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This section contains exclusive interviews conducted by Queen the Prophet for with various individuals in the independent & main stream entertainment industry.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with HELL RAZAH @razah_rubiez “El Raziel” Album producer @lexzyne




QTP: Wingz Up!

LZ: Salute, Wingz Up

QTP: For those that don’t know, tell us where you’re from, who you are and what it is that you do.

LZ:  Lex Luthor – Alabama, New York, Texas, and California   Dzyne – Indiana.  Most people dont know that LexZyne Productions consists of 2 brothers.  Lex Luthor & Dzyne.   Thas where the origin of the name comes from.   We both have “regular” jobs to help support our beat making and artist development habits.  We’ve been known to make a dope beat or few.

QTP: How did you first meet Razah  and get involved with Ghetto Govt?

LZ:  It was a blessing.  Im not sure how we got his contact information (it was probably from some form of social media), but we had been sending him beats for a while.  Im not sure what beat he heard or how he was feeling one day but he hit us and said something like, “Lets do a project together”.  I cant even lie, initially we thought we would never be able to pull it off.   My brother and i talked it over and finally said we’re going to do it and make sure its fly.

QTP: How did your own career begin?

LZ:  We both started as fans of the music and livers of the culture.  One night we we’re talking about music and discussing chopping up samples and somehow the conversation led to “If we were going to REALLY do this, what would we call ourselves?” and we’ve been sampling, writing, networking, and trying to reach new ears every since.  We don’t really have some phenomenal story with a colorful back drop.  It was just that.   We decided we wanted to make beats after someone told us a beat we did was dope… and we kept grinding.

QTP: What projects are you working on with Raz right now?

LZ:  El Raziel – God Is My Pleasure  .  we’re hoping that in this family thing we have going that it wont be the last.  When situations are right we’re hoping that we can continue to get a track here and there on each of his upcoming projects.  *Razah… did you catch that?  i hope you did. lol*  #WingzUp

Section 8 – HellRazah ft. Sadat X

QTP: Who else have you worked with or are working with?

LZ:  This is a question that always gets us in trouble because people get left out… BUT.. right now our roster is:  Razah, HeadKrack, BodegaBrovas, The Centop, Quanstar, LifeUnda, Radamez, DoItAll, Mr Funke, CeeKnowledge, DawnGun, The Co-Op, David The Rapture, MoneyStax, ViciousCycle, The Wiz Kidz, Pinc Gator, Kahali Oden, Silence DemAll, C-Rayz Walz, 950Plus, The SIStem, Butta Verses, and theres a FEW more that i can’t think of right now.  We work with people that have a love for the music and a decent work ethic.

QTP: What projects are you currently working on both music and otherwise?

LZ:  Right now, this GGO project with Razah is the main focus.  We still sometimes step away and make an unrelated beat for somebody but we want to make sure that this project meets and exceeds what people may think their expectations are.  Our names (LexZyne, Razah, GGO, and everybody we work with) are on the line.  We want to make sure we can deliver the best project possible while maintaining his core sound as well as ours and blending them together to make it sound like you want break your neck, cry, chill, drink, smoke, or whatever it is you might do while you’re enjoying music.


QTP: Is there anyone that you haven’t worked with already that you’re hoping to?

LZ: All culture driven emcees.  We are always trying to reach out to people and work with new people to expand our network and increase our value in music.  the more we grow and the better we get, the more value we add to the people we work with as well.  we’re big on the family setting.  we try to bring people with us that bring us with them.

QTP: How can folks get in contact with you?

LZ:  Google!!! lol..  We’re no longer hard to find.  Some years ago i think we had one line on web searches but now its a different story.

Contact Info  LexZyne at gmail dot com / /  317.758.7887 / /  / Twitter: LexZyne and BeDzyne

QTP: Anything else you want people to know?

LZ:  First of all, Queen, Thank you!  Then,  we’re snobby when it comes to music, especially when we’re involved in making it.  We feel that if you REALLY want to make music thats GOOD music then make sure the quality is good music quality.  Nothing is more depressing to us than when someone makes a DOPE song, but its not mixed and they release it.  It takes away everything from the song to me.  i say that to all the people that grind hard to make their music happen and often have to cut corners.  Either thats not a corner you should cut or make sure that when you cut that corner that the new, young engineer that you use knows how to make your music sound like something someone will want to listen to…  #WingzUp







EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW w Hell Razah @razah_rubiez Music, Inc. staff @therealgusmo





photo (12)

QTP: Wingz Up Fam!


