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EXCLUSIVE Interview with HELL RAZAH @razah_rubiez #GHETTOGOVT Admiral @DJYELLO

QTP: Well this by far will no doubt be the most absurd interview ever because for anyone who has followed my movements, DJ YELLO has been around since the beginning. But as I always say, never disrespect or underestimate the power of the DJ! However since the DJ is official GGO we must proceed with the formalities. Fam, can you tell the people who you are and what exactly it is that you do?

DJYELLO: Well thank you first an foremost for the interview i feel all warm inside “might be the goose” but anyway lets get into this DJYELLO for one is a force to be reckoned with in this industry i’m not the best at producing but i’m damn good at it i’m not the best at dj’ing but i’m real good at it, but in all honesty i’m just an average guy who’s been in this industry in some form or fashion and all aspects for along time

QTP: Tell the fine people how we met, I know it was a monumental moment in your life.
DJYELLO: Lmaoooo we met on twitter and it was love at first sight i told u about puppies,midgets and twizzlers mixed with liquor and you said somethin’ about kittens and oceans and it was on….. nah if my memory is right i reached out to you first about some help on somethin’ about how to work somethin’ on twitter….. hell i dont remember yesterday for the most part lol
QTP:  All jokes a side (for a minuet anyway), you know I consider you one of the strongest anchors in my career. You really have been in my corner from the gate. But we were strangers, we met on Twitter, why in the hell did you decide to rock with me?
DJYELLO: OK OK jokes aside i’ve always been able to see talent no matter what it may be as long it was reflected in a positive light and the artist was focused on growing and with social media so strong right now its a lot easier to see that from people all we have to do is read what they say and you had that grind and it was very apparent to me that if nothing else this is someone i need to at least be following on twitter
QTP: Now you’re a Wu-Head for real, was the first time you met Razah when we were in DC a few weeks ago to join you on BLIS.FM, was that the first time you met Razah?
DJYELLO: Yeah i’m a WU-HEAD all day i own the original demo tape from them “thats another story” but i’ve been to a lot of shows in my life and while i never had the pleasure of meeting Razah until the interview i’ve seen him perform along with Sunz of Man and Killarmy at a couple events i dont care what i may ever be theres nothin’ like hittin’ a good hip hop show and just bein’ a fan
QTP: By the time we left, you were official Ghetto Govt. Is it all you have hoped for?
DJYELLO: Oh hell nah the fact that even came out and was blessed upon me was exactly that a BLESSING …. i’ve never strived to be a “title” in peoples eyes all the type of coalitions that are out there dj this rapper that i could care less when those go so viral and it costs to get in them and they let anybody in them it becomes trash.. and only a few holdin’ it down.. the rest live off the name. DJYELLO being the admiral of #GGO GHETTO GOVT. again was not expected but i take on the challenge and honor
QTP: You’re going to be hosting the next Ghetto Govt MXTP. What can people expect from you as a host?
DJYELLO: WHATTTTTTTTTT? HEAT, FIYAH , EPIC , this is what i do this is how i get down i would expect a video out of this fuckin’ tape whether i’m in it or not

QTP: Everyone is well aware that you’re a DJ, but you didn’t start out that way. Talk about how you started in music and what you do now.

DJYELLO: AHHHHHH i was the son of a sharecropper in alabama who made whistle noises on the backs of dead frogs…………………… i’m wilin out right now lol ………..My grandmother was a singer and and my father was a dj on college radio so music was always in my ears at some point when hip hop started to form and was really put on wax and getting radio play i started first as the neighborhood kid that would copy different records and put them on tape for my friends then moved into playing with turntables got into writing and performing as an emcee but the love was always being a dj/producer

QTP: Although we already confirmed on-air that this was true, but is it true that the infamous DJ YELLO has dusted off his rhyme book and is in fact coming out of retirement for a collab track with the infamous Queentheprophet?

DJYELLO: DOES THE POPE WEAR  WHITE HAT? i will say this as well i will do one performance live of the song with you if the demand is there

QTP: Yea, stay tuned for that because it’s going to be pure mayhem.  Do we have an official start date to your show starting on BLIS.FM?

DJYELLO: not yet when i sign paper work it has to be on my terms but as it looks right now it will be kickin’ off in sept. at some point …………….good things come to those who wait i got big surprises big S/O to my co-host’s FRANCINE AND WOODY SEED

QTP: You’ve worked with so many people over the years, any favorites besides me of course?

DJYELLO: well we gonna flip shit already so thats one person down and thank you for the opportunity ……….as far as anybody else hmmmmmmmmm i’ve always wanted to work with the greats personally and this is gonna be all over the place as they pop in my head stevie wonder, hank shocklee, rick rubin, quincy jones, dj jazzy jeff, so many to name from then to now to many
QTP: Is there anyone you haven’t worked with yet that you’re hoping to?
DJYELLO: i think the smoke is gettin’ a lil thick in here or is it just me u kinda asked me that already lets sit back take a nap and think about it lmaoooooooooooooooo

QTP: What’s on deck for you music & project wise?

DJYELLO: well i cant wait to work on the next mixtape from Razah #GGO on the planet but i’m currently working on RISE OF THE TRU EMCEES 2 where i feature mc’s from all over the world produced by me workin’ on my new radio show “cant say the name just yet” and just continuing to get good hip hop out to the people who want it and trust me theres more than you think

QTP: What projects are out now? Where can people get some of the MXTPS you’ve done already?

QTP: How can people contact you?
DJYELLO: just yell real loud wtf i’m not that far ……..nah twitter/@djyello or

QTP: Anything else you want people to know besides the fact you adore me and I’m still waiting for my DJ YELLO T-Shirt?

DJYELLO: hmmmmmmm lets see u are the best dont touch my turntables ………..t-shirts and panties will be available on my site soon
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HELL RAZAH MUSIC, INC. @Razah_Rubiez @queentheprophet @scriptureggo LIVE 7/27 with @DJYELLO BLISFM./ALLWEGOT



Wu-Tang Clan Affiliate Hell Razah along with his Hell Razah Music, Inc. “Ghetto Govt Officialz” roster Queentheprophet, Scripture, & Automatik Greatness will join DJ YELLO live from the DMV Saturday, July 27th 4 p.m. EST

Make sure you tune in to BLIS.FM/ALLWEGOT

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