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As you know, Round 1 Battle verses were due Friday, March 8th at 11:59pm EST.

We only received 7 submissions. The only opponents that submitted were Tommy G & Big Cuz, ViperDOC & Polo.

Here’s what that means:

The only actual “battles” for Round 1 will be Tommy G vs. Big Cuz and VIPERDOC vs. Polo THIS BATTLE will take place TUESDAY, March 12, 2013 via

On Tuesday 3/12/13 go to and click the “OSK Rap Battle” tab. There will be a link to listen to both verses and a voting box.

On Wednesday, 3/13/13 POLO versus VIPERDOC will be posted via Go to and click the “OSK Rap Battle” tab. There will be a link to listen to both verses and a voting box.

The other 6 folks that submitted? THEY WALK TO ROUND 2 on the basis of forfeit. On Thursday, 3/14/13 the remaining 6 verses will be posted on so we can all hear them.


Johnny Magnum

Tall Cold

Mac D 80Hc

Lay Em Down

Derry B


On Friday, March 15, 2013 the Round 2 line-up will be posted via

On Monday, March 18, 2013 the Round 2 beat will be posted via

ROUND 2 VERSES ARE ALL DUE Thursday, March 21 2013 at 11:59pm EST


We’re not issuing anymore advance dates then what is listed. Unfortunately, since folks aren’t keeping their commitments we have no way of knowing how many actual battle dates we’ll need. So instead of driving everyone nuts, we’ll update as we go so everyone has the most current information. Once all of the Round 2 submissions are in, the new dates will be posted. If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me!


To those of you who honored your commitments and submitted your verses, congratulations. The music industry is the HARDEST industry to make it in. It is not for the wishy- washy. One of the best traits as an artist you can have is honoring your word and keeping your commitments. Win or lose, be proud of yourselves. Now here’s another TWIST……


If you’re not familiar with the Battlegrownd Entertainment “7th Trumpet 26 project” , READ THIS POST…..

7th Trumpet 26 Project #OPERATIONREVOLUTION LOOKING 4 26 emcees via @wordpressdotcom

Here’s why…. if you are one of the 7 who submitted your verse on time, you are now being personally invited by me to be one of the 26 emcees featured on this project.  If you were one of the 7 and you would like to participate (it is not required) please inbox me via Facebook and I will give you the details.

You see, being a great emcee is not the only tool you need to be successful. Honoring your word should be rewarded.


Battlegrownd Entertainment is GIVING AWAY #free training, services, #blog features to #INDIES (businesses or artists) until 3/31/13 #OPERATIONREVOLUTION


Battlegrownd Entertainment is GIVING AWAY #free training, services, & #blog features to #INDIES (businesses or artists) until 3/31/13 #OPERATIONREVOLUTION

Nothing’s ever REALLY free… right? Well…. This time it is. It’s simple. If you’ve read anything about what #OPERATIONREVOLUTION stands for or have consulted with us about business, you know that we operate in integrity & good business. Not exactly the norm for the music industry, so I guess that explains why we chose to be #INDIE.



If you are an independent business or artist, we will do a FREE blog feature until 3/31/13. The only thing you have to do is follow directions. In one email (keep everything together) include:

  • All business or artist information (this means contact info, all social media links, photos, logo etc.)
  • If you are an artist, DO NOT send an Mp3. Send the link to your music.
  • Include ALL information you want in the article (If you have never done a bio or are not sure what to put, look through the blog tab that says Underground      News. Look at the other artists & businesses. See what kind of      information is included in their articles and use it as a guide)
  • We will tweet you the link to your article when it’s ready and you & your team can promote it on every social media avenue you want

Send all information to put “BLOG” in the subject line. If you don’t follow directions, please don’t get upset when you don’t see an article.

(Please note: Anything #OPERATIONREVOLUTION #CERTIFIED is ONLY tagged on businesses or services we have personally done businesses with. We can’t and won’t co-sign services we have not used).


As you may know, Battlegrownd Entertainment offers hourly Artist Management & Artist Development to indie artists. Sometimes people need help and can’t afford it.