QTP: For those that don’t know, please talk about who you are & what you do.

GUSMO: I’m Gusmo from the real gang Starr foundation  Guru thank for leting me be apart of your legacy your lesson school me to the music business I do marketing & promotion

QTP: Who have you worked with in the past?

GUSMO: Gang Starr was the first promotion job that gave me the promotion bug that made me get in the game..HQ R.i.p got me real check at Rawkus records blahzay blahzay Group home, Jeru da Damaja Afu Ra I work at universal records thank you GARNET REID SALUTE I work at indie label call Sotti record/ Koch records M1 of dead prez solo album confidential FABRIZIO SOTTI I’m working indie artist now

QTP: Now you’re working with Hell Razah Music, Inc. correct? Can you talk a little about what you do for HRM?

GUSMO: Razah was always good dude from the gate well I’m doing alot of Social net work for his label Hell Razah Music plus his solo project and net working with record company land him deal…

QTP: How long have you known Razah? How did you guys meet?

GUSMO: I was interduce to Hell razah thru my boy BRICK FACE aka BENSTAR its been over 10yrs  may be little more

QTP: What other projects are you working on currently music & otherwise?

GUSMO: Look out for my family from day 1 MRECK he have single out right now call (Push Back) plus he co-owner of Also im working artist Prince malik he got 2 single out right now I’m here to drink feat SeanKingston & lambo slow Zab Judah..Look out for my family FRANK DELANO He got single out call Who’s Dat? Feat Uncle Murda

QTP: How can people get in contact with you?

GUSMO: THEREALGUSMO Tiwtter/ Instagram/Facebook

QTP: Anything else you want folks to know?



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Exclusive Interview with Wu-Tang Management/ GGO Member @justishype

Wu Tang Management (1)



QTP:  Peace Fam! Wingz Up!

JUSTIS: Peace and blessings

QTP: For those that don’t know, talk a little about yourself and what it is that you do

JUSTIS: Peace, I wear quite a few hats most recently my focuses have been with promotions and project management/development. I promote products,events, artists mainly as well as assist with development of each. Im also involved with artist booking. I also co manage a few artists.

QTP: How long have you been with Wu-Tang Management?

JUSTIS:  I have been with WTM officially for 4 years

QTP: Who are some of the artists you’ve worked with over the course of your career and who are you currently working with?

JUSTIS: Ive worked with Flo Rida, Beenie Man, Buju Banton, Sizzla, Capelton, DMX, basically Def Jam roster between 98-2001.  So So Def, The Brat, Ying Yang Twins, The Wailers,  Dead Prez, etc.Recently I have been working alot with some of the Wu Affiliates, Blue Raspberry, Cappadonna, Hell Razah, Buddha Monk, Kinetic 9, Eternal to name a few also Krumbsnatcha, Paparatzi, JonJon the Son along with a few others most currently

QTP: How did your career start?

JUSTIS: Well I started DJin professionally in 1996. From there I went on to intern with Def Jam and So So Def. I began promoting my own shows, parties etc after realizing that I was able to bring people out myself and avoid the promoters (middle men) and getting paid insufficiently after providing the bulk of the entertainment to the venue. While in college I also started working for a radio station (WVFS) which gave me a start in radio. I met alot of artists and people attached to the business side of the industry. I also got noticed by several artists for my ability to write and arrange music. I have since gone on to ghostwrite for a few artists.

QTP: When did you first meet Razah?

JUSTIS:  LOL…Well I originally met Razah in Atlanta sometime in the late 90s. We spoke briefly and didnt speak again until last year sometime when we were reintroduced via family…

QTP: How did you get involved with Ghetto Govt?

JUSTIS:  Well Ive always had an extremely high regard for Razah as one of my favorite MCs within the Wu and generally speaking. Before we could meet again I was actively promoting his Heaven Razah album and providing placements for his releases. After speaking for sometime he acknowledged my work and ask me to come on board and assist with some projects.

QTP: What were some of the most memorable things you’ve done over the course of your career?

JUSTIS: As a DJ spinning for an audience of over 10,000 at Atlanta’s Tri state party! The energy was crazy and to this the idea of making thousands of people move at my command is exhilerating. Working with the legendary Wailers (Bob Marley’s band) nuff said thats just history. Getting a check for writing a record. Im proud of that considering I dont consider myself an artist yet Ive gotten paid for making music. My biggest accomplishments are still to come really but Im most proud of those accomplishments to date..

