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EXCLUSIVE LEAK OFF 2014 ‘EL RAZIEL’ ALBUM HELL RAZAH @razah_rubiez ft @sadatx


Wu-Tang Clan affiliate {Sunz of Man} Hell Razah leaks the track ” Section 8″ featuring the legendary Sadat X {Brand Nubian) {produced by LexZyne Productions}   off the anticipated 2014 album “El’ Raziel- God is My Pleasure”.  “El’ Raziel” is just one of many full albums Razah is scheduled to drop in 2014. 

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Razah has been making enormous moves in 2013. His Ghetto Govt movement has gone global and Hell Razah Music, Inc. has been launched with a full roster.  Razah has dropped his 1st album of 2013 “Living After Death” (available on iTunes for purchase and his GGO United Hoods of America MXTPS volumes 2 & 3. The next Ghetto Govt MXTP is scheduled to drop November, 2013 and Razah has a full arsenal of albums scheduled for 2014 in addition to the 1st Ghetto Govt album. Razah has been working with his HRMI artists on their albums, filming his Thug Anonymous DVD, and rumor has it the GGO clothing line is soon to drop. 

They have referred to Razah as the greatest comeback in progress. That was an understatement. 


Welcome to the return of the renaissance child. 


PREVIEW ” SECTION 8″ Hell Razah & Sadat X

If you’re reading this after 9/5/13 the exclusive leak was only leaked for 48-hours. WINGZ UP!

Wu-Tang Affiliate/ #GGO Prez HELL RAZAH @Razah_Rubiez & 1st Lady @queentheprophet Live on BLIS.FM w @DJYELLO @frantastic_live @marcmandc


Saturday, July 27th Wu-Tang Clan /Sunz of Man / Ghetto Govt founder/ President HELL RAZAH/ HEAVEN RAZAH and 1st Lady Queentheprophet were guests on BLIS.FM hosted by @MarcManDc @DJYELLO and @Frantastic_Live. Although Razah and QTP were live in the studio, the rest of the Hell Razah Music, Inc. roster ( Suriel Scripture, Automatik Greatness, and Razah’s oldest son Kappo the Renaissance Child) joined the show via phone. Other call-in guests included Wu-Tang Clan / Sunz of Man Prodigal Sun  & Razah’s Director {Thug Anonymous, 2014}  Jerome Davis.

If you missed the show, you can still give it a listen! IF YOU MISSED THE SHOW YESTERDAY WITH …


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