Here’s what we’ll do, we’ll trade. Tell us what your other skills are (beats, graphics, clothing design) and if you don’t have any skills we currently need, we will teach you FOR FREE how to do social media promotions for us which of course you can also use for yourself. Promote our specific links, and every 7 –days of 20 tweets per day (we’ll show you how to auto tweet if you don’t already know) and 3 Facebook shares will buy you the right to ask 7 questions via email and get a written response of exactly what you need to know, where you need to go, etc. Not to exceed 12-weeks. (That means if you do it for 12-weeks, you have help for 12-weeks). Send email to and put “SERVICE” in the subject line.


Interested in starting your own social media promotion business and have no idea where to start? We will help you get set-up your business for FREE in exchange for 90-days of FREE promotion for our links. In order to qualify you need to have a PayPal account and daily access to social media. If you do business with integrity, we will #OPERATIONREVOLUTION certify your business and share it with others on our roster of indie services we use as well as a free blog feature about your service. Send email to put “TRAINING” in the subject line.

Interested in doing Artist Management or Development as a #OPERATIONREVOLUTION Consultant? Send your resume & letter of interest to put “CONSULTANT” in the subject line. Basic requirements:

  • You need to be active daily on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and any 4th  social media avenue
  • PayPal Account

Do not get scared away if you have no formal experience, we will train you if you’re hungry. There are only 12-slots available for this right now. Waiting list may apply.


Do you only have one question? Tell you what, you go to iTunes or Amazon and download the 7th Trumpet Grand Giovanni ft/ QueentheProphet in order to support the 7th Trumpet 26Project (basically that’s a dollar Fam and 26% of the earnings are being donated to #GNATION for their outreach missions), email me a screen shot or some other proof you bought it? Go head and include your question in that email and you’ll get an answer. Ask a question I can’t answer or find the answer? I’ll PayPal your dollar back, keep the song it has a good message, you might learn something.

iTunes: DWNLD @_grandgiovanni 7th Trumpet (f/ @QueenTheProphet)

Amazon: 7th Trumpet (feat. QueenTheProphet) Grand Giovanni | Format: MP3 Music via @amazon

THIS OFFER EXPIRES 3/31/13 at 11:59 pm EST. Please be patient. Depending upon the number of responses we get, we may begin a waiting list. As long as your email in by the cut off, we will honor the offer.


If you’re asking this question, you’ve never done business with us or know any of us personally. #OPERATIONREVOLUTION is not just about Battlegrownd Entertainment. God 1st, Change the game, spread the wealth. Search this blog and you’ll find plenty of information to answer any other questions you may have.

#ConfessionsOfTheHipHopMobWife: I’m a firm believer that the truth, shall set you free. It is NO secret that the “industry” is filled with folks that #AintLivinRight. I mean nobody is all the way, but some cats don’t even TRY. You have folks out here trying to make a quick buck off exploiting & robbing folks that don’t have any money and are out here trying to make their dream work. You are officially in the music business the first time somebody does or tries to snake you out of a large sum of money. #TrueStory

I’m sharing this with you frankly because I don’t want you to be stupid.

KEEP RECEIPTS, EMAILS, TEXT MESSAGES …. EVERYTHING anytime you exchange money for a service. INVESTIGATE who you are doing business with! Fam, there are too many people out here that WILL take your money and not care. Unless it’s a significant amount of money (this means MORE then what it’s going to cost you hiring a lawyer and going to small claims court) you’re going to get robbed. Who hires a lawyer to chase down $25 for a MXTP slot? Nobody. That’s EXACTLY what these bastards bank on. They do that to 4 people they just made a quick $100.

My personal #HipHop robbery was for thousands and at the hands of a “FRIEND”. So…when things like this happen we can let it make us miserable people and go head and put more negative stuff in the atmosphere OR we can start giving stuff away and provoke favor to move on our behalf. I told you I was the Robin Hood of #HipHop…. Any other questions?

Be Blessed-


The Artists of Battlegrownd Entertainment:

GRAND GIOVANNI     @_grandgiovanni

BRANDON HEAT         @iambrandonheat

PHYSCOROCK              @fuimstoned

VERBAL KENT             @kingnattyboog

YOUNG PYRO               @pyromaniac7491

QueentheProphet             @queentheprophet

Artists #OPERATIONREVOLUTION supports as our own (DOBERMANGANG #DBG 427 Fam to Grand & QTP):

George Yung                  @kinggeorge427

Charlie Summers              @thatsummerlife

Big Heights                       @donovinheights

Coke Kev                          @ctcokekev

Speci tha Wolf                  @specithawolf

We just dropped 7 DBG MXTPS at once….ALL FREE. I invite you to get to know us, because we’re not going anywhere 😉–mixtape.461970.html





Battlegrownd Entertainment in partnership with Doberville Kennel Club Music just dropped 7 MXTPS, ONE SHOT.