QTP:  What projects are you working on right now both music & otherwise?

JUSTIS: Other than working with artists and promotions/development of their projects and brands. Im working with Krumbsnatcha to build our label Mind Power. We will be developing books, clothing, film and more under the imprint as well as grooming new artist. I am active with Wu Radio, Wu Worldwide DJ Coalition and Wu Tang Management and the development of ventures under that banner. I have 2 books ive written and im wrapping up the final edits and moving forward to the publishing phase. I also look forward to attending law school in the near future. Music is great but I have many more aspects of life to focus on in the future.

QTP: You’ve worked with some of the greatest emcees ever to touch a mic, do you have any advice or tips for new and upcoming artists that you can share?

JUSTIS: Work. Nothing happens over night. You must invest in yourself or no one else will. Stay focused. Stay consistent. Be humble.

QTP: Anything else you want folks to know?

JUSTIS: Im here to work and assist those who are ready. This is a business and people tend to forget that but its not always about monetary transfer. Relationships are the most important thing to me.  I got a real story to tell as far as music is concerned and life in general. Before its all said and done I will tell my story. Im actually planning to step out of my “box” and challenge myself creatively to build a project that will help tell my story…Universal peace and blessings to everyone…

Mind Power



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Exclusive Interview with Hell Razah @razah_rubiez GGO United Hoods vol 2 N 3 DJ @djbigmaulik

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DJBM:Wingz Up!

QTP: For those that don’t know talk a little about yourself and what it is that you do, and where you’re from?

DJBM:Im a mix tape Dj Im from Brooklyn,N.Y. I got in the game back in 1996. I started selling mixtapes on the street of Brooklyn when i was young LOL

QTP: Have you always been a DJ? Talk a little about how you got started.

DJBM:No i was a Rapper at first Becuase i used to look up to my brother DOCTOR-ICE from U.T.F.O. my rap name then was BIG MOE LOL But then i started to Dj When i was trying to do party’s
then i went on to doing mixtape’s after i listing to DJ CLUE and DJ ACTION PACK.

QTP: How and when did you first meet Razah?

DJBM:I met Razah from his brother TRAYBAG in 05 We talked over the phone at that time i was DJ-ing at a radio station in scranton,pa. which was 99.5fm he was asking me to be his DJ then
but i went up state and we lost contact but we found each other again lol thats my brother.

QTP: How many MXTPS have you hosted for Raz to-date? What are their names and where can people find them?

DJBM:WOW Lets see-5 Return Of Hell Razah/Return Of The Renaissanc/Razahrection/Hell Razah Present Ghetto Government Part2/Hell Razah Presents: Ghetto Government Part3.
they can get them from datpiff

QTP: When and how did you get involved with GGO?

DJBM:Razah Pulled me in.

QTP: What other things are you working on? Can you talk a little about Floodwatch Entertainment (who you are and what you do) and your artist Blake da Burner?

DJBM:I started FloodWatch Ent. in 2001 I got 6 artist on my label which is BLAKE DA BURNER/PG13 THA GOD BODY/UNTAME/MS.CUBBY/MS.TRIP also GANGLAND. So look out for they
mixtape coming soon.

QTP:  What can folks expect from you over the next year? What projects are you working on music & otherwise?

DJBM:they can expect to see more mixtape’s coming also more music from hot artist’s from GGO an FloodWatch Ent.

QTP: Anything else you want folks to know?





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Exclusive Interview with HELL RAZAH @razah_rubiez GGO GRAPHIC DESIGNER @culture_freedom





QTP: Peace Fam!

C.F.: Peace Fam, it is a pleasure to meet you!

QTP: For those that don’t know, explain a little about yourself and what it is that you do.

C.F.: Well, I go by the name Culture Freedom. I’m a professional Graphic Design Artist. I actually gave myself the name (Culture Freedom) in regards to me finding knowledge of self and wanting to express the name by representing the culture and the way of life artistically. Also, with the talent I was born and blessed with, I chose to strengthen the skill and use it to help support the culture of art and Hip Hop music as well as other like-minded artists who also share the same passions as me. I’m actually a drawing artist. I never went to school or nothing to learn how to draw; I just grabbed a pen and started using my imagination to create what came to my mind.

QTP: How long have you been an artist? How did you get started?

