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New #Music Lonely @IamJudahPriest ft @REALCAPPADONNA @KillahPriest


New single from Judah Priest featuring Capadonna and Killah Priest “Lonley”. 

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TONIGHT! 7:30pm EST @qsjradiolive special guests @heavenrazah @iamjudahpriest @queentheprophet


Tonight 7:30pm (EST) tune in to OSJRADIO.COM where host Dave Hernandez will be talking with Judah Priest (GGO/BKZU/HRMI), Hell Razah (Wu-Tang Clan/Sunz of Man/HRMI/GGO), and yours truly QTP (GGO/HRMI).

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Exclusive Interview w Wu-Tang Affiliate @iamjudahpriest

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QTP: Peace Priest.

PRIEST: Peace Queen

QTP: So tell the people what’s going on with your music…

PRIEST:  Just grinding real hard working on a lot of new projects trying to keep my fan base fed.

QTP: Any upcoming collabs your fans should be on the look-out for?

PRIEST:  Yes I have some major collabs in the works with Lord Have Mercy formally of Flip Mode Squad, Mikey Destruction of Main Source, and a major collab with the first lady of GGO you might know her, her name is QUEEN THE PROPHET.  And I’m definitely trying to reach out to Killah Priest about getting together on a song.

QTP:  There is is. Ya’ll heard it here first!  Now, any upcoming shows?

PRIEST:  Yes im going to be doing some shows with Buddha Monk out In Milwaukee & Green Bay, then going over sea’s to Albania.  Also I will be with Cappadonna during fashion week in New York doing some modeling.

QTP: Are you working on any other projects other than your music?

PRIEST:  Not at the moment, I have tried out for some movie roles but have yet to hear anything back.

QTP:  Anything else you want the people to know?

I want everybody to know that I am working hard on new material and I am always looking to connect with other artist.  Also please support my debut album “Valley Of Kings”

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Wu-Tang Clan Affiliate

Brooklyn Zu

Ghetto Govt

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Judah Priest, An avid poet and lyricist. Began his career at the age of 7 years old, inspired by a cousin Priest begun show casing his talent in local talent show cases in Philadelphia.
Living most of his life in-between Philadelphia & New York City he was surrounded by the influence of sex, money, drugs, popularity, and the constant rush for fame. He began to put his hope in the wrong things such as selling drugs, and living a violent lifestyle. While on the road to becoming a product of his environment, he still wanted to be successful in the music industry. Attempting to do so, Priest became a member of Chamber Musik Records working with Joey “G Clef” Cavaseno & Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Buddha Monk of the Brooklyn Zu. Buddha Monk took Priest under his wing and made him a key family member of the Brooklyn Zu & the Zu bullies. Priest has recorded & with Wu-Tang Clan Artist such as Cappadonna, Holocaust, Solomon Childs, Hell Razah, Timbo King and More. Priest is actively working with Wu affiliate groups like the Brooklyn Zu, Staten All-Stars and his most recent addition to Ghetto Gov’t lead by Sunz of Man member Hell Razah. In the summer of 2011 Priest released his first mix tape entitled “The Year of The Priest” with Dj Rob Low. In 2012 Priest released his debut album “Valley Of Kings” through his own Label Heavens Musik. Priest recently released a new mixtape entitled “The Legend of Sleepy Hallow” hosted by Dj kool Keith. Priest is currently signed to Protect Ya Neck records and is always working on new material in which he promises will be well received by his fans.

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