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EXCLUSIVE Interview with HELL RAZAH @razah_rubiez Music, Inc. Artist @yung_razah



QTP: Peace Yung Razah! The prince is in the building!For those of you that don’t know, Kappo the Renaissance Child aka Yung Razah is the oldest son of Wu-Tang Clan Sunz of Man, Ghetto Govt President Hell Razah/ Heaven Razah. Kappo, what was it like growing up Razah’s son? We have all seen the pictures of you on video & photo shoot sites as a kid, looking back what was that like?

KAPPO:  First off I wanna start by saying thank you for the opportunity and Salute to my fans buh yeah as a kid I got to see my dad work hard to be in his position. So I know how much heart u got to put in your music to be remembered as someone in this game.

QTP: What’s it like having Raz as a Dad? He often shares his wisdom with his fans in his music. I’m sure as a Father he has shared things with you. Did he ever give you any words of wisdom that stick out to you?

KAPPO: Yeah of course almost every conversation u have w my dad is words of wisdom. He definitely didn’t raised no fool he always made sure that I know that all tha Glitter ain’t Gold in this game and to stay true to where u from and most important to yaself

QTP: Did you always want to rap? Your Dad says the first time he found out you rapped was when he came home from the hospital.

KAPPO: my father was always  my hero in my life. so when u see ya hero in a predicament like that it gives you a lot of inspiration and motivation. So not only did I have to hold da household Down I wanted to hold him down music wise and from there it went frum a hobby to a Lifestyle

QTP: How old were you in 2010 when your Dad got sick? I can’t imagine how scary that must have been for you & your family. What was that like?

KAPPO: Well think of it like this my father almost died so fu** this rap sh** I’m proud to be able to speak to my father still buh at tha moment yes my whole family was worried for him and I was 15 at tha time so so many things was running thru my head

QTP: How does it feel now to see your Dad recovering and making big moves again?

KAPPO: It means the world to me honestly bc that shows me tht nothing can hold you back from what you wanna do

QTP: Are you excited to be a part of Hell Razah Music, Inc.?

KAPPO:  Hell Yeah Fuckin Right.! Not only am I able to do music like my pops buh to be under his own label is something special

QTP: Talk a little about what you have going on musically. I believe there is another family member involved as well. Is your cousin working with you as a producer?

KAPPO: Yeah my cousin ( King Mula ) got a great sound it’s a real underground mainstream mix to it. And that’s why we work together because a lot of ppl say that about me so I guess it runs thru tha Family. And I got a lot of music I been sittin on that I’m just waitin to drop on y’all. I just hope y’all Ready

QTP: What projects do you have out right now? What’s coming up? Where can fans get your music?

KAPPO: Well I have my first mixtape I dropped last year and that was on soundcloud called “Salute “. But next up im dropping my new tape in October called “Renaissance” and you could get at me on     Instagram @ YungRazah      Facebook Chron Kappo Smith    Soundcloud    >Kappo<

QTP: How would you describe your music for anyone who hasn’t heard it? How do you describe yourself as an emcee?

KAPPO: My music Is Full of heavy punch lines n metaphors buh  I’m very creative I like to make sure I appreciate the old school and where I’m from most importantly.

QTP: Anything else you want folks to know?

KAPPO: Yeah I want them to know that if they following me they following something special and me n my team gone make it to tha top so why not F**k With us from the beginning. Wingz Up Salute GGO




Hell Razah Music, Inc.

Artist: Kappo the Renaissance Child aka “Young Razah”


Kappo the Renaissance Child aka “Young Razah” is Hell Razah’s oldest son, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.  Kappo began to write music at the age of 14 unbeknown to his Father.

Kappo says “ My father taught me a lot as a kid. He always brought me to the studio when he could and he always made sure my focus was on the right track and I love him for that. My father is my whole inspiration.” Razah says “I didn’t even know he was paying attention. The first time I heard his music is when I came home from the hospital after the aneurysm in 2010. I thank God that I wasn’t the kind of Father that was doing messed up stuff in front of my kids. My son learned to write, rap, and record himself just by watching me and I didn’t even know.”

When asked about his style, Kappo says, “Ii like to be original and more creative than other people. My music has a old skool new skool mix to it. When I started to rap I was past a lot of rappers around me already, and the years that have passed I’ve got nothing but better. My teams gotten stronger, I’ve been working harder , and my daughters getting bigger.”

Kappo tells fans to “stay tuned” as he has big plans and projects coming up and walking in the footsteps of his father, Yung Razah is already a force to be reckon with.



2012, “SALUTE” (Mixtape)

2013, “R.I.P. Freestyle” via  Hell Razah presents United Hoods of America, Volume 3

2013, “B**** don’t blow my high” via  Hell Razah presents United Hoods of America, Volume 3

2013, “I’m blessed” via Hell Razah presents United Hoods of America, Volume 3

“Son of Man” Mix Tape anticipated release date: October, 2013