C.F.: I have been an artist since my early childhood years. I used to draw my favorite cartoon characters and switch them up. My favorite characters were He-Man & Pac Man. I used to draw a Pac-He-Man Character combining the two. That’s pretty much what started my passion for drawing – just being able to express myself through creative thinking. Then later on, me and my cousin used to draw a lot together when we were young. We would watch cartoons, and then draw our own comic books and read each other’s work when we were finished.

QTP: How did you meet Razah and get involved with GGO?

C.F.: I met the God through both my family Automatik and My long-time friend Miverson. It was very crazy how it all panned out; because my homie Miverson introduced me to Automatik and then later on found out we were related. I didn’t know that me and Automatik were cousins until me & him actually started building because we’re both from the same state; Rhode Island. I had actually done a cover for an album dropping soon from Razah which is titled: El Raziel. But that artwork is going to be revised into something more detailed. It was Miverson who had set that up for me to do the artwork for Razah. I then got re-introduced to Razah by my cousin Automatik, and from there, they made me a part of GGO as N.A.S.A. CommandCenter which means: Nubian Artist Seraphim Artwork!

QTP: What projects are you working on? Anything that folks can expect?

C.F.: I’m working on several projects. One that can be expected shortly is a project by a great artist I’m currently working with under my Staten All Stars affiliation. His name is Fes Taylor, and the album he’s dropping is called “The Mannequin”. He is a really great artist. A lot of my statistic achievements were because of him. I do all of his artwork as well as the other Staten All Star members’ artwork as I am the Chief in-house Art Director for the Staten All Stars. I’m also working on a cartoon project for two other artists who as a group go by the name the Loudmoufs (Tommy Whispers & Unspoken). We are all working collectively together to bring a cartoon creation that will help expand the identity for the Loudmoufs’ brand. There’s no official date for this as it is an in-the-works effort that will feature a lot of surprise guests.

QTP: For official business inquiries, how can people get in touch with you?

C.F.: For now, people can get in touch with me through my e-mails: ( or

They can also check out my work on:


Instagram: (Shout out to iNTeLL: U-God’s son.)

QTP: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

C.F.: Yes, I would like to give thanks for everyone who has supported me from day one. I also would like to thank you Queen The Prophet for interviewing me. I also would like to give a shout out to my team The Staten Allstars, & GGO Family. I also enclosed a banner of my artwork I have done for some artists. Peace to the Gods & Earths worldwide; Man, Women, & Child!



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Exclusive Interview with HELL RAZAH @razah_rubiez GGO ALBUM PRODUCER @drgproductionz

Dr g black logo



QTP:  Wingz Up Dr. G!


Dr G: Wingz up and thanks for the love and support  .


QTP: For those that don’t know, please introduce yourself, tell them where you’re from and what it is that you do.


Dr G: I am Dr G from u.k manchester been in the game 15 years working as a dj and a street rep for sony music  and then for def jam/island for a good friend dj semtex (bbc 1xtra/defjam uk) . but now i am a full time hip hop producer .


QTP: Personally, I am a HUGE fan of your beats as you are well aware … LOL When did you start producing?


Dr G: Thank you and i greatful from the chance for u even to hear them. But yeah started producing 2002 by sitting and watching my homie at the time making beats.At the time i was starting too rap a bit after a about 5 years of djing around country i wanted to do more and never felt like djing was a nuff.So me and my homie formed a crew and started making tracks and putting out small ep’s in my city .People was instreaded because i was kinda already known from the djing and the street work too .But after making a solo album on my own in 2008 i was more into the beats then the rap side of I have a very angry loud rap flow so some people love it some hated it . But always got good feback on the beats. At the time myspace was a big site and helpful so i used that to help promote my 2008 release “LAST DAYZ”.


QTP: When did you meet Razah and how did you become involved with Ghetto Govt?


Dr G: Well i did get hell razah on a joint back in the day from my homie St laz (brownsville pottersfield) i was sending laz mad beats in the days of myspace and he was laceimg my beats and sending them back with some dope features too (Agallah/Boot camp click/shazbazz the disicple/Hell razah) that’s how we meet .But a few years after on sound cloud razah hit us on a comment.So i hit him back asking if he was cool with me sending him some jointz over.Some i just made him some fresh shit.Plus lets not forget that when i was young and listening to hiphop hell razah is apart of my youth because i was into any thing wu tang so i never missed a album .


QTP: Who else have you worked with or are you working with right now?

