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#Autism Awareness Month Essential Resources for Parents


There are many free resources available to parents who may require in home assistance, advocacy support, finiancial support for their children with autism.  You need to look into your own state as this can vary from state to state.  Many state departments of education have specific websites for their special education services offered in the state.  This can be tricky because often times, services vary by town/city.  Again, you are your child’s best advocate.  Do some digging!  We all have our smart phones for a reason and if you don’t, go to your local library and get on the internet for free!  Some key words that may provide you with the help you want can include (but are not limited to):
Autism groups + state name
Department of Special Edcuation (include your state name)
Individualized Education Plan Manual (IEP) – your child’s school IEP is a legal document, KNOW what the school is really providing your child!
Parent Advocacy groups
Behavioral support
Behavioral health support for children
Department of Mental Health
Department of Mental Retardation/Developmental Disabilities (this title may vary by state)
Funding support for autism
–again, these are just some ways to phrase searches.
If you want assistance, you are going to have to do some digging.  Get involved with parent groups, ask your school system if they have a Special Education PTA (SEPTA), ask Birth to Three providers if they offer parent support groups, go to parent training seminars.  Get connected with other parents who have gone through or are going through the same battles as you.  Many state departments offer funding for families with children with disabilities.  Contact your school social worker as they often have the experience or contact information you may seek.
For families in CT, it is State law that insurance companies provide medical coverage for children with autism.  Look into your medical insurance and see what is covered as far as speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, behavioral therapy services, etc.  CT families here are some agencies or services that are available to you:

#NationalPoetryMonth @WomackPoetry


About / Bio:

Born in the “Tar Heel State”, also known as “North Carolina”, Author & Poet “Michael Lee Womack was welcomed by his parents “Brenda Thompson” and “Billy Ray Womack Jr” on the 17th day of February, 1987 in the small town of Sanford, North Carolina. In the summer of 2005 this North Carolina author “Michael Lee Womack” graduated from “Lee Senior High School” located just within the city limits of his home town. Approximately one month later from reaching this landmark in his life, on June, 30th, 2005 this young man became a part of something bigger than anything that he had ever been a part of at this time of his life. “The United States Army“. While a soldier of this historical organization he would deploy in support of “Operation Iraqi Freedom” on multiple occassions. In the years of 2006- 2007 he would do so as a “Calvary Scout” with his brothers and sisters in arms of the 3rd Squardron 4th U.S. Calvary Regiment located out of the Pacific Island of “Hawaii with the intent of assisting the “Iraqi Army ” in taking over their own country. Three years later, after serving honorably as “Calvary Scout” this trooper sought to learn another skill. The great southern state of “Georgia” would soon be his next home as he continued his journey onto the home of the “United States Army Signal Corps” , also known as “Fort Gordon”. It would be their in which he would learn the skills required to be a “25 Sierra” “Satellite Communication Systems Operator/Maintainer”. After obtaining the knowledge required to carry out the duties of his new occupation he would continue to “soldier on” to “Fort Stewart, Georgia” home of the 3rd Infantry Division. As soon as he made way to his new Army family “Charlie Company 4-3 BSTB” he would eagerly prepare himself for a second deployment to Iraq where he would serve a year from 2010 to 2011. This deployment for him would be well worth it, because upon coming home he would meet “The Love of His Life”, his beautiful wife “Stephanie”. It was also during this very deployment where he would write his book of erotica poetry “Sexual Intimacy Beyond Pleasure”. As he lives each day of his life, he strives to become closer to reaching his goal of one day becoming a “bestseller author”, and truly believes that with each new readers purchase of his book his goal will soon one day be a reality.

Book Info


“Sexual Intimacy, Beyond Pleasure”

I call this book “Sexual Intimacy, Beyond Pleasure”, due to the fact that the joys of sexual intimacy, it’s experience, and the display of it, are indeed “Beyond Pleasure”. I chose the word beyond, to act as a shorter version of the words “more than”, because I am sure that you would also agree, that sexual intimacy should be more than pleasure. Explore this book, and see that it can be ” more than” pleasure.

