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EXCLUSIVE interview w @queentheprophet by @giovannipratt

EXCLUSIVE Interview with @queentheprophet by @giovannipratt #READ

Exclusive Interview with HELL RAZAH @razah_rubiez GHETTO GOVT member @sneakvandel

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QTP: Peace Sneak!

QTP: For those of you that don’t know, Sneak Vandel is one of my new favorite people (mostly because he’s nuts) but also happens to be a brilliant producer and an official Ghetto Govt member. Sneak, tell the people about yourself, because you do more then just produce.

SNEAK: Glad you added “brilliant” in there or I wasn’t gonna answer this question. Lol

I’m a former gospel artist and that’s where I started my hip-hop career. I put a few records out in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. After a going thru some family things I decided to retire from that aspect of life. After a brief hiatus I started producing to ease my way back into hip-hop. I did a few local albums with some emcees from around my way and mastered my craft. To date I’m a producer,emcee, graphic artist and loyal member of GGO.

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QTP: We have all seen the Wu-Tang tattoo, who are some of the Clan affiliates you have worked with in the past and are working with now?

SNEAK: The tattoo is homage to Wu because of their influence on me since 36 chambers. And the fact that they are and always will be the greatest group in hip-hop. I’ve recently just started working with Clan affiliates so my résumé isn’t THAT extensive. I was featured on Judah Priest Sleepy Hollow album on World War 4. I’ve contributed 5 or 6 tracks to his new album also. I know I have work I need to do for Buddha Monk and BKZU. I’m just taking it as it comes ya know…

QTP: I possibly may have heard a rumor that you are creating some sort of masterpiece beat for a collab track with Wu-Tang Affiliate Judah Priest (Brooklyn Zu/ Ghetto Govt) and the infamous Queentheprophet.  Can you confirm or deny such a rumor?

SNEAK: A tru master never gives up his secrets. But it is possible that those wheels are turning. Lol

QTP: You’re working on some things with Razah as well right?

SNEAK: Yeah me and Razah have been building and I have been constructing some heaterz for dude. He’s always been one of my favorite Clan brethren. So I’m excited to be collaborating with him. And I look to do a lot more with him in the future. WINGZ UP!

QTP: What other projects are you working on music & otherwise?

SNEAK: Right now my focus is on Razah and what he needs to complete his work. I don’t like to muddy the waters and take on too many projects at once. I like to focus on an artist so I can deliver quality music to them. Too many cat JUST put out whatever they can, very few put out quality.

QTP: To-date what has been your most memorable project?

SNEAK: My first studio album. It was with a group called Raiderz of the Lost and the album was Prepare for the Spillage. It was at that point that I was able to do music full tilt. Touring was dope and I met a lot of chill people. Plus it was my first world wide distributed album. Side note: that was when I met Judah Priest also.

QTP: That will change after we work together though right?

SNEAK: Depends on if you keep giving me a hard time. Lol

QTP: Is there anyone you really want to work with that you haven’t already? (besides me of course)

SNEAK: I like how most of these questions somehow involve you too. Lol!  Guess that’s why you’re the Queen.

I’d love to do work with Killah Priest, Gza, RA the Rugged Man, and any of the core WTC members. I’d also like to do work for a Sunz of Man reunion album (hint hint).

QTP:  Anything else you want folks to know?

SNEAK: I’m white…

Sike nah….

No really…I’m a white dude.

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NEVER GIVE UP by @queentheprophet


Greetings Fam!

Peace and blessings. I want to talk about something that every person in the world needs to hear. Let’s talk about not giving up. Life can deal us all curve balls that we weren’t expecting and sometimes those curveballs come from our own karma. The thing that we forget most is that God is not a genie in a bottle. When you pray for things like faith, God does not wave a magic wand and boom you have faith. Situations which will allow you to test your faith and make your faith strong pop up.

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When you have something in your heart that you can’t go a day without thinking about, never give up. It does not matter what it looks like on the outside. We as human beings are impatient. We want everything here and now, and when it doesn’t go the way WE THINK it should go, too often times we assume it’s not working. In actuality what appears to be a set-back is normally a set-up for something even greater if you hang on.


I have found (the hard way, because simply I am hardheaded… yea I know, I’m working on it) that in any of my tornado of situations, that how we are responding to the test is exactly what predicts the outcome of the reward. Think about it, have you ever been sorry in the long run that you took the high road in a situation as opposed to reacting in temporary emotion? Fam, people are mean, people lie on you, people are nasty, and I’m sorry but that is just a part of life. We cannot control other people, but we can absolutely control ourselves. If you allow it to anger you, it controls you.

