Hell Razah @razah_rubiez #GGO EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW w @tragedykhadafi


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QTP: Peace Fam! Wingz Up!  When did you start rhyming? How did your career start?

TRAG: I started rhyming around the age of 9. I would repeat the most popular songs of the time and ad my own words to it .until I eventually started writing my own songs which probably began a year or so later. My career began the minute I started making demos at the age of 13 I pressed and sold my first record. It’s been legacy laying ever since .I was inducted into the juice crew around 14 yrs. old and came up under the tutelage of Marley marl ,Eric b and Rakim ( I used to sit in the corner of Marley’s living room/studio and watch Eric b and Rakim record ) big daddy kane ,mc shan ,kool g rap and dj polo ,biz and cut master kool v as well as t.j swan craig g and of course roxanne shante and  mr.magic (r.i.p) i eventually embarked on my own journey as a solo artist carrying all the jewels i learned from thos great icons

QTP: How and when did you first meet Razah?

TRAG: honestly i can’ recall the first time i met raza is was as if he was always around in some form or fashion .but i do remember when we first cliqued up and startet working on songs after coming together for the bmm project .we would always build on life and science and we automatically connected on a mental and hood level .we have alot in common in terms of our characters we both have an intelligent hood type balance

QTP: Since you’ve known him so long, what’s it like as a peer and a friend to see what he’s gone through over the last few years and become one of the greatest comeback’s in progress taking Ghetto Govt to a global movement?

TRAG: I never told Razah this but he has been a real inspiration for me and has taught me alot of things just by watching him fight for his life .my old dad used to always tell me ‘you never had a fight until …u’ve fought for your life’ whenever i feel down, overwhelmed or frustrated Razah pops up in my mind .and i think about how he fought for his life physically as well as mentally .but more importantly he fought and won .i know its been a process for him and i feel blessed just to know someone with so much fight and strength inside of them. He fought to retain his own mind ….aside from other aspects of his life .imagine that .that shit is amazing and is a testament to his power. I have a lot of admiration for the brother .i was away doin a bid when i got the news and heard how he was gradually coming back to himself and his struggle helped me get through my own. It’s funny we look around for heroes and claim their are no more inspirations in music especially hiphop  any more but maybe we’re just not looking close enuff , cuz Razah should be and inspiration not just to hip-hop but  to life and the human spirit /energy ever time I turn on the computer and look in my phone he has something goin on and i just laugh and say ..damn this dude don’t stop….then i get a pen and pad and go in….

QTP: What projects have you been working on music & other wise?

TRAG: lately i have been working on my mixtape album and a book i’m writting .and pretty much just stayin sucker free….raising my seeds

QTP: Anything in particular fans should be on the look-out for over the next upcoming year?

TRAG: yes definitely my album and book

QTP: You and many of your associates are the very people that are directly responsible for breathing the life force in to the music that we all know and love as real hip-hop. Any thoughts on the current state of hip-hop and where it’s going?

TRAG: i was one of ‘those types’ who advocated the whole ‘hiphop is dead ‘thing until i took a deeper look at it.then i started to realize hiphop isn’t dead at all its just being refined .i  feel alot of got  closed minded and have grown and matured in life ….we had seeds ,became more responsible and less impulsive with our lives so now we listen to hiphop and we want to be what we were when we were wildin’ and livin a certain life style .we wanna bring the 90’s back instead of allowing our selves and hiphop to grow we want the hiphop of the past  which is impossible .everything has to evolve .it was a time where we secretly held contempt for the south because t\’they were’nt real hiphop’ but the south beleive it or not kept shyt alive for a while while the east was killin it (in a bad way) every one on this side was sounding the same you couldn’t tell a southside queens nigga from an L.A.or south nigga .there was no authenticity on our side of life and every one was a killer ala 50 cent .in the past you could tell a Brooklyn dude from a Bronx dude and a philly dude from a dc dude but its like the music made every one mesh into some clone shyt .there was no authenticity and that hurt us on alot of waves of course it’s not what it used to be .but few things are .there are artist our now that represent hiphop in a major way …like joey badass and pro era ,logic ,krit ,jcole dizzy write, fuck that even mackel more in a sense .and their all doing it with templates from the earlier g’s who helped lay the foundation in fact their in a greater position cause the started off on “free land’ we grew up on major label plantations .and by the time we gained the courage to be ‘free’ it was usually after our prime .now don’t get me wrong there is str8 trash being pushed out there just likes its always been .but we are partly responsible for that cuase we were supposed to maintain the kingdom now we got online mags defining who ‘our’ greatest artist are what type of shyt is that .when we got dudes like large pro, pete ,ghost ,and my self still breathing .we need our own social forums cuase too many ‘aura snatchers’ are once again defining our relaity .like how can the greatest rapper /mc be a man kisser who doesn’t even write his own material

QTP: Do you have any advice for new artists coming into the game?

TRAG: yes .define your own success.if you from the hood like me and had a short life expectancy and  went thru hell with gasoline draws on  and your still alive and creating your own lane   YOUR A  FUCKING SUCCES  if your pops aint jay z or l.a reid and you navigated your way through life and made it into the industry YOUR A FUCKING SUCCESS .and if you went hard at a bullshyt job paying bills and funding your own projects then YOUR ALREADY A FUCKIN SUCCESS.i know we look for that acceptance and recognition but thats all an illusion that will never last anyway ….no one knows your struggles better than you and you should already know you’re a fuckin star…..when you know that every thing else will fall into place and the universe will open up for u

QTP: How can folks get in contact with you and where can they get your music?

TRAG: they can hit me on the face book tragedy khadafi my website will be back up soon but then can also email me at 25livepromo@gmail.com

QTP: Anything else you want to add?

TRAG: yes .thanks for letting me build on these things …peace

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Birth name Percy Chapman IV
Also known as MC Jade
Percy Chapman
MC Percy
Percy Tragedy
Intelligent Hoodlum
The Foul Mahdi
Born August 13, 1971 (age 42)
Origin Queensbridge, QueensNew YorkUSA
Genres Hip hop
Years active 1985–present
Labels Tuff Break/A&M/PolyGram
Gee Street/V2/BMG Records
25 To Life Entertainment
Money Maker Entertainment
Dolo Records (distributor, 1997)
Solid Records
DistroLord Digital (distributor)
Associated acts Juice CrewMarley MarlKilla ShaCapone-N-NoreagaHavoc, Littles, Imam ThugCormega, Headrush Napoleon, Black Market MilitiaMobb DeepJedi Mind Tricks, Trez, Vinnie Paz, Blak Madeen, N.O.R.E., Ras Ceylon
Website 252aura.com

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