Dr G: I ‘ve worked with a good few .Got some links from st laz he helped me out a lot as far as getting my joints on hot 97 and power 105 plus features. I also  produced a joint for shyheim back in 2008 that i on the album last dayz i mention earlier . So ever since then i did joints with likes of Canibus/Inspectah deck/D 12/Hussein fatal/Outlawz/Rap p from queens/Twisted insane/Outterspace/Yukmouth/Kool g rap many more from different states in america. But uk wise i did with some of the best out here inculeding shotty horroh who is a real big rap and battler artists.


QTP: Dr. G, the Ghetto Govt album is mostly produced by you and I think it’s fair to say it’s one of the most anticipated albums of 2014. This album is featuring Hell Razah himself, his artists on Hell Razah Music, Inc. as well as various GGO artists. Are you excited to be the main producer involved with this project?


Dr G: Most def . I am exclusive producer on that joint so yeah i excited. But razah is so underatted if u ask me. He still keep it real with that deep 90’s era of hiphop vibe.And is a great lyricest And he is a man with a good heart too. But people might not see what he is tryin to do with GGO but it covers all side of the world.Due time it will be a take over movement.


QTP: What are you currently working on music and otherwise? Any upcoming projects to watch out for?


Dr G: A producer album similar to what alchemist/maro polo/pete rock does .All american artists my production. The theme is like britton and u.s coming together to form a coalition that’s the name i am calling the album COALITION (Nov 2013 release).Aiming to get some of the biggest names in hip hop on it with a lot of the underground up and coming artists too.


QTP: Is there any artists that you haven’t worked with that you’d like to work with in the near future?


Dr G: Oh fo sho mainly artist that i was listenig too when i was young (Onyx/smif and western/wu tang/black moon/nine. many more )and fan of hip hop .As i am still a fan i still bump mad albums and people must  think just because u are artist u can’t be a fanof other hiphop acts .But people need to go back to being fans. But artist i would love to work with would be :Redman /reks/saigon/prodigy/tragedy kadafi/ra the rugged man/Roc Marciano/Beanie Sigel/Ill bill.


QTP: How can folks find you via social media or get in contact with you?

Dr G: Well facebook (dr g gareth) is  a good because i am always online there . Soundcloud (Dr G manchester) Twitter (Dr G PRODUCTIONZ) And email


QTP: Anything else you want to add?


Dr G: Thank you and keep ya ear open for that GGO album i am exclusive producer on that joint and also my producer album THE COALITION 2013 out in late november . But got to big up the queen and razah and the family GGO and everyone has helped me on my journey. Shouts to slim and dj semtex


dr g front cover (1)


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man on fire1 copy (1)

EXCLUSIVE Interview with HELL RAZAH @razah_rubiez #GHETTOGOVT Admiral @DJYELLO

QTP: Well this by far will no doubt be the most absurd interview ever because for anyone who has followed my movements, DJ YELLO has been around since the beginning. But as I always say, never disrespect or underestimate the power of the DJ! However since the DJ is official GGO we must proceed with the formalities. Fam, can you tell the people who you are and what exactly it is that you do?

DJYELLO: Well thank you first an foremost for the interview i feel all warm inside “might be the goose” but anyway lets get into this DJYELLO for one is a force to be reckoned with in this industry i’m not the best at producing but i’m damn good at it i’m not the best at dj’ing but i’m real good at it, but in all honesty i’m just an average guy who’s been in this industry in some form or fashion and all aspects for along time

