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Where’s the stuff God promised ME!?


God doesn’t ever run out of favor & blessings. When you see someone else get blessed that doesn’t mean God ran out of blessings, gifts, talents, & favor for you. Once you learn how to genuinely celebrate other people’s blessings, stop comparing yourself and your situation to other people, stop envying what does not belong to you, and stop feelin some type of way because you feel like it should have been you first is when your blessings can start being released.

The Why


The “why’s” level of importance is grossly underestimated & misappropriated. Asking why isn’t always appropriate. Some things require faith to activate and why gives way to doubt which cancels faith. Something’s we don’t need to know and something are plain ol none of your business. But asking ourselves why we do something or want something is often ignored all the time because the hardest person to ever put under a microscope and examine is yourself. When you get real with God and yourself you will absolutely find things that need to be restored and transformed. If you don’t? That’s one sad party because self-deception is the worst kind. Telling yourself that you’re fine and have it all figured out is very dangerous ground because you can only ever start to become wise once you’re willing to admit that you are in fact stupid.