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Soul Food by @queentheprophet


Greetings Family!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Holiday season & remembering those less fortunate.

Isn’t it funny how you can get some people to give during the holidays but never at any other time of the year? Not all people though. Some of us are givers as a lifestyle.

First of all everyone has it in them to give. Most of the time when people lose the ability to be giving it’s normally because they have been hurt as a result of giving too much to the wrong person so instead of being a more careful giver, they become a bitter non-existent giver.

A giver isn’t always necessarily someone who gives material things away. Don’t make that mistake! There are quite a few folks that give material things only because it’s a tax write off or because it makes them look good. Here’s how you can pick those out, they talk about it or tell you about it & everyone else. When people give things and never let anyone forget it? It wasn’t a real gift. Giving comes from your heart and when you truly are giving out of your heart? You forfeit the right to bring it up again if it was done in love.


Giving should always be done from the heart and in love. I was talking about this this morning with one of my girlfriends. It came up because we work in Public Housing. We have senior and elderly residents in our building and for their Holiday party, I asked them to nominate a neighbor. Basically, the folks where I work can’t afford to give gifts most of the time so I bought the gifts, they nominated the neighbor. This morning she and I were going through the gifts I purchased and not for nothing? Walgreens had some really nice $5 gifts. That’s how the whole thing started. We were impressed with what we were able to get for $5 and I asked her “Isn’t that crazy? This is a nice gift that says I thought of you and for some people they wouldn’t even appreciate it because it’s not enough? What happened to it’s the thought that counts?”

I’m not sure what happened to the way of people’s thinking. Maybe it started to change when parents assumed that having a TV, DVD Player, & gaming system in a child’s room was just part of the furniture and not something that should be earned as a privilege. Maybe it was when people forgot that having new shoes & clothes for school didn’t mean it had to be $100 shoes or jeans. Maybe it was when the imposter hip-hop took over and started brain washing both parents and kids that the only way to live or the definition of “arrived” is when you have a weekly budget for booze, cars, clothes, hoes, and the club. Maybe it was when parents started giving eight year olds $600 phones. Not sure, don’t care.

There is truly a lack of kindness in the world and it honestly makes me sick. I chose not to live like that and yes, there are drawbacks like giving your love and kindness to a person and they turn around and snake you. But you know what? That’s on them, not on you. Don’t let it change you. One day and we all know we’re not promised tomorrow, you will give an account for your behavior. If you died today, would you be happy with the answer?

Just a little soul food Fam.

Be Blessed-


How will full body tattoo’s look when you’re old? by @queentheprophet

Just food for thought Fam….

Surprisingly I couldn’t find too many images of elderly people covered in tattoos.  Then I realized that really, it’s our generation that covering your entire body in tat’s is popular and we’re not senior age yet. I’m a fan of tattoo’s, I’m an artist and I think personally they’re beautiful. However, I did learn the hard way that placement of the tat is very important. I got one on my arm at 18 and by the time I was 24 I hated it and wished I never put it there. I always recommend putting them in a place that you can cover if you have to or in case you don’t like it later. It’s very trendy to get multiple tats and nobody really thinks about what that’s going to look like by the time you’re 70. So just for fun, I decided to pull up some pictures. I know that for me, I have decided to make sure any future tattoos will be in a place I will not want to cry when my skin’s elasticity decreases LOL.

Be Blessed –



Old Women with traditional tattoos on her body Bontoc Mountain Province Rice Terraces Philippines images (2) images (4) neck-tattoo old-man-tattoo-02 tattoo-lady tumblr_lw75arsvmN1qi88mvo1_500 tumblr_m9by0okrwF1r67vczo1_500