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#WhoIsQTP? : Supernova




A star that suddenly increases greatly in brightness because of a catastrophic explosion that ejects most of its mass.


Who is QTP? People ask me this all of the time. I get calls from the higher ups in the game asking who I am and why am I everywhere….#TrueStory. I’m only a person who has over come my pain and move for a purpose greater then my imperfect self.

#OperationRevolution has help from 2 very important men with vision. Kings, thank you for the support of your own empires. May you continue to be blessed in all that you do. We salute you.
@thrilla_SsN #SsNation
@G_NationCrown #Gnation

Salute 2 Johnny Magnum  @kingmagma

Salute 2 @thequeendyme #OperationRevolution 1st Lt. & the #ROYALFAM @Tolybos @QueenDetria @DuchessofBitchs @Mz2Rude @Kodak_Cray …. what? Ya’ll thought I forgot about you?:) Never that… *kicks karate monkey & starts twitter jail riot*

Battlegrownd Entertainment #OPERATIONREVOLUTION #HipHopApocalypse 2013
#watchthethrone and to @_grandgiovanni, @iambrandonheat, @PhyscoRock211, & our #427 #DBG fam raise your glasses Kings…. we bout 2 celebrate…

#HipHopApocalypse #2013 ARTISTS 2 WATCH:
Grand Giovanni @_grandgiovanni
Brandon Heat @iambrandonheat
PHYSCOROCK @physcorock211 or @fuimstoned
George Yung @kinggeorge427
Verbal Kent @kingnattyboog
Big Heights @donovinheights
Young Pyro @pyromaniac7491
Coke Kev @ctcokekev
Speci tha Wolf @specithawolf