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The Grace of God

“And He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.”

‭‭II Corinthians‬ ‭12:9‬

My Momma used to quote this scripture to me all the time and I never fully had revelation of it until more recently. God telling us that His grace is sufficient for us, implies that is all we really need. That’s a hard thing to understand especially when we have circumstances, bills, situations, etc that weigh so heavily on us and what we’re actually thinking is that a quick million dollars would fix most of our immediate problems.

Grace is a gift that God has freely given us that is undeserved and unearned. He simply gives it to us because He loves us. Even this may be hard to understand fully until we understand what it looks like in our lives on a personal level.

We will never be perfect, we will always fall short but God loves us unconditionally anyway. There is nothing we can do that He will not forgive us for if we repent. Every situation or trail in our life He works together for our good, even the bad ones. He is so awesome that even when we find ourselves in a consequence of our own doing? He still works it together for our good. That is grace folks, unearned and most often times so undeserved. Doesn’t make sense to regular human reasoning that if we did something truly terrible, He’d still loves us and make a way out of no way. Good thing His ways aren’t our ways and His thoughts not our thoughts because not one of us could ever do a better job then Him.

Nobody likes Everybody, deal with it.


Everybody is not going to love you and everybody is not going to like you. You could be the sweetest peach in the world and somebody, somewhere hates peaches. We don’t gain anything by only loving those who love us. People that need love the most, deserve it the least. If you desire to honestly walk like Christ? Honey, you are going to have to forgive people who don’t deserve it and love people who are not sorry. You will only have to give account for your own behavior come judgement day regardless of what someone did or did not do to you. You don’t get judged on that, they do. You will be accountable for how you responded.

Mirror, Mirror look inside, see your flaws by @queentheprophet

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I figure mine as well shake things up today, step on some toes, and most importantly make you THINK.  Mirror, mirror on the wall, if you don’t look in it, you shall fall. How does a mirror work? It reflects our image. In essence, a mirror is a smooth surface that reflects most of the light that hits it, with only a minimal amount of light being absorbed. It is essential that the surface is smooth, because light reflecting off of a rough surface would scatter the light, thus no clear image would appear.

After you eat, why do you look in the mirror?

When you’re getting ready, why do you look in the mirror?

Silly questions, right? Mirrors reveal flaws. Fam there is not a single person walking this earth that can say they’re perfect, and if they do? They are a liar.

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Your reality is personal. Your reality is created by experiences that have impacted you in your soul and how you perceive them. Sometimes, our perception is off. Let me give you an exsample… Women who have been sexually abused can often become promiscuous. So the young women who are often referred to as hoes, are in all actuality a victim of some traumatizing experience. The outward expression of promiscuity isn’t about sex at all. It’s about control. These women tend to program themselves to believe they don’t care about anything and they’re “goin for theirs” but in all actuality, they are only trying to regain the loss of control and fill a void. So many young men are without the role model of a father or have grown up with a terrible one. These young men outwardly express their anger by being determined not to end up like their fathers and will do so by any means necessary, which in our urban communities nine times out of ten lands them in the kind of trouble that follows them around for the rest of their lives.

Life is not always fair. Bad things happening are not God’s fault. We live in a fallen world. Poor God, he gets blamed for everything bad and people hardly remember all of the good. Good is not defined by an amount of money, the kind of house you live in, or the car you drive. If you woke up and are able to move your limbs, you are blessed. If you woke up and couldn’t move your limbs, but have a roof over your head and clothes on your back you are blessed.


Growing and maturing as spiritual beings requires that we constantly look in the mirror and examine ourselves. You are not supposed to always like what you see and if you never find something wrong? Something is wrong with your vision. Do you ever stop and ask yourself why you react to certain things a certain way? The faster you understand that you will never be perfect and you always will have a part of you to be worked on, the happier you’ll be. We are all imperfect people loved by a perfect God. We can’t control or change other people, we can only control and change ourselves. If something angers you, it CONTROLS YOU. Get a grip on what makes you angry. Look in the mirror. The answers are simple, we make them complicated. Hurting people hurt other people. If someone has scarred you, understand they are scarred and you can’t fix that nor is it your fault. The only thing in those situations you do have control over is getting over it and controlling yourself.

