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#NationalPoetryMonth “Fair Warning” by Author/ Poet @womackpoetry

“Fair Warning”
By Author & Poet: Michael Lee Womack
You wouldn’t give only half of yourself, or your energy to her during sex So why do you do it with your relationship? I’m pretty sure that you would give her the whole thing, and not just the tip You’re all over her whenever he mentions sex…, but run fast as ever whenever you hear a word that ends with “ship” Friendship, relationship You don’t want nothing to do with it You only care about how seeing how many inches of yourself that you can get inside of her All because you want to “hit it”, a.k.a “nail her” She doesn’t deserve the heartbreak So I just wish that someone would tell her, and give her a fair warning Just like the weather forecaster does before it starts storming If you enjoyed your reading of this poem of mine, then I highly encourage you to take a minute of your time to view my website P.S. Thank you in advance for taking the time to do so. Sincerely, Author & Poet: Michael Lee Womack
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National Poetry Month “CRY” by @blkbmbshell


When I do, I do it gradually
One drop at a time. So minor, smooth, discreet
A small unnoticeable particle
Sliding down my soft brown cheek.
From time to time I let it out
Too emotional to speak
Deep in my belly there’s a rupture
Finally I’ve sprung a leak.
Trying to keep my composure
Because its so important to me
Quietly I hide away
In hopes to contain my misery.
Its hopeless! I realize as I convulse,
In pain, I shake and my heart aches.
I try to hide my blood shot eyes.
My legs tremble and my heart breaks.
Secretly I wonder; will it ever cease?
But the truth of the matter is
I need this sweet release.
The pain, the joy, the excitement, the sadness
the love, the hate, the grief, the gladness
A rolling wave of relief
With an undercurrent of pain
There’s so much to lose
Yet much more to gain.


Bio: Antoinette, a single mother and California native has been in love with poetry and literature since she was very young. She draws from life experiences to fuel her passion for writing. She will have several bodies of work published in the near future and is also an upcoming plus model.



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#PoetryMonth APRIL Submit your poems!


Greetings Fam!

April is National Poetry Month. For the entire month of April, I will blog your poems or  spoken word videos/recordings for FREE.


Submissions should be sent to put “POEM” in the subject line. Be sure to include your bio information, social media links, and any other important links to your work.

If you’d like to read some of my own click the links below.

Spoken Word: The Confession, By QTP


Spoken Word “Year of the Snake” by QueentheProphet


Spoken Word “The Struggle” by QueentheProphet via


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National Poetry Month “The Confession” By QTP


Forgive Me.

I don’t know everything, but I know certain truths. Forgive me.

I know what belongs to me and I’m taking it back. Forgive me.

I won’t let my past shame me. Forgive me.

I won’t let your words have power over me. Forgive me.

I know who I was. Forgive me.

I know who I am. Forgive me.

I have done things that I can’t undo. Forgive me.

I am not perfect. Forgive me.

I am not flawless. Forgive me.

I am righteous. Forgive me.

I am a follower of truth. Forgive me.

I am a seeker of wisdom. Forgive me.

I am a promoter of peace. Forgive me.

I am not willing to be defeated. Forgive me.

I am ready for war. Forgive me.





National Poetry Month “Year of the Snake” by QueentheProphet


Don’t envy those when its lies they speak

Proof shine through the pudding, their mind is weak

Trust in God He shall always provide

Reap & sow, karma takes her ride

They move like snakes as they slither in the grass

They cast their stones, but their house is made of glass

Better than less than is the mindset they walk

Filter trick knowledge every time they talk

For every dirty deed gets written in the book

So no need to lose sleep over a half way crook

For what they do to you, well that’s on them

We all pay the price of admission when we reach the end

No matter what they say, continue in what’s right

Anything done in darkness shall always come to light

In the presence of your enemies your table is prepared

Get ready to feast, there’s nothing to fear

On their bellies they crawl, to eat dust they shall remain

My name is QueentheProphet, I’ve come to change the game.

The Gospel of Q