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The Hash Tag stories of #TEAMQUEEN



I’m not sure if you all know where the hash tag #TEAMQUEEN came from. About 2 years ago, I became an active Twitter user and met @thequeendyme on one of my infamous rants. Now cue @QueenDetria, thus the hash tag #TEAMQUEEN was born. Then we found other Queens…. @jennydaqueenb, @Queencremita, @duchesssofbitchs , @aqueenofqueens, & @mz2rude showed up and then there became too many to name.


Personally, I am impressed with the level of class that are associated with #TEAMQUEEN. I’ve never heard a disrespectful word uttered one to the other. I believe that when a woman is truly a Queen, she has overcome much and earned her throne. The meaningless parts of stupidity don’t bother her because she is a Proverbs: 31 woman in constant progress.


So…. The reason you’re reading this is because I am personally inviting you to share your story. I would like to introduce the women of #TEAMQUEEN to the world. Please do not feel obligated to participate, but I extend to you the invite to testify about the journey to your throne.

Please only include information that you are comfortable with sharing on the internet. Include the photos you would like used, your social media links, & any other information you would like listed. Please email everything in 1 email to put #TEAMQUEEN in the subject line.

Be Blessed-


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