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Government Shutdown & SNAP benefits

Let’s keep in mind and in prayer that there are elderly and disabled individuals that will be impacted by this as well as many families with children.

I know there’s a lot of folks who can name at least one person who abuses the system, but please let us not forget there are plenty of people in need who don’t.

How will full body tattoo’s look when you’re old? by @queentheprophet

Just food for thought Fam….

Surprisingly I couldn’t find too many images of elderly people covered in tattoos. Β Then I realized that really, it’s our generation that covering your entire body in tat’s is popular and we’re not senior age yet. I’m a fan of tattoo’s, I’m an artist and I think personally they’re beautiful. However, I did learn the hard way that placement of the tat is very important. I got one on my arm at 18 and by the time I was 24 I hated it and wished I never put it there. I always recommend putting them in a place that you can cover if you have to or in case you don’t like it later. It’s very trendy to get multiple tats and nobody really thinks about what that’s going to look like by the time you’re 70. So just for fun, I decided to pull up some pictures. I know that for me, I have decided to make sure any future tattoos will be in a place I will not want to cry when my skin’s elasticity decreases LOL.

Be Blessed –



Old Women with traditional tattoos on her body Bontoc Mountain Province Rice Terraces Philippines images (2) images (4) neck-tattoo old-man-tattoo-02 tattoo-lady tumblr_lw75arsvmN1qi88mvo1_500 tumblr_m9by0okrwF1r67vczo1_500