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@beatsbydomingo “Same Game New Rules” Drops July ft KRS One, Hell Razah, AZ, Sean Price & More!


Coming July, 2014 Hip-Hop Producer Domingo ( will drop “Same Game New Rules” featuring M.O.P.,  AZ, HELL RAZAH,  Prodigy, KRS-ONE, KOOL G RAP, SEAN PRICE, RAS KASS, R.A. Rugged Man & more!

If you missed my exclusive interview with Domingo some months back, be sure to check it out!

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with HELL RAZAH @razah_rubiez RAZAH’S ARK PRODUCER @beatsbydomingo via @Queentheprophet



QTP: Peace Domingo!

QTP: For those that don’t know, please tell everyone a little about yourself and what it is that you do, and don’t forget to tell them you’re one of the most brilliant producers to walk the earth.   

DOMINGO: My real name is Domingo… I chose to use my real name when I started producing bc it was unique enough to me.  I been producing for over 26 years now in the music industry and it has been a long blessed road. I came up under Marley Marl and the house of hits…. Marley calls me the graduate to the hit record committee..

QTP: Who are some of the artists you’ve worked with over the years? 

DOMINGO: Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Krs, Ras Kass, Shaquille O neal, Big Pun, Fat Joe, Tony Hell Razah….. My discography speaks for itself 

QTP: How long have you known Razah? How did you guys meet?

DOMINGO: I know of Razah for many years he is one of those underdog emcees a lyrical god on the mic who can put it down when it needs to be done.Someone approached me about doing a song with Razah and I was like hell man lets do an album and I been working at it for a few months now. Its going to be a great album once its finished. To me it was like a jigsaw puzzle that once it is done and the pieces come together it will be a hip hop masterpiece. I been taking my time with it making sure its nothing less then classic.

QTP: I believe that you’ve also worked with another Hell Razah Music, Inc. Artist Scripture as well, is that correct?  

DOMINGO: Yes I know Scrupture for many years and met him thru my friend Dj Niko from Massachussetts…Scripture is one of those people who became a friend outside of the music.

QTP: Can you talk about any projects you’re working on right now with Hell Razah Music, Inc.?

DOMINGO: Right now we are working on Razahs Ark entirely produced by me. 

QTP: What other projects are you working on? What can folks expect over the course of the upcoming year?

DOMINGO: I work closely with Kool G Rap at the moment..and My full concentration is on promoting my website and finishing the Razahs ark album.

QTP: I know that you’ve worked on a lot of music over the years and with a lot of people. To date, what’s your favorite?

DOMINGO:  Well I honestly have alot of favorites the one artist I worked with Big Pun I hold those memories close bc I was blessed to work with one of the illest emcees in the game ever and also scored a platinum plaque on my wall from it.

QTP: Anything else you want people to know?  

DOMINGO: Look out for Razahs Ark….and for the aspiring artist on a limited budget check out for cost effective production music for your mixtape or album…

QTP: How can folks get in contact with you? 

Facebook: Beatsbydomingo or domingobeats


Google: Domingobeats or Domingo Hip Hop producer  and you can find out alot more about me.

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