad and pen in my pocket. I used to pause my work every time a rhyme hit me and I’d write it down before I’d forget it. I remember a group of students walked by me one time, dressed in pastel polos, khaki shorts with penny loafers n shit.. throwing looks my way and laughing at me. I just told myself, they can keep laughing while you keep on mopping because with this money you can buy yourself a studio and chase your dream. I am bigger than some judgmental rich kids in a fancy school. I am better than this shit!

The rest is history in the making! I’ve been fighting back with every rhyme since then, and this is only the beginning! I asked myself and laughed at my own answer. But it’s true. I asked if I could go back and change my life, take away the pain, all the hardships.. would I? and I knew right away the answer was no. I am who I am because of what I’ve been through in life. I am finally serving my purpose and it’s an amazing feeling. To not know where you fit in the world is like living in Hell. I finally belong to something I know is real. All I want to do is leave thoughts behind after I’m gone. Let the world know how I felt while I was here in hopes that some good change will come of it. I AM RAP REVOLUTION!

QTP: For people who have never heard your music, how would you describe it?

DANNY: All out assault on corruption! Aggressive crashin’ the set, smashin’ illusion! Rebellious! The typa shit to make you wanna storm the streets and flip over a cop car!! But no no, don’t do that… I don’t condone violence. 🙂 We must use our words! It’s lyrical ammo for the war on evil! Every now and then I’ll have some fun with it and let loose. But my music in a whole is a voice for the oppressed. That is my true passion, standing up! 99% is greater than 1% and it won’t stop until we see true change or they snipe my ass out!

QTP: Is there anyone that you’re currently working with or hope to work with in the near future?

DANNY: I am looking forward to building with my GGO fam, Supreme with his beat making skillz and vision! As well as my mentor The Great & Powerful Pony Xodus (you told me make sure I gotcha name right bruh! haha!) I’m a humble grasshopper ready to learn more and willing to work with anyone with a message. We are stronger in numbers!

QTP: How did you get involved with Su-Preme the Legendary Sunz of Man Producer and what kind of work are you guys doing together?

DANNY: I’ve been a Sunz of Man follower for the longest! But I first got involved with Preme through his beat making tutorials and Skylopz samples. Yo, if you don’t have Supreme Vinyl Drums you better get ’em!! 🙂 haha and then we got to talking online, I showed him some of my music videos on youtube. He was feelin’ my direction and wanted to help me progress further. Just to have him producing such dope crazyy beats for me is a dream in itself, but to be a student of his.. I am honored. The effort he’s put into this is truly humbling. We’re on the same page, his beats are right in line with my message, It’s perfect! Everything happens for a reason, I like to believe.

QTP: How did you get involved with Razah’s Ghetto Govt movement?

DANNY: Preme knew that I would fit in well with the movement and we got to work right away on our Geist project. From the start if there were ever a place for me in this, it’s GGO!

QTP: Do you have any projects out now? Where can folks find them?

DANNY: All of my previous work can be found on Soundcloud &

QTP: What projects are you working on music & otherwise for the upcoming year?

DANNY: More Su-Preme tracks and videos on the way as long as the lights don’t go out! Be on the lookout!

QTP: How can people link with you?

They can add my music page on
Or my Twitter/DannyBMC88 or hit up my email

QTP: Anything else you want to add?

DANNY: Thanks to Preme & all of GGO for giving me a chance to show you guys what I got! My brother Pony Xodus for always being in my corner. All my friends and family who have supported me along the way. and my #1 fan.. my Momma. Thank you for teaching me to be myself. Revolution is coming! Peace.




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Greetings Fam!

2013 has been a rough year for a lot of people and that is no secret. Sometimes I think people don’t get involved with community drives and giving simply because they think they have nothing to give or they are so consumed with their own issues they can’t see anything else but that. I can tell you honestly sometimes the answer to your issue is to give your way out. Do you have any idea what an impact you make on the universe when you give? Do you have any idea how much more powerful that impact is when you don’t really have it to give?

From now until the end of 2013, I will blog FOR FREE any sort of community minded mission that you or your organization is putting together. Doesn’t matter what kind or where it’s located. If it’s legit, you’re doing it and it helps people I will blog it for you for FREE. If you would like to do something and don’t know what to do or how to even start something like that, I will also help you FOR FREE. (For those of you that don’t know, my other career is Social Services so I’m a pretty good resource in the area of do-gooding).  The exception to the free blogging is asking for money. Unless you are a recognized 501-3c organization I’m sure you can understand why.

download (6)toys-20for-20tots-smallClothingDrive

September is a great time to kick something like this off. This is the time of year that donations & drives are thriving.