Looking in the mirror is a CONSTANT process & it’s ugly. If you don’t face it tho, you deceive yourself. Haven’t you been lied to enough?

Hurting people hurt other people. That sentence alone can give you the reasons why to a lot of unanswered questions if you let it.

The correct answer is always love, it never fails.

Be Blessed-


National Poetry Month “The Confession” By QTP


Forgive Me.

I don’t know everything, but I know certain truths. Forgive me.

I know what belongs to me and I’m taking it back. Forgive me.

I won’t let my past shame me. Forgive me.

I won’t let your words have power over me. Forgive me.

I know who I was. Forgive me.

I know who I am. Forgive me.

I have done things that I can’t undo. Forgive me.

I am not perfect. Forgive me.

I am not flawless. Forgive me.

I am righteous. Forgive me.

I am a follower of truth. Forgive me.

I am a seeker of wisdom. Forgive me.

I am a promoter of peace. Forgive me.

I am not willing to be defeated. Forgive me.

I am ready for war. Forgive me.





#LifeLessons101: Forgiveness

#LifeLessons101: Forgiveness

Don’t panic Fam, nobody is about to beat you in the head with a bible. We are though going to discuss the realities of forgiveness. Luvs, I certainly don’t have all the answers and I can only speak about things I’ve actually experienced. I do know that no matter what has happened in your past, it does not have to define your future. We live in a crazy world, crazy things happen. Some of those things we bring upon ourselves by choices we make and sometimes things beyond our control happen that wound us.

We live in a world that tells us if something doesn’t make you happy, go find what makes you happy and move on. Yes, we all deserve to be happy. The one thing you hear less often (more then likely because it’s the HARDCORE truth) is that personal responsibility should always come into play first. Something’s we have to accept the consequences for our actions and then move on. Other things it’s harder to move on because we have been scarred and we want that apology so bad… it often times destroys our happiness and we never end up getting it.

Fam, I love you so I’m going to tell you the truth. Nobody owes you anything. Even an apology. What THEY do is on THEM. Your response, your action, your life IS ON YOU. There comes a point and time where we have to take control of our emotions and life. Forgiveness is NOT ABOUT THEM, IT’S ABOUT YOU. Carrying weights and wounds of your past can absolutely destroy your life. If you research, unforgivness is a common link found in over 80% of people diagnosed with cancer. Stress as we know causes all kinds of health problems including high blood pressure, anxiety, obesity, depression, and cardiovascular problems. It’s just not worth it. A bad relationship should not be the reason you never have a fulfilling one, having parents that didn’t do right by you does not entitle you to be a bad parent, going to jail is not an excuse to be mad at the entire world, being abused in any fashion is hard enough as it is… it can leave you feeling hopeless, powerless.. DON’T LET IT OWN YOU FOREVER.

If it angers you, it controls you. Do not let unfortunate circumstances destroy your life even if it wrecked havoc on years of it. If you need help, GET SOME. Stop being so proud. Getting help is a sign of strength not weakness. When you choose to forgive, you are choosing to no longer allow that thing, situation, or person have power over you. It doesn’t always happen over night, trust me. I’ve had things happen to me that would blow your mind. There were times I actually had to tell myself out loud I forgive them because everything in me still wanted to ring their neck. It eventually got easier and once it becomes a pattern of your behavior, it becomes like a second nature and you will live freer because of it. I promise.

The hardest person to forgive though…. Is yourself. We are our own worst enemies and our own biggest critics. Fam, nobody has the right to judge you. That’s God’s job. It’s not a free pass to intentionally do wrong things, but if you made a bad decision you don’t have to live in it. Time is short, life is precious. Don’t waste either. The question I dare you to ask yourself is if you’ve tried it the other way, what do you have to lose by trying it this way?
Be Blessed.