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NEW MUSIC from @toughjunkie


Tough Junkie – Missing
Artist: Tough Junkie
Title: Missing
Label: Pool Of Genius Records

The circumstances which preceded Tough Junkie’s manifestation remain unclear. From the information that is available it has been determined that a culmination of frustrated mental energies and unrecognized talent created the perfect storm for his emergence. So it is said that his birth occurred in a high school cafeteria, but there is much more to the story that only a few notable scholars have been able to decipher from his lyrics, unfortunately they soon perished leaving the world still unsure of how this juggernaut’s origin came about.

Throughout Junkie’s life, music has been his outlet, lifeblood, inspiration and focus. In the late 90’s he became fascinated with beat production, initiating him well beyond music appreciation and fascination and redirecting him towards creation and experimentation. Without access to a computer, Junkie filled in the missing pieces by incorporating two dual cassette players and a Sony Walkman in what he later found out was a technique referred to as “Pause Breaking”. Continually stumbling upon commonly used and sophisticated production techniques, his infatuation with creating music grew exponentially. Realizing the importance of music in his life, he continued to educate himself and became familiar with the technological and structural aspects of production. Although his love of music has no ideology and takes no residence in a single genre, his own talent and creativity expresses itself through Hip Hop. From the very basics to the sophisticated specifics, every detail oriented to music that he has studied encompasses the styles he learns, the technology he incorporates, and the music he absorbs continually throughout his life.


Spanning over a decade from the beginning of his journey until now, with 48 albums in his past, this release has a home at Pool Of Genius Records. With international exposure, there is hope for a struggling scene that has endured some of the most detrimental setbacks and obstacles that a collective, in its infancy, can be presented with.

We are proud to present to you his EP, “Missing.” Junkie gladly takes the role of humble ambassador eagerly carrying the duty to bring the credit that is due to his birthplace and to the Hip Hop genre as a whole.

Tough Junkie would like to apologize in advance for the mental reprogramming that entails the continued replaying of his oscillating styles, philosophical story telling and unconventional production you won’t find on TV or the radio.

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