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URGENT! This family is asking for help…

Thank YOU for your time and attention!
That’s my daughter in the picture above, we were both excited about the back to school shopping trip they took last Monday. She came back with school supplies, a backpack, shoes, and some clothing- awesome! We’re both so thankful!
It’s been two years now- living in shelters, motels, with Beautiful friends. I’ve spent this time being grateful for the roof, focusing on self-improvement, Loving, learning from, and teaching my daughter, and trying to find a way to provide for her without being neglectful.
It wasn’t until I saw this news story… that I felt the sting of my childhood homelessness. Seeing my daughters face under the heading sent me into the past. I began to recall the sadness, the feeling of having nowhere to call home and the anxiety from the lack of stability. Being teased on the playground when schoolmates saw ME on a News segment done at the shelter I was in.
It saddened me, to have my child experiencing the same, to be the Mother, who as I child I felt so sorry for. I remembered being 7 years old, packing my little suitcase and writing a runaway note, telling my Mom I wanted to make things easier for her and heading around the corner to hide (of course she found me). I remembered the day my Mother died, while we were living in a transitional shelter, and the devastation that followed.
 It’s not for lack of effort that I ended up here. I once accepted a job that required three buses and five hours of commute time to get there. But the pay was decent, great by Miami standards , so I tried anyway. Dragging her out in the streets at 6:00am from one bus stop to the next. The stories of struggle are countless, I’m sure many can relate.
Now my time in this shelter is up, any day I could be discharged. Thankfully, I’ll be transferred to another shelter since I have a child, and I’m grateful for that.
I’m asking for your hand because this isn’t the life she deserves. She’s so bright, loving and energetic, and I can slowly see a change in her.
She was recently able to get  into preschool, but I have yet to find a job,
I’m not hopeless, I know things will workout.
I’m asking for your help to get a jump start, in providing Babesters with a more stable life. It would relieve the pressure of move-in costs once I find a job, I’d really Love to pay a years rent, it would make it easier to get a place since I have an eviction on my record, and most will be reluctant to rent to me, many won’t at all.
They say it takes a village to raise a child, with that thought I put pride to the side to ask for help.
Please spread the word, ask your co-workers, friends, family etc.
I appreciate YOU, much Love to you and yours!




Greetings Fam!

2013 has been a rough year for a lot of people and that is no secret. Sometimes I think people don’t get involved with community drives and giving simply because they think they have nothing to give or they are so consumed with their own issues they can’t see anything else but that. I can tell you honestly sometimes the answer to your issue is to give your way out. Do you have any idea what an impact you make on the universe when you give? Do you have any idea how much more powerful that impact is when you don’t really have it to give?

From now until the end of 2013, I will blog FOR FREE any sort of community minded mission that you or your organization is putting together. Doesn’t matter what kind or where it’s located. If it’s legit, you’re doing it and it helps people I will blog it for you for FREE. If you would like to do something and don’t know what to do or how to even start something like that, I will also help you FOR FREE. (For those of you that don’t know, my other career is Social Services so I’m a pretty good resource in the area of do-gooding).  The exception to the free blogging is asking for money. Unless you are a recognized 501-3c organization I’m sure you can understand why.

download (6)toys-20for-20tots-smallClothingDrive

September is a great time to kick something like this off. This is the time of year that donations & drives are thriving.

  • Kids are in need of back-to-school supplies & clothing
  • Thanksgiving Turkeys & Food
  • Adults & Children (MANY still displaced from Hurricane Sandy and other disasters) are in need of winter coats
  • The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence is always accepting donations of used cell phones, batteries, & chargers
  • Christmas, Hanukkah, & Kwanzaa will be here before you know it and families are in need of help for their children
  • Food drives of all kinds are especially needed during the winter months & holiday times
  • Homeless Shelters EVERYWHERE are in need of coats, clothing, blankets, & food
  • Food Banks EVERYWHERE are in need of non-perishable foods

EMAIL: QUEENTHEPROPHET@HOTMAIL.COM  put “BLOG” in the subject line.  (September -December 2013) 

Be blessed,