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Sign the #petition #Justice4Trayvon STOP the “celeb death match”


My question is, is THIS what we have become? Are we truly living in a day and age where mindless entertainment and the almighty dollar have blinded us as a people to the point that we allow things like this to happen? I don’t think I have words to express my disgust. George Zimmerman is an un-convicted murderer. He factually shot & killed an unarmed child. Trayvon Martin is dead. Although in the courts, Mr. Zimmerman was not found guilty of murder, he still shot Trayvon, Trayvon is dead. Months later, Mr. Zimmerman was actually arrested and found guilty of beating up his girlfriend. I’m not going to paint the picture of his character, he has done that. I’m not judging him, God will do that. This man is not a celebrity, he shot and killed a kid. He just wasn’t found guilty of murder, but he did in fact shoot Trayvon and Trayvon is dead.


To put Zimmerman in a “Celebrity Death Match” costs money. The entertainment world doesn’t like to waste money, they like to make it. Believe you me, the only reason this has come up is because they KNOW there is a market for it. If they were convinced the consumers would be outraged and boycott this episode, it wouldn’t be happening. Basically, they think you’re stupid and if you watch or support it? You are in fact stupid. After the fight then what? All people will remember is that DMX beat him up and it will take away from the fact the reason he was in the line up to fight was because he shot an unarmed child not to mention, he’s gonna get PAID.


I urge you to not be who the media thinks they’ve melted your brain enough to be and that is a generation of people that will watch or support this attempt to cash in on the death of a child. The petition below to stop the match from happening was started by Ms. Janet Dickerson who decided to take action instead of bashing Damon Feldman (Celebrity Death Match) on social media.

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Exclusive Interview with Wu-Tang Management/ GGO Member @justishype

Wu Tang Management (1)



QTP:  Peace Fam! Wingz Up!

JUSTIS: Peace and blessings

QTP: For those that don’t know, talk a little about yourself and what it is that you do

JUSTIS: Peace, I wear quite a few hats most recently my focuses have been with promotions and project management/development. I promote products,events, artists mainly as well as assist with development of each. Im also involved with artist booking. I also co manage a few artists.

QTP: How long have you been with Wu-Tang Management?

JUSTIS:  I have been with WTM officially for 4 years

QTP: Who are some of the artists you’ve worked with over the course of your career and who are you currently working with?

JUSTIS: Ive worked with Flo Rida, Beenie Man, Buju Banton, Sizzla, Capelton, DMX, basically Def Jam roster between 98-2001.  So So Def, The Brat, Ying Yang Twins, The Wailers,  Dead Prez, etc.Recently I have been working alot with some of the Wu Affiliates, Blue Raspberry, Cappadonna, Hell Razah, Buddha Monk, Kinetic 9, Eternal to name a few also Krumbsnatcha, Paparatzi, JonJon the Son along with a few others most currently

QTP: How did your career start?

JUSTIS: Well I started DJin professionally in 1996. From there I went on to intern with Def Jam and So So Def. I began promoting my own shows, parties etc after realizing that I was able to bring people out myself and avoid the promoters (middle men) and getting paid insufficiently after providing the bulk of the entertainment to the venue. While in college I also started working for a radio station (WVFS) which gave me a start in radio. I met alot of artists and people attached to the business side of the industry. I also got noticed by several artists for my ability to write and arrange music. I have since gone on to ghostwrite for a few artists.

QTP: When did you first meet Razah?

JUSTIS:  LOL…Well I originally met Razah in Atlanta sometime in the late 90s. We spoke briefly and didnt speak again until last year sometime when we were reintroduced via family…

QTP: How did you get involved with Ghetto Govt?

JUSTIS:  Well Ive always had an extremely high regard for Razah as one of my favorite MCs within the Wu and generally speaking. Before we could meet again I was actively promoting his Heaven Razah album and providing placements for his releases. After speaking for sometime he acknowledged my work and ask me to come on board and assist with some projects.

QTP: What were some of the most memorable things you’ve done over the course of your career?

JUSTIS: As a DJ spinning for an audience of over 10,000 at Atlanta’s Tri state party! The energy was crazy and to this the idea of making thousands of people move at my command is exhilerating. Working with the legendary Wailers (Bob Marley’s band) nuff said thats just history. Getting a check for writing a record. Im proud of that considering I dont consider myself an artist yet Ive gotten paid for making music. My biggest accomplishments are still to come really but Im most proud of those accomplishments to date..

QTP:  What projects are you working on right now both music & otherwise?

JUSTIS: Other than working with artists and promotions/development of their projects and brands. Im working with Krumbsnatcha to build our label Mind Power. We will be developing books, clothing, film and more under the imprint as well as grooming new artist. I am active with Wu Radio, Wu Worldwide DJ Coalition and Wu Tang Management and the development of ventures under that banner. I have 2 books ive written and im wrapping up the final edits and moving forward to the publishing phase. I also look forward to attending law school in the near future. Music is great but I have many more aspects of life to focus on in the future.

QTP: You’ve worked with some of the greatest emcees ever to touch a mic, do you have any advice or tips for new and upcoming artists that you can share?

JUSTIS: Work. Nothing happens over night. You must invest in yourself or no one else will. Stay focused. Stay consistent. Be humble.

QTP: Anything else you want folks to know?