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If you lay down with pigs you’re gonna get dirty. You can’t be mad any anyone but yourself that you jumped in a pig pen. Too often times we forget to accept the personal responsibility in situations, even the ones that aren’t necessarily your fault. I’m going to share this with you, because quite honestly it’s the best exsample I can think of and if it helps one person? It was worth it. I got married in my early twenties and it was a disaster. I got married for all the wrong reasons. I was in church and I thought I was on my way to hell and I had to marry the person I was living with. That was one of the stupidest things to-date that I have ever done. The marriage ended in divorce and it wasn’t technically my fault because my former husband cheated on me continuously.

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Here’s the thing though, I got over it not because of divorce and not because years later I got an apology. I got over it because I learned that I played a part in it too. I got married for the wrong reasons. I knew my X-husband was a terrible boyfriend, and it was nobody’s fault but MINE that he was turned into a terrible husband. I knew full well what it was when I did it, I did it anyway. If you can get raw with yourself infront of the mirror and accept the part that you played and throw that pride in the trash? I promise that you will find yourself getting over things faster and healing. The evidence of healing is you stop talking about it every time somebody scratches that surface. If every time somebody puts a quarter in your slot and you start running your mouth? You’re not over it.

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You can’t give up on things no matter how grim they may appear. FEAR= FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL. Don’t give up on love, don’t give up on life, don’t give up on your dreams, and NEVER give up on yourself.

Be Blessed –


How to tell if a person TRULY loves God by @queentheprophet


Greetings Fam!

I have missed blogging! Been very busy lately with the music & travel, but I think we’re all long over due for a QTP blog. I know that “religion” is a touchy subject for people and that’s why I don’t talk about religion. I actually don’t believe in “religion”. The word religion in my humble opinion is a trap. It fools the people of God into dividing themselves in to denominations where they then argue about things that don’t even matter. My question to all those religious people is, if you’re fighting each other… who’s fighting the devil? *cue the crickets*


Funny, people don’t like to acknowledge a devil and that’s fine, but how can you deny there is an evil in this world that is just not natural? Who consciously would walk into a school and shoot children? What kind of mother would harm her own children? What kind of father would touch his own child in an inappropriate manner? Mental Illness? Shut up. I have an extensive background in Social Services and a formal education. You can fool yourself into making up illnesses for evil all you want, but there are somethings that are EVIL. Now, don’t misinterpret this, the person is not evil. People are not born evil, they can learn and develop evil ways but the person (the soul inside) is not evil.  We call come into this world the same way and are impacted by environmental circumstances that shape, mold, and develop our character. I do not believe in calling a human being evil, if they don’t know any better. Someone should knowing better and actually knowing better are two different things. How could someone know better, if they were never shown better? Think about it. Everyone’s reality is different. Your reality is based on your personal perception of your life, your experiences, and your circumstances. Sure we share certain “norms” in common, but the truth of the matter is every single one of us is a unique character.


With that uniqueness though there is a fool proof way to tell if a person has the love of God in their heart. The answer is how they treat people. Period, point blank, end of story. Nobody is perfect Fam, not one of us. But the regular behavior of an individual towards other people on a consistent basis is a good indicator how connected to God they are. How do you tell fruit trees apart? If it’s an apple tree it has apples and if it’s a crab apple tree it has crab apples. Even in that, a crab apple tree doesn’t always have to be a crab apple tree. You can always plant a new tree and start over, but you must first make sure you take out all of the roots, no matter how deep they have grown, then plant a new tree. *light bulb moment*

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There is a lot of bad ugly that goes on in this world. We may not be able to control everything, but we can certainly control ourselves. If a million people gave me a dollar, I’d have a million dollars. If you truly want to spread God’s love, judging people, kicking them out of church because they don’t wear the right clothes, or whacking them upside the head with the bible isn’t going to work. Incase you haven’t noticed, this world is DESPERATLEY in the need of love. If you want to show people that God loves them, then you love them. Let your conduct define your character.

Be blessed-



Missed the show? @queentheprophet live with @msnikkirich


The Nikki Rich Show special guest Queen the Prophet and Buck 50 Entertainment.

