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#WhoIsQTP? : Supernova




A star that suddenly increases greatly in brightness because of a catastrophic explosion that ejects most of its mass.


Who is QTP? People ask me this all of the time. I get calls from the higher ups in the game asking who I am and why am I everywhere….#TrueStory. I’m only a person who has over come my pain and move for a purpose greater then my imperfect self.

#OperationRevolution has help from 2 very important men with vision. Kings, thank you for the support of your own empires. May you continue to be blessed in all that you do. We salute you.
@thrilla_SsN #SsNation
@G_NationCrown #Gnation

Salute 2 Johnny Magnum  @kingmagma

Salute 2 @thequeendyme #OperationRevolution 1st Lt. & the #ROYALFAM @Tolybos @QueenDetria @DuchessofBitchs @Mz2Rude @Kodak_Cray …. what? Ya’ll thought I forgot about you?:) Never that… *kicks karate monkey & starts twitter jail riot*

Battlegrownd Entertainment #OPERATIONREVOLUTION #HipHopApocalypse 2013
#watchthethrone and to @_grandgiovanni, @iambrandonheat, @PhyscoRock211, & our #427 #DBG fam raise your glasses Kings…. we bout 2 celebrate…

#HipHopApocalypse #2013 ARTISTS 2 WATCH:
Grand Giovanni @_grandgiovanni
Brandon Heat @iambrandonheat
PHYSCOROCK @physcorock211 or @fuimstoned
George Yung @kinggeorge427
Verbal Kent @kingnattyboog
Big Heights @donovinheights
Young Pyro @pyromaniac7491
Coke Kev @ctcokekev
Speci tha Wolf @specithawolf

#ConfessionsOfTheHipHopMobWife 1

QTP2111A sure way to tell you have indeed created a piece of actual authentic hip hop is very simple. You have suffered a great trail during the making of it. Your music will never be any good if it’s about something that you don’t really have or experienced. I’m so confident about the artists I manage because I know them personally and I know that the music they create is good, and it’s REAL. I dare you to click on one of my twitter links and see for yourself.