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#Blessed to be a #blessing


I just learned something and I felt compelled to share it with my beautiful readers. Let me back track for a second and tell you that today for me wasn’t exactly ideal. Spent the entire day in the emergency room and about an hour ago noticed that I had a flat tire. For some people that would have been enough to drive them right over the edge and they would have started screaming, swearing, asking “why me?” and all of that. I wasn’t thrilled when I saw the tire however, I realized that it could have been a lot worse. I had actually just added road side assistance to my policy two-weeks ago, my car was at home in my drive way, and I was grateful I didn’t notice it at 6:00 a.m. when I had somewhere to be. I’d like to also point out that this calm, cool, collective individual I am describing as me was not always me, believe me. But the trials and tribulations that allowed God to mold me this way we’ll visit another day during another lesson.

The tow-truck guy gets to my house and all of the sudden I found myself lending an ear as this man poured his entire life out to me as he was changing my tire. I learned that his son was killed in a car accident a few years ago and he suffered a heart attack soon after. He also was letting a friend who is battling cancer live with him and that friend lost his wife to cancer a few years ago. You might be thinking “Wow, that’s not really professional” or “Who cares?”, but that’s not what God wants you to think.  See sometimes we get so caught up in what’s happening to us and we as a people have become so self-drama centered that some of us have even lost the ability to feel compassion for other human beings because we can’t think past our own emotions or own situations. Here’s a shocking reality check though, YOU are not that important. I am not that important, WE are all important.

As this man got up to leave, I told him I was sorry I didn’t have any cash on me to tip him and he said, “don’t worry about it”. I told him I will pray for his friend and he looked back at me and said quietly, “Please do, his name is Juan.” I realized that sometimes when things happen to us, even bad things, there is always an opportunity for you to help someone else. We can’t allow ourselves to be so consumed with the little annoyances of life that we end up missing the chance to be a blessing to someone else who may very well be in more need then we are. If you’re a believer, then you fully comprehend exactly what I’m saying. We can’t say that we love God, make witty Facebook or Instagram posts to make people on the internet see how super “spiritual” we are and then miss the chance to share God’s love with someone who needs it just because we’re drowning in our own drama.  What that man was carrying in his heart was more important then my stupid tire and maybe all he needed was someone to listen.

A lot of people have their hands held out to receive a blessing but have closed fists when it comes time to be a blessing. Trust me when I tell you that if you want to see the favor of the Almighty move in your life? Be a giver, be a blessing. Stop telling people you love the Lord, SHOW THEM. You can’t be a “boss” if you haven’t learned to be a humble servant and the reason for that is because you can’t experience a divine appointed promotion without being a humble servant. You will always be called to be a server, you will always be required to be humble, you will always be required to think outside yourself. The most amazing thing about all of this is, God is so merciful and gracious that even a non-believer can find evidence of God’s hand on their life simply because they allow themselves to be a blessing to others. We are not animals or savages but if we continue to choose to behave like them then we have nobody but ourselves to blame when we reap the fruit of planting those crops. I used to be one of those mad at the world for everything that went wrong in my life people. It made a world of difference when I started to develop (and I’m still a work in progress) an attitude of gratitude.

I hope this post was a little bit of soul food for you, and if you are a praying person? Please send up a prayer for “Juan” because God is still in the miracle working business.

Be Blessed-


Let it not be said that we did nothing…..


If you haven’t seen Cartoon Network’s new “Mr. Pickles” show, I encourage you to cover yourself in prayer before even looking it up.  The cartoon openly glorifies satanism and to-date is the sickest dark comedy series I have seen.  I’ve heard folks say “Oh, they’ve been doing that for years” and that is absolutely true. However, that is not an excuse for us to do nothing, say nothing and just allow it to continue. We live in a society that has people so worried about being politically correct and not offending anyone’s feelings that they fail to speak up and tell the truth for fear of what people might think or say.  This show is on Cartoon Network. The word “cartoon” in it’s self implies it’s geared towards children.