Granted I have been telling you all year that #2013 was the #hiphopapocalypse but now we needed to kinda go outside the box and catch you off guard. You know about many BRAND NEW projects coming from Battlegrownd Entertainment & #DBG #427 Affiliates (which means not every #DBG member is “housed” at Battlegrownd Entertainment, and not every Battlegrownd Entertainment Artist is DOBERMANGANG

PHYSCOROCK      “Animal”                                                         @fuimstoned

George Yung          “Death of George Yung”                                 @kinggeorge427

QueentheProphet    “Rise of the Phoenix”                                    @queentheprophet

Brandon Heat          “Good Man Gone”                                           @iambrandonheat

Young Pyro             “Inferno”                                                           @pyromaniac7491

You will also see new music from:

Grand Giovanni    @_grandgiovanni

Verbal Kent           @kingnattyboog

Charlie Summers @thatsummerlife

Big Heights           @donovinheights

Coke Kev              @ctcokekev

Speci tha Wolf       @specithawolf

The releases below are a collection of various #DBG artists (remember, DBG was approximately 35 deep before I came into the picture… + me = 36 do the math 36 Chambers… #watchthethrone) every now & then you gotta shake s*** up, we say.

It’s kind of like a calling card in a way… proves the point #OPERATIONREVOLUTION is on #TAKEOVER STATUS

Download all 7 and enjoy, ALL FREE!

DOBERMANGANG “Loyalty Is Everything” VOL 1 will drop December, 2013.

4    2               7

#DOWNLOAD ALL 7 !!!!–mixtape.461970.html


These are not all, but here are some of the faces that share the troop number 427:


George Yung “Lord of the Kennel” @kinggeorge427


Charlie Summers “Child” @thatsummerlife


Verbal Kent “Boog” @kingnattyboog


Grand Giovanni “Money Bath” @_grandgiovanni


Coke Kev “Coke” @ctcokekev


Big Heights “Heights” @donovinheights


QueentheProphet “Prophet or QTP” @queentheprophet


Speci tha Wolf “Speci” @specithawolf


DOBERMAN GANG The Source, April-May, 2004 Issue

These men are veterans. #SALUTE THEM! It’s my honor to share them with the world. #Peace #Kings  #LoyaltyIsEverything

This has just been a small public service announcement  by your lil ol QTP… friendly Robin Hood of HipHop. I am the @hiphopmobwife and I’ll be your hostess for the remainder of the #HipHopApocalypse #2013 #OPERATIONREVOLUTION #GeorgiesAngels

#ElmCity #CT #203 #860


Graphic by @kingmagma Beast Hood, Inc.






Peace & Blessings Battle Rappers. For those of you who don’t know me, I am @queentheprophet CEO/ Artist/HipHopMobWife @battlegrowndent. Check my resume.  I shall be your hostess for the battling of the barz. You will always see detailed instructions as well as a few jewels dropped in-between if you’re wise enough to pay attention. I want you to be successful. If you fall, get back up. Hip-hop is about heart. The foundation of our music is symbolic from people coming from nothing and making it. We the people used to elect our lyrical champions. Then the industry saw that too many poor people got rich and bought hip-hop. But if you’ve been paying attention…. #OPERATIONREVOLUTION is changing that with the help of too many to name, including OSKRADIO.  The first step to taking hip-hop back into the hands of the people is done in arenas just like this. Welcome to the revolution…. Underground STAND UP #LOYALTYISEVERYTHING


Your battle verse of 16 bars is due FRIDAY, MARCH 8, 2013 by 11:59p.m.EST


Email in Mp3 format to


On the day of your battle, polls will open by 9:00 a.m. EST and close by 11:59pm EST

(The Battle dates below are the day your Battle will be posted on under OSKRADIO.COM Rap Battle. The link will be posted on Facebook as usual  and circulated through Twitter)


I strongly suggest if you have not read the rules & guidelines, you should. It’s YOUR responsibility to know what can cause you to forfeit the round or be disqualified. There’s no crying in hip-hop. You follow the rules or you don’t.  There is no second chance. Battle every round like your last.