Join me in the exploration of that phenomenon and allow it to revamp, rejuvenate, rekindle, or spark, what used to be there, or what never was there behind your door of sexual intimacy. Especially if that door is between you, and the most important person with whom you desire to be the most sexually intimate with. Especially if they are the one with whom you share your deepest love! Whenever it comes to the sexual intimacy in your relationship, will you fall short of pleasure? Or will you go beyond pleasure? You can have sex with anyone, but you can only truly make love to one person. The question that you must ask yourself, pleasure, or beyond pleasure?



twitter: @WomackPoetry

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Hash Tag Stories of #TEAMQUEEN @thequeendyme speaks

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My Twitter journey began about 2 years ago, but the events that would lead me to a life and mindset of a Queen were a lifetime in the making. The last child born to a mother who abandoned all of her previous children, I came into this world resented and hated by many. I was given the life of a princess but was never given what I really needed; The tools that would help me battle the life that would one day slap me in the face… HARD! Treated like a porcelain doll by my mother and adored but then abandoned by my father, I knew I would only have myself to truly count on. Many broken relationships and friendships later, I learned that if I didn’t learn to  think, act and behave like a strong black woman, a QUEEN, I would fall. So here I stand before you, @TheQueenDyme, overcoming heartache, deception and even homelessness to become who I am today, and part of the best team and family there is #TEAMQUEEN



The Hash Tag stories of #TEAMQUEEN via @Queentheprophet LADIES SUBMIT YOUR STORIES!!!

#LADIES June 2k13 “F WHAT YOU HEARD” Author:@GRYNDHOUSZ audio #book for women that will change the way you look at yourself & men

#AutismAwareness For Parents


Basic things parents need to know:
You are your child’s best advocate.  During your child’s well visit at the pediatrician it is now federal law that every child is screened at 18 months.  Most doctors offices will give you a checklist to complete.  Your doctor can only recognize the signs if you are honest and report accurately.  Not all pediatricians understand Autism.  Your pediatrician might not recognize the autism warning signs.  YOU NEED TO KNOW THE WARNINGS SIGNS!
1.  Fixation on particular objects (examples can include but are not limited to: watching wheels spin; incapable of putting a favorite toy down; fixation on an inappropriate object for the child’s chronological age or safety concern: ex: screwdriver; etc).
2.  Repetitive or inflexible play: lining objects up, needing to complete a task before moving on to another, unable to play with any toy other than familiar one, etc.
3.  Aversion to stimulating light or sound:  most kids on the spectrum have overstimulated sensory systems.  The buzz of the fluorescent lights in a building, the dog barking two streets over, the lawn mower starting outside are just few examples of hidden triggers that can upset these kids sensitive systems.  Many of these children cannot settle their “internal noise” and external noise (that often goes unnoticed to many of us) may unhinge them.
4.  Inability to respond to their name:  this is not like a teenager ignoring their parents.  This is a child who is so disengaged from the world they are in that they 1. Don’t know their own name, or 2. Do not have the comprehension to know that they are supposed to turn and look at a person when their name is called.
5.  Social incompetence:  as everything with children on the autism spectrum, this may vary by each individual.  Children’s social competence is very often measured by their play skills.  Autistic children will not want to play WITH  others, but rather NEAR them.  Engaging in social reciprocity means there is give and take within an interaction (my turn, your turn so to speak).  PARALLEL PLAY is playing close in proximity to another child, but not really engaging with the child.  Children on the autism spectrum will play very nicely with their own toys as long as its on their terms For example: in Johnny’s mind “I line up all my cars by my specific color coding system and if you even try to think about taking a car from my line, watch out because  I will unleash such a tantrum on you!”  Yes, there may be kids playing with cars near Johnny, but the typical kids are crashing them, saying “vroom” and imaginatively interacting using language with their play.  Johnny isn’t interacting, he is engaging in his play and in spatial proximity to the other children.  This is parallel play.  This is a very immature play pattern that typical kids will grow out of by age 2-3.
6.  Language skills: your child’s language development begins with infancy.  They are constantly being exposed to new vocabulary, you model or label items within your child’s environment to give them the language skills they need in order to understand and eventually talk.  Children on the autism spectrum may be delayed talkers, they may not understand directions (go get your shoes) because these are all language tasks.
7.  Strange physical movements or vocalizations.  Flapping hands, Staring at ones fingers and moving them in front of their face, high pitched screaming, unusual vocalizations (not meaningful words, strands of speech sounds that are repeated but do not represent a word or communication intent.

