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Exclusive Interview with HELL RAZAH @razah_rubiez GGO GRAPHIC DESIGNER @culture_freedom





QTP: Peace Fam!

C.F.: Peace Fam, it is a pleasure to meet you!

QTP: For those that don’t know, explain a little about yourself and what it is that you do.

C.F.: Well, I go by the name Culture Freedom. I’m a professional Graphic Design Artist. I actually gave myself the name (Culture Freedom) in regards to me finding knowledge of self and wanting to express the name by representing the culture and the way of life artistically. Also, with the talent I was born and blessed with, I chose to strengthen the skill and use it to help support the culture of art and Hip Hop music as well as other like-minded artists who also share the same passions as me. I’m actually a drawing artist. I never went to school or nothing to learn how to draw; I just grabbed a pen and started using my imagination to create what came to my mind.

QTP: How long have you been an artist? How did you get started?

C.F.: I have been an artist since my early childhood years. I used to draw my favorite cartoon characters and switch them up. My favorite characters were He-Man & Pac Man. I used to draw a Pac-He-Man Character combining the two. That’s pretty much what started my passion for drawing – just being able to express myself through creative thinking. Then later on, me and my cousin used to draw a lot together when we were young. We would watch cartoons, and then draw our own comic books and read each other’s work when we were finished.

QTP: How did you meet Razah and get involved with GGO?

C.F.: I met the God through both my family Automatik and My long-time friend Miverson. It was very crazy how it all panned out; because my homie Miverson introduced me to Automatik and then later on found out we were related. I didn’t know that me and Automatik were cousins until me & him actually started building because we’re both from the same state; Rhode Island. I had actually done a cover for an album dropping soon from Razah which is titled: El Raziel. But that artwork is going to be revised into something more detailed. It was Miverson who had set that up for me to do the artwork for Razah. I then got re-introduced to Razah by my cousin Automatik, and from there, they made me a part of GGO as N.A.S.A. CommandCenter which means: Nubian Artist Seraphim Artwork!

QTP: What projects are you working on? Anything that folks can expect?

C.F.: I’m working on several projects. One that can be expected shortly is a project by a great artist I’m currently working with under my Staten All Stars affiliation. His name is Fes Taylor, and the album he’s dropping is called “The Mannequin”. He is a really great artist. A lot of my statistic achievements were because of him. I do all of his artwork as well as the other Staten All Star members’ artwork as I am the Chief in-house Art Director for the Staten All Stars. I’m also working on a cartoon project for two other artists who as a group go by the name the Loudmoufs (Tommy Whispers & Unspoken). We are all working collectively together to bring a cartoon creation that will help expand the identity for the Loudmoufs’ brand. There’s no official date for this as it is an in-the-works effort that will feature a lot of surprise guests.

QTP: For official business inquiries, how can people get in touch with you?

C.F.: For now, people can get in touch with me through my e-mails: ( or

They can also check out my work on:


Instagram: (Shout out to iNTeLL: U-God’s son.)

QTP: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

C.F.: Yes, I would like to give thanks for everyone who has supported me from day one. I also would like to thank you Queen The Prophet for interviewing me. I also would like to give a shout out to my team The Staten Allstars, & GGO Family. I also enclosed a banner of my artwork I have done for some artists. Peace to the Gods & Earths worldwide; Man, Women, & Child!



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