QTP: Tell the fine people how we met, I know it was a monumental moment in your life.
DJYELLO: Lmaoooo we met on twitter and it was love at first sight i told u about puppies,midgets and twizzlers mixed with liquor and you said somethin’ about kittens and oceans and it was on….. nah if my memory is right i reached out to you first about some help on somethin’ about how to work somethin’ on twitter….. hell i dont remember yesterday for the most part lol
QTP:  All jokes a side (for a minuet anyway), you know I consider you one of the strongest anchors in my career. You really have been in my corner from the gate. But we were strangers, we met on Twitter, why in the hell did you decide to rock with me?
DJYELLO: OK OK jokes aside i’ve always been able to see talent no matter what it may be as long it was reflected in a positive light and the artist was focused on growing and with social media so strong right now its a lot easier to see that from people all we have to do is read what they say and you had that grind and it was very apparent to me that if nothing else this is someone i need to at least be following on twitter
QTP: Now you’re a Wu-Head for real, was the first time you met Razah when we were in DC a few weeks ago to join you on BLIS.FM, was that the first time you met Razah?
DJYELLO: Yeah i’m a WU-HEAD all day i own the original demo tape from them “thats another story” but i’ve been to a lot of shows in my life and while i never had the pleasure of meeting Razah until the interview i’ve seen him perform along with Sunz of Man and Killarmy at a couple events i dont care what i may ever be theres nothin’ like hittin’ a good hip hop show and just bein’ a fan
QTP: By the time we left, you were official Ghetto Govt. Is it all you have hoped for?
DJYELLO: Oh hell nah the fact that even came out and was blessed upon me was exactly that a BLESSING …. i’ve never strived to be a “title” in peoples eyes all the type of coalitions that are out there dj this rapper that i could care less when those go so viral and it costs to get in them and they let anybody in them it becomes trash.. and only a few holdin’ it down.. the rest live off the name. DJYELLO being the admiral of #GGO GHETTO GOVT. again was not expected but i take on the challenge and honor
QTP: You’re going to be hosting the next Ghetto Govt MXTP. What can people expect from you as a host?
DJYELLO: WHATTTTTTTTTT? HEAT, FIYAH , EPIC , this is what i do this is how i get down i would expect a video out of this fuckin’ tape whether i’m in it or not

QTP: Everyone is well aware that you’re a DJ, but you didn’t start out that way. Talk about how you started in music and what you do now.

DJYELLO: AHHHHHH i was the son of a sharecropper in alabama who made whistle noises on the backs of dead frogs…………………… i’m wilin out right now lol ………..My grandmother was a singer and and my father was a dj on college radio so music was always in my ears at some point when hip hop started to form and was really put on wax and getting radio play i started first as the neighborhood kid that would copy different records and put them on tape for my friends then moved into playing with turntables got into writing and performing as an emcee but the love was always being a dj/producer

QTP: Although we already confirmed on-air that this was true, but is it true that the infamous DJ YELLO has dusted off his rhyme book and is in fact coming out of retirement for a collab track with the infamous Queentheprophet?

DJYELLO: DOES THE POPE WEAR  WHITE HAT? i will say this as well i will do one performance live of the song with you if the demand is there

QTP: Yea, stay tuned for that because it’s going to be pure mayhem.  Do we have an official start date to your show starting on BLIS.FM?

DJYELLO: not yet when i sign paper work it has to be on my terms but as it looks right now it will be kickin’ off in sept. at some point …………….good things come to those who wait i got big surprises big S/O to my co-host’s FRANCINE AND WOODY SEED

QTP: You’ve worked with so many people over the years, any favorites besides me of course?

DJYELLO: well we gonna flip shit already so thats one person down and thank you for the opportunity ……….as far as anybody else hmmmmmmmmm i’ve always wanted to work with the greats personally and this is gonna be all over the place as they pop in my head stevie wonder, hank shocklee, rick rubin, quincy jones, dj jazzy jeff, so many to name from then to now to many
QTP: Is there anyone you haven’t worked with yet that you’re hoping to?
DJYELLO: i think the smoke is gettin’ a lil thick in here or is it just me u kinda asked me that already lets sit back take a nap and think about it lmaoooooooooooooooo

QTP: What’s on deck for you music & project wise?

DJYELLO: well i cant wait to work on the next mixtape from Razah #GGO on the planet but i’m currently working on RISE OF THE TRU EMCEES 2 where i feature mc’s from all over the world produced by me workin’ on my new radio show “cant say the name just yet” and just continuing to get good hip hop out to the people who want it and trust me theres more than you think

QTP: What projects are out now? Where can people get some of the MXTPS you’ve done already?

QTP: How can people contact you?
DJYELLO: just yell real loud wtf i’m not that far ……..nah twitter/@djyello or

QTP: Anything else you want people to know besides the fact you adore me and I’m still waiting for my DJ YELLO T-Shirt?

DJYELLO: hmmmmmmm lets see u are the best dont touch my turntables ………..t-shirts and panties will be available on my site soon
me and melle mel
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Exclusive Interview with HELL RAZAH @razah_rubiez GHETTO GOVT member @sneakvandel

photo (5)

QTP: Peace Sneak!

QTP: For those of you that don’t know, Sneak Vandel is one of my new favorite people (mostly because he’s nuts) but also happens to be a brilliant producer and an official Ghetto Govt member. Sneak, tell the people about yourself, because you do more then just produce.

