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Happy Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Mothers, Grand Mothers, Aunts, Foster Mothers, God Mothers, & Like A Mothers!

Blog Submission Themes for May!


Greetings Fam!

I’m going to try my best to give you advance notice about upcoming blog themes. April has been a great success with readers submitting poems & information about Autism. Since #OPERATIONREVOLUTION is not just about the music we make at Battlegrownd Entertainment, I want to make sure I continue to offer ways that fans, supporters, & readers can interact with the blog. Every month, I’ll post the coming month’s themes. You can submit poems, stories, pictures, testimonies, uTube videos, your business information as long as it directly relates to that month’s themes. I do this certainly not because I’m not busy…LOL I do it because frankly, all of our success at Battlegrownd Entertainment is because of our supporters so this is our way of showing that same support.

Mothers day



  • Date Your Mate Month (as some of you know, I’m actually a certified Marriage Educator so expect to see information relating to couples & marriage from yours truly! I will also be featuring a “Couples Corner, Ask QTP” and any relational questions that are submitted will be answered generally (meaning your identity will not be released) and I will give you for free the perspective from a relationship educator. Any poems, stories, or resources for couples will be posted! )
  • Mother’s Day (Poems,stories, photos, memories for Mom’s will all be posted!)
  • National Photograph Month (Submit your photos! Please keep photos rated PG Fam)
  • Older Americans Month (As some of you know, I am also certified in Gerontology so I will be posting information in regards to the aging population! Feel free to submit resources, poems, stories, etc)
  • Foster Care Month (as some of you know, I also run a Youth & Family service agency so I’ll be posting! Anyone who is/has been a foster parent or a foster child, please submit your stories, poems etc)
  • National Salad Month (Since Summer is soon approaching, lets get those salad recepies up! If you also have a photo of it, send that too!)

older americans


salad month


Other topics that fall under May: (Be creative! Anything relating to one of these, I’ll post. Please be specific in your email though and let me know what the post is in relation to)

  • National Blood Pressure Month
  • Memorial Day
  • National Hamburger Month
  • National Barbecue Month (If you invite me, I may just show up…LOL
  • National Bike Month
  • National Recommitment Month

Weekly Celebrations:

  • Nurse’s Week – first week of month
  • Wildflower Week – week two
  • National Bike Week – third week
  • National Police Week – third week of month
  • Emergency Medical Services Week – fourth week of month





  • CLEARLY write in the subject line Blog & the topic you’re submitting for
  • Please include photos you would like used with your post (everything in 1 email)
  • Leave any contact information for yourself (if appropriate) including your social media links if you would like them with your post) Please always include your Twitter name so I can tweet you the post you’re featured in
  • For the love of God, don’t send me anything you don’t want posted on the internet (Sorry Fam, it had to be said… you’d be surprised at the nonsense that arises). If you send me a blog submission… it goes on the blog… which is on the internet. Clear? LOL Although I would like to own the internet… I don’t so I have no control over who see’s what when it becomes (again) publically posted… on the internet.

Email submissions to