(VPM’s) “Radio Buzz” SpotLight  @MsNikkiRich Talks With @QueentheProphet #Artists #Music #Journey #Success …



About @msnikkirich 

Nicole Richardson, “Nikki Rich” was born and raised in Seneca, SC is no stranger to the Entertainment Industry. She grew up singing with her 3 brothers at Silver Springs Baptist Church. With a family full of radio Personalities and singers, she was introduced to all genres of music at an early age. She was also exposed to the music Industry at a very early age; her mother was a Radio personality and lead singer of the Gospel Group “The Gleaton Sisters” and recorded several records and Father a Preacher and Radio Dis Jockey for his Gospel show “The Sunday Morning Gospel Round Up”

Nicole Richardson is a graduate of The University of Phoenix of Charlotte, NC and holds a MBA of Business Administration and a B.S. in Criminal Justice with a Minor in Education from the University of South Carolina Upstate. Nikki Rich is currently working on her Doctoral in Business Administration. She has also volunteered as a youth advisor and coach in the following organizations: G.E.A.R. Up Program, America Reads, Boys and Girls club of Spartanburg, SC and Right Moves for Youth in Charlotte, NC through the North Carolina School System.
​Radio Personality
Nicole Richardson is Currently living in Charlotte NC, she is the CEO of a The Nikki Rich Show. Nicole accomplishments and hard work has led her to where she is today. She has 20 years of Radio and TV experience. Nicole was the Guest Speaker for the Rotary Club May, 2011 held in Charlotte, NC. She was host of the North Carolina Music Summit 2011 and recently held the “NCMS” Meet and Greet with Kevin A&R Shine in Charlotte NC. Nicole has spoken at several events such as the “Meeting in the Ladies Room,”, as well as being on the panel for the Making the Right Moves Music Conference 2011. Nicole hosted her first mix tape, “Rich Certified” with Multiplatinum Producer Doc Little and Core DJ, DJ Reese Chicago February 21, 2012. In 2012 Nicole Richardson Reached over 100,00 listeners on the Nikki Rich Show and celebrated her 1-year Radio Anniversary with the support of CBS Radio-WPEG Power 98, Mingleberry.Com. Nikki Rich was also the guest judge for the BET Blaze the Stage/106 N Park W.O.W Auditions held in Charlotte, NC. On February 2013 at the Charlotte Seen Passport to Fashion Kick off The Nikki Rich Show was live and Interviewing also Designers such as Taylor Says and Movie Director Trey Ore. On February 8, 2013 The Nikki Rich Show launches their first Pre-Grammy Party at Trendsetters West Hollywood. The Nikki Rich Show was invited by MTV to cover the MTV Woodie Awards at SXSW in Austin, Texas March 2013. April 8-11 Nikki Rich Attended the NAB Show Broadcasting Convention.

Wu-Tang Affiliate/ #GGO Prez HELL RAZAH @Razah_Rubiez & 1st Lady @queentheprophet Live on BLIS.FM w @DJYELLO @frantastic_live @marcmandc


Saturday, July 27th Wu-Tang Clan /Sunz of Man / Ghetto Govt founder/ President HELL RAZAH/ HEAVEN RAZAH and 1st Lady Queentheprophet were guests on BLIS.FM hosted by @MarcManDc @DJYELLO and @Frantastic_Live. Although Razah and QTP were live in the studio, the rest of the Hell Razah Music, Inc. roster ( Suriel Scripture, Automatik Greatness, and Razah’s oldest son Kappo the Renaissance Child) joined the show via phone. Other call-in guests included Wu-Tang Clan / Sunz of Man Prodigal Sun  & Razah’s Director {Thug Anonymous, 2014}  Jerome Davis.

If you missed the show, you can still give it a listen! IF YOU MISSED THE SHOW YESTERDAY WITH …


About BLIS.FM: 

Better Listening In Sound (BLIS)
You have the message, the idea, the insight, the music. We have the perfect outlet. BLIS is now looking to strengthen its lineup with show hosts, bloggers, DJs and other modern-day messengers. There’s simply no better place to produce and stream a show than Studio 202’s state-of-the-art facilities in Washington, DC. You’ll reach listeners around the world—with opportunities for video simulcast. You’ll have control over your content and advertising. BLIS is ideal for experienced hosts as well as those with big ideas but little to no broadcasting experience. We provide all the expertise and resources you need to launch your show. We also have the capabilities to promote it and raise your profile via social media and other channels. To learn about joining the BLIS family or to tour Studio 202, contact us today.

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Listen to @ghettogovt 1st Lady @queentheprophet Hip-Hop Stock Exchange Radio @hhse_radio


If you missed the show….  on 7/10/13 I was a guest on the Hip-Hop Stock Exchange Radio.