SNEAK: Glad you added “brilliant” in there or I wasn’t gonna answer this question. Lol

I’m a former gospel artist and that’s where I started my hip-hop career. I put a few records out in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. After a going thru some family things I decided to retire from that aspect of life. After a brief hiatus I started producing to ease my way back into hip-hop. I did a few local albums with some emcees from around my way and mastered my craft. To date I’m a producer,emcee, graphic artist and loyal member of GGO.

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QTP: We have all seen the Wu-Tang tattoo, who are some of the Clan affiliates you have worked with in the past and are working with now?

SNEAK: The tattoo is homage to Wu because of their influence on me since 36 chambers. And the fact that they are and always will be the greatest group in hip-hop. I’ve recently just started working with Clan affiliates so my résumé isn’t THAT extensive. I was featured on Judah Priest Sleepy Hollow album on World War 4. I’ve contributed 5 or 6 tracks to his new album also. I know I have work I need to do for Buddha Monk and BKZU. I’m just taking it as it comes ya know…

QTP: I possibly may have heard a rumor that you are creating some sort of masterpiece beat for a collab track with Wu-Tang Affiliate Judah Priest (Brooklyn Zu/ Ghetto Govt) and the infamous Queentheprophet.  Can you confirm or deny such a rumor?

SNEAK: A tru master never gives up his secrets. But it is possible that those wheels are turning. Lol

QTP: You’re working on some things with Razah as well right?

SNEAK: Yeah me and Razah have been building and I have been constructing some heaterz for dude. He’s always been one of my favorite Clan brethren. So I’m excited to be collaborating with him. And I look to do a lot more with him in the future. WINGZ UP!

QTP: What other projects are you working on music & otherwise?

SNEAK: Right now my focus is on Razah and what he needs to complete his work. I don’t like to muddy the waters and take on too many projects at once. I like to focus on an artist so I can deliver quality music to them. Too many cat JUST put out whatever they can, very few put out quality.

QTP: To-date what has been your most memorable project?

SNEAK: My first studio album. It was with a group called Raiderz of the Lost and the album was Prepare for the Spillage. It was at that point that I was able to do music full tilt. Touring was dope and I met a lot of chill people. Plus it was my first world wide distributed album. Side note: that was when I met Judah Priest also.

QTP: That will change after we work together though right?

SNEAK: Depends on if you keep giving me a hard time. Lol

QTP: Is there anyone you really want to work with that you haven’t already? (besides me of course)

SNEAK: I like how most of these questions somehow involve you too. Lol!  Guess that’s why you’re the Queen.

I’d love to do work with Killah Priest, Gza, RA the Rugged Man, and any of the core WTC members. I’d also like to do work for a Sunz of Man reunion album (hint hint).

QTP:  Anything else you want folks to know?

SNEAK: I’m white…

Sike nah….

No really…I’m a white dude.

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Exclusive Interview w Legendary Wu-Tang Clan/ Sunz of Man Producer @supreme7g #GHETTOGOVT