  • Kids are in need of back-to-school supplies & clothing
  • Thanksgiving Turkeys & Food
  • Adults & Children (MANY still displaced from Hurricane Sandy and other disasters) are in need of winter coats
  • The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence is always accepting donations of used cell phones, batteries, & chargers
  • Christmas, Hanukkah, & Kwanzaa will be here before you know it and families are in need of help for their children
  • Food drives of all kinds are especially needed during the winter months & holiday times
  • Homeless Shelters EVERYWHERE are in need of coats, clothing, blankets, & food
  • Food Banks EVERYWHERE are in need of non-perishable foods

EMAIL: QUEENTHEPROPHET@HOTMAIL.COM  put “BLOG” in the subject line.  (September -December 2013) 

Be blessed,






#HipHop101 How much a music career REALLY costs by @queentheprophet


#HipHop101 How much will my music career cost?

I’m so sick of folks out here acting absolutely crazy. I want to explain a very simple principle to you. First ask yourself this,

If you played little league…. Are you now a professional baseball player?

If you drew pictures in Art class….. Are you now a professional artist?

Should everyone that can carve a turkey be a surgeon?

Fam… just because the world has made it easy for you to make music, doesn’t make it your profession. It’s actually VERY disrespectful to those in the game that have suffered and clawed their way through being broke and all kinds of other things you have NO IDEA that await you in the music industry. Making music is a beautiful thing. I think everyone should experience its joy. It is OKAY for it to be a hobby. Too many people aren’t honest with themselves. Honestly Fam, let’s keep it real. There is music links circulated all over the net of some music that’s terrible. It’s not even recorded properly.

I don’t know who has been lying to you, but I’m going to tell you the TRUTH about what kind of money goes into funding your own music career. Incase you didn’t know, you will spend THOUSANDS of dollars on it and possibly NEVER make any back. You will give away music for the first few projects. Those projects will cost you money. Promoting those projects properly (which means you hire someone to promote you) cost money. The more you want it exposed, the more money it costs. If you don’t promote your project, you will not build a fan base. If you don’t have a fan base, who’s going to buy your music? If you buy downloads and followers… what happens when you put a song on iTunes? If you have 100k fake followers and can’t sell 2 Singles for $1… why on earth are you wasting time & money? There are THOUSANDS of other emcees JUST AS GOOD IF NOT BETTER then you. I’m not trying to be mean, this is REALITY. You should know exactly how big the mountain is.

TO THOSE WHO DISRESPECT THE DJ : If you don’t know how important the DJ is? You are banned from making anymore music. It shows you researched NOTHING.




Get on social media and DISRESPECT the people that created the music of the game you’re trying to get into. NOBODY invests an artist who is disrespectful, immature, & unprofessional. You know why? THERE’S A MILLION MORE OUT THERE. Some argue that’s what they see famous people do…. yes. People who have money tend to act up because they can buy themselves out of trouble. Can you dummy?

If you are serious, you need a person to help you & guide you. Teach you how to spend your money. Someone that has the contacts you need or knows how to get them. Management/ Artist Development cost money.

Get mad when people don’t like your music. If this is you? You are banned from hip-hop. NOBODY likes everything. How dare you ask people to listen and when they tell you the truth, you get mad? You need to pay attention. Why? Because this is your BASELINE OF FEEDBACK. If 100 people listen to your song and anything over 60 say they didn’t like it? You need to seriously re-consider doing music or the kind of music you’re doing. If you would like help? I will GLADY for FREE post your song with a poll box and people can crunk it or junk it.

Tweet strangers (people you don’t even follow) your links directly. They don’t click on it. You’re wasting time.

Tweet your music to famous people hoping they click it and love it. Let me know who get signed that way when you find out.

You are the only person promoting yourself. If you don’t invest in you, why would a label?

If you are still doing illegal things and your MXTP cover is your product, who is going to sign a law suit waiting to happen?

Waste your money.

Not know what kind of rapper you are.

Hobby Rapper

Freestyle Rapper

Battle Rapper


Feature Rapper

Indie Artist

Label Artist

Fam, this information would normally be contained in a development or management session. I am spilling FOR FREE what I use to eat & pay my bills with because in all honesty, I don’t want you stupid. If I know the way, it’s my job to share it. I don’t depend on any of you to buy services here, hit my blog, or buy our music. I depend on God. What most people don’t understand is that giving things away can get you credit at a bank you’ll never owe it back to. #ProphetTweet LOL Okay, back to business. Watch the math:

You want to drop your 1st MXTP

Studio Time:               $30-$250 p/h depending upon where you go

15 Song MXTP:          You should record a minimum of 25-30 songs to choose from. You should never just throw something together.