Jodi L. Everone, M.S., CCC-SLP


National Poetry Month /Hash Tag Stories of #TEAMQUEEN @queentheprophet SPEAKS


The Love of a King

Ladies listen close, men take some notes.

The love of a King can make a Queen’s heart float.

Every woman in her heart, no matter how long she’s been strong,

desperately wants her heart to know her soul mate’s song.

She was made from his rib, to always be by his side.

But sometimes it’s blinded by false king’s who’ve lied.

Queen’s just wait, peace be still.

Your King will find YOU, when it’s in God’s will.

In order to qualify for a love that will last,

make sure you’ve healed from things of past.

It’s all up to you how long this will take.

Never make one pay for a heart they didn’t break.

No, everyone is not the same.

There are wolves in sheep’s clothing that love to play games.

Protect your heart and know thy self.

Don’t believe falsehoods that come from someone else.

Don’t worry, Q would never judge you.

Look at all the poor choices I myself have lived through.

It seems now I speak of this in simplicity.

Only because it’s finally happened to me.

My King came into my kingdom, but never wanted my throne.

A real King comes with one of his own.

A King will presue your mind as first on his list.

He will never communicate love with a hand or a fist.

In each other your heart should safely trust.

Communication is key and is a real love must.

A King will work hard and prove worthy of respect.

With ease he’ll pass the family & friends test.

A King honors God first and not because of me.

He does it on his own because that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

He makes me proud of the man he is every single day.

I wish I knew back then it was supposed to be this way.

My King’s spirit shines, he’s a reflection of me.

Together we are the perfect reflection of He.

Now our cord is a bond of 3.

Honor and respect were the seeds that grew our tree.

He says as long as I want him he will never leave me.

It doesn’t even matter when he’s miles away.

My King makes me fall in love again every single day.

He compliments my future, he healed my past.

Happily every after is finally in my grasp.

Make no mistake, don’t envy what I have.

Now you know it’s possible so you should be glad.

You need to hold on, never give up your hope.

True love shows up when you need it the most.

Queen….. Ghost


#ConfessionsOfTheHipHopMobwife: (This is my hash tag story of #TEAMQUEEN)

My name is QueenTheProphet…. #TEAMQUEEN

I am a Queen because I have lived through hell and I still walk in love.

I make mistakes. I have issues. I have ways. I am the truth of myself, good bad and ugly.

I own myself. I have come with a message. Don’t judge the mess of the messenger, test the truth of the message.

oz (1)

(Download Wizard of Oz Free via Sound Cloud)

I am the founder of Battlegrownd Entertainment, #OPERATIONREVOLUTION

I am not a rapper. I’m QueenTheProphet and I testify to a beat.

Known alias names: Jean Gray, The Phoenix, Pale Horse, Queen of the Kennel, The Robin Hood of Hip-hop, Slayer,  @hiphopmobwife. Rumor currently also has it that I’m the Wizard of Oz…. LOL

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I make music for the purpose of saving my brothers & sisters from a mind set that tells them they are anything less then destined to be Kings & Queens no matter what they have been through. I reveal myself for the purpose of truth.


To the world that has tried to take me out and keep me in bondage, making me believe my past dictated my future:



To My Sisters: #TEAMQUEEN


Respect another Queen’s throne, but OWN yours.

It does not matter what they said.

It does not matter what they did.

Life was designed to be created in you.

You are beautiful.

You are brilliant.

You are unique.

Your body is a one of a kind model.

