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NEW MUSIC by @INSpectahDECKWU #Free #Download






NEW MUSIC by @killahpriest The Palm Reading Freestyle





Killah Priest – The Palm Reading Freestyle



National Poetry Month “Year of the Snake” by QueentheProphet


Don’t envy those when its lies they speak

Proof shine through the pudding, their mind is weak

Trust in God He shall always provide

Reap & sow, karma takes her ride

They move like snakes as they slither in the grass

They cast their stones, but their house is made of glass

Better than less than is the mindset they walk

Filter trick knowledge every time they talk

For every dirty deed gets written in the book

So no need to lose sleep over a half way crook

For what they do to you, well that’s on them

We all pay the price of admission when we reach the end

No matter what they say, continue in what’s right

Anything done in darkness shall always come to light

In the presence of your enemies your table is prepared

Get ready to feast, there’s nothing to fear

On their bellies they crawl, to eat dust they shall remain

My name is QueentheProphet, I’ve come to change the game.

The Gospel of Q


Have a hot song? Can you freestyle? Can you battle? FREE Blog Features 4 Underground Artists


Vintage logo, 2007

Have a hot song? Can you freestyle? Can you battle? #FREE #Blog Features 4 Underground  #Artists

Battlegrownd Entertainment was founded in 2007 and originally hosted Rap Battles. In 2012 we became a Management/ Artist Development hub for independent artists. In 2013 we became an independent record label.

We  at Battlegrownd Entertainment believe the TRUE spirit of hip-hop comes from the underground. Traditionally hip-hop has always represented hope that regular people could “make it”. Over the last few years, real hip-hop became commercialized and the industry began to appoint artists instead of the people selecting their champs as it always was. #OPERATIONREVOLUTION is dedicated to an uproar in the underground community. We’re taking hip-hop back.


  • Email a decent quality 30 second freestyle video (you can use a cell phone as long as it’s iPhone or Droid quality)
  • Include your twitter name and any other of your social media links
  • Include links to your music
  • Include the photos you want used
  • Bio or any information about yourself you want included
  • Put “FREESTYLE” in the subject line of  your email


  • Email a decent quality live Rap Battle video (you can use a cell phone as long as it’s iPhone or Droid quality)
  • Include the twitter names and any other of the social media links associated with each person involved in the battle (PLEASE LABEL WHO they belong to)
  • Include links to music
  • Include the photos you want used (PLEASE LABEL WHO is in each photo)
  • Bios or any other information about yourself you want included
  • Put “BATTLE” in the subject line of your email


Let’s let the people decide if your music is good. Send us a link to your song (if you don’t have a Sound Cloud, send us the Mp3 and we will load it to the blog Sound Cloud) I normally tell folks to make sure it’s professionally recorded, mixed & mastered. Not this time though. If you want to put an unpolished piece of music out that represents yourself, that’s on you. I’m not going to tell you that’s a bad idea. The number of votes will. If you vote for yourself all day long, that’s on you too. See when you buy views or cheat, you only cheat yourself. If those unrealistic numbers can’t translate in to actual dollars? You accomplish nothing more then making yourself feel like a rock star for a few minuets.

I’ll post your song for 30 days with a CRUNK IT or JUNK IT poll box.

  • Email your Mp3 or Sound Cloud link
  • Include  your twitter name and any other of your social media links
  • Include links to your music
  • Include the photos you want used
  • Bio or any information about yourself you want included

All Email submissions must be ONE complete email. Please read the list of what needs to be included very carefully. Make sure everything is included in one email.

If you fail to label your email in the subject line, your submission may not get posted. Please understand due to the volume of emails Battlegrownd Entertainment receives on a daily basis, it is very important you label properly.

#OPERATIONREVOLUTION #TEXAS Rleases PHYSCOROCK the #KFG #Stoner CELEB known as @fuimstoned

photo (43)

PHYSCOROCK known via Twitter as the #KushFaceGang “Stoner Celeb” @fuimstoned is an artist of many talents & faces.

photo (45)photo (46)

Physcorock (Huston, TX) is a 12-year veteran emcee that has not yet been heard outside of Huston. Battlegrownd Entertainment CEO @Queentheprophet added Physcorock (aka 211 My N*gga no gang relation) to the #OPERATIONREVOLUTION Roster in October, 2012. The 211 reference is NO GANG affiliation. Physcorock says “The term 211 means armed robbery. I use that because the industry is full of commercial rappers who make a mockery of life and a lifestyle of people who actually lived it trying to make it. I know that I’m very graphic & detailed in my music, but I’m willing to go there by force because it’s real. I’ll never go commercial. I have so much respect for artists like Bone Thugs, 2Pac, Biggie, & Tech-9 because they weren’t afraid to spit real s***. I’ve only come to make music. I’ve been making music since the 8th grade and with or without a label, I’d still make it.” Physcorock debut world-wide release project “ANIMAL” is part of the Battlegrownd Entertainment #HipHopApocalypse 2013.


Physcorock brings something to hip-hop that you don’t hear too often and have it be legit. Physcorock legally diagnosed with Schizophrenia, is going to take the world places through his music that they otherwise could never go. Just bank on that everywhere the journey brings you, it will never be a case of some bubble gum rapper claiming crazy. We’ve seen enough of that. Physcorock is truly a lyrical MONSTER. Battlegrownd Entertainment CEO @queentheprophet has said “Well, the world has met the DOBERMAN GANG #DBG #427, now they can meet my #OPERATIONREVOLUTION pet monster. Any emcee that thinks lyrically they can take out Physcorock? PLEASE TRY. He goes places in his barz that no sane mind could ever go”. Physcorock states in his lyrics “I Physcorock sh** and I rock sh** PHYSCO” & boy, oh boy is telling the truth. Physcorock is working on his next project “NOT A HUMAN” (due 3rd Qtr 2013) and will feature an appearance from his “Legally Insane” partner in crime (from Tomball, Texas) “SeVeN”. You’ll also see Physcorock appear on Battlegrownd Entertainment/CEO @QueentheProphet debut project “Rise of the Phoenix” 3rd Qtr 2013, and the Battlegrownd Entertainment MXTP “Island of Misfit Toys” due out 4th Qtr.

photo (41)

The first single “HI HATER” Freestyle will be released on 2/25/13. Why release a freestyle? Frankly, because the world had forgotten what a true lyrical MONSTER sounds like freestyling off the top of their head.

“HI HATER” on Utube:

“HI HATER” on Soundcloud:

photo (48)

The next single is an original track “MUDSLIDE” and will be released via iTunes 3/13/13. Mudslide is that Strip Club BANGER you hope is on every hip-hop album you buy. We PROMISE it’s worth the $1 download…. we haven’t let you down yet 🙂

Physcorock - animal

“Animal” in full project drops 4/17/13.

photo (42)

Some of the other faces of Physcorock are @fuimstoned. Physcorock is the originator of the infamous #KUSHFACEGANG & #StonedSociety Hash Tags #FUimStoned #FmeImStoned & #420Army #HittaBluntCalmTheCrazy #SilenceYourSober. In his professional entertainer style, Physcorock brings a very humorous approach to cannabis activism. The “brand” #FUimStoned can be followed on Twitter @fmeimstoned. You can also view & purchase some of @fuimstoned signature sayings at or follow on Instagram @fuimstoned

photo (44)

#WatchTheThrone because Physcorock is not just a threat to garbage rap, he’s the exterminator. #OPERATIONREVOLUTION

#SALUTE the graphic #BEAST @kingmagma designer of the Album & Single Covers.