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Contribute a verse 4 the 7th Trumpet Project!


On January 14, 2013 one month from the day Connecticut became a household name, Battlegrownd Entertainment blew the 7th Trumpet.

The “7th Trumpet 26 Project” will begin release 12/14/13 on the 1-year anniversary of Sandy Hook and continue release with the final version on 1/14/14 on the 1-year anniversary the original version was released.  The project will include the original 7th Trumpet track Queen the Prophet & Grand Giovanni as well as 25 alternate versions (for a total of 26) featuring a different emcee on the third verse. This project is dedicated to the 26 lives that we lost 12/14/12.


There is still time to get involved! If you would like to contribute a verse to the project, you can download the version of the 7th Trumpet with empty 3rd verse below and submit your finished version no later than December 31, 2013 via email please put “7th Trumpet” in the subject line. Please also include artist name, city, state, & country. PLEASE KEEP ALL VERSIONS RADIO READY (profanity free)

DOWNLOAD the 7th Trumpet empty third verse version:



1month from the day CONNECTICUT became a household name, CT blows the 7th Trumpet via @wordpressdotcom

Underground Artists formally invited to join the 7th Trumpet 26 Project via @Queentheprophet