Even if it was violated, YOU ARE STILL PRECIOUS.

Start packaging yourself and all of your treasures.

Now stand up, adjust your crowns.

The world needs you.

The Hash Tag stories of #TEAMQUEEN via @Queentheprophet LADIES SUBMIT YOUR STORIES!!!


To My Brothers: #KINGS :

You were made in the image and likeness of God.

You are the head of your household.

Protect your Queen, and she will be the crown of your life.

No matter what this world has told you, YOU ARE KING.

Stop abusing your power, adjust your crown.

Nothing is more beautiful to a woman then a man who owns himself and knows WHO HE IS.

Be Father’s to your children, even if yours wasn’t one to you. BREAK THE CYCLE.

The world needs you.



” You can only spread one or the other, love or hate. I wish people would stop giving so much power to the word Haters. Hate is contagious, but so is love. The only way we’re going to conquer it is to live by exsample.” – @queenofthebeast Purple Lionesse / Battlegrownd Entertainment




#LADIES June 2k13 “F WHAT YOU HEARD” Author:@GRYNDHOUSZ audio #book for women that will change the way you look at yourself & men


National Poetry Month “Where’s my King?” by @queenofthebeast


You wonder why, I’m so mean?

Cause it ain’t easy, being Queen

I might be mean, but I keep it real

Even when, it’s not ideal

You can judge, you can pretend

But what you tell me, you can’t defend

You think I’m stupid, and I might be crazy

But truth is, you’re too damn lazy

Too damn lazy to realize

That all you need is right inside

You need to dig deeper, than what you see

Cause what you see, can’t set you free

It’s smoke and mirrors, its half truths

That’s how you see things in your youth

But now you’re grown, so be a man

Talk to your Maker, He understands

It’s time to stand, for what is right

But you’ve already taken flight

You’ve taken no responsibility

For the person, you came to be

Why can’t you see, what I see?

That you were created, made for me

To stand by me and conquer together

But you’re only around, during fair weather

Never ready to weather the storm

Never venturing out of the norm

It ain’t easy being Queen

Being a Queen without her King

But I need a King, in his rightful place

Who knows that this is not a race

Who knows that it’s our journey together

Who knows together, we’re much better

But you tear down, what has been built

Cause you can’t see past, your own guilt

Now I forgive you, so why can’t you?

Forgive yourself, and see it through

See it through, see past your pain

I’ll walk with you, through the rain

I just need a king, to adjust my crown

When things get tough and I’m feeling down

To remind me that you got my back

And what we face, don’t mean jack

Cause you got me and I got you

And God’s got us, and He’s right on cue

What God put together, can’t separate

Let them try, they’ll seal their fate

Now take your sword and shield and fight

Cause He will come, like thief in the night

Let us pray, to become one

Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done

So be the King you were created to be

And I’ll stand by you, as your Queen


 Purple Lionesse @queenofthebeast is the Chief Operating Officer at Battlegrownd Entertainment, #OPERATIONREVOLUTION as well as the current Management contact for @queentheprophet. She is an amazing Mom (and I get to say that because her oldest is my Goddaughter and who’s going to tell me otherwise? It’s my blog 🙂 LOL ) and my best friend. Apparently she is a glutton for punishment because she’s still my friend after 20 years. Be on the look out for a compiled collection of Purp’s works “Purple Lion Poems” which will be available in e-book format for Christmas 2013!

#LADIES June 2k13 “F WHAT YOU HEARD” Author:@GRYNDHOUSZ audio #book for women that will change the way you look at yourself & men

National Poetry Month “CRY” by @blkbmbshell


When I do, I do it gradually
One drop at a time. So minor, smooth, discreet
A small unnoticeable particle
Sliding down my soft brown cheek.
From time to time I let it out
Too emotional to speak
Deep in my belly there’s a rupture
Finally I’ve sprung a leak.
Trying to keep my composure
Because its so important to me
Quietly I hide away
In hopes to contain my misery.
Its hopeless! I realize as I convulse,
In pain, I shake and my heart aches.
I try to hide my blood shot eyes.
My legs tremble and my heart breaks.
Secretly I wonder; will it ever cease?
But the truth of the matter is
I need this sweet release.
The pain, the joy, the excitement, the sadness
the love, the hate, the grief, the gladness
A rolling wave of relief
With an undercurrent of pain
There’s so much to lose
Yet much more to gain.