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The images above are the LEAST offensive of what’s available. There should not even remotely be a chance that any child would stumble upon this cartoon. It doesn’t matter what your faith belief is, I think we can reason together that this is NOT okay. We can’t ignore things like this Fam. Let it not be said that we did nothing and let it not be said that we didn’t even try. Please sign the petition below for Cartoon Network to take Mr. Pickles off the air.



Your greatest enemy by @queentheprophet

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Greetings Fam!

I think I’m long overdue to step on some toes. I’m going to destroy an idea that too many people have with the truth. The truth is God loves you. Period, point blank, end of story. People may not love you… hell, most people won’t even like you but that’s okay! My belief is if they don’t own some sort of heaven or hell to put you in? Don’t worry about it.

Fam, life is a test. We may not always understand it or agree with it but everything is an opportunity for you to accumulate wisdom and grow… even the things that hurt. Have you ever heard the term growing pains? It’s true. Growing hurts. Most of the time, a breakdown is right before a break through and a setback is actually a set up for something greater.

Nobody walking the earth is perfect and anyone who says they are is a liar. The hardest enemy you will ever face off against is yourself. Our thoughts, emotions, fears, experiences, joy’s, hurt’s, & pains are all personal. They happened to YOU. They have shaped and molded what you perceive reality to be. This though, is not a free pass for you to behave like a moron. We all have had things happen to us, we have all had moments where we felt like God forgot about us and questioned the significance of our very existence. Here’s the thing though, you must conquer those things and the emotions that are attached to them or you are giving them permission to wreak havoc on the rest of your life and your relationships. You will never be perfect, you will mess up…. But you can’t give up.


Be Blessed-


Mirror, Mirror look inside, see your flaws by @queentheprophet

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I figure mine as well shake things up today, step on some toes, and most importantly make you THINK.  Mirror, mirror on the wall, if you don’t look in it, you shall fall. How does a mirror work? It reflects our image. In essence, a mirror is a smooth surface that reflects most of the light that hits it, with only a minimal amount of light being absorbed. It is essential that the surface is smooth, because light reflecting off of a rough surface would scatter the light, thus no clear image would appear.

After you eat, why do you look in the mirror?

When you’re getting ready, why do you look in the mirror?

Silly questions, right? Mirrors reveal flaws. Fam there is not a single person walking this earth that can say they’re perfect, and if they do? They are a liar.

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Your reality is personal. Your reality is created by experiences that have impacted you in your soul and how you perceive them. Sometimes, our perception is off. Let me give you an exsample… Women who have been sexually abused can often become promiscuous. So the young women who are often referred to as hoes, are in all actuality a victim of some traumatizing experience. The outward expression of promiscuity isn’t about sex at all. It’s about control. These women tend to program themselves to believe they don’t care about anything and they’re “goin for theirs” but in all actuality, they are only trying to regain the loss of control and fill a void. So many young men are without the role model of a father or have grown up with a terrible one. These young men outwardly express their anger by being determined not to end up like their fathers and will do so by any means necessary, which in our urban communities nine times out of ten lands them in the kind of trouble that follows them around for the rest of their lives.

Life is not always fair. Bad things happening are not God’s fault. We live in a fallen world. Poor God, he gets blamed for everything bad and people hardly remember all of the good. Good is not defined by an amount of money, the kind of house you live in, or the car you drive. If you woke up and are able to move your limbs, you are blessed. If you woke up and couldn’t move your limbs, but have a roof over your head and clothes on your back you are blessed.