25 songs x $30 per hr for each song to record

25 songs x $30 per hr for each song mixed (bare minimum it’s more when it’s done 100% professionally)

$750 + $750 = $1500

Artwork:                     Decent underground artwork $50 -$100

Duplication:                If you want hard CD’s, you’re looking at $200 off the rip (CD & Case) depending on how many you want and they are expensive. Sometimes 50 CD’s are $200.

Promotion:                  Typically, folks who make hard CD’s skip this step and just pass out CD’s which of course only reaches where YOU DO. Artists that are hip to social media should hire people to promote there. Battlegrownd Entertainment has resources we will GLADLY share with you. We can point you in the direction of indie folks WE use that give us great prices. We could start decent social media promotion to meet a $100 budget & up.


If your MXTP is hosted by a DJ, add $200-$5,000 depending on the status of the DJ

If you do an indie video, add $300-$500

Want your video on World Star $750

Also add what you afforded for the song’s promotion again because the video also needs promotion.

Add in promotion costs for however long you plan to promote this project.

You will do all this for FREE music. This music you are GIVING away. You have to build a fan base. Nobody is going to buy your music unless they know you or they just rock with you like that. Honestly, if you put out a song on iTunes today, how many people do you know for a fact would buy your single for $1? Count them times .70 (iTunes sells your track for $1 but you only make .70 off each single). That’s how much you’d make with no fans. It costs $10 to load it to iTunes so subtract that from that number. It costs roughly $100 to copywrite & publish the track so subtract another $100. Whatever you’re left with is what you’d make right now selling a piece of music with no fan base. Is your number positive or negative? You will more then likely do this kind of project at LEAST 3-4 times before you should even try to sell anything. Fam, if you are not willing to commit to that? You won’t make it. Some of us have lostEVERYTHING over our music. My team? In the words of @kinggeorge427 “We starved together, we’re going to eat together.” Anyone of the greats in hip-hop, went through most if not all of everything I mentioned. If you’re not prepared for battle, don’t try to be a soldier. We’re only hiring warriors in hip-hop for the next 5-10 years. But if you’re ready? Welcome to #OPERATIONREVOLUTION anything we can reasonably do to help, holla at us.

This has been a @queentheprophet GHETTO GOVT 1st Lady public service announcement.



#TheGospelOfQ “The Love of a King” by @queentheprophet Something 4 the Ladies

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The Love of a King

Ladies listen close, men take some notes.

The love of a King can make a Queen’s heart float.

Every woman in her heart, no matter how long she’s been strong,

desperately wants her heart to know her soul mate’s song.

She was made from his rib, to always be by his side.

But sometimes it’s blinded by false king’s who’ve lied.

Queen’s just wait, peace be still.

Your King will find YOU, when it’s in God’s will.

In order to qualify for a love that will last,

make sure you’ve healed from things of past.

It’s all up to you how long this will take.

Never make one pay for a heart they didn’t break.

No, everyone is not the same.

There are wolves in sheep’s clothing that love to play games.

Protect your heart and know thy self.

Don’t believe falsehoods that come from someone else.

Don’t worry, Q would never judge you.

Look at all the poor choices I myself have lived through.

It seems now I speak of this in simplicity.

Only because it’s finally happened to me.

My King came into my kingdom, but never wanted my throne.

A real King comes with one of his own.

A King will presue your mind as first on his list.

He will never communicate love with a hand or a fist.

In each other your heart should safely trust.

Communication is key and is a real love must.

A King will work hard and prove worthy of respect.

With ease he’ll pass the family & friends test.

A King honors God first and not because of me.

He does it on his own because that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

He makes me proud of the man he is every single day.

I wish I knew back then it was supposed to be this way.

My King’s spirit shines, he’s a reflection of me.

Together we are the perfect reflection of He.

Now our cord is a bond of 3.

Honor and respect were the seeds that grew our tree.

He tells me everyday that we were destined to be.

He gives me a gift so special, it can’t be described any other way

My King makes me fall in love again every single day.

He compliments my future, he understands my past.

Happily every after is finally in my grasp.

Make no mistake, don’t envy what I have.

Now you know it’s possible so you should be glad.

You need to hold on, never give up your hope.

True love shows up when you need it the most.

Queen….. Ghost