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New Years Eve 2012


Happy New Year’s Eve!
I don’t know about you, but 2012 has been one hell of a ride. Most of the folks in my camp (myself included) have been through things this year that you more then likley wouldn’t believe if I told you. Through it all though we have continued to make great music. #OPERATIONREVOLUTION will present for #2013 the #HipHopApocolypse. The moves we make this year are going to be massive and there’s going to be a lot of them.

Yesterday we revealed this blog as well as the #FmeImstoned online store just for starters. Here are a few of the projects on deck for #2013:
> Brandon Heat @iambrandonheat will release his sophmore album “Good Man Gone Bad”
> George Yung @kinggeorge427 will be releasing his video series & MXTP “Death of George Yung”
> Grand Giovanni @_grandgiovanni will be releasing his first video and the MXTP “InstaGrand”
> Verbal Kent @kingnattyboog & Grand Giovanni will be releasing the single & video “BANK”
> DOMBERMAN GANG “Loyalty is Everything Volume 1”
> PhyscoRock will be releasing his “Animal” album
> BattlegrowndENT has put together digital distrubuition & promotion packages for sale
>BattlegrowndENT now offers BOOT CAMP training and mentor services to indie artists

These are not the only projects you’ll see us push for #2013… Expect to see Don Pyro, Coke Kev, Big Heights, & Speci tha Wolf in the mix too.

Wishing you & yours a blessed New Years