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TRAINING DAY New Music by @wwwcnorman


Bringing you more New and Original Music from the Midwest, Producer C.Norman and Artist Mr. Pure gives us something to Bob-our-Heads to with their New-Single “TRAINING DAY”; with their precise word play and uncategorized rap-style, it’s indeed Purposely.Different™ as their label proclaims.
Listen to and Download C.Norman and Mr. Pure’s New-Single, “TRAINING DAY” (prod by C.Norman) here:
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C.Norman “Training Day” (produced by C.Norman) Feat. Mr. Pure

C.Norman’s BIO:
Twitter:!/wwwcnorman (@wwwcnorman)
Artist: C.Norman – Producer / Artist / Engineer / Web & Graphic-Designer
Name: Christopher E. Norman
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Production Genres: Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B and Classical
Years Producing: 13
D.O.B/Age: 5/10/1985 – 27yrs
College: University of Illinois (2008) Speech Communications
Influences: Dr. Dre, Timbaland, Bone-Thugs-n-Harmony, Twista, Do-or-Die, and Crucial Conflict.
With the aim to create music which could not be mistaken as having originated from any other Producer or Artist, C.Norman has a Unique Rap/Hip-Hop Production style which often utilizes Orchestral Strings, Entire Brass Sections and Piano Solos, combined with Heavy Bass and Clean Percussion. First learning to make beats by competing with classmates in the 2nd grade, using only a table, his fists and pencils, C.Norman has continually developed his producing talents by deliberately going against the mainstream-grain, experimenting with any sounds available to him.
Recording his first song in his dorm-room as a freshman at the University of Illinois in 2003, C.Norman has since produced for a plethora of Midwest artists since 2005, and is constantly working with new talent on a weekly basis. He has recently completed his 3rd full production project with D.Liberat.Records’ Artist, Mr. Pure (Darryl Gilbert Jr.) titled “Til Heaven Calls… THC.”
Having had their music Featured on dozens of Hip-Hop websites/blogs such as and, C.Norman is now utilizing the Independent Record Label that he founded in 2011 (D.Liberat.Records) in order to reach the ears of the masses, and to influence others to positively cultivate and maintain their Creative-Talents in an industry where easily, one can find themselves on the same wave-length with the latest musical-fad. His Debut Instrumental Album, “D.Liberat.BEATS Vol 1” (8/26/2012), is quickly generating a strong pull towards his 100% original production style, and is gaining the attention of numerous successful production networks and talent representatives.
You can experience first-hand his work as a producer and artist at, and at Mr. Pure’s EPK,
Please forward any inquires to, and follow C.Norman on twitter – @wwwcnorman.