Bio: Antoinette, a single mother and California native has been in love with poetry and literature since she was very young. She draws from life experiences to fuel her passion for writing. She will have several bodies of work published in the near future and is also an upcoming plus model.



#LADIES June 2k13 “F WHAT YOU HEARD” Author:@GRYNDHOUSZ audio #book for women that will change the way you look at yourself & men

The Hash Tag stories of #TEAMQUEEN



I’m not sure if you all know where the hash tag #TEAMQUEEN came from. About 2 years ago, I became an active Twitter user and met @thequeendyme on one of my infamous rants. Now cue @QueenDetria, thus the hash tag #TEAMQUEEN was born. Then we found other Queens…. @jennydaqueenb, @Queencremita, @duchesssofbitchs , @aqueenofqueens, & @mz2rude showed up and then there became too many to name.


Personally, I am impressed with the level of class that are associated with #TEAMQUEEN. I’ve never heard a disrespectful word uttered one to the other. I believe that when a woman is truly a Queen, she has overcome much and earned her throne. The meaningless parts of stupidity don’t bother her because she is a Proverbs: 31 woman in constant progress.


So…. The reason you’re reading this is because I am personally inviting you to share your story. I would like to introduce the women of #TEAMQUEEN to the world. Please do not feel obligated to participate, but I extend to you the invite to testify about the journey to your throne.

Please only include information that you are comfortable with sharing on the internet. Include the photos you would like used, your social media links, & any other information you would like listed. Please email everything in 1 email to put #TEAMQUEEN in the subject line.

Be Blessed-


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#LADIES June 2k13 “F WHAT YOU HEARD” Author:@GRYNDHOUSZ audio #book for women that will change the way you look at yourself & men

#PoetryMonth APRIL Submit your poems!


Greetings Fam!

April is National Poetry Month. For the entire month of April, I will blog your poems or  spoken word videos/recordings for FREE.


Submissions should be sent to put “POEM” in the subject line. Be sure to include your bio information, social media links, and any other important links to your work.

If you’d like to read some of my own click the links below.

Spoken Word: The Confession, By QTP


Spoken Word “Year of the Snake” by QueentheProphet


Spoken Word “The Struggle” by QueentheProphet via


Be Blessed-


#Autism Awareness Month



Greetings Fam!

Some of you may already know that I come from a stacked background in social services, especially as it pertains to disabilities.  (Read more in the “About QueenTheProphet top of Blog).


Since April is Autism awareness month, for the entire month of April, I will do weekly posts surrounding educational information on Autism and other Pervasive Development Disorders (PDD) that are classified as Autism & other spectrum disorders.


Autism is a life-long disability that prevents individuals from properly understanding what they see, hear, or otherwise sense (think 5 senses).


For the next 5 minuets…. write down everything you hear. EVERYTHING. (Lights buzzing, heat blowing, cars, alarms, talking traffic, etc.)

Look at this list. This is how many individuals with Autism hear. They hear EVERYTHING at once. Pretend you’re a parent trying to get a child with Autism to clean their room with the TV on. They’re not ignoring you…. often they’re hearing EVERYTHING at once. Now apply this same exsample to the other senses.


When speaking about a person with any disability, make sure you are using People 1st Language.  ALWAYS put the person BEFORE the disability. They are a person first, not a disability. Using People 1st Language takes practice, but it’s very easy to get the hang of.

Jimmy (person)  has Autism (disability) .

Individuals (person) with disabilities (disability).

My son (person) has Autism (disability).


If you have a story, poem, or anything related to AUTISM that you would like to see blogged on , email put “Autism” in the subject line.

Be Blessed-