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Hell Razah @realhellrazah presents #GGO Family Tree (updated 10/1/18)


Hell Razah Music, Inc.
President/ Founder: Chron “Hell Razah” Smith
Vice President: Scripture           

Director of Operations: Queen the Prophet

General Manager: Giovanni Pratt

Hell Razah Music, Inc. Artist Roster: (GGO Ghetto Govt Officialz)
Hell Razah @heavenrazah
Yung Razah @yung_razah
Automatik Greatness @automatik7
Scripture @scriptureggo

The Book of Daniel/ Chief GGO Tribal Nation @_bookofdaniel

Kenyattah Black @blackkenyattah

Rico Deniro @iamricodeniro

Hell Razah Music, Inc. In-House Production:
Dr. G (UK) @drgproductionz (Executive Officer)
Alien Religion Productions (GGO CT)
St. Peter (GGO CANADA)
Sneak Vandel (GGO/ZUBulliez) @sneakvandel
Miverson Beats (GGO RI)

Armada the Producer

Hell Razah Music, Inc. Official DJ’s

Admiral DJ Yello (Wu-Tang DJ Collation)

DJ FLIPCYIDE (Wu-Tang DJ Collation)

DJ Fiyaa

DJ Kenni Starr

Hell Razah Music, Inc. Graphic & Design Team
Culture Freedom (Executive Officer)

Jason Warner

Alex Schnaible (Follow Me Design)

Hell Razah Music, Inc. Film Production:
Frank Meyer

Jason Valdez

Michael Moote
Hell Razah Music, Inc. Official Apparel
Hell Razah Music, Inc. Toy Maker
Dunny Master @J36WU

Hell Razah Music, Inc. Models:

Sarah Jill
Hell Razah Official Website:

Webmaster: Fix

Hell Razah Music, Inc. Public Relations: 

Isabelle Sibiril

Hell Razah Music, Inc. Community Media:

Taylor Bee (Bee TV)


Risen: The Story of Chron “Hell Razah” Smith official release Summer 2018

Heaven Razah Music, Inc. 
President/ Founder: Rachel “Queen the Prophet” Lombardozzi

Chairman: Chron “Heaven Razah” Smith

Heaven Razah Music, Inc Artist Roster:

Queen the Prophet

Ace Jimenez

photo 1 (4) (1)

G.H.E.T.T.O. G.O.V.T. Movement
(Go Hear Emmanuel Teach the Others God’s Only Victorious Truth)
GGO (Ghetto Govt Officialz) 
President/ Founder: Hell Razah aka Heaven Razah 

Heaven’s Administration: 

President: Hell Razah

Queen the Prophet

Attorney General: Scripture

Tribal Nation Chief: The Book of Daniel

Presidential Cabinet: (GGO Advisory Board)

 President: Hell Razah

Attorney General: Scripture

Queen the Prophet

Secretary of Defense: Automatik Greatness

The Book of Daniel/ Chief GGO Tribal Nation

Secret Service: Judah Priest

Weapons Specialist: The Messenger

Dr. G

Admiral DJ Yello (GGO Guantanamo Bay)

FBI: Kenyattah Black

Speaker of the House: Ace Jimenez

GGO Congress: 
Attorney General: Scripture
Secretary of Defense: Automatik Greatness
Secret Service: Judah Priest @iamjudahpriest
The Book of Daniel/ GGO Tribal Nation Chief
Weapons Specialist: The Messenger
GGO House of Representatives:

Chief of Staff- Kappo aka “Yung Razah”/ Heaven’s Sun

St. Nic (GGO Haiti / Black Wasps)
Admiral DJ Yello @djyello
Kenyattah Black (GGO FBI) @kbliggah

Alien Religion Productions

Miverson (GGO RI/HRMI)
Sincere (GGO Pentagon) @sincerekerr
Culture Freedom (GGO Federal Communications Commission)

Queen Dyme (TEAM QUEEN) @thequeendyme

Taylor Bee Made (TEAM QUEEN)

Vega X (GGO Battle Squad/Special Forces ) @vxplanetxpxr

Giovonni Pratt (GGO, ATL)

DARPA (Digital Audio Revolution Promo Agents)

The Queen Dyme

Isa Nahila S-Bigini

Robert Delise

Paul Agnew

NSA (National Security Agents) –Member identities- CLASSIFIED

Honorary GGO’s: (Combination of supporters, beginning founders, Razah’s original team. The following list is incomplete and more names will be available shortly)
Tray Bag    Killah Priest    Timbo King    Shroom    DJ Rated R  Prodigal Sunn  60 Second Assassin
Daddy Rose    Marloyn    7th Ambassador    St. Peter   RA the Rugged Man     Shroom

Tragedy Khadafi    Su-Preme       Dayta       Ayatollah  William Cooper Buddha Monk

GGO Chapters in Good Standing: (Have submitted roster, passed 2018 annual review. 



