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Welcome to my Show podcast with @queentheprophet Episode 1 “Grateful Pause”

“Grateful Pause ” with @Queentheprophet at

Be kind

Not everybody is able to work from home. Some of the most underpaid people in the workforce have been deemed essential. They are TIRED. Be kind, be a blessing when you get a delivery, gas, groceries, etc. It won’t kill you to tell one of these folks you appreciate them & thank you. Speaking life and encouragement into someone doesn’t cost you a thing but that little acknowledgement can go a long way.

Why won’t God just fix them?!

You can waste years of your #life waiting for #God to “fix” someone else & never see it. Often times the thing that needs changing in our situation is us no matter how right or wrong we perceive the other person to be. If a person, situation, or behavior has you stressed out, annoyed, angry, or worried you’re what needs to change. See when we are TRULY new creatures in #Christ we should be manifesting the fruit of the Spirit so when something annoying is going on? You are supposed to respond in His image (love, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control ) and until you do? Whatever is disturbing your peace or causing you to lose your self-control is going to keep repeating it’s self until that prideful you no longer answers the door.

A PERFECT WORLD by @queentheprophet



The TRUTH shall set you free



Once Upon a Time in A Perfect World…..

Nobody was homeless. Everyone had a roof over their head. Nobody ever had to choose between paying their utilities and buying groceries. People did not stay up all night worrying about paying their bills, not having enough, or if they were going to make it until the end of the week. Nobody lay awake in pain at night because they couldn’t afford to see a doctor. People did not immediately wake up stressed out in the morning and step outside of their front door angry before even uttering a good morning. Everyone’s basic needs were provided. Everyone was able to see a doctor and get medical treatment when they were sick. Everyone had food, clothing, & shelter. The world was a happier place and crime was a rare occurrence.

The system of this world is broken.

This world has enough wealth for NOBODY to be less fortunate. This world can certainly afford for everyone to survive but yet so many can’t. Maybe it’s because we pay professional athletes multiple millions of dollars to play a game, while human service workers who care for our disabled, homeless, mentally ill, and senior citizens do so for $12 per hour and work 2-3 jobs just to survive. Can you imagine? If all the mental health workers stopped showing up to work? Do you think the professional athletes would come assist the clients? Why is it we have billionaires on the globe and yet it cost $2, 000 (USD) to build a water well in an African village but yet we have villages for miles with no clean drinking water?

Have you been to any of the cities in the last 3-years that have suffered a disaster? Have you seen Ground Zero in NYC? Have you been to New Orleans? Do you know anyone still camped out on their lawn because of Hurricane Sandy? Just because you don’t see these things on the news everyday does not mean for a moment that they were solved or no longer exist.

Do you only know what you see on TV? Do you only believe what you’re told? People who are crazy enough to believe that they can change the world, often do. You may not change the world today, but you can change you.  Get informed, seek the TRUTH FOR YOURSELF.


Be Blessed.


Everyone has SOMETHING



Everyone has something to offer Fam. Good or bad they have something. Something I have learned over time (and again, this in no way implies that I got it during the first lesson.. some times it takes ten) that you can save yourself a whole lot of time and aggravation with other people if you do a few simple things.



  • Be      quiet. Listen. Some of us are the type of listeners that are always      thinking about what we’re going to say as soon as the other person shuts      up. You can get yourself in a lot of trouble this way. Here’s why,      typically most people with ill intentions will let you know EXACTLY what      their intentions are. It’s not their fault you’re not listening.


  • History.      Do you have a history with this person? Having a history doesn’t mean that      people don’t change, but it means you should absolutely have a good idea      of what the person is capable of. For example if the person has always      been a selfish person in the past, and now all of the sudden they pop up      randomly. It doesn’t make you a bad person to listen for the motives.



  • Logic.      Moving in logic is hard for people often times because they have no      self-control and they move wildly about inside of their emotion. The      problem with moving inside of emotions is dangerous. Emotions change all      the time, and emotional decisions will get you in trouble with no logic      that you didn’t consciously sign-up for. Don’t expect people to be like      you, don’t expect people to not do things you would never do, etc. Take      things as they come at face value. It’s like getting into an argument with      an idiot. Trying to convince a stupid person why they were stupid, makes      you stupid in the process.


  • Self-Responsibility.      We have to learn that when we make bad choices or impulsive decisions and      they are OUR OWN fault. The wisdom comes when you realize, recognize, and      re-group. Making a bad choice or decision doesn’t mean you’re any less      valuable. You messed up. Learn, get over it, and move on.



Learn how to see situations & people for what they are. Don’t force unrealistic expectations upon other people, you’re the only one who will be disappointed. You can only ever hope to control yourself. You are responsible for setting your boundaries and limits of “what” is okay to do to you. People only do what you let them. Swallow your pride, resist the urge to get the last word in, hang up. Easier said then done, but like anything else, practice makes perfect.



Be Blessed-



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