JUSTIS: Im here to work and assist those who are ready. This is a business and people tend to forget that but its not always about monetary transfer. Relationships are the most important thing to me.  I got a real story to tell as far as music is concerned and life in general. Before its all said and done I will tell my story. Im actually planning to step out of my “box” and challenge myself creatively to build a project that will help tell my story…Universal peace and blessings to everyone…

Mind Power



photo (1)



They tried to smother you in skinny jeans. We wore baggy clothes because we needed to dance every time we heard you. They’ve been singing songs to your beats with lyrics they didn’t write in battles they never won, because the hired help had no idea what you ever stood for. They started cutting your 16s into 12s… maybe because since they weren’t telling a story, then ran out of things to say.

They forgot you were created to transcend barriers of ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and the “social norms”. You represented folks coming from NOTHING and turning into something. You brought hope that dreams came true. You told stories. You did what they said was impossible.

They have attempted to brain wash an entire generation making music about things most people will never have. Hired help spits songs about things they don’t own, lifestyles they never lived until they were hired. The people were no longer allowed to CHOOSE their role models, they were bought. The stories of struggle & victory were replaced by skinny jean molly amped bottle poppin BS. We have an entire generation now of DISRESPECTFUL youth that sag skinny jeans and believe that hip-hop is about sex and poppin bottles in the club. They will even be as so bold to disrespect the FOUNDERS of hip-hop on social media simply because they have never heard real hip-hop. They have disrespected one of the most important roles in music… the DJ. Our youth is destroying SELF because they now believe the only “arrived” they need to get to, is enough money to wear expensive jeans and buy $80bottles of liquor for $400 in the VIP section. When they can’t obtain these things…. They destroy themselves trying to get them. They don’t know that the impossible is possible because what is on the radio is not telling them that. They have no idea that the world is not just made for rich folks.

Something began to happen in 2012…. Many people missed it because didn’t and still don’t yet comprehend the importance of social media…. even if you get it today… You won’t catch those of us who already locked that up last year 🙂 You see, there was a time of local shows and selling mix tapes out of the back of your car. Now that we are in an electronic generation, we don’t have to sell anything out of the back of our car. We can email our music to every corner of the earth that wants it & has internet access.
The people are once again using their voices … they are choosing their champs AS IT SHOULD BE, AS IT ALWAYS WAS.
There was a meteor shower called #LIFEONMARS…. then when the clock struck 12 on 12/31/12 the #HipHopApocalypse began… on 1/14/13 one month from the day #CONNECTICUT became a household name the 7th Trumpet sounded… Symbol? 7th Trumpet is the symbol of KINGDOM reign time… #OPERATIONREVOLUTION is in full effect across the globe.

7th Trumpet “26Project” Watch on Utube :–pGEKMCZ6c

7th Trumpet on Soundcloud:

Support on iTunes: Grand Giovanni – 7th Trumpet (feat. QueenTheProphet) – Single – #iTunes


ggg7th Trumpet.RED77777GrandQP

#OPERATIONREVOLUTION is not just about #BATTLEGROWNDENT, it represents UPROAR in the #indie community. We are by the thousands turning our backs on your industry and everything you stand for. We are coming together, supporting each other. We don’t have to be millionaires to accomplish this. We are though, supporting each other so EVERYBODY EATS. They said it was just Twitter…. It wasn’t real life. Those are real people behind those accounts able to buy, sell, & trade music, services, and support via the internet.

All we’re doing is telling the TRUTH. We believe there is enough for everybody… If 100k people buy 10 singles (yup $10) from 10 #Indie Artists, you the people just changed the lives of 10 people who have friends & family JUST LIKE YOU instead of just one…
We didn’t come for contracts, you can keep your 80/20 & 70/30. We don’t want ANYTHING we haven’t earned. If you came from the underground and EARNED yours? We #SALUTE you. To the frauds? GETCHOBARZ UP because there has been an earthquake in the underground across the globe,  most of us hail from “the most violent cities in the US” and we’re screaming #OPERATIONREVOLUTION

If you know nothing about these folks, LEARN ABOUT IT…. Because there’s too many of us to number….

#SsNation @Thrilla_Ssn #CHICAGO
#GNATION @G_Nationcrown #HUSTON
#KUSHFACEGANG @callmekushface @detpromoking313 #PHILLY #DETROIT
#TTO @FLA_Phantom @IceCold_ @medley_ceo #ATLANTA #VA
#TeamFollowOrDie @ihannibalaka730 #BOSTON

Well behaved women seldom make history…. and people crazy enough to believe that they can change the world? OFTEN DO.

What can I say? I’m just a little girl who grew up WU.

My name is QueentheProphet, your friendly #HipHopApocalypse Robin Hood of Hip-Hop and I approve this message.


Welcome to the revolution.
@queentheprophet , CT
@iambrandonheat , NJ
@_grandgiovanni, CT
@physcorock211, TX
@kingnattyboog, CT
@kinggeorge427, CT
@donovinheights, CT
@pyromaniac7491, CT
@Specithawolf, CT
@ctcokekev, CT

These aren’t all, but these are some of the greatest men & women that have ever been heard. If you are unable to recall music from at least 7 of those pictured below… please go back to your studio. Fire the DJ, slap the producer for allowing such nonsense,  burn your masters, go apologize to eveyone who’s ears you made bleed with your garbage music and you are now only allowed to sing in the shower,  because you have NEVER really heard hip-hop. (We still love you, don’t do it again please.)





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black sheepnice & smoothl


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