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New Music by @queentheprophet “Welcome to my Show” produced by @miverson_


In lieu of it being my birthday, I decided to celebrate the day by releasing a new track that will be a part of the “New Testament Project” I will be releasing in full later this year. For me, this track represents the public step I’m taking on my new journey. “Welcome to my Show”. -QTP 

Track Credits:

Produced by: Miverson

Mixing: Steddie Beat Recordings

Artwork: EJ Collazo

#New #Music by @queentheprophet pd by @miverson_ from #WitnessTheStrength (3/12/15)


New single by yours truly, “QTP” produced by Miverson (GGO RI) from his upcoming project “Witness the Strength” which will be released in full 3/12/15.


@queentheprophet presents #DaughtersOfZion MXTP SLOTS NOW OPEN!


I am very proud to present the 1st official “Daughters of Zion” project! This all female Mix Tape will feature music from myself and my sister the very talented Ashley Super (144,000 Chosen Few/ GGO PA).

10518319_697433893673657_6717676424860974636_o hr_musicinc


1969134_10152230863266147_1951393360_nimage (3)


Music submission for this project is officially open and will end January 31, 2015. The project will drop in full, Spring 2015.

Submission guidelines are as follows: 

  • Only female artists will be considered for this project
  • Music that is heavy laden with profanities, violent content, or sexually provocative will not be considered 
  • All music must be professionally recorded & mixed
  • Submissions must be sent in MP3 format to (Submissions MUST include; Artist Name, Track Name, Producer, social media handles, and any other important identifying information if applicable (i.e. label, affiliations)
  • Slot Fee: $20 per song that is approved (The slot fee goes directly towards the production of the project including DJ, Graphics, & Promotion) If your track is selected for this project, you will receive an email and a Pay Pal invoice for $20.00 the invoice must be paid within 7-days. If slot fees are not received, there is no guarantee that your slot will still be available. 
  • It is preferred that all music is original music. If the music submitted is not an original instrumental, you run the risk that the track will be rejected by the mix tape sites at the time of upload (i.e. Dat Piff tends to reject music submitted on industry instrumentals) . If this occurs, slot fees will not be returned. 
  • PLEASE READ SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY! If your submission is missing any of the correct submission information, your track will not be considered. 

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New Music From @themcsha

mcshapromo (1)

MC Sha was born and raised in Philly; the city of brotherly love. Started out as Nasty Neze, MC grew from street battles to making records in the studio and became Shati.
Shati joined with producer Mac G (previously produced for DMX) to complete the demo “Shati’s Principals” which would be shopped to major labels for review. After Shati had been turned down by several labels, she decided it was time for change.


In 2009 Shati became MC Sha, she would persuade the industry by giving homage to the legendary MCs and bring back the old school hip hop flow. MC Sha’s first song “I’m MC Sha” let old and new fans know that Shati was gone and MC Sha is here to stay.
After “I’m MC Sha” MC released “Swigga” a song made to diss the swagger era and create a new term in pop culture.

This success compelled MC to make her first mixtape ever “To The Finish” in 2010. This mixtape was made to symbolize the struggle in MC’s career and with determination she would fight to the finish line to become a music icon. “To The Finish” is now being sold on Itunes, Amazon, Rhapsody etc.
“Step 2 The Finish” came next, the sequel to “To The Finish” showed more versatility in MC’s style, flow and execution.

Now MC Sha has a new single “Bad Girls Back” inspired from the reality television series “Bad Girls Club”. This new single is gaining the attention of record executives, Disc Jockies, Radio personalities and new interested fans rapidly.


MC Sha is advancing at a great pace. MC Sha’s is backed by We Run Uptown, a promotion team dedicated to her success. We Run Uptown promotes artists worldwide who are from or represent “Uptown”. MC Sha will star on all DVDs and mixtapes hosted by We Run Uptown in the near future. MC Sha will also be starring in a webcom “This is Uptown” hosted by We Run Uptown.

MC Sha is also the first Lady of an online Radio station based in Philadelphia; Air It Out Radio. This new partnership has already raised the attention of masses and will continue to grow interest globally.
Stay tuned as MC Sha continues to sweep the nation with her lyrical talent; “Reinvented” The EP is the next project for MC Sha. This project will offer a new, elevated and unique sound from MC Sha projected to release 12/2013.


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I had the pleasure of meeting T-Quest for the first time in 2007, at the very beginning of We met on MySpace and I got to meet her in person at an Open Mic Night. I’m taking the time to tell you this, because if you are going to support an #Indie artist? She is someone who DESERVES it. One of the things that stuck out to me the most is that she didn’t swear in her lyrics, which let’s be honest is very rare for any emcee. We lost touch until recently and I was so impressed that she was still doing her thing and didn’t change or compromise anything that she stood for. T-Quest is an artist that young women should look up to. If you ever met her, you know exactly what I’m talking about. She is upbeat, positive, and a genuine sweetheart. I don’t co-sign too many people, but she is definitely worth the co-sign.




More about @tquestglm:

Tara “T-Quest” Little is a proud Connecticut native born in Stamford, CT. A talented and gifted young lady in a lane all by herself! She is different & proud of it. She is quiet,
but powerful; meek but not weak, fabulous & sexy.



This hip-hop diva is about to change the rap game. Not only is T-Quest a rapper & singer; she is also a hip-hop dancer. You will find that most of her music is up-beat dance music. She captivates her audiences with her performances. T-Quest considers herself an overall entertainer. You might find her on stage rapping one night, in a play the next night & ripping the runway the following night! God has blessed her with many talents & she’s not going to allow any of them to go to waste! Although she can do it all, music is still her 1st love! Whether, hip hop, r&b, gospel or even pop. She does not like to put into a certain genre. MUSIC is her genre. Her vibe is hypnotic and her stage presence is electric! She will always leave you wanting more of T-Quest! As an accomplished performer and a trendsetter, to her credits she has competed in numerous talent shows and showcases all over the country. T-Quest performs regularly at various clubs around the state. T-Quest is the host of Gotta Love Me Radio, which you can catch her every Monday night from 8pm to 10pm.

Boss She is also a member of the singing/model group Codename Phat Kattz. Boss Lady of CT is the perfect name for her! T-Quest is the founder of The Gotta Love Me Movement as well as The Gotta Love Me Foundation where she throws events & a percentage goes to charities & those in need. She leads a positive, determined hard working team where their motto is “Turning dreams into reality”. T-Quest is a positive role model. She doesn’t smoke nor use profanity. She stays with a smile on her face. T-Quest has a big warm heart & gets a long with everyone. She goes hard on stage but off stage she has the sweetest bubbly personality but when it comes to business Boss Lady of CT don’t play! When the show is over, it will never be forgotten that T-Quest was there!!! She’s a BOSS, She’s a LADY & Certified Talent is what she reps! She’s like no other, that’s why you Gotta Love Her!