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#NationalPoetryMonth @queentheprophet delivers “Journey 2 the throne”


Journey to the throne…..

My Sisters, My Queens, Yes I’m talking to you.

Only the ones who can relate to what this Queen’s gone through.


If your life has been perfect, well then that’s good for you.

I’d never wish on another the things I knew.


My past was in darkness, the worst parts of myself.

Now I look back like it was somebody else.


If the blows start coming when you’re just a little girl,

Meteor shower damage it can do to your world.


If you’ve ever been touched because ignored was your no,

Very easy it is to detach from your soul.


If a man said love but put a fist to your face,

It’s not easy to remove from your memory place.


You swore off love to never feel it again,

Last time you did, he slept with your friend.


If you lived through a life where your family put you out,

Difficult to grasp what the concept of love is about.


No prince charming like the plans that you had.

Impossible to find when you have issues with Dad.


Then when you finally stand up and fight,

It never really turns out just quite right.


The strength from Jezebel you draw secretly makes you a whore.

I know this is painful but you need to hear more.


Your anger hurls you straight into the enemy’s lap.

Deception it is because control never comes back.


Finally one day you rise out of your mess.

You humbly realize this was only a test.


Now your life begins to become blessed,

When you realize God is the one you should impress.


It’s a confident walk when you know what your worth,

Now rise up and claim your thrones Queen’s of the earth.


Don’t worry about the Kings, they won’t be too far.

All along they were only really waiting for you to set the bar.


Loosed from the chains that caused shame in the past,

You finally flow with freedom safely in your grasp.


For once your heart begins the process of restoration,

Soon will come the light of transformation.


Now life’s hits your throne is prepared to take,

Even if they showed up with a video tape.



The Gospel of Q

My name is QueenTheProphet…. this was my journey to the throne.

I AM VIBRANT. (Victoriously Imparting Bold Revelation and Needed Truth)

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Be Blessed-





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#LifeLessons101: Forgiveness

#LifeLessons101: Forgiveness

Don’t panic Fam, nobody is about to beat you in the head with a bible. We are though going to discuss the realities of forgiveness. Luvs, I certainly don’t have all the answers and I can only speak about things I’ve actually experienced. I do know that no matter what has happened in your past, it does not have to define your future. We live in a crazy world, crazy things happen. Some of those things we bring upon ourselves by choices we make and sometimes things beyond our control happen that wound us.

We live in a world that tells us if something doesn’t make you happy, go find what makes you happy and move on. Yes, we all deserve to be happy. The one thing you hear less often (more then likely because it’s the HARDCORE truth) is that personal responsibility should always come into play first. Something’s we have to accept the consequences for our actions and then move on. Other things it’s harder to move on because we have been scarred and we want that apology so bad… it often times destroys our happiness and we never end up getting it.

Fam, I love you so I’m going to tell you the truth. Nobody owes you anything. Even an apology. What THEY do is on THEM. Your response, your action, your life IS ON YOU. There comes a point and time where we have to take control of our emotions and life. Forgiveness is NOT ABOUT THEM, IT’S ABOUT YOU. Carrying weights and wounds of your past can absolutely destroy your life. If you research, unforgivness is a common link found in over 80% of people diagnosed with cancer. Stress as we know causes all kinds of health problems including high blood pressure, anxiety, obesity, depression, and cardiovascular problems. It’s just not worth it. A bad relationship should not be the reason you never have a fulfilling one, having parents that didn’t do right by you does not entitle you to be a bad parent, going to jail is not an excuse to be mad at the entire world, being abused in any fashion is hard enough as it is… it can leave you feeling hopeless, powerless.. DON’T LET IT OWN YOU FOREVER.

If it angers you, it controls you. Do not let unfortunate circumstances destroy your life even if it wrecked havoc on years of it. If you need help, GET SOME. Stop being so proud. Getting help is a sign of strength not weakness. When you choose to forgive, you are choosing to no longer allow that thing, situation, or person have power over you. It doesn’t always happen over night, trust me. I’ve had things happen to me that would blow your mind. There were times I actually had to tell myself out loud I forgive them because everything in me still wanted to ring their neck. It eventually got easier and once it becomes a pattern of your behavior, it becomes like a second nature and you will live freer because of it. I promise.

The hardest person to forgive though…. Is yourself. We are our own worst enemies and our own biggest critics. Fam, nobody has the right to judge you. That’s God’s job. It’s not a free pass to intentionally do wrong things, but if you made a bad decision you don’t have to live in it. Time is short, life is precious. Don’t waste either. The question I dare you to ask yourself is if you’ve tried it the other way, what do you have to lose by trying it this way?
Be Blessed.