QTP: Wingz Up Fam!
Su-Preme : Peace!
QTP: Now Razah refers to Su-Preme as Morpheus… LOL But for the folks that don’t know, talk about yourself and what it is that you do.
Su-Preme : im going to keep this interview as simple as possible.
Cuz there’s so much history that I can write a book or do a movie on my self. . Lol ..
I’m Half owner of Nocturnal 7 records the independent label from Redhook that released “Da last future ep” 1994.
QTP: Now you have been also called “legendary producer” of the Sunz of Man album Last Future, but how did you and Razah meet?
Su-Preme : Razah is the younger bother of my childhood friend Tray Bag .
QTP: Now because you’ve known Razah so long, tell us what it was like in 2010 when he was first in the hospital and then to see him now recovering and all over the globe again?
Su-Preme : Since I’m a family member it was shock then
100% positive thought.
Now look at Razah he’s back on his grind
And doing it better than before .
“God will tap you to awake you to your task”
QTP: Agreed, and God has certainly tapped Razah. You’re also a huge influence on Hell Razah Music, Inc. Artist Automatik Greatness. How did you and Auto hook -up?
Su-Preme : Right here on the net .
Been giving Automatik free beats and info for a long time.
Why ? Because my A alike asked for some help.
Funny thing Automatik and I have never met in person.
QTP: Over the years, you have done a lot of work with a lot of people. What was your most memorable project so far?
Su-Preme : Being with Wu-Tang at the beginning when none of us had a dime.
supreme7g on FB,YouTube,MySpace,Twitter.
Originally, Su-Preme was the primary producer of Sunz of Man. He produced their demo album (when the group was called Da Last Future) while still forming and taking shape as the first to be signed Wutang affiliates. He also produced some songs on the shelved Sunz of Man album Nothing New Under the Sun. Su-Preme was credited as producing the songs “Natural High” and “Israeli News” on the Sunz of Man debut album, The Last Shall be First.[ (SOURCE: Wikipedia)
Artists Album Track Title(s) Date/Label
Sunz of Man Nothing New Under the Sun No Love Without Hate 1995 Wu-Tang Records
6th Floor 12″ Project Logic
1995 Kick Live Records
Sunz of Man The Last Shall Be First Natural High
Israeli News
1998 Threat/Red Ant/Wu-Tang Records
Tray Bag 12″ Could It Be
Lock It Up
1998 Echo International
Tray Bag 12″ If U Can Swing It (Bring It)
Sunz of Man The First Testament Who Are The Sunz of Man?
The Valley of Death
Valley of Kings
Natural High (interlude)
Hell Hole
Lulla Bye
1998 Red Hook Records/Wu-Tang Records
Chill Rob G. Blackgold No Matter What 2000 Echo International
Hell Razah 12″ Champaigne Room
Ghetto Love
Hood Life
Hell Razah When All Hell Breaks Loose What We Came To Do 2001 Echo International/Wu-Tang Records
Sunz of Man 12″ Inmates to the Fire 2003 WTCKillaBeez, Inc.
Sunz of Man No Love Without Hate No Love Without Hate 2006 Green Streets/Wu-Tang Records
Shabazz the Disciple The Becoming Of The Disciple 94 B.C. – 00 A.B.e Party Wit a Tec 2006 T.H.U.G. Angelz Music/Chamber Musik
7 Profitz The Resurrection LP 2099 A.D. 2007 Funkin Beatz/The Orchard


Exclusive Interview w Producer SHROOM @shroom020 HELL RAZAH @razah_rubiez GHETTO GOVT

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QTP: Peace Shroom!


SHROOM: what it do


QTP: For those that don’t know, tell the folks who you are, where you’re from and what it is that you do?


SHROOM: im a music producer and audio engineer from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I’m specialized in Hip Hop and Soul but i like to mix it up with other genres. That why i like Hip Hop so much cause i think thats the only genre thats mixes all other genres.


QTP: What artists have you worked with? Have you done any work with any other of the Wu-Tang Clan family?


SHROOM: through the years i worked with artists like Ghostface, Busta Rhymes, Styles P, Sheek Louch, Cappadonna, Killa Sha (RIP), Shyheim, Infamous Mobb, Black Moon, Tragedy Khadafi, Shabazz The Disciple etc. so yeah i worked with a bunch of Wu Tang artists


QTP: When did you first meet Razah?


SHROOM: i met Razah on myspace like 5 years ago (maybe longer). He sent me his email and i mailed him some beats. Then he hit me back and said “yooo u r my secret weapon” lol.. By that time he was workin on the THUG Angelz album with Shabazz the Disciple and they used 3 of my beats for that. Since then i’m on every project Razah drops. Right now workin on an entire album together with my soul arist Tarone. The name of our group is “The Dutch” (cause New York used to be New Amsterdam) and out album is called “Music From The Heart”. The first video should come out soon.


QTP: How did you get involved with GGO & Hell Razah Music, Inc.?


SHROOM: Razah my brother so whatever he does i’m involved. Killa Sha and him are the first artists from NY that started fuckin with me so..


QTP: Can you talk about the upcoming projects you’re working on with Razah?


SHROOM: check above


QTP: What other projects are you working on?


SHROOM: right now Godfather pt 3 from Infamous Mobb out here in Amsterdam to work on his album with me. Also Ghostface recorded some more tracks to my beats so i hope they’ll make the cut. Started workin on Tarone’s solorproject too. Also doin a indie project with this artist Meitje from out here. 


QTP: Anything else you want folks to know? 

That they should buy the music instead of downloading for free if they like the music lol

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Twitter: @Shroom020

FB: Shroom Psychedelic


Hell Razah “Brooklyn Tale” Produced by Shroom prod by Shroom — with Shyheim Franklin and 3 others.

Tragedy Khadafi Produced by Shroom “Free Thinkers”

“Wu-Block” Cocaine Central ft. Ghost Face Killah, Sheek Louch, Styles P Produced by Shroom

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