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Exclusive Interview with HELL RAZAH @razah_rubiez GGO CANADA GENERAL @criusmusick


QTP:  Wingz Up Fam!

  • Wingz Up!!

QTP: For those that aren’t familiar, talk a little about yourself who you are, where you’re from and what you do.

  • I am C-rius! Based out of Toronto Ontario Canada, From Queens NY to Montreal Quebec Canada, I am a producer 1st and sound engineer second! I went to school for both!

QTP: What artists have you worked with in the past? Who are you currently working with now?

  • In the past I’ve worked with Menace the Reezin ( Toronto) ,S.T.A.Y aka Sounds That Affect You ( Ottawa), Eternia (Toronto) , Block McCloud (USA), Self-titled (USA),, Solitair (from Toronto’s Black Jays), Words and Rhymes ( Battle Axe Warriors) Apathy (USA),, Promise (Toronto) , And now working with Hell Razah and the rest of the HRMI family.

QTP: So far, what was the most memorable project you’ve worked on and why?

  • I’m afraid there are none that really stand out, I think the one that will be the most memorable will be the T.H.U.G. A.N.O.N. Project with Hell Razah because I put my heart in that work. I feel there are many gems in the production created for that project and Razah will complete them with his verses.

QTP: How did you hook up with Razah and become a part of his Ghetto Govt movement?

  • I hooked up with Razah through a mutual friend who has been helping me out from day one he felt like my style would mesh well with Razah. Razah liked what I had to offer and from that moment on history is writing itself.

QTP: What projects are you working on? What’s on deck for the upcoming year?

  • Hoping to have the Razah project done in the near future, Working on an album for an Artist called Menace the Reezin, and my own coming out party called C-rius Bastards based off the movie Inglorious Bastards.

QTP: Where can people contact you and where can they find samples of your beats?

  • People can get a hold of me via twitter @criusmusick or email at and my music is available via Someone that really wants to hear what I have to offer should contact me directly and we can move forward from there

QTP: Anything else you want folks to know?

  • I want the people to get their ears ready for that real music. Razah has brought back the hunger in me and people should be ready as I unleash some bangers.