Growing and maturing as spiritual beings requires that we constantly look in the mirror and examine ourselves. You are not supposed to always like what you see and if you never find something wrong? Something is wrong with your vision. Do you ever stop and ask yourself why you react to certain things a certain way? The faster you understand that you will never be perfect and you always will have a part of you to be worked on, the happier you’ll be. We are all imperfect people loved by a perfect God. We can’t control or change other people, we can only control and change ourselves. If something angers you, it CONTROLS YOU. Get a grip on what makes you angry. Look in the mirror. The answers are simple, we make them complicated. Hurting people hurt other people. If someone has scarred you, understand they are scarred and you can’t fix that nor is it your fault. The only thing in those situations you do have control over is getting over it and controlling yourself.

Looking in the mirror is a CONSTANT process & it’s ugly. If you don’t face it tho, you deceive yourself. Haven’t you been lied to enough?

Hurting people hurt other people. That sentence alone can give you the reasons why to a lot of unanswered questions if you let it.

The correct answer is always love, it never fails.

Be Blessed-


Blood is not always the thicker than water by @queentheprophet


Greetings Fam!

I want to talk about something that really bothers me every time I hear it. The saying “blood is thicker then water” is true. Blood technically is a thicker substance then water. However, the reference in which it’s used normally is in the context of a sentence implying family. I know that I am not the only person walking this earth who does not have the luxury of that statement applying to me throughout my entire life.  Too often ignored is the spiritual bond and that my friends, transcends blood. Many families are very close and those families are bonded far beyond blood, they are bonded in love which lives in the soul.


Have you ever met someone and instantly felt like you knew them? Have you ever met a new friend later in life that quickly became closer then people you knew for years? Were you raised by someone who was not family, but they’re your family?

I wanted to talk about this because there are LOTS of people that are not close to their blood families. I know that for me, although in my own family things of the past have been discussed, forgiven, and reconciled, there is still no closeness there. I learned a few years ago (wish I learned it sooner) that self-preservation is not being selfish.  I know for me personally, sometimes it’s just better that I stay on the outside of certain things so that I don’t get caught up in others. For me personally I have learned that because I choose to walk through life the way  believe in my heart God called me to walk, there is not a lot of understanding that comes from other people , family or not. Doesn’t make it right or wrong, but it still is what it is. There are lots of people who have parents that are strung out on drugs. You can love them, forgive them, honor them as your parents, but you certainly don’t have to let them babysit your kids.  Lots of times kids grow up to be smarter then their parents and I see this a lot spiritually speaking.

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One of the hardest things I know that I have had to overcome is accepting the fact that not everybody wants to know God and some people just don’t care. That was hard because my expectations of people were too high at one time. We cannot expect the everyone in the world to “know better” the truth is Fam, some people actually don’t know better. People’s parents are not exempt. Things I would never dream about doing to someone else were done to me, but then again there was a time in my life where I too chose to walk a different path and I wasn’t caring about anyone else much in those days either. Life became a whole lot easier learning to accept people as they are when I learned to understand where they are. If you know a man or woman is having an affair, don’t expect perfect honestly out of them. Obviously they are in a place where they are doing something else. If they are in that kind of a situation, it doesn’t mean they’re bad people but don’t lose sleep over them being dishonest with you.


In this world, it is a very real thing to have people closer to you then blood. Sometimes the “family” trump card fails some of us, and kudos to all of you who have not ever had the agonizing pain of family at it’s core. I’m not being sarcastic (this time) I’m being serious. Anyone who has any idea what I’m talking about, knows exactly what I mean. I would not wish on my worst enemy some of the things I have felt or experienced. So to those who feel that emptiness and detachment when someone says “Blood thicker than water” because that has not been true in your life, you are not alone. In God’s kingdom we are brothers & sisters and when the truth in that manifests it’s self? It’s a beautiful thing.


Be blessed Fam-


Wisdom from the throne …. LET EM TALK


Wisdom from the throne …. LET EM TALK

It’s time to have a real conversation about personal & spiritual growth. Please don’t mistake the word spiritual for religion. I detest the world religion it’s used out of context all the time. When I speak of spiritual things, you can apply it to whatever you choose to believe in. If you want to follow the Hawk or worship the tree, more power to you. Just believe in something because if you don’t, you’ll fall for anything.


