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Successfully Single & Saved Study Guide: E8 Does God tell us who to marry?

Hear this episode in full E8 “Does God tell us who to marry? ” at

Read: the book of Hosea

This week instead of questions, I encourage you to do your own study of marriages in the Bible. Use both the Old & New Testament. Examine how the couples came to be married. Examine the role of God in each marriage.

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#Relationships101 SOCIAL MEDIA DOES NOT DESTROY RELATIONSHIPS by @queentheprophet


#RAWTRUTH101: Social media DOES NOT destroy relationships
We’re going to approach a topic that is widely debated. How many stories have we heard of people “finding out” folks are cheating via facebook, twitter… Fam, social media does NOT destroy relationships. Lack of self control does. Social media sites do not poison people, it only showcases what already exists. In a way, you should be thankful that you have such a wide open window into how the person you deal with actually behaves. This is not for the purpose of judgment, it’s just the way it is. The truth is, some folks are NOT relationship ready, and that’s okay. If you find out some crap they did on line, I know (trust me, I KNOW) how bad that hurts. Don’t let it kill you, here’s why… NOW YOU KNOW. Don’t beat yourself up because your heart hurts when you find out someone you love still struggles with self control, IT’S NOT YOU. You didn’t do anything wrong, at least you found out and keep it moving.

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You have to understand something, hurting people hurt other people. PERIOD. It will always be that way until the hurt person finds a way to un-hurt. If they don’t love them, they will never love you. Some people go bananas at all the sex being thrown around on the internet, they can’t handle it, and they overdose. Why are you crying? Let them be tears of joy that you’re smart enough to know that’s not how you want to be treated. There are some men and women in this world that are so scarred, they think behaving that way is fun & normal. If you can’t trust your mate on social media? That is not a person you should try to build anything meaningful with. They’re just not ready. For those of you in long distance relationships, the early signs of this are critical. We must all learn to gain wisdom from the things we KNOW. We have to stop ignoring things for what they truly are and just examine them in truth. Yes the truth hurts, but don’t you want it? Change your perspective… Give me the painful truth. I refuse to live a beautiful lie.
Be Blessed

#Relationships101 Mistakes that women make by @queentheprophet


Greetings Fam!

I wanted to talk about somethings that first & foremost I have done myself (See? Now nobody feels like I’m talking about them, I ALWAYS talk about myself first) and quite frankly, are issues I see all the time. I want to talk about them because these are the stupid things in life that cause big problems. So let’s chop it up about Mistakes WOMEN make in relationships.


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  • Make him pay for a heart he didn’t break:  If you are not over your last relationship, you are a selfish fool for getting into another one. Baggage has no place in a new relationship. When I say baggage, I’m not just talking about your ex. If you have messed up things unresolved with your father, if you are recovering from abuse and you did not get help? YOU BETTER if you ever hope to have a successful relationship.

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  • Running your mouth: Do you know Men HATE, HATE, HATE when their girl runs their mouth? There can’t be love without trust. If he can’t trust you to keep his secrets, then seriously what good are you as a partner? If you tell your friends something before you tell him? Did you ever stop and think about how that makes him feel?

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  • Double Standard: You can’t give anybody (let alone a man) invisible standards or double standards. Invisible Standard: You expect flowers on your birthday because they are important to you. You expect your partner to stay home with you every weekend.  (If you are the only person in your relationship that knows this, it is an invisible standard) Double Standard: You expect him to stay home with you every weekend until you have something fun to do with your other friends. You go through his phone but keep yours locked. (Double Standards. You’re setting him up because you switch up)

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  • Understanding: Your man is not a mind reader. Men are logic based thinkers and women are emotion based thinkers. Don’t “hint” at things, tell him exactly what you mean. Too many women get mad at men for just being men. Even if you leave several brochures laying around and stick a post-it on the fridge? He didn’t see it. He goes to the couch to sit, he’s not looking at the brochure on the table. If he’s at the fridge he is hungry and he’s not looking at the brochure taped to it. If you want to take a vacation, TELL HIM.

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  • The Counsel of your friends: Married women have no business hanging out with single women, point blank end of story. If you are a married woman and your closest friends are single? You are setting yourself up for a diaster anytime you start taking advice or counsel from single people.

If you are in a relationship and your friends are in the middle of a break-up? Please rememeber that misery loves company and even if it’s not on purpose? It can rub off and effect you.  Keep in mind “birds of a feather, flock together”. If you have a no good friend that’s always cheating everytime you two step out and that is who you CHOOSE to hang out with? It is a reflection of you somehow, someway, someday.

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