National Poetry Month “The Struggle” by QueentheProphet


The Struggle

There comes a time, there comes a point

You must CHOOSE wrong or right

I cannot, I will not do it like everybody else

We all stand before our maker and can only vouch for our self

I’ve done good and I’ve done bad

I’ve made some choices I wish I never had

I’ve known love, suffering, loss, & pain

I’ve lived through things that make most insane

I’ve known people that I called friend

They turned out to be nothing but a snake in the end

All of these things don’t mean much

If I allow myself to wallow in its negative clutch

If you can take your struggle and make it a lesson

I promise you that in it you’ll find blessing

Build or destroy is the name of the game

Either way you choose will bring about change

So when you feel like you’re off track

Grab your life & take it back

It’s never too late as long as you have breath

There’s just no good reason to both live & die in death

The Gospel of Q


About Queen the Prophet

Queen the Prophet is an entrepreneur active in both the professional aspect of the independent hip-hop music community as well as the human service /social service field. is the platform QTP ties both areas of her life together offering a faith-based and humorous approach to real-life sections of the blog, a professional and informative outlook to topics in the entertainment industry (including interviews, special features, and helpful tips) as well as interactive sections for blog readers to ask questions, community resources on specialized topics, and submit material for publishing

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