Other people can drive you crazy….. if YOU let them. I suggest you don’t. I’m going to give you the RAW version of life Fam. Guess what? SOME PEOPLE SUCK. I refuse to sugar coat anything for anybody. There are folks that are so broken that they either choose not to recover, don’t know how, or just don’t care. People live & die every single day. Nothing we say or do can ever change that. We are never responsible for the choices other people make but we can be impacted by them. The weight of the impact is decided by us.


I kid you not, I have helped people, businesses, friends, etc and basically been snaked or trashed as the end result. I have choices Fam. I can A) Jump on social media like them and act like an unprofessional fool B) Start moving in an eye for an eye C) Do something that may jeopardize my freedom you get it… we always have choices. Here is what I have found to work, all day, everyday, never failed yet. TRUTH. You see, people can have facts but still not know the truth. It happens all the time.


People are going to talk about you. People are going to lie on you. People are going to try to get over on you. How much power they have is on you. If it angers you, it controls you. Learning to take the high road sometimes can hurt and make you sick, ESPECIALLY the first few times. I promise it gets easier and your life will be a healthier & happier one if you learn to master it. I remember the most memorable moment of clarity I ever had was when I realized that I don’t have to listen to stupidity. Arguing with stupid people only accomplishes one thing, there is now two stupid people. If you are not a fool, then why try and explain yourself to a fool if you already know they’re a fool? The proof will always be in the pudding as they say.


I live a VERY blessed life. Not because I’m better than anyone and surely not because I have a squeaky clean past. Actually those things will NEVER be heard as statements to describe me. I’m a nice lady. I’m little nuts, but who isn’t? I never walk into situations or business ventures with the intentions to ever hurt, snake, harm, destroy, or use anyone. So if something goes wrong? I don’t worry. I don’t worry because my heart is intact when I reflect on it. You will never obsess over an issue if you do the right thing as a practice. You will never have regrets if you are able to swallow your pride and apologize if you were wrong. See when you live a lifestyle of saving your own behind, always looking who you can stab to get ahead? It catches up to you somehow, someway, someday. Karma as they say is a hoe and she screws everybody.


Here’s the thing though, allowing those things to keep you captive stunts your growth as an individual. How in the world do you ever expect to be successful or better yet why do you deserve it if you are unable to even control your own emotions? Getting your emotions in check is not easy at first. How old are you? Your emotions more then likely have been free to make you “feel” any type of way for that many years. Never make permanent decisions on temporary emotions. Emotions change. Think before you speak. Balance before you react. If you are not in control of you…. Then what is?


You can’t control other people. You can only learn to control you. How other people treat you is on them. How you respond is on you. Often times the weight of our reward is calculated by the way we respond to the tests. The sooner you learn the lesson and understand it, the sooner you can go on to the next.


Be Blessed-


Ezekiel 33:14-16

New King James Version (NKJV)

14 Again, when I say to the wicked, ‘You shall surely die,’ if he turns from his sin and does what is lawful and right, 15 if the wicked restores the pledge, gives back what he has stolen, and walks in the statutes of life without committing iniquity, he shall surely live; he shall not die. 16 None of his sins which he has committed shall be remembered against him; he has done what is lawful and right; he shall surely live.




People have no idea the path you’ve walked. The head of those who wear the crown is often heavy. I have survived things that would have devastated most by the grace of God. I am owed nothing. No matter what trials or traumas I have faced, I am still owed nothing. I know that walking in love is the path that I choose, even when it hurts. I have endured things that you could not imagine and some of it at the hands of simply bearing my brother’s burden. When you walk in love you understand that it’s never about you. Your love walk is for a purpose for many. You learn to sacrifice of yourself so the masses can reap the benefits. Love is not selfish, love is not puffed up. Love hopes all things, endures all things, believes all things. Love never fails.