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It’s not about being thankful one day a year because you’re about to dig in to a feast. Your worst day is someone else’s fairy tail. You can find a million posts thanking God for his blessings, but rarely do we remember to thank Him for the tests and trials. Every ounce of wisdom & strength that you have right now was because your character was being shaped and molded during hard times. Live a life that has an attitude of gratitude and I promise you will start to realize that your good days far out weigh your bad. -QTP

Senior / Disabled Housing asks 4 #Thanksgiving Food donations in #CT


Stratfield Apartments in Bridgeport, CT is public housing for seniors and individuals with disabilities. They are currently asking for donations of prepared food trays for Wednesday, November 27th in order to provide a Thanksgiving dinner for the 192 residents who live there. If you or your organization are able to help or donate please call (203) 366-4321.