We discussed the industry and things all indie artists should know. Check it out!

@hhse_radio show from 7/10/13 with artitst manager @battlegrowndent @QueenTheProphet

HELL RAZAH MUSIC, INC. @Razah_Rubiez @queentheprophet @scriptureggo LIVE 7/27 with @DJYELLO BLISFM./ALLWEGOT



Wu-Tang Clan Affiliate Hell Razah along with his Hell Razah Music, Inc. “Ghetto Govt Officialz” roster Queentheprophet, Scripture, & Automatik Greatness will join DJ YELLO live from the DMV Saturday, July 27th 4 p.m. EST

Make sure you tune in to BLIS.FM/ALLWEGOT

hell raz







Greetings Fam!

As you know, I am a HUGE supporter of entrepreneurs and underground artists. Promo does cost money Fam and the best you can hope for when it’s all coming out of your pocket is that you’re at least doing business with someone who will give you what you pay for. On this blog (under Underground News/ Operation Revolution Resources) I have listed folks I have done business with myself and got exactly what I paid for, so I pass that information on to you.


Battlegrownd Entertainment via is running the following social media promo specials for the Summer (Sale ends 8/31/13) :

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 INTERVIEW: Customized Interview $25 

Your interview will be hosted on the site and seen by all site visitors. Your interview will be promoted/shared on Queentheprophet’s other social media links (Twitter & Facebook) for 7 days with no additional cost. The link to the interview stays active for the life of the blog article, free promotion ends in 7-days. To maximize your feature & exposure, when you see the link to your article have your team or hire a team to circulate your article via social media. You can add the Banner Spot to your feature for $15.



Battlegrownd Entertainment via is running the following services to indie & underground artists for the Summer (Sale ends 8/31/13) :

Consultation/ STRATEGIC PLAN- $65

Regular price for consultation is $100 per hour. For the next few weeks, I will customize strategic plans for new /indie artists that cannot afford official Artist Management. Basically, $65 will buy you free consultation from an experienced Artist Manager/ Developer and a detailed written plan (course of action) customized for you personally and instructions on how to do it all yourself. The consultation will include a 60-minuet phone assessment at no charge. Who would benefit from this? An indie artist that cannot afford formal management, wants to release a project and has no idea how to do it or where to begin. If you feel you would like more support afterwards, add 1.5 hours of Artist Development and pay $100 for the entire package.

New Business Start-up Consultation/ Strategic Plan – $65 

Digital Promotion Consultation/Strategic Plan- $40 

Digital Promotion Consultation will customize a digital promotion package as well as a directory of where to purchase the services at little or no cost to meet any budget.

Legal Services Consultation- 1-hour $40 

If you are a new artist and have no idea where to begin with the legal aspect of music? This is for you. We will address name registration, trade marks, copy writing, and basic music law.


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email for more information. NEXT MXTP SUBMISSION DEADLINE 10/31/13 THIS OFFER ENDS 8/31/13. *There are a limited number of non-GGO slots available per MXTP*

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE @queentheprophet GHETTO GOVT 1st Lady #TEAMQUEEN #DaughtersOfZion calls 4 old cell phones


Greeting Fam-

As some of you may or may not know, I am a certified Battered Women’s Counselor as well as a  survivor of Domestic Violence. In 2005, I lost a very special friend at the hands of her husband. He stabbed my friend multiple times and killed her… because she wouldn’t give him money for drugs. You didn’t know Adrienne, but I did. She was always smiling. She worked with people with disabilities and just like a human service professional, linked up with a man that needed her help too. She loved the Lord and was one of those people that if you asked her to pray, she’d stop and do it. I remember when I told her I was getting married… she left work, went home and got her wedding dress and made me try it on in the office. That was the last time I saw her.


October is Domestic Violence Awareness month and although it’s a few months away, it’s never too early to get started. Old cell phones are used by DV shelters and hotlines to offer victims (both male & female victims) a safety plan. The phones can only dial 911 and are often the link that saves lives.


On behalf of Ghetto Govt #TeamQueen Daughters of Zion, I will be collecting old cell phones from now until 10/3/13 to donate to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. If you would like to donate a phone or collect multiple phones to donate, please email put DV PHONES in the subject line.  If you are in need of help and have questions about where you can get it, (In Connecticut) dial Infoline 211 for 24/7 crisis counselors and referral specialists.



Be Blessed-