(This means, listen to what’s posted on OSK, Dat Piff, Sound Cloud, Myspace, uTube, CHECK EVERYTHING)

 Welcome 2 the Battlegrownd. Let the battle begin



Dennis P vs. EX


Face Polo vs. VIPERDOC


Tampa vs. Johnny Magnum


Tommy G vs. Big Cuz


Trovilla vs. Rich Vuitton


VonMar Films vs. Africa princes Gift


YungDaMoney vs. Derry B


LayEm Down Gang vs. Juno Numero Uno


Tim Aka TAll Cold vs. 13


Young Neighbkorhood vs. Cennebal


Dank vs. Baretta Gee


Aaron MacDonald vs. Dezzy D


Winners will be posted on 3/25/13

The new beat for 2nd round will be posted 3/25/13 on

New Battle Line-Up for Round 2 will be posted on 3/25/13


Mp3 emailed to

(PAY ATTENTION! Your time with the beat gets SHORTER with every round advancement)


2nd Round Battles begin 4/1/13


Now….In my best Mortal Kombat voice … FIGHT!



Vintage 1st logo

#ConfessionsOfTheHipHopMobWife #OPERATIONREVOLUTION keys 2 success


I was just thinking that I’ve been so slammed with #OPERATIONREVOLUTION it’s been a minuet since I have blogged any of the traditional QTP wisdom. So I need to pause for the cause. I think I’m going to make this a combination of hip-hop and #REALTALK.


Anyone who has met me in the arena of music will tell you, I just do things differently. Fam, I have been SNAKED in ways I can’t even wrap my own mind around sometimes but I don’t let it change me. I learned on a long hard road that the secret that unlocks blessing is love. What other people do to you is about them, not you. Only hurting people hurt other people. It’s not an excuse it’s the way it is. You have got to learn to take the hits and keep going.


Now this is extremely dangerous in the music industry because most people have no idea the jungle it is. People will lie, cheat, steal, and stab their own Momma just to get on top. They do these things with no remorse because they move at a speed faster then anything you could imagine and unless you have seen it with your own eyes, you will never understand. I can tell you that the reason we are successful is because we don’t operate like that. People forget a very simple principle, if you do right, blessing happens. You do wrong and you reap that, somehow, someway, someday. You don’t even have to be perfect, but you at least have to make an effort. We got folks out here acting like they had no home training at all… ever.


Battlegrownd Entertainment has NEVER stolen anything from an artist or a person we have conducted business with. We keep our word, we honor our commitments. Above all things, we try to help those who come to us or at least point them in the direction of where they should be headed. Now we do that because that’s who we are as individuals. You can check our resume, it’s all true. The sense of love, unity, loyalty, honor, & respect somehow was smothered out of hip-hop by skinny jeans. We make sure that we keep those values and communicate this through the music we make and the services we provide. Sometimes it’s explained in a graphic way. Sometimes what’s graphic just so happens to be the truth. If you haven’t been convinced #OPERATIONREVOLUTION is worth supporting, I encourage you to get to know some of our affiliates. Ask them why they support us. Then I invite you to get to know us. You won’t be disappointed and we promise to never ever sell you a piece of music that isn’t worth the money you spend.


Here’s how we spend what you support us with….. Take a look through #OPERATIONREVOLUTION Certified Resources. Watch our promoters. We hire the people. We purchase our services from other Indies. You give it to us, & we give it away.


I told you I was the Robin Hood of HipHop and I’m not by myself, there’s an army…..




LAST DONUT STARRING CHARLIE SUMMERS @thatsummerlife #Indie #Artist #VideoProducer


Most of you know I RARELY co-sign anything or anybody. The #OPERATIONREVOLUTION Certified stamp is never to be taken lightly.

#ConfessionsOfTheHipHopMobWife : By far, this is my favorite piece on an artist I’m blogging to-date. Charlie Summers is Fam to me (#DBG #427) but that has nothing to do with why it’s my favorite. To be quite honest, Charlie and I got off to a bit of a rough start… LOL You just can’t have 2 Gemini’s in a room. That’s 4 people in the room trying to run the show.

