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Spiritual Maturity (Lesson 1)

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There is a HARD lesson in life that earning an upgrade of spiritual maturity comes with. Not everyone is going to love you, and not everyone is going to like you. In fact, the #bible actually tells us that people will hate you for the stand you take for Christ. (Matt 10:16-33, John 15:18, 2 Tim 2:3-4) But when you understand that ALL things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and were called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28) you’re able to digest those harder lessons. See when someone hates you, it forces you to look at yourself and figure out what it is that they’re seeing that they hate so much. In the words of Bishop Jakes, “folks have hated me on a level I didn’t even know I was on.” Did you catch that tho? Sometimes YOU don’t even fully know the power of the weight of the call and the impact of the anointing God has placed over your life until it causes someone to hate you at a level where they sacrifice moments of their own life just to engage in hating you. There are people in this world who are so miserable in their own lives, instead of fixing what’s wrong with them they invest their time and energy into trying to make other people just as miserable as they are. However, when you can look at yourself and understand exactly what it is that God has given you? When you can get before God and actually genuinely pray for people who do you wrong? You won’t ever spend another moment worried about what someone else may or may not think or say about you because all you will truly care about is at the end of it all hearing the words, “well done my good & faithful servant”.


Everyone has SOMETHING



Everyone has something to offer Fam. Good or bad they have something. Something I have learned over time (and again, this in no way implies that I got it during the first lesson.. some times it takes ten) that you can save yourself a whole lot of time and aggravation with other people if you do a few simple things.



  • Be      quiet. Listen. Some of us are the type of listeners that are always      thinking about what we’re going to say as soon as the other person shuts      up. You can get yourself in a lot of trouble this way. Here’s why,      typically most people with ill intentions will let you know EXACTLY what      their intentions are. It’s not their fault you’re not listening.


  • History.      Do you have a history with this person? Having a history doesn’t mean that      people don’t change, but it means you should absolutely have a good idea      of what the person is capable of. For example if the person has always      been a selfish person in the past, and now all of the sudden they pop up      randomly. It doesn’t make you a bad person to listen for the motives.



  • Logic.      Moving in logic is hard for people often times because they have no      self-control and they move wildly about inside of their emotion. The      problem with moving inside of emotions is dangerous. Emotions change all      the time, and emotional decisions will get you in trouble with no logic      that you didn’t consciously sign-up for. Don’t expect people to be like      you, don’t expect people to not do things you would never do, etc. Take      things as they come at face value. It’s like getting into an argument with      an idiot. Trying to convince a stupid person why they were stupid, makes      you stupid in the process.


  • Self-Responsibility.      We have to learn that when we make bad choices or impulsive decisions and      they are OUR OWN fault. The wisdom comes when you realize, recognize, and      re-group. Making a bad choice or decision doesn’t mean you’re any less      valuable. You messed up. Learn, get over it, and move on.



Learn how to see situations & people for what they are. Don’t force unrealistic expectations upon other people, you’re the only one who will be disappointed. You can only ever hope to control yourself. You are responsible for setting your boundaries and limits of “what” is okay to do to you. People only do what you let them. Swallow your pride, resist the urge to get the last word in, hang up. Easier said then done, but like anything else, practice makes perfect.



Be Blessed-



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