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Life has painful moments

Rest in knowing God works ALL THINGS together for your good… even the painful. Pain will teach you more then pleasure ever will. Every great victory or next level comes after intense pain, pressure, sacrifice, or struggle. You are not running the race of life against another person, so all you have to do is finish the race.

#WisdomFromTheThrone : The eye of the storm


Fam I want to share something with you that if you haven’t learned this already & you listen, I promise it will take years of aggravation off of your life. Bad things happen. People get sick, people die, planes crash, folks are CRAZY as hell doing all kind of things that leave people traumatized, your bills pile up, you always need more money for something, and so on and so on. It is A PART OF LIFE. God shouldn’t be blamed when things go wrong seeing as how He’s hardly thanked when things go right. Most people will acknowledge evil exists. Most people will also never give you a firm yes or a firm no when you ask about God because it always comes with an explanation. I am not blogging or making music with a message because I’m better then anyone. Nor am I doing it to dispel YOUR personal beliefs (believe what you want), I’m only telling the truth. I more then likely am worse then any of you. God has a very good sense of humor. He picks a few screw balls out of the bunch just so everyone else can look and know that if He did it for her…. I don’t mind though. People have used me without permission & hurt me, this never hurts it just humbles.

Fam your life has tests and I wish I could tell you that they all would go well and you’ll never be hurt. If I told you that I’d be lying to you. I am not at liberty to get on the internet and possibly say something that would lead sheep right on into the slaughter house. I’m not about that life. People are though and it is scary. We need to realize what truly is Fam. We live in a world where folks do the things that are our worst fears & nightmares. Parents kill their children, children kill their parents, people rape babies & all kinds of other horrific everyday life events like starving to death. These kind of things make us develop these defense systems that actually destroy us. We build walls so high we can become almost emotionless. A good portion of the people you interact with on a daily basis are heavily medicated.

I have learned that the faster I look for the lesson in the test, the sooner it’s over. Before I could even be clever enough to look for the wisdom, I had to choose love. This is a lot harder then it sounds. There are things that have happened to me that I could break your heart with all day, there has been things that have happened to my loved ones that would justify me spending the rest of my life in prison. I promise you that anger & rage and anything else that is considered a negative emotion has been stealing from you for however long you have felt it. If something happened, and it provoked one of those negatives… that thing was sent to rob you. It was sent to destroy you. Don’t let it. If you choose to walk in love, it makes some of those harder things bearable. Choose what you emotionally invest yourself in. Do you obsess over the problem or do you obsess over finding the answer? Are we choosing choices that bring joy to our life or are we inviting in more pain?

Did you know that most women that have been sexually abused tend to gravitate towards aggressive sexual behavior? Do you know how the world responds to that? We call them hoes. We laugh at them on Facebook, we retweet them on Twitter, we make Instagram mockeries over the fact that young lady is so hurt she has no idea she is hurting herself even further. She doesn’t know she is ruining her life & it’s not too late. It’s okay right? Long as it’s not you. Selfish human behavior ALWAYS compare “better then, less then” mindsets because it allows them to further hide from their own insecurities. I’ve been there. That first look in the mirror? IS UGLY. It’s supposed to be Fam. Mirrors are supposed to reveal flaws so you don’t walk around with something in your teeth. The more you do it though? The easier it gets and one day you will pause and smile because you feel strong. You should. You accomplish that and you just gave hope & faith a great work out.

We don’t have to all see eye to eye. Who cares? Really? Your opinion and my opinion are not important. The TRUTH is important. The TRUTH is that you have nothing to lose striving for a higher elevation in love and learning to accept personal responsibility. Those 2 things breed your strength to get through everything else. #OPERATIONREVOLUTION is not just about Battlegrownd Entertainment. Our music is our part of what we’re doing to change things. Through this, we have co-signed small businesses, we support & have the support of thousands of people via the internet… this is #OPERATIONREVOLUTION people coming together, supporting each other so that everyone can succeed. Nobody should be poor and nobody should be suffering some of the things they are suffering when there is plenty on this earth to go around. When we support each other, we take back control. When you support the music from Battlegrownd Entertainment, understand that most of that money comes back down the line when we pull folks off Twitter and hire them, buy their graphics, beats, promotion, GET IT? If 100k people buy 10 songs from independent artists, you made 10 well off people who will share with their family & friends instead of just one. Anything is possible Fam…. People that are crazy enough to believe they can change the world… Often do.

Be Blessed-

#LifeLessons101: Forgiveness

#LifeLessons101: Forgiveness

Don’t panic Fam, nobody is about to beat you in the head with a bible. We are though going to discuss the realities of forgiveness. Luvs, I certainly don’t have all the answers and I can only speak about things I’ve actually experienced. I do know that no matter what has happened in your past, it does not have to define your future. We live in a crazy world, crazy things happen. Some of those things we bring upon ourselves by choices we make and sometimes things beyond our control happen that wound us.

We live in a world that tells us if something doesn’t make you happy, go find what makes you happy and move on. Yes, we all deserve to be happy. The one thing you hear less often (more then likely because it’s the HARDCORE truth) is that personal responsibility should always come into play first. Something’s we have to accept the consequences for our actions and then move on. Other things it’s harder to move on because we have been scarred and we want that apology so bad… it often times destroys our happiness and we never end up getting it.

Fam, I love you so I’m going to tell you the truth. Nobody owes you anything. Even an apology. What THEY do is on THEM. Your response, your action, your life IS ON YOU. There comes a point and time where we have to take control of our emotions and life. Forgiveness is NOT ABOUT THEM, IT’S ABOUT YOU. Carrying weights and wounds of your past can absolutely destroy your life. If you research, unforgivness is a common link found in over 80% of people diagnosed with cancer. Stress as we know causes all kinds of health problems including high blood pressure, anxiety, obesity, depression, and cardiovascular problems. It’s just not worth it. A bad relationship should not be the reason you never have a fulfilling one, having parents that didn’t do right by you does not entitle you to be a bad parent, going to jail is not an excuse to be mad at the entire world, being abused in any fashion is hard enough as it is… it can leave you feeling hopeless, powerless.. DON’T LET IT OWN YOU FOREVER.

If it angers you, it controls you. Do not let unfortunate circumstances destroy your life even if it wrecked havoc on years of it. If you need help, GET SOME. Stop being so proud. Getting help is a sign of strength not weakness. When you choose to forgive, you are choosing to no longer allow that thing, situation, or person have power over you. It doesn’t always happen over night, trust me. I’ve had things happen to me that would blow your mind. There were times I actually had to tell myself out loud I forgive them because everything in me still wanted to ring their neck. It eventually got easier and once it becomes a pattern of your behavior, it becomes like a second nature and you will live freer because of it. I promise.

The hardest person to forgive though…. Is yourself. We are our own worst enemies and our own biggest critics. Fam, nobody has the right to judge you. That’s God’s job. It’s not a free pass to intentionally do wrong things, but if you made a bad decision you don’t have to live in it. Time is short, life is precious. Don’t waste either. The question I dare you to ask yourself is if you’ve tried it the other way, what do you have to lose by trying it this way?
Be Blessed.