Head of State: Ace Jimenez 

The Book of Daniel 




Head of State: Vega X (GGO Special Forces)

Mac the Rebel



Head of State: Scripture

Alien Religion (formerly Ark of the Covenant) Productions

DJ Edit (Hairforce)

George Yung 


Head of State: The Messenger 

DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia)

Head of State: Sincere (GGO Pentagon)


7 Wounds


Head of State: The Queen Dyme 

LexZyne Productions 


Head of State: Giovonni Pratt

Culture Freedom



Las Vegas

Head of State: DJ Flipcyide


Head of State: Automatik


Head of State: End Time Scribe

New Jersey

Head of State: Karnage

Dezert 3agle

Dj Swab 

Naypalm Beatz

Mr. Jack
New York

Head of  State: Kenyattah Black  

Yung Razah

Rico Deniro

Kenyattah Black

DJ Fiyaa (GGO Fire Marshall)

Dunny Master

DJ 360 


Head of State: Brandon Heat 


Head of State: Judah Priest

Supreem Rezareckta (144,000 Chosen Few)

Smuve Mass Beats (144,000 Chosen Few)

Fire Nation (144,000 Chosen Few)

Rhode Island

Head of State: Automatik Greatness



Head of State: Admiral DJ Yello



Head of State: DJ Iceman




Head of State: Ethernahl tha Magnificent


Head of State: Lord Fury

St. Peter

DJ Rated R

DJ Merciless (Moon Crickets)

Indikah (Moon Crickets)

ROL (Moon Crickets)

Rock Reign (Moon Crickets)

G Knight (Moon Crickets)

Kid Kold (Moon Crickets)

Dre Specz (Moon Crickets)


Dj Kenni Star

Aneeway Jones


Alex Schnaible


Head of State: St. Nic

Black Wasps


Head of State: Tanya Denise

Netherlands/ Amsterdam 

Head of State: Shroom

Netherlands/ Holland 

Head of State: Isa Nahila S-Bigni 

Head of State: Captain Hal [aka Fix Meister] (Webmaster) 

Grant Body P 

PC the producer 

United Kingdom

Head of State: Dr. G


Ghost One

Dark A

Cuban Pete 


Hell Razah @heavenrazah presents @_bookofdaniel #GGO TRIBAL NATION #NativeAmerican #HipHop



You may be familiar with Wu-Tang Clan Affiliate/ Sunz of Man Hell Razah’s (Heaven Razah, Razah Rubiez) GHETTO GOVT (Go Hear Emmanuel Teach The Other’s God’s Only Victorious Truth) global movement. GGO (Ghetto Govt Officialz) are active in their communities (food drive, clothing drives, etc.) as well as in music. You may also be familiar with Razah’s label, Hell Razah Music, Inc. but we’d like to introduce the newest division of GHETTO GOVT which will be headed by HRMI artist D. Strange (The Book of Daniel) (who also the GGO AZ Chapter Leader) the GGO TRIBAL NATION. The GGO Tribal Nation logo includes the trademark Hell Razah “H” as well as a traditional Native American Dream Catcher with feathers (which by the way, we obtained tribal permission to use before executing. For those who are unfamiliar, feathers are earned and not costumes. This is why you’re hearing backlash about mainstream artist Pharrell and Chloe Kardashian. “Dressing up” as a Native American is just as outrageous as “dressing up” as any other nationality would be and inappropriate use of symbolic Native American traditions is disrespectful. 

images (81)
Here’s a little more insight about the usage of feathers in Native American tradition from the GGO Tribal Nation Chief, The Book of Daniel:




images (73)

“The Feather has sacred significance in Native American Spirituality. To us, the honor of carrying a feather is a sacred blessing, an honor that is given to an honorable and trusted figure. Warriors are presented with sacred feathers which holds the significance of a fearless protector who is willing to sacrifice himself in battle for the honor and progression of his people. Medicine Men, Those considered “spiritually anointed”, Leaders, and Spiritually Gifted Men are awarded feathers as Leaders. They are regarded as a gift given by the Most High to bring healing and blessing upon the people and are often used as a direct line to send prayers to the Creator. Each feather holds its sacred meaning. One who is awarded a feather should know why he was entrusted with such a sacred gift. To wear a feather (in a Native American fashion) without knowing the significance defiles the spiritual purpose. The feathers on the GGO Tribal Nation Seal represent the spirituality and strength in each member that has overcome their struggles and hardships, as we continue to battle through this Rez life. A-HO all my relations” – The Book of Daniel (COCOPAH Tribe translated from KWAPA)

images (79)




The GGO TRIBAL NATION is a gathering of strong, artistic, and talented Native Americans, united from various Tribes, in order to heighten spiritual and traditional culture awareness that has been lost in today’s society to the Youth though music in a positive manner, as we ourselves face the trials of everyday struggle on and off the Rez. – The Book of Daniel

(GGO Tribal Nation Artwork by:  Optimus Prime, GGO NJ)

images (74)

Be on the look-out for upcoming GGO Tribal Nation music & projects coming soon! The first single from my solo project “Rise of the Phoenix” (produced by Sneak Vandel, GGO/HRMI/ BKZU) drops in July and features GGO Tribal Nation Chief, The Book of Daniel. (Project drops in full September 3, 2014)