I love what I’m presenting to you because in my personal opinion, Charlie Summers (Ciroc Boyz, Frat House USA) makes some of the best music I have ever heard (He’ll be finding out I think so highly of him at the same time you all do). Fam, I can’t front if I wanted to… Charlie’s latest video “The Last Donut” is not only one of the most outstanding pieces of independent film I’ve seen, but the music? Smh… I smile every time I hear it. I remember when music used to move me. Somehow it got lost and #OPERATIONREVOLUTION stepped up to bring it back. I strongly urge you to watch this video and see for yourself. Charlie, you found hip-hop. Thank you for bringing it back. #SALUTE #DBG #427


Welcome to vintage tomorrow.

New York artist and video producer, Charlie Summers, captures feel good moments in lush beats reminiscent of the wonder years, while being wholly contemporary.

After a lifetime of quietly paying dues while honing the secrets to his craft, Charlie is ready to unveil an audio reinterpretation of cool to the world with his stunning mixtape, “thatsummerlife”.

Charlie Summers delivers clever lifestyle-driven lyrics that evoke an overall aura of couture, no matter how grounded in city living. His voice is smooth, his flow’s are relaxed, yet hungry, and he’s arrived with the soundtrack to your summer.


WATCH “THE LAST DONUT” Starring Charlie Summers @thatsummerlife


#OPERATIONREVOLUTION #CERTIFIED Affiliate @beasthoodinc releases FREE BEATS 4 #UNDERGROUND artists


#OPERATIONREVOLUTION #CERTIFIED Affiliate @beasthoodinc releases FREE BEATS 4 #UNDERGROUND artists


Beasthood Incorporated is all about giving the underdog a shot at fame. Beasthood, INC. has released an entire FREE instrumental MXTP from an up & coming producer.

Take a listen to the depth of soul exhibited by @Marquiose with his Debut Instrumental EP. See what hits you can make and let us hear them for a chance to make the next Beasthood Incorporated Mixtape.

FOR CONSIDERATION: ALL tracks must be professionally mixed & mastered for consideration. Submission deadline for this project is JULY 1, 2013.


Submit completed tracks to: PUT “MXTP” in the subject line. Follow on Twitter @kingmagma @beasthoodinc




The Man, the Mission, the Motto enveloped in the embodiment of one word…..BEAST.

Beat Everything Against Self Triumph.

Johnny Magnum, CEO and Founder of Beasthood Incorporated, has made it his sole mission to bring back purpose in the lost art of Self Expression. Music Writer, Artist Manager, Poet, Graphic Designer, Marketing Material Producer, Business Consultant and overall Tech Geek Mr. Mag is nothing short of a new age renaissance man ready to delve into any and everything possible to bring forth the revolution of solid principles, ethics and potent hard hitting lyricism back to the forefront of not only rap music, but Hip Hop Culture.

Networking is something Beasthood Inc is HEAVY into. Already linking up with Enviious Media Designs, Brossette Music Empire and On Point Entertainment into an already impactful empire of progression the Movement is set to further expand with Battlegrownd Entertainment and embody the #OperationRevolution movement. If you are fed up with the watered down gimmicks of society, join up, contact em and let them know what you need or stay mad and impotent.


“Get Wit it, or Get Livid” ~Johnny Magnum

Twitter: @KingMagma

Johnny Magnum


Beasthood Inc




#OPERATIONREVOLUTION #TEXAS Rleases PHYSCOROCK the #KFG #Stoner CELEB known as @fuimstoned

photo (43)

PHYSCOROCK known via Twitter as the #KushFaceGang “Stoner Celeb” @fuimstoned is an artist of many talents & faces.

photo (45)photo (46)

Physcorock (Huston, TX) is a 12-year veteran emcee that has not yet been heard outside of Huston. Battlegrownd Entertainment CEO @Queentheprophet added Physcorock (aka 211 My N*gga no gang relation) to the #OPERATIONREVOLUTION Roster in October, 2012. The 211 reference is NO GANG affiliation. Physcorock says “The term 211 means armed robbery. I use that because the industry is full of commercial rappers who make a mockery of life and a lifestyle of people who actually lived it trying to make it. I know that I’m very graphic & detailed in my music, but I’m willing to go there by force because it’s real. I’ll never go commercial. I have so much respect for artists like Bone Thugs, 2Pac, Biggie, & Tech-9 because they weren’t afraid to spit real s***. I’ve only come to make music. I’ve been making music since the 8th grade and with or without a label, I’d still make it.” Physcorock debut world-wide release project “ANIMAL” is part of the Battlegrownd Entertainment #HipHopApocalypse 2013.


Physcorock brings something to hip-hop that you don’t hear too often and have it be legit. Physcorock legally diagnosed with Schizophrenia, is going to take the world places through his music that they otherwise could never go. Just bank on that everywhere the journey brings you, it will never be a case of some bubble gum rapper claiming crazy. We’ve seen enough of that. Physcorock is truly a lyrical MONSTER. Battlegrownd Entertainment CEO @queentheprophet has said “Well, the world has met the DOBERMAN GANG #DBG #427, now they can meet my #OPERATIONREVOLUTION pet monster. Any emcee that thinks lyrically they can take out Physcorock? PLEASE TRY. He goes places in his barz that no sane mind could ever go”. Physcorock states in his lyrics “I Physcorock sh** and I rock sh** PHYSCO” & boy, oh boy is telling the truth. Physcorock is working on his next project “NOT A HUMAN” (due 3rd Qtr 2013) and will feature an appearance from his “Legally Insane” partner in crime (from Tomball, Texas) “SeVeN”. You’ll also see Physcorock appear on Battlegrownd Entertainment/CEO @QueentheProphet debut project “Rise of the Phoenix” 3rd Qtr 2013, and the Battlegrownd Entertainment MXTP “Island of Misfit Toys” due out 4th Qtr.

photo (41)

The first single “HI HATER” Freestyle will be released on 2/25/13. Why release a freestyle? Frankly, because the world had forgotten what a true lyrical MONSTER sounds like freestyling off the top of their head.

“HI HATER” on Utube:

“HI HATER” on Soundcloud:

photo (48)

The next single is an original track “MUDSLIDE” and will be released via iTunes 3/13/13. Mudslide is that Strip Club BANGER you hope is on every hip-hop album you buy. We PROMISE it’s worth the $1 download…. we haven’t let you down yet 🙂

Physcorock - animal

“Animal” in full project drops 4/17/13.

photo (42)

Some of the other faces of Physcorock are @fuimstoned. Physcorock is the originator of the infamous #KUSHFACEGANG & #StonedSociety Hash Tags #FUimStoned #FmeImStoned & #420Army #HittaBluntCalmTheCrazy #SilenceYourSober. In his professional entertainer style, Physcorock brings a very humorous approach to cannabis activism. The “brand” #FUimStoned can be followed on Twitter @fmeimstoned. You can also view & purchase some of @fuimstoned signature sayings at or follow on Instagram @fuimstoned

photo (44)

#WatchTheThrone because Physcorock is not just a threat to garbage rap, he’s the exterminator. #OPERATIONREVOLUTION

#SALUTE the graphic #BEAST @kingmagma designer of the Album & Single Covers.

#WhoIsQTP? : Supernova




A star that suddenly increases greatly in brightness because of a catastrophic explosion that ejects most of its mass.


Who is QTP? People ask me this all of the time. I get calls from the higher ups in the game asking who I am and why am I everywhere….#TrueStory. I’m only a person who has over come my pain and move for a purpose greater then my imperfect self.

#OperationRevolution has help from 2 very important men with vision. Kings, thank you for the support of your own empires. May you continue to be blessed in all that you do. We salute you.
@thrilla_SsN #SsNation
@G_NationCrown #Gnation

Salute 2 Johnny Magnum  @kingmagma

Salute 2 @thequeendyme #OperationRevolution 1st Lt. & the #ROYALFAM @Tolybos @QueenDetria @DuchessofBitchs @Mz2Rude @Kodak_Cray …. what? Ya’ll thought I forgot about you?:) Never that… *kicks karate monkey & starts twitter jail riot*

Battlegrownd Entertainment #OPERATIONREVOLUTION #HipHopApocalypse 2013
#watchthethrone and to @_grandgiovanni, @iambrandonheat, @PhyscoRock211, & our #427 #DBG fam raise your glasses Kings…. we bout 2 celebrate…

#HipHopApocalypse #2013 ARTISTS 2 WATCH:
Grand Giovanni @_grandgiovanni
Brandon Heat @iambrandonheat
PHYSCOROCK @physcorock211 or @fuimstoned
George Yung @kinggeorge427
Verbal Kent @kingnattyboog
Big Heights @donovinheights
Young Pyro @pyromaniac7491
Coke Kev @ctcokekev
